Laksha (ラックーシャ Rakkūsha?) is an Indian sadhu who is part of a Hindu sect. She arrives in Academy City to pursue her sister Harisha and to retrieve the infant needed in a certain ritual.


Laksha is fairly impatient and often doesn't listen to what other people have to say. She hates fools, slowpokes and indecisive idiots. [2]


Laksha and her sister Harisha had been members of a Hindu sect since they were young. When Harisha abducted the infant priestess Shakti in order to cure her own child, Laksha pursued her, eventually to Academy City.


Toaru Majutsu no Index Archives 1 Audio DramaEdit

Laksha finds Shakti with Index and Touma. She approaches the two and demands that they hand the baby over. Not long afterwards she grows impatient and attacks them, not giving them a chance to speak. They decide to escape and she chases after them into a tunnel, using her chakrams to attack.

She later finds Touma after he has found that Index, Harisha and Shakti are gone. The two ask each other what they did with them. Learning that the girl with Touma was Index, Laksha moves to leave but Touma prevents her, intending to force her to tell him. Laksha considered taking her on foolish as she was protected by a barrier, but was then surprised when Touma broke through it. Touma then asked her if the order was more important then her blood relatives. Laksha then revealed that Shakti wasn't Harisha's child and that the two had been tricked.

Laskha accompanied Touma to the building where Harisha had likely taken Index to. When Touma asked, she told him about the circumstances concerning her sister and Shakti. She stayed behind to hold off the mantra-controlled animals, while Touma went to stop her sister. She turned up after her sister's defeat, intending to take her and Shakti back to their order. On learning that Touma's Imagine Breaker could cure her sister's child, she dragged him off immediately despite his protests.


Laksha primarily uses magic-powered chakrams in combat. She is also capable of making barriers to protect herself. [3]


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