The Kremlin Report as it appears on Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 20's back cover.

The Kremlin Report (クレムリン・レポート Kuremurin Repōto?, Доклад Кремля) is a defense manual for Russia's nuclear launch facilities, containing instructions for the dissemination of a bacteriological wall to prevent the silos from falling into enemy hands.[1][2][3][4][5]


The Kremlin Report is the defense manual for Russia's nuclear launch facilities - said to be the most important manual for the defense of Russia.[2] The experimental missile defense network which Russia implemented in recent years is focused outside the borders, with a launch from a silo within the country not considered when it was designed, meaning that it can't defend against such a launch - hence, the manual's additional importance and drastic measures. Even if the missiles have been removed from the silos and they've been untouched for decades, if they still possess launch functionality, new missiles can be brought in from outside.[3][1]

The main measure taken with Kremlin Report is a bacteriological wall (細菌の壁 Saikin no Kabe?), an airborne biological weapon which acts as a deterrent to invaders who may intend to capture the nuclear silos and a means to eliminate the enemies without damaging the launch facility itself.[2] If the launch facility is captured or is in imminent danger of being taken, the bacteriological wall will be disseminated to prevent it from falling into enemy hands, infecting any intruders and effectively rendering the silo inaccessible to the enemy.[2] The manual prioritizes securing the facility so evacuation warnings won't be made for soldiers at the facility or nearby civilians.[2][3]

The bacteria is stored in a dehydrated, inactive form and activates once it makes contact with the moisture in the air.[6][4] Spreading through the air,[2][6][5] it enters the blood vessels through the skin or the respiratory system,[2][5] and is sustained by the body's temperature and moisture once inside.[4] It also breaks down oil content and can eat holes in the filters in masks, suits, ducts and vehicles normally used to defend against bacteriological weapons.[2][5][6] It has a mortality rate of over 80% and there is no effective vaccine.[6][2] It is also highly resistant to heat, so continual boiling is ineffective.[2][6] There are reports that extremely high concentrations of ozone could be used to annihilate it but this method can't be used for humans due to the levels being toxic.[2][6]

The dissemination is done in stages and key factors used in planning it include temperature, humidity and wind direction.[4][3] In environments with extreme cold, there is a chance of the bacteria freezing - to prevent this, the deployment unit can spread particles of highly preservative gel upwind along the predicted path with steam dispensers.[4][5] By regulating temperature and humidity with a large amount of steam, the bacteria can be made to spread explosively.[4] As conventional masks and suits are useless against the weapon, the release is done via timer to give the deployment unit a chance to get to safety.[5]


World War III ArcEdit

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During World War III, on October 30th, military officers in Moscow considered the possibility that Academy City might be after the nuclear silos and decided to activate the Kremlin Report.[1] Information concerning the Kremlin Report would reach opposition on both the eastern and western fronts, who would use it to convince the forces obstructing them to allow them to pass.[2][7][5]

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E22 05m 47s

Documents faxed to the Elizalina Alliance.

The plan was to disseminate the virus at the disused nuclear silo near Digurv's village and a base which Academy City were approaching, framing it as a warning to the nearby Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations, whom the village had previously requested to join. As part of the threat, the original Kremlin Report and supplementary documents detailing variables for predicting the spread of bacteria were faxed to the Elizalina Alliance, leaving no time for a major evacuation. Hamazura Shiage and Takitsubo Rikou would discover the documents several hours later and head back in an attempt to save the villagers who had previously helped them.[3] On their way, they saved Glickin and a lost girl he was looking for from a member of the unit involved in the deployment and informed him about the threat.[4]

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E23 20m 18s

Preparations for dissemination.

They later came across the main unit who were setting up the steam dispensers and other equipment necessary for ensuring that the bacteria was disseminated properly, and planned to sabotage it when the unit left, before the timer meant to give them time to get to safety ran out, but we spotted as the unit were moving to leave. However they were saved by the arrival of an HsF-00 which proceeded to thoroughly burn away the dissemination devices with white phosphorus-based bombs.[5]

When being targeted by assassins using Equ.DarkMatter suits, Hamazura used their knowledge of the Kremlin Report and a bottle of carbonated water in a bluff, briefly deceiving them into thinking that the bottle, which they had stepped on and broken, contained a sample of the virus collected for negotiations, in order to create an opening.[6]


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