Kukimoto Hibiki (柊元響季 Kukimoto Hibiki?) is a character introduced in the PSP videogame Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble, and is a prominent character in the Science (Surface) story of the game.


Hibiki appears as a young girl that wears a large headset on her person, which is presumably connected to a device. She has black hair and brown eyes. She wears an oversized yellow coat, where she probably keeps the aforementioned device, over a pink shirt. She wears blue shorts that somewhat resembles hot pants, showing a considerable amount of her thighs. Finally, she wears black socks, and black boots.


Hibiki describes herself as the type who will take up a fight with the one who is picking on her, and apparently has no compunctions on killing someone if she does out of the fight. Although, she is described as having a normally bright and frank personality, she grows very wild and violent when a fire is lit in her heart.[1]


She keeps something inside of her; a hope, that she wants to accomplish even it puts her life at risk. The bottle in her hand, in one of the promotional art for her, seems to be related to that hope.[1] She is also referred to as a girl that is treated by the Bank as dead.[2]

When Hibiki was in elementary school, she and another girl, Kanou Shion, both possessing the ability to alter the behavior of molecules, were the subject of research involving enhancing their abilities by supplementing their calculation abilities through the use of computers. However the computer wasn't able to keep with Shion's ability and an explosion occurred, completely annihilating her. Hibiki would later use her ability to search for the particles that had once been Shion and collect them, believing that though she might no longer function as a human she was still 'alive' and could be repaired.[3]


Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no EnsembleEdit

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Hibiki is a character specifically written by Kamachi Kazuma for the game, and is set to appear in the Science (Surface) Story of the game.[1]

Hibiki first appears after Misaka Mikoto chases after the culprit of an explosion she ran across, while she investigates, she meets Hibiki. According to Uiharu Kazari she is a Level 0 Telekinesis, but apparently, Hibiki flees from Mikoto. She later catches up to her, and for some reason, mysterious data shows up regarding her ability, to which Mikoto asks her if she is a Dual Skill.


Kukimoto Hibiki profile

Hibiki's ability profile file.

Hibiki's power is known as Micro Structure (微細構築 (ミクロステラクチャー) Bisai Kōshiku (Mikuro Suterakuchā)?, lit. "Micro Construction"). It allows her to perform psychokinesis on the level of particles to alter the behavior of molecules.


Character Art DesignsEdit


  • "I'm the type to take up a fight someone's picking with me. And don't expect me to take any responsibility if you carelessly get yourself killed."


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