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Kounoe Haruki (鴻野江 遥希 Kōnoe Haruki?) is a minor character in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime adaptation. He is an esper of unknown level and is initially a student in Sakugawa Middle School before transferring to Zassou Academy.[1]


He is a slender young man with black hair.[1]


He has an aloof and taciturn personality, making him difficult to approach. He also displayed a tendency to ignore authority figures. However, he is a nice person once someone gets to know him. He enjoys play video games like Gekisho, and is capable of mastering one of it's characters in a relatively short amount of time.[1]


He was enrolled in Sakugawa Middle School and was in the same class along with Uiharu Kazari and Saten Ruiko, though they are not really close.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Poltergeist Arc

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He first appears in Playland Gau during Tessou Tsuzuri and Yomikawa Aiho's patrol, where he is told by the latter to go home. He later returns to Playland Gau the next day, playing Gekisho 9 before being told Tsuzuri to go home, he however ignores her and finishes his game before leaving. He reappears during Tsuzuri's day-off as an Anti-Skill in Playland Gau, here he is seen playing Gekisho 9 before Tsuzuri gives him tips on playing the game, she also shows him a secret character before leaving and asking him to reach the character's ending.[1]

He later reaches the secret character's ending and has since mastered him, he later reinvigorates Tsuzuri's spirit by challenging her to a game of Gekisho 9, both using the same characters and besting her with it. She later discovers that it was Haruki that defeated her in the game, she later walks him home, during which he told Tsuzuri that he reached the secret character's ending, Tsuzuri also wonders if there would ever be a Gekisho 10 and promises herself that she would beat Haruki on it, to which Haruki replies that he is looking forward to playing against her someday.[1]

She later discovers that he has transferred into Zassou Academy, a school to prepare people to work for the game company, Weed, the maker of the Gekisho series of video games, much to the delight of Tsuzuri.[1]