Konori Mii (固法 美偉 Konori Mii?) is a recurring character in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun side story. A high school student of Academy City, she is a Level 3 esper and is Chief of the 177th Branch of Judgment where Uiharu Kazari and Shirai Kuroko work. As their senpai (upperclassman) before becoming chief, she tries to make sure both girls do their work at Judgment seriously and at the same time wants them to be safe.


She has short black hair and is often seen wearing glasses. She also has great proportions and is well-endowed as well. She has a red jacket that she wears from time to time.


Mii displays a responsible and motherly maturity rarely found in girls of her age; an attribute that earned her station of leadership in the 177 Judgement Branch and the universal respect of her juniors, to whom she is a lovingly-kind and reliable big-sister. That said, she is still a teenage girl who shows a warmly mischeivous streak when at ease, and can be just as tender hearted and vulnerable as any 16 year old girl when it comes to matters of love.

She enjoys Musashino milk, a trait which she has gotten from Big Spider leader Kurozuma Wataru, and she says that it is the reason why her breasts are large.[1] She displays an obvious affection to Kurozuma Wataru. She is also very fond of designer bags.[2]


Two years before the start of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, Konori Mii runs into an obstacle as an esper and felt unable to surmount it, Mii then felt that she had no place where she would belong to.[1]


A stylistic flashback of a young Konori Mii.

During a rainy day, Mii encounters a scuffle between Big Spider and another group near an artificial river bank. She later sees that Big Spider were trying to save a little boy and admired the group, especially it's leader Kurozuma Wataru. She later joins Big Spider and joins them in their escapades and dons a red leather jacket. She also tries to write a love umbrella of her and Wataru, Kurozuma Wataru however discovers that she is a level 2 esper and confronts her about this, asking her if she intended to stay here for the next year or the year after that, he leaves her and says that he does not mind her staying but she should decide whether to leave or to stay. However, Hebitani Tsuguo, a member of Big Spider gets captured by an enemy group and forces Wataru to come to their meeting point alone. Thinking that it was a trap, Mii pleads to Wataru to not go, Wataru does not relent to her pleas and tells her that maybe she does not belong here after all and that the place is not where she should be carving her name on. Mii arrives at the meeting point and discovers that Wataru has apparently died, she breaks down crying holding on to his leather jacket.[1] Mii shortly leaves Big Spider, but keeps the red jacket with her. She also becomes a level 3.

She later becomes a member of Judgment and is the senpai of a young Shirai Kuroko when she became a member of Judgment herself. She later gets tangled in a post office robbing incident with Kuroko, she later gets injured after saving Kuroko from an explosion, as Kuroko was charging recklessly.[3]

She later receives medical attention after Kuroko defeats the robbers. Eventually, she became the Chief of the 177th Branch of Judgment.


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Level Upper Arc

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Konori Mii plays a much larger role in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime. She first appears on the third episode wear she briefs Shirai Kuroko and Uiharu Kazari about the recent attacks on Tokiwadai Middle schoolgirls by Jufuku Miho.

She plays a much more prominent role during the Graviton bombings, here she mistakes Misaka Mikoto as a member of Judgment and makes her do Judgment work. They later receive a report of a missing bag from a little girl where Mikoto mistakes it as one of the graviton bombs, after finding the bag she commends Mikoto on her efforts and later discover that she is the famous the third level 5. In the manga Mii is the one who warns the people in Green Mart that a graviton acceleration is occuring in the store, a bomb goes and she protects the owner and where she discovers her colleague got injured. Mii is replaced by an unnamed member of Judgment in the anime, and instead briefs her branch on the current information they have on the Graviton bombings. In the anime, she is present during Kuroko's discovery that members of Judgment are the ones that are getting targeted by the Graviton Bomber.

In the manga, after Mikoto causes a blackout, Mii is the one that works as a temporary traffic guard sinc the traffic lights are disabled. Near the end of the arc, she stops Kuroko from going out and help Mikoto defeat Kiyama Harumi as she is still injured due to her incursions with Level Upper users.

She also appears during, the swimsuit filler episode where she shows her attractive figure and large bust much to awe of the other girls present including a female boa constrictor, here she complains that her swimsuit is too small for her chest even though it is the largest one currently available. She is also the one who lead the other girls to cook curry and helped Kongou Mitsuko cook their curry when she asked for therr help.

Big Spider Arc

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The entire arc is focused on Konori Mii's past as a member of Big Spider. During this arc Skill-Out faction, Big Spider has increased their attack on espers, in one incident they are badly beaten by a mysterious person and
Mii RedJacket

Mii wears her red jacket for the first time in 2 years.

discovers that it is her senpai, Kurozuma Wataru, who is still alive. She askes him why he did not contact her, but he discovers her affiliation with Judgment and decides to leave, telling her that he will disappear soon again.

She later becomes depressed and refuses to perform her Judgment duties. She visits one of the old hideouts of Big Spider, where she is confronted by Misaka Mikoto, and is later visited by Wataru himself, he tells her that this is no longer the past. Mii replies that despite being still in the present, her feelings are still unchanged. She is later comes to terms with her past and decides to wear her red jacket and is later given her Judgment armband by Kuroko and Mikoto. She arrives in a Big Spider hideout where she works with Kurozuma, Kuroko and Wataru to take down Hebitani Tsuguo the new leader of Big Spider. She later arrests Kurozuma Wataru on the charges of assault and on his request; as she handcuffs him, they recitt their catchphrase on Musahino milk in unison as they warmly laughed together like friends once more.

Poltergeist Arc

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She first appears in the Tokiwadai Middle School summer festival where she is seen successfully out-bidding other people for designer bags. She later watches Mikoto's violin performance

She later appears during a joint-meeting between Anti-Skill and Judgment where they are briefed by Therestina Kihara Lifeline on the nature of the Poltergeist. She later calls Kuroko when she discovers that interference to AIM dispersion fields might be behind the simultaneous occurrences of RSPK syndrome. During Kuroko and Kazari's quarrel (as Kuroko suspects Kazari's friend, Haruue Erii, of involvement in the Poltergeist incidents, and that Kazari thinks that she is unfairly accusing her.), she gives Kazari advice on how to do deal with it and do her job.

After discovering the true nature of Therestina, she helps Mikoto, Kuroko, Kazari and Ruiko, prepare for the ensuing battle by giving them riceballs. She also wears her red jacket.

She aids the team by giving them a ride on her motorcycle, she takes Mikoto to catch up with Kiyama Harumi but Mii and her bike is later tossed into the air after Therestina attacks with her gigantic mechanical suit, she tosses Mikoto over to Harumi's moving car and is able to land her motorcycle without damage. She later meets up with Kuroko again and uses her motorcycle to catch up with Mikoto, Kuroko later teleports after Mikoto calls for her and she watches from afar, Mikoto's powered-up railgun.

After the battle, she calls Kuroko and is surprised that they have yet to arrive on the hospital where Erii is, she then tells them that Therestina has regained consciousness but may be a problem during interrogation.

Sisters Arc

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Mii is seen scolding a Kuroko clone, when Kuroko imagines what the benefits of having a clone would be.


Konori eye

Konori Mii's clairvoyance eye

Her ability is a type of Clairvoyance (透視能力 (クレアボイアンス) Tōshi Nōryoku (Kureaboiansu)?, "Clairvoyance"), which is similar to x-ray vision, allowing her to see hidden things such as concealed weapons. She also possesses a formidable level of expertise in basic Judgment combat training, which coupled with her apparent immunity to surprise, makes her more than a match for most combatants in Academy City.

Character Art Designs


  • (With Kurozuma Wataru)"When it comes to milk, it's gotta be Musashino milk!"[1]
  • (To Kurozuma Wataru)"Past or present, it doesn't matter! Even if my home changes, my feelings won't!"[1]


  • Her ability is listed as No. 484 in the Bank.[4]


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