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La Persona Superiore a Dio is Italian for The One Above God (神上かみじょう Kamijō?), which is one of the highest reachable statuses in the Magic side.



The ultimate goal of God's Right Seat is to achieve this state; their members are magicians who have diluted the Original Sin they hold as humans as much as possible[1], and thus each gained attributes of four dominant Archangels in Christianity:

Because humanity's Original Sin was to taste the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge — and magic being knowledge in itself — God's Right Seat lost the ability to cast normal human magic, except Acqua, because he also has the Divine Mother's Mercy trait.[1] As the name of the group announces, their intention is to sit on the Right Seat of God; since sitting to the right of someone in Christian symbolism is to have the same status as him/her, they wish to share that status. Since humans have the ability to become angels of sorts with rare techniques, and that God allowed his servants like Lucifer and Michael to sit in the Right Seat which makes them equal to God, humans can attain the Right Seat. However, sitting in the Right Seat of God is only a step towards evolving into an existence that appears like an angel but is not -- the status of The One Above God, a state that surpasses even that of God.[3]

Lucifer, The One Who Challenged the Light, is said to have sat in God's Right Seat, and in his rebellion against God, he attempted to reach the state of The One Above God before being cast down by the Right Hand of Archangel Michael. After Lucifer and his fallen angels were banished to Hell, the position was taken by Michael.[3][4]

However, only Fiamma of the Right has the power to attain the status because of him representing the Archangel occupying the Right Seat of God, Michael, and having the Holy Right, which permits him to replicate all the Miracles of the Right Hand within Christianity. Without him, God's Right Seat wouldn't be able to attain the status or even exist.[4]

To truly attain the status, however, the complete eradication of the Original Sin is needed, which is why God's Right Seat sought Imagine Breaker as they believed it is the exact purification tool needed.[5] However, Fiamma of the Right also wanted it to give a physical medium for his Holy Right in addition to purifying the Original Sin.


The state of The One Above God was attained briefly by Fiamma during the climax of the Third World War. After refining his Holy Right with the flesh of Imagine Breaker, the knowledge of the 103,000 grimoires of Index, and targeting the ill will of the world with his Holy Right, Fiamma attained the position, but was stopped by Kamijou Touma's hidden powers beyond his Right Hand that outdid the status of The One Above God.[5] Touma regrew Imagine Breaker and defeated Fiamma, who lost the position.

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  1. It is to be noted that Fiamma has been stated to have been born with his power, so he did not gain his Holy Right through the purification of his Original Sin.


  • "La Persona Superiore a Dio" is also known as "Kamijou (神上)" in Japanese, which is pronouced same as Kamijou (上条), Touma's last name; this fact is acknowledged by all members of God's Right Seat except Vento of the Front.