"Shirai Kuroko Grows Red" (白井黒子、赤くなる Shirai Kuroko, Akaku naru?) is the first chapter of the Koushiki Comic Anthology manga, released as part of its first volume on July 27, 2013. It was drawn by Nohana Tatsu.


Shirai Kuroko wakes up in the Tokiwadai Dormitory in the same bed as and being hugged by Misaka Mikoto. As Misaka wakes up Kuroko starts to panic wondering why they are in the same bed. Misaka quickly attempts to tell Kuroko not to continue moving away but before she finishes they both fall off of the bed.

Misaka then reminds Kuroko of the night before where while arresting criminals for Judgment they were exposed to a chemical which stuck their hair together. It is revealed that Konori Mii is making a chemical to counteract this but it will not be ready until the following day. After finding out that they would be stuck together for an entire day, Kuroko originally began to fantasize about taking advantage of the situation and sticking close to Misaka. However throughout the night she instead became extremely embarrassed at being so close that she is unable to act upon her fantasizes as they eat dinner, read, bathe, and eventually fall asleep together.

After being reminded of this, Kuroko begins to reflect upon how she failed at doing anything to get closer to Misaka throughout the previous day despite all the chances she had. Misaka then accompanies Kuroko on her regularly scheduled Judgment patrol. Misaka watches as Kuroko helps an old lady, saves a girl who is being harassed, and helps a child retrieve her lost balloon. She later rewards Kuroko with a cold drink and praises her for working hard and all that she did on the patrol. As Kuroko gains the confidence to finally act on her fantasies towards Misaka, she is caught off guard by Misaka putting their foreheads together to check if she has a fever due to her unusual behavior throughout the day. This extremely embarrasses Kuroko causing her to faint.

Later at the Judgment Office, Konori Mii applies the chemical to separate their hair. They discuss how Kuroko's heart was beating really fast when she fainted with Konori mentioning it was due to Misaka's constant release of weak EM waves and their constant close proximity. Kuroko is relieved to hear this and mentions how she feels better now that their hair is seperated though Saten Ruiko seems unconvinced that was the cause.

Kuroko then reflects about how Misaka didn't seem to be flustered at all being so close all day. Saten asks the two why they didn't just cut the hair to separate to which Misaka embarrassingly responds that she didn't wish to see Kuroko cut her hair as she knew Kuroko would not let her cut hers. Misaka expects this confession to cause Kuroko to jump towards her in happiness but instead sees Kuroko blushing and being extremely embarrassed. This reaction in turn causes Misaka to blush and be embarrassed. Saten and Uiharu begin to joke about this and how it too must be due to the EM waves.


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  • After being asked where she got the cold drink from, Misaka mentions that she put money in the machine to get it as she couldn't roundhouse kick it with their hair stick together. This refers back to her common technique of kicking Vending Machine 7116 to get a drink.
  • Konori mentions how Misaka constantly releases weak EM waves, referring to her Electromaster ability.


  • Misaka: "I can't exactly do a roundhouse kick while attached to you."--to Kuroko on paying for a cold drink.
  • Misaka: "I got to see you working so hard. You really are incredible, Kuroko"--to Kuroko after watching her Judgment patrol.
  • Misaka: "I didn't want Kuroko to cut her hair. And I knew she would insist on cutting hers instead of mine" -- to Saten in respond to being asked about why they didn't just cut their hair to separate.
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