Kugimiya (釘宮 Kugimiya?) is a character that appears in Toaru Majutsu no Index during the events of Angel Fall Arc, appearing as a vegetable seller, he or she is a field reporter and a correspondent to fellow colleague Komori.[1]


His or her real form is unknown, as due to the effects of Angel Fall, he or she appears in the form of a vegetable selling man. It can be presumed that the person is an adult.


Angel Fall ArcEdit

Main article: Angel Fall Arc

He is introduced by Komori, who is in the form of Tsukuyomi Komoe, after she receives breaking news regarding the escaped serial killer, Hino Jinsaku, interrupting Ono Raizen's lecture regarding Jinsaku.

He or she introduces the viewers on how the reporters are forced to stop 600 meters away from the house that Jinsaku took refuge in, which is the Kamijou Family Residence.[1]


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