Komori (古森 Komori?) is a character that appears in Toaru Majutsu no Index during the events of Angel Fall Arc, appearing as Tsukuyomi Komoe. She is a colleague to fellow reporter Kugimiya.[1]


Her real form is unknown, as due to the effects of Angel Fall, she appears as Tsukuyomi Komoe. It can be presumed that the person is an adult.


Angel Fall ArcEdit

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Komori Index-anime

Komori reporting from the White House (with the appearance of Komoe due to the Angel Fall).

She is first introduced on television after Touma discovers that everyone near him is not what it seems. Here, she reports on how Hino Jinsaku has escaped Shinfuuchuu Prison.[2] She reappears later, to give update to the viewers that Jinsaku is still on the large as Touma faces off against Jinsaku himself.[3]

She later introduces Ono Raizen, a professor of Miwa Univesity's criminologist department, who begins lecturing about Jinsaku havins split personality. She later interrupts him as breaking news unfolds that Hino Jinsaku has taken refuge and the police has had him surrounded. She then introduces Kugimiya, who then takes over the report from the scene live.[1]

In the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime adaptation, after much confustication, Touma discovers Komori reporting live from the White House, as the President of the United States of America, who is in the form of Shirai Kuroko, is about to make a statement regarding some recent scandals.[4]


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