Kurozuma Wataru (黒妻 綿流 Kurozuma Wataru?) is a side character in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime. A Level 0 esper, he is the founder and former leader of the Skill-Out faction Big Spider.


He is a tall, muscular man with wavy red hair and sports a black leather jacket. Though hidden, his most distinguishing feature is a large spider tattoo on the right side of his back.[1] Despite his violent background, he has a warm and kind pair of eyes and an infectiously positive smile, much like Touma.[citation needed]


He enjoys drinking Musashino milk and has a catchphrase referring to it.[1] He is kind-hearted and considerate, as exemplified when he allowed Mii to stay with his gang despite finding out about her having an esper ability, and he is shown to help people in need despite the consequences to himself.[2] He also hates people who pick on females.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun E16 05m 42s

Wataru and Tsuoguo and other members of Big Spider.

He founded Big Spider some time before the start of the series. During one scuffle against another group on an artificial riverbank he saves a child and is noticed by Konori Mii, who has taken a liking to Wataru. She later joins Big Spider and becomes one of the many female members of the gang.[2]

Wataru later discovers that she is a level 2 esper and not a level 0, Wataru kindly allows her to stay in the group for the time being. Wataru later discovers that Hebitani Tsuguo has been held captive by another group and is forced to go alone, even though it is an obvious trap, Mii tells him to not go but Wataru recalls their previous conversation and tells her that this place is not the place for her and leaves her. It is later revealed to have been a trap, and Wataru has been presumed dead. In reality, he was alive and was taken in because of his injuries, he was later transferred into a correctional facility after recovering. He is later released half a year before the start of the series.[2]


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Big Spider ArcEdit

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Wataru showing his tattoo.

After being released, he learns that Big Spider have abandoned their Skill-Out ideals and become a ruthless gang harassing innocents, he decides to end the gang for good. He rescues Kongou Mitsuko from Tamezou and other members of Big Spider, and attracts the attention of Konori Mii and Hebitani Tsuguo. During Misaka Mikoto and Shirai Kuroko's visit to The Strange, they encounter Wataru who beats up several thugs for harassing them and dropping his milk. They follow him and questions him about Big Spider and it's leader, Hebitani Tsuguo (who now uses his name) but he plays dumb. During Mikoto and Kuroko's assault on Big Spider's hideout, he saves them by disabling Capacity Down and then beating up a large number of Big Spider members.[1] He is then greeted by Konori Mii shortly afterwards, where he discovers that she has joined Judgment and tells her that he will disappear again soon.[1][2]

He later encounters Mii again on the rooftop of their former hideout with Mikoto, here he tells her that he thought it was best that he did not meet up with her, he also tells her that because he created Big Spider he should be the one to destroy it. He leaves and tells her that she should go home and that this is no longer the past.[2]

During Anti-Skill's raid on The Strange, Wataru attacks Big Spider's hideout and defeats several of it's members alone. He is later joined by Mii, Kuroko and Mikoto and is impressed by Mii's powers, together they defeat all members apart from Hebitani Tsuguo. Wataru confronts him despite the latter having dynamite strapped to his body, he disables him by punching him in the gut. Wataru asks him what has happened to him, and he replies that The Strange was the only home for them, and that he used his name to bring Big Spider together. He then attacks him with a knife while telling him that this is place is not Wataru's home anymore, Wataru gets a small cut on his cheek and punches-out Tsuoguo, telling him that a home is supposed to be the place where you can be yourself.[2]

He later asks Mii to arrest him, to which she complies. He remarks that her red jacket has become tight around the chest; she smiles and replies that it's thanks to the Musashino milk he recommended her. They recite the catchphrase "When it comes to milk, its gotta be Musashino Milk" together, and warmly laugh like the times when they were together once more.[2]


Being a former member of Skill-out, he doesn't possess an esper ability. Instead, he more than makes up for this "disadvantage" as a highly skilled, fast and powerful brawler, who is more than capable of single-handedly incapacitating large numbers of armed opponents, including gunmen, within seconds.[1]


  • (To a group of Big Spider members)"Picking a fight with a girl is...not cool."[1]
  • (Repeated Catch-Phrase)"When it comes to milk, it's gotta be Musashino milk!"[1]
  • (To Mikoto and Kuroko) "I once knew a girl who had a bust like yours." [1]
  • (To Tsuoguo)"Your the place you can be yourself"[2]


Big Spider

Kurozuma Wataru Hebitani Tsuguo Tamezou Konori
Kurozuma Wataru Hebitani Tsuguo Tamezou Konori Mii
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