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Ladylee Tangleroad (レディリー=タングルロード Redeirī Tangururōdo?) (Born 1182[2]) is a character introduced in the Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion, as its main antagonist. Having lived over a thousand years, she has become weary of living, and in her unending quest to pursue the sweet release of death had led to various events before and during the course of the movie, specifically, the construction of the space elevator, Endymion.


She has long blonde hair and aquamarine eyes. She has fair skin and wears lipstick. Of special interest is her eccentric clothing, which uses a checkered pattern. For this reason, people, like Shirai Kuroko, call her gothic lolita. As she was a child when she ate the fruit of ambrosia and became immortal, she looks like that of a child, and can be compared to other girls with a similar body type like Leivinia Birdway.


She is a manipulative girl, able to force Arisa to sing for her by threatening the audience.[3] Seemingly complementing this is her management abilities, being able to bring out a company that is nearly bankrupt back into prominence, silence the inquiries and investigations regarding the 89th passenger of the Spaceplane Orion,[4] and led it for three years to construct Endymion. Her dedication to a three year plan implies she has great patience, possibly stemming from the fact that she is immortal, and has been made numb by the long passage of time. She is also cruel, with her not killing Shutaura just so she can see the end of her plan, and her not caring for the millions of lives she will sacrificed for the sake of her spell and the aftermath that it would impose on the world.[3]

Once there was a time when she seemed to have shown pity and kindness. For example, before she became immortal, when she was by the side of the injured Crusader who offered her the fruit of ambrosia, she tried to refuse and seemed to insist that it should be for the Crusader. But now those days are gone and the long passage of time has made her a cruel and deranged death seeker.[4]


The young Ladylee back when she was mortal.

Born in 1182,[2] according to Stiyl Magnus, Ladylee was originally an existence in their side of the world, the magic side, and was once a Greek sibyl specializing in astrology.[3] It is unknown if she was a sibyl before or after her "transformation". She also may have had a different name before Ladylee Tangleroad, something befitting of the time she lived a mortal life. She apparently came upon an injured Crusader, whom she ended up saving.[5] The man later gave his ambrosia to Ladylee, who tried to turn down his offer at first, but she eventually yielded. She later ate the fruit, and from then became immortal.[4] Thus she is cursed by magic, given immortal life through it, but at the same time cannot use it, for being transformed into an immortal twists the cycle of transforming one's life force circulating in the body, preventing the use of magic. For that, Ladylee requires someone else to use magic in her place.[5]

As she endured the passage of time, she became weary of life and wished to end it. It seems that she had other people deal to her grievous harm, for she has been stabbed and have come upon explosions many times. Of death by her own hands it is not known how many times though it is known she tried. She has used her knowledge in analyzing magic to create many weapons to kill herself but threw them away when they were unable to slay her.[5] At one point in 1870, she went to Paris and had her picture taken with two gentlemen, one of which being famous French astronomer Nicolas Camille Flammarion, a picture which would later circulate in the Internet.[4] Of that era, she came to admire the body work of Jenny Lind the famous singer. In the following years, Ladylee acquired a great wealth, enough for her to buy a company that had been crippled.[3]

A photo of Ladylee in Paris 1870.

Several times, she must've tried to kill herself on the confines of the earth, but then realized that "something" might happen in space where she is not bound by ley lines. Knowing of the commemorative test flight of the Spaceplane Orion, Ladylee sabotaged the spaceplane where no one would survive.[5] She entered the spaceplane secretly, and in space, the spaceplane's left engine catches fire and later explodes. Her plans on getting the spaceplane destroyed in space might've come into fruition if not for the efforts of the pilot Daedalus Sequenzia, refusing to give up on saving it, as well as the unexpected miracle of the plane that allowed all the passengers and crew, except Daedalus, to survive the Orion incident. This later would be called Miracle of 88 after early reports of the crash propagated the false information that all 88 passengers and crew survived. Ladylee later escapes. Knowing of the miracle and the usual by-product of the Miracle 88, Meigo Arisa, she puts forth her plan to once again attempt to die in space, but this time with Meigo Arisa and her miraculous powers in her core.[4] For that purpose, she buys off the crippled but still standing Orbit Portal Company, who has survived only due to the infamy of the Miracle of 88.[3] Knowing this, she built their company's business up around the slogan of "miracles".[3] Moreover, knowing of the true nature of the number of passengers in the Orion, had it hidden and all inquiries and investigations hidden.[4] She then puts out her plans for the Endymion, and wins the Academy City Academy City Next-Generation Space Travel Competition, beating out the Ballistic Slider.

At some point before the start of the movie, Ladylee hires Shutaura Sequenzia, knowing of her identity as Daedalus' daughter, for her personal organization the Black Crow Unit, given power by Academy City as a Civil Affairs Resolution Mediation Unit, and has become its leader.[5] And there, she uses them to look after Meigo Arisa. Ladylee also assists Academy City's research of Arisa's mysterious nature, as she has power similar to that of a Saint.[3]


Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

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As the appointed day draws closer, Ladylee frequently appears on interviews regarding Endymion. Here, she is apparently aware of Anglican Church's plan to take Arisa, for she may cause a war between magic and science side, and sends the Black Crow Unit to secure her. After they successfully force the Church to retreat, Shutaura contacts Ladylee, telling her of their unusual powers, though she makes no clear answer. She then asks who Arisa is after going to the trouble of saving her for her, though she replies that she can fight even without knowing. Shutaura then asks if there is something wrong with their connection as she keeps hearing a noise, realizing what she means, Ladylee orders one of her automatons to stop the vinyl player (was hearing Jenny Lind?). With that, the conversation ends with Ladylee telling her to continue protecting Arisa. Two days later, she orders one of her automatons to create an explosion in the venue where Arisa's photo shoot, seemingly to test Arisa's powers. She arrives there herself to meet with Arisa, telling her that she admires her songs and compares it to Jenny Lind's body of work. She later leaves, telling her to do her best. The plan is successful, despite Kamijou Touma and Shutaura's intervention as Arisa's miraculous powers saved the people there.[3]

Ladylee in a conference regarding the appointed of the opening of Endymion.

The next day, Ladylee gets an interview confirming that Endymion's opening ceremony is the day after tomorrow. She then states that her company will go all out to show something that will look like a miracle. In the evening, Arisa performs another concert, while Shutaura and Ladylee looks on. Ladylee talks of miracles, to which Shutaura says she doesn't believe in them. Ladylee says that she is boring. She tells her that Orbit Portal's greatest selling point is miracles as it survived due to the Miracle 88. Shutaura shouts that Miracle 88 isn't miracle, but Ladylee corrects her, saying that all the passengers survived so it should be one. Tired of their small debate, Ladylee says that she hired her for her combat ability, and that she won't ask for her beliefs as well.[3]

Angered, Shutaura hastily excuses herself. Suddenly, from behind Ladylee, a blank-eyed woman and the man from before, the man in the mask, appear—her automatons. Unperturbed, Ladylee laughs, saying that all the preparations have been completed, and now her hopes and dreams will finally come true.[3]

The next night, after Shutaura successfully stays another attempt by the Anglican Church to kidnap Arisa, Ladylee contacts Shutaura to retrieve her as Anti-Skill is coming to the scene of their ruckus, and that she deems that it would be better off for her to restrain Arisa than let the Church get to her again. In a large room, Shutaura realizes that Arisa has a broken Orion bracelet that fits with hers. Ladylee arrives and mentions on how the both of them were fated to cross paths. She repeats the story of the Miracle of 88, but tells that there was one person who died, and that is Shutaura's father. Ladylee continues by saving that by the time anyone noticed it was already too late, the world rejoiced over the miracle, and the truth behind Shutaura's father was kept hidden. She looks over Arisa, and states in that incident, a girl appeared out of nowhere in the spaceplane and performed a miracle, and refers to Arisa as that girl. Hearing this, Shutaura asks why she still claims it to be a miracle, to which Ladylee says that it is because no one should have survived the accident. Sensing what she is implying, Ladylee interrupts her thoughts, and says that she thought that it would work in outer space, but in the end everyone but Shutaura's father survived. However, Ladylee says that she has at least gotten an interesting by-product of the Miracle of 88. Slowly, Shutaura dawns on her that Ladylee was the one who killed his father, and in anger takes up her blade and stabs a smiling Ladylee. There, Ladylee falls as blood gushes out of her wound. However, she doesn't fall long, and after her automatons arrive, she laughs and sits up, showing to Shutaura that she is still alive. Shutaura is shocked, and is later apprehended by the automatons, one of which she recognizes from the mall that was rigged with bombs. Ladylee asks Shutaura if she is done, and comments on how that her stabbing marks the 16th time she has been stabbed. Shutaura calls her monster, and Ladylee agrees, but says Shutaura is one as well. She says to Shutaura that she will let her live, and that she will enjoy the moment that she will show her a real miracle. Shutaura proclaims that she will stop her no matter what, but Ladylee is not concerned. She orders the automatons to take her away. Now alone with Arisa, she wakes her up and gives her an offer she can't refuse. She forces her into the Endymion before its opening and orders the Black Crow Unit to seal off the space elevator as soon as all the guests have entered. Keeping Arisa in an observation room, and later confronts her about her decision. Arisa acquiesces to her demands, as she has threatened the lives of her audience, but states that she will sing for their sake, not for her.[3]

Ladylee mocks Shutaura after being shot by her by smiling.

Ladylee later goes to an observation deck in one of the rings of the orbital station, as the spell unfolds before her. She notices the attack of Anti-Skill and Stiyl Magnus and his disciples down in the base of the elevator, but pays no heed to it, confident that her plans will be met. However, she fails to note the loyalty of the Black Crow Unit of their commander, as Shutaura has been freed of her bonds and now has come to finish her what she promised, to stop Ladylee at all cost. Ladylee tells Shutaura that she is stupid coming here, but is then immediately fired at by Shutaura several times. There, the fateful moment where her life changed forever flashes before her eyes. Still alive despite being shot at multiple times, Ladylee says that she has lived for a millennium and that although her experiment with Orion failed she got an unexpected by-product, Arisa, whom will finally set her free from life using her miraculous powers. She sits up and says that they should all die together, and there the next part of her spell activates. Shutaura tries to shoot at her but is met by the male automaton. For the rest of their fight, Ladylee is too weakened to do anything, and is then sucked out into the vacuum of space after Shutaura destroys part of the ring of the orbital station, making the Endymion in danger of collapse.[3]

Ladylee manages to escape the vacuum of space and return to the orbital station, she crawls comes to her Core Room and activates the next part of her plan as Arisa continues to sing. Later, after Arisa's song is interrupted by Shutaura, Ladylee continues to observe her spell in the Core Room. There, she is visited by Index who states that she has never seen a spell as deranged as hers before and asks if she is planning to destroy the world. Index says that the magic circle has gone completely haywire, but Ladylee doesn't listen. Seeing her, Ladylee recognizes that she is before the Index Librorum Prohibitorum. She says to her that she should know how she feels as she as they are both cursed by magic. She says that she can finally escape the hell she has suffered through, but Index tells her that it won't work and that even if she succeeds, she will not die, irritating Ladylee. Then, after the combined efforts of Accelerator, Misaka Mikoto, and Stiyl Magnus in destroying the explosive bolts of the Endymion, to allow it to be purged into space, Ladylee becomes worried. And then, as Index (analyzing and destabilizing her spell), Arisa, and Shutaura sing the song of miracles, Ladylee crawls towards Index, breaking down and sobbing begging her to stop as her dreams of dying unravel before her eyes. And thus, Ladylee lives on during the Miracle of Endymion.[3]

Ladylee's final fate.

She is later retrieved by Academy City forces, and is used as a subject material in the research for immortality.[4] She is later seen being observed by Aleister Crowley, being in a catatonic state and having several electrodes on her, as Aleister says it is misfortune that lets her live on.[3] However, despite being locked up underground, as long as she is immortal, there's always the possibility of her crawling back up.[5]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Magic God Othinus Arc

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In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, Ladylee is only mentioned briefly. It is unknown what tragedy or trauma has been lifted from Ladylee but she retains her appearance in the "perfect world". Kazari mentions her wandering around earlier while she, Ruiko, and Kuroko are in the festival after Ruiko asks if Arisa would be coming in secret.[6]

Mental Out Arc

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While facing Kihara Noukan, Shundou Toshizou, a researcher who transferred his mind to that of a killer whale and later manipulated Mitsuari Ayu in order to gain Shokuhou Misaki's Mental Out, has his water tank destroyed by Noukan's Anti-Art Attachment Powered Suit. Here, Tohizou questions how the water flows around Noukan in a perfect circle. Noukan tells him it's because he is like Rensa, whose role is to crush the seven Level 5s, and his role is to target beings such as Ladylee Tangleroad, Fräulein Kreutune, and Codename Dragon. This confuses Toshizou, but Noukan simply states that he deals with things that are beyond the realm that normal people could comprehend, though says that crushing him is an odd job. With that, Noukan expands this circle and removes all the water that Toshizou is floating on. He then uses the weapons of his Anti-Art Attachment to kill Toshizou.[7]


Ladylee's Automatons.

Ladylee is an immortal girl, having eaten Ambrosia, and is unable to die, age, rot, immune to all illnesses, diseases, disorders, entirely self-sustained, and will heal/regenerate from any and all injuries no matter how destructive and be restored to perfect health. She has lived for at least 1,000 years, though she seems to be able to feel pain and tiredness, and normally fatal wounds can seemingly make her fall unconscious. These many years of existence have given her plenty of experience in magic as she is an expert in analyzing it and creating magical tools for the purpose of killing herself. However she cannot use magic herself because the process by which she was transformed into an immortal twists the cycle of transforming one's life force circulating in the body, preventing the use of magic. For that, Ladylee requires someone else to use magic in her place.[5] She most likely created the male automaton, the bracelet that allowed her to activate her spell in the Endymion, as well as the room that she used as a medium for magic power.[4]

She was once a Greek sibyl, who specializes in astrology, something that would later be quite useful in her later escapades in outer space. According to Index, the spell that she would have used to destroy the world looked like Goetian, implying she has knowledge of Goetia or The Lesser Keys of Solomon.[5][3]

Ladylee also seems to possess a considerable degree of business, management and manipulation skill, being able to bring the crippled Orbit Portal Company from the brink of bankruptcy, back into prominence and to the point of being able to construct Endymion, as well as covering up the truth behind the Orion incident.[3]

The Endymion

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Her spell in the Endymion banked on Arisa's miraculous power as the core of the Endymion being used as magical device, in order to kill her once she activates her spell in space where the laws of the world, ley lines and directions, do not apply.[5] Needless to say, according to Index, it would have not worked anyway even if she succeeded.[3]

Character Art Designs

Little difference has been made on Ladylee from her original design. Haimura simply added earring on her, as well as fully made her outfit have a checkerboard look, but still retained its black/white and black/gray contrast.

Haimura was instructed to make Ladylee to look like someone who seemed to have a foot in both magic and science sides, as well as give her a gothic lolita look. Haimura opted to make her look like a illusionist that seemed to manipulate both magic and science sides. Haimura originally had the idea of giving her a a completely different impression depending on whether you saw her from the right or left. This idea is still retained through the vestiges of her asymmetrical look beneath her cape.



  • Of the injuries she has incurred over the years, including the ones she gained during the movie, Ladylee has been stabbed 16 times, caught in an explosion 38 times, and have experienced being in a vacuum. It is unknown how many times she has been shot.
  • Ladylee's character and story are most likely a reference to the Cumaean Sibyl of ancient Greek mythology. Known as a prophet with oracular powers, she wished to be immortal. She was granted her wish by the god Apollo, but her boon becomes her bane when she forgot to also ask for eternal youth. Sibyl eventually withered away to be tiny enough to fit in a jar, then hung from a tree where children below taunted her saying, "Sibyl, Sibyl, what do you wish for?" to which she replied, "I wish to die."


  • (Ladylee referring to her plans, from the movie): "Now, at long last, all the preparations are complete."
  • (To Arisa, ibid): "Good morning. I have a request for you Meigo Arisa-san."
  • (Ladylee as she observes her spell, ibid): "Life and death. Finite and infinite. In this space where everything intersects, the physical laws on the ground don't apply. Everyone's excitement and blood are an offering for the god's banquet. Your breath will break the Endymion's eternal curse!"
  • (To Shutaura, ibid): "Well... I guess I've lived for at least a millennium now. My experiment on the Orion failed, but I attained an unexpected by-product. I got Arisa. With her miracle power, I can finally die. Now let's all die together!"
  • (Ladylee as she activates the next part of her spell, ibid): "This is the first time I've experienced a vacuum, but... I'll finally put an end to this. I will finally die."
  • (To Index, ibid): "The Index Librorum Prohibitorum, I've heard of you, the walking library, forced to bear the knowledge of 103,000 grimoires. You should know how I feel. How I feel being cursed by magic! I can finally escape this hell I've suffered through."
  • (To Index, ibid): "What is this song? No! This song... My magic circle! Stop! If you use that power here... No... my hope... my dream!"



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