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Kuruwa ( Kuruwa?) is a side character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. A ditzy kunoichi from the Iga clan (伊賀家?), she tries to hunt down to Hattori Hanzou in order to restore prestige to the ninja, and is later defeated by him. Despite this, she later plays a supporting role.


Kuruwa has black hair with some brown around the bangs with ornate hairpins of various colors with beads in them. She has a lace glove on one arm and glittering nail art on both hands. She wears a type of sandals with thin straps stretched up to around her knees, along with a piece of metal shackle around one ankle.

She wears bright yellow mini-yukata and her dazzling thighs are completely bared and the left arm is sleeveless up to the shoulder for some reason. The wide obi is made of a transparent material and the yukata itself bares her midriff to match. She has two thin leather belts wrapped around over the obi and, on top of all that, she uses a long chain as a decoration.[1]


Kuruwa can be described as being ditzy, especially when it comes to ninja things, becoming nervous when her authenticity as a ninja comes into question.[1] In spite of this, she is serious in her goal and is even willing to bear Hanzou's children if it meant restoring the "pure lines" of the ninjas, the Hattori and Iga clans,[2] though her willingness to even die for this goal is also not how a ninja traditionally acts, and is more akin to the samurai bushido code.[2]

She has a polite way of speaking, and adds honorifics to the end of a person's name, like Hamazura-shi[1] and Hanzou-sama.[2]


She is a ninja descendant and is acquainted with Hanzou. In spite of this, it apparently took her half a year before the start of the story to set out for her journey to find him after becoming troubled by the disappearing prestige of the ninja and the decline of the Iga and Hattori alike, wanting to create a ninja that is "large, virtuous and high-class".[2]

A week prior to the fourth Friday of the May of the current story timeline, Hamazura Shiage and Komaba Ritoku meets Kuruwa looking for Hanzou.[1] At some point in time, someone leaks to Kuruwa a confidential Academy City document to her containing a list of Gemstones. Enamored by the thought of ninjas composed of Gemstones, she somehow obtains the list, and from there was likely being used by this person for some unknown purpose.[2] Later evidence suggests that it is likely CIA operatives leaked the Gemstone list to further their agenda in spying on organizations that have "mined" the Gemstones for their own esper research, and the Iga line may have been one of those organizations of interest.[3]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Toaru Majutsu no Index no Index Light Novel Volume SS2

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The Fourth Friday of May

Kuruwa's ninja technique.

After complaining about Ritoku naming him as leader of his Skill-Out if something happens to him, Shiage tries to break in a sports car. Suddenly, he hears someone call out to him by saying "Hamazura-shi". He later discovers that it is Kuruwa, a girl he met a week before still looking for Hanzou, popping from under the sports car he was trying to break into. Seeing her clothes irritate Shiage a little as compared to his shambled look, Kuruwa uses high-quality materials, in his opinion, a terrible yukata. Seeing her, he tells her that he hasn't seen Hanzou either. Her manner of speaking takes Shiage aback however, as she wonders where Hanzou could be. Admiring her breasts, Shiage wonders why Hanzou wants to avoid someone with breasts like Kuruwa's. Peaking at her, Shiage notices that her yukata resembles that of a kunoichi. Right then, he picks up that Hanzou's name is exactly like that of the legendary ninja Hattori Hanzou. He mocks the connection and goes back to trying to break into the sports car. Suddenly however, Kuruwa says that she must eliminate him. Hearing this, Shiage notes on how that it is stupid for a ninja then asks if Hanzou truly is a descendant of a near future-like Shinobi Soldier. Kuruwa then becomes flustered, as Shiage's thoughts is preoccupied in wondering if Hanzou truly is a ninja then he must use mysterious ninja techniques. He then wonders why he is being pursued by Kuruwa. Shiage then asks Kuruwa that if Hanzou is from the Hattori family then what group does she belong to.[1]

Kuruwa hesitates in answering. Shiage continues and concludes that there must be some kind of conspiracy involving some ninja faction that's going to plunge Hanzou into some kind of miracle battle. Hearing this, under the belief that Shiage actually knows what he is talking about, Kuruwa says, as she sweats, that she cannot let him return alive. Shiage however is surprised by this, saying that the world of ninjas has some cheap conspiracies, as he buried his head in his hands while Kuruwa is at her wit's end. As Shiage wonders what he should do, Kuruwa pulls out a handgun out of her sleeve, confidently telling Shiage to prepare herself. However, Shiage is unimpressed by this, much to Kuruwa's chagrin. He asks if it is really okay for a ninja. Apparently feeling guilty, Kuruwa tries to explain herself. She says that a ninja is always armed with the latest equipment and as such it is okay for her to use it. She references the ninjas during the Warring States up to the Edo period used arquebuses camouflaged as staffs and inro. Shiage clarifies however that he doesn't care what she knows about how it worked historically and tells her not to destroy people's dreams (his stereotyping of what ninjas do), noting several clichéd ninja techniques like splitting into multiple versions of herself in a puff of smoke, among others. As Shiage goes away disappointed, Kuruwa begs him not to go with such a sorrowful look in his eyes.[1]

Much to Shiage's annoyance, his dramatic acting didn't help him in getting away from her, though Kuruwa has not realized his ruse and completely forgotten about searching for Hanzou. Wanting to impress Shiage, Kuruwa says that she is going to him a ninja technique, though Shiage doesn't believe. Kuruwa says that she is serious about it, and says that Shiage is lucky as a chance like this doesn't come along often. Hearing this, Shiage becomes interested in seeing a real ninja technique, and enters a back alley at the invitation of Kuruwa. Shiage assumes that she doesn't want to use her ninja technique in public, to which Kuruwa says that he is correct though says it also embarrassing. As Shiage becomes confused at this, Kuruwa begins undressing before him, much to his shock, asking Kuruwa what she is doing. Kuruwa says that she thought Shiage wanted to see a kunoichi technique, to which Shiage replies that what she is doing isn't something that he wanted to see. In spite of his remonstrations and truly believing that Kuruwa is going to show him her naked body, Shiage becomes excited at the prospect. Suddenly, Kuruwa twists her hips as she continues undressing, which inconveniences Shiage as he can't see her from the angle is she is undressing. Distracted by this, Kuruwa sees an opening and knocks Shiage out.[1]

The First Friday of October

On the ground level of School District 22 amongst the wind turbines, Kuruwa finally catches up to Hanzou. He complains on how he went out of his way to hide his status in the city and yet she still spent half a year running after him. He then asks why she is so intent in hunting him down, to which Kuruwa says that is all to revive the pure line of the Hattori and the Iga. Hattori sighs at her explanation, and says that ninja were originally bandits that were hired by a powerful military, and that these ninja lines she says only came out later, and states that anybody can become a ninja.[2]

Hanzou tells that "pure lines" like the Iga and the Hanzou do not work for the ninja as they are used for supporting roles and are supposed to be hidden, lest they are attacked. Kuruwa responds by saying that ninjas are afraid of influential people. However, she says that the age where they can move one more efficiently has come. Hearing this, Hanzou thinks that Kuruwa is an idiot but still understood her feelings. Hanzou gives her some advice on what a ninja truly is, continuing on from his previous reference that ninjas are of supporting roles. With this, Kuruwa concludes that Hanzou refuses to understand, to which Hanzou says she isn't putting that much effort in convincing him.[2]

Hearing this, Kuruwa decides to convince him by force and make him surrender in order to make him part of the Hattori revival. Seeing how extreme she would go to, Hanzou jokes that Kuruwa would probably be willing to bear his children to arrival the line, to which Kuruwa admits she would. Hanzou then asks if she is going to pull out a gun, but since she remembers Shiage's lecture says that guns are too complex and unreliable. Here, she shows Hanzou a kusarigama, releasing the chain that she wrapped around her body. It was sickle with connected to the chain. Hanzou says that the weapon isn't a ninja weapon as it stands out to much.[2]

Before she can respond, Hanzou charges toward Kuruwa with his uchine, a true ninja weapon. With him already in range, Kuruwa is forced to use the chain of the kusarigama wrapped around her hand as defense. In spite of this, Hanzou isn't fighting seriously as ninjas always does the killing blow, and if they fail they must retreat. Hanzou's protracting the battle annoys Kuruwa. She then swings the chain, forcing Hanzou to swing his head to avoid it allowing for Kuruwa to make an opening allowing for Kuruwa to hide behind one of the wind turbine's pillars. Still, Hanzou charged forward before Kuruwa can make an effort to compose herself. Swinging around the pillar, the momentum allows Hanzou to attack her from the side, stabbing her and tearing her yukata. However, he later discovers that Kuruwa has abandoned her yukata and is now in her underwear, and allows her to attack him from the other side of the pillar with the swing of the kusarigama. Hanzou tries to concentrate on the sound of the chain in order to time his dodge but Kuruwa mimicks the sound and traps Hanzou.[2]

Kuruwa, who now believes that she has trapped and is certain that Hanzou will be beaten after releasing the chain, is saddened by Hanzou being easily defeated. Still, with a grit of her teeth, she watches as the chain tries to wrap around Hanzou's arm. However, she discovers that it slips right pass his arm as it seemed to move in an unnatural angle. Here, Kuruwa discovers that Hanzou has taken out his arm from his sleeve. With this, Hanzou once again charges to the unprepared Kuruwa who was caught off guard by the momentum of her chain. Seeing how Hanzou can defeat her, Kuruwa smiles and compliments Hanzou as she is struck down by his fist.[2]

Hanzou later retrieves the Gemstone list from her and wonders who leaked it to her and what they were using Kuruwa for through it.[2]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

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Freshmen Arc

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Kuruwa meets Shiage after he leaves the restaurant he had been in with Hanzou. After the conversation turned to Hanzou having left early because of something coming up, Kuruwa reveals to Shiage that Hanzou has been protecting Fremea Seivelun in Komaba Ritoku's place and she's been helping him. This motivates Shiage to go help Hanzou and Fremea, which ends up saving them from the Enemy Blaster.[4][5]

Later Hanzou calls Kuruwa while he, Shiage and Fremea are hiding in a private salon,[6] but when she takes too much to arrive Hanzou tries to contact her again multiple times without any success, making him worry and leave the salon to try and find her.[7] Shiage later realizes their communications had been jammed by cutting Kuruwa's phone so that the Freshmen could find out where they were hiding by tracking Hanzou's movements when he left the salon. Hanzou later calls him and tells him that he has found Kuruwa, who hadn't been in any danger. Hanzou tries to comfort Kuruwa, who's in distress for being the reason the enemy has captured Fremea, as he prepares to make a MAV to track Frema's kidnapper.[8] After Shiage rescued Fremea from Silvercross Alpha and gave her to Hanzou, the boy left her with Kuruwa, who carried Frema to one of her nearby hideouts,[9] an abandoned supermarket in School District 19. Kuruwa helped the others prepare for the assault of the enemy powered suits, giving them access to her weapon stash (which included a Metal Eater M5 that Shiage picked up), and collaborated with them in the fight with the Railgun FIVE_Over.[10]

Magic God Invasion Arc

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Both Hanzou and Kuruwa are on the same subway train as Akikawa Mie during her adventures with the Liquid Diamond. Due to High Priest's rampage in School District 5, the train comes to halt, surprising the already fearful Mie.[11] Mie bumps into some people as the train comes to a stop, which includes Hanzou and Kuruwa. Kuruwa accuses Hanzou of being a pervert, believing him to have molested Mie, which he denies. Kuruwa doesn't believe him, and says that she will train him for losing control, much to his chagrin. As they argue Mie leaves the train on her own determined to get the Liquid Diamond to her mother.[11]

Both Hanzou and Kuruwa end up where Mie is after finally delivering the Liquid Diamond to her mother and father. When Kenzan Shouji pulled out a gun (stolen from Shiosai) to force Mie to give the Liquid Diamond to him, despite the presence of a crowd, Hanzou and Kuruwa draw out their weapons. However, Shouji's friend, Higata Akio, tries to incapacitate him, though it is the subsequent attack of Shiosai and Mie's father that knocks him out. After seeing the matter all settled, Hanzou and Kuruwa hide their weapons again as their "jobs" have been taken away from them, though Kuruwa is relieved they don't have to do anything.[12]

Processor Suit Arc

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Late on December 11th, Kuruwa was with Hanzou as he was using her computer for an online game, unaware that Hamazura Shiage was trying to call him.[13]

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Operation Handcuffs Arc

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As Operation Handcuffs was getting underway on December 25th, Hanzou and Kuruwa sent messages to Hamazura via social media to inform him that they were going into hiding after the head of a rival team, which did courier jobs for the dark side, was taken out.[14]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Dream Ranker Arc

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Kuruwa's experiences are used as Indian Poker cards for people to visit through dreams. Misaka Mikoto experiences Hattori Hanzou's hellish training of Kuruwa as a ninja,[15] and later Kinuhata Saiai experiences Kuruwa studying the Iga clan's seduction techniques. Needless to say, these weren't very good experiences for both Mikoto and Saiai.[16]

Jailbreaker Arc

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Kuruwa met Tsurigane Saryou in a certain building. Tsurigane asked Kuruwa to be her teacher for being Iga ninja. Kuruwa wanted to expand Iga clan, so she considered it, but she realized that Tsurigane wore prison clothing. Soon after, a group of Anti-Skill officers surrounded them and tried to capture the jailbreaker. Kuruwa held her weapon, so they were attacked by Anti-Skills. They escaped from the building.[17]


She is a trained kunoichi, and is very pragmatic when it comes to fighting. She uses her yukata well in her fights, using it as distraction like in her battle with Hanzou,[2] as well as using her body as well, as when she used on Shiage to distract him.[1] In the beginning she uses a handgun, rationalizing that ninjas in history have always adopted contemporary weapons.[1] After Shiage expressed his dismay in using a modern weapon, she later refuses to use a handgun, as it is apparently not "ninja-like."[2]

She later makes use of the kusarigama (鎖鎌 lit. "Chain-scythe"?), and uses it well, not only making use of the sickle or scythe, but using the chain for both attack and defense as well as for entrapment, in conjunction with centrifugal movements as well as trickery and deception. Despite this, it is not a traditional ninja weapon as it stands out too much. Kuruwa is capable of imitating the sound of the chain spinning through the air, a skill she used to trick Hanzou into misreading the timing of her attack.[2]

Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

Kuruwa's design remains relatively unchanged, with little things modified for her final design. Haimura decided that she should wear a modern interpretation of a period piece that is obviously historically inaccurate.



  • (Seeing Shiage's disappointment when she pulls out a gun, from SS2): "A ninja is always armed with the latest equipment! So it’s fine!! The ninjas who fought from the Warring States period into the Edo period used arquebuses camouflaged as staffs and inro!! So it’s perfectly fiiiiine!!"
  • (To Shiage, ibid): “I’m serious!! I’m going to show you a true ninja technique!! O-oh, you really are lucky, Hamazura-shi. A chance like this doesn’t come along often!"
  • (Upon learning she had been used by the Freshmen, from NT1): “H-how could I, a ninja descendant, have been tricked into informing the enemy of a small girl's location…?”
  • (To Hanzou trying to comfort her, ibid): “No!! A ninja is supposed to…y’know, be a master of splendid intellectual tricks! A ninja group needs to be an elite group that can trick an evil prefectural governor guarded by ronin and bodyguards at every turn!!”
  • (To Shiage asking for forgiveness for getting her involved in the conflict with Freshmen, ibid): "Not really. It’s awesome. Not for money or fame, going up against some huge unknown authority just for the sake of a kid’s life, this is already a ninja’s way of living in those dramas!”
  • (To Hanzou being bumped into by Akikawa Mie in the train, from NT13): "Oh, how heartbreaking!! Beauty is the standard among standards of an Iga woman, yet this was enough for you to lose your self-control? Fine then. I, Kuruwa, shall retrain you from square one starting today!!”



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