L.S.S. is an organization, introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Biohacker Arc, which was active in Academy City during Kamijou Touma's third year of middle school.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]


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Biohacker Arc Ch3/4 - HQ (SD3), Illicit/Non-illicit, Biohacker specimens

L.S.S. carried out a number of services and activities related to animals, including the production of a Street Corner Kitten Show, where the hosts searched for kittens in the city,[2] and ran an Animal Protection Fund (with weekly donations apparently starting at 200 yen).[3] The corporation also operated a number of large container trucks.[4][5]

Behind this however, L.S.S. was involved in a number of shady dealings, including the illegal work of a Biohacker (バイオハッカー Baiohakkā?) as well as the organization of cover-ups and assassinations.[6][9] Prior to the incident involving Kumokawa Seria, Academy City board member Kaizumi Tsugutoshi had let them continue their operations on account of the corporate profit the group provided.[6]

The company's president was Matsuo Ryuusuke, who was fully complicit in the group's illicit actions.[7]


At some point in the past, L.S.S. came into possession of the frozen and preserved body of the Beginning Child, the first modern esper and the foundation of the system used in Academy City. Matsuo Ryuusuke and others in the company sought to revive and monopolize the Beginning Child in order to create and use espers for themselves for profit, and to put themselves above the Board Chairman and the rest of Academy City. Being unsuccessful in rousing her with external stimuli from specimens created by Biohackers, they decided to directly stimulate her mind within with a mental esper ability, settling on Mitsuari Ayu's Mental Stinger as one fitting their needs and realistically obtainable (with Mental Out too unapproachable).[7][8]

During the summer of Kamijou Touma's third year of middle school, a Biohacker affiliated with L.S.S. targeted Mitsuari Ayu before she could return to School Garden,[10] initially with hired thugs and then his Wyvern after they failed (in part due to Kumokawa Seria leading the television crew for the Street Corner Kitten Show to the area).[2][10][4] A refrigerated truck bearing the L.S.S. logo was used to transport the creature before it was unleashed.[10][4][5]

After the Wyvern's defeat, having been caught up in its pursuit, Kumokawa Seria determined that the truck was not a disguise and that L.S.S. had indeed gone rogue,[5][6] recommending to Kaizumi Tsugutoshi that he wash his hands of them and crush the group, which was delving into things that were within Kihara Kagun's domain and targeting Mitsuari Ayu, the parallel line for Shokuhou Misaki.[6] Around the same time, the Gokusai sisters were contracted to silence the captured Biohacker and then target Mitsuari herself.[9]


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