The Kouga School (甲賀の系統 Kōga no Keitō?, lit. "System of Kōga") is an organization of ninjas that is part of Japan's "darkness", but now operate globally.[1]


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Kouga school

Oumi Shuri teaching young ninjas, among them Tsurigane.

The Kouga have been operational in the shadows for a long time and have managed to continue doing so even into the 21st century. However, due to changing times, members of the school feel that they are nearing their limit. As such, they seek to obtain the means to develop genuine supernatural powers for the Kouga. However they are divided over how to accomplish this. Some of them believe that it would be faster to infiltrate Academy City to analyze supernatural powers with a certain faction having done so. Others don't wish to get so close to Academy City, not willing to submit to them for their leftovers, instead looking to investigate other factions.[1]


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The Kouga are first mentioned by Sugitani, who claims to be one of their descendants and considers them contemptible.[2]

"That’s an organization of contemptible people who did things like this under the name of justice since ages past."
―Sugitani's view on the Kouga ninjas[src]

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When the Science Guardians held the Natural Selector tournament, a group of Kouga ninjas infiltrated Baggage City with the intention of finding and obtaining a suitable supernatural power user to analyse for the sake of developing supernatural powers for the Kouga. This unit was caught in the crossfire between invading Academy City forces led by members of the Kihara Family and GREMLIN, and was mostly decimated.[1]

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Several Kouga members, including Oumi Shuri and Tsurigane, participated in the jailbreak trial for the private juvenile hall which was to open in Academy City.[3] After the trial, when Tsurigane revealed her true colors and they learned of the circumstances behind her change,[4][5] Oumi Shuri decided as a senior ninja that Academy City's technology and techniques were something they should never touch again.[5]


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