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Last Order (打ち止めラストオーダー Uchidome (Rasuto Ōdā)?, lit. "The End") is the 20001st Sister, a clone of Misaka Mikoto, that was produced as part of the Sisters Project for the Level 6 Shift Project. She becomes an integral part of the Toaru Majutsu no Index storyline after meeting with Accelerator who later dedicates himself to protecting her.


Last Order is depicted as a 10-year old version of Mikoto[1] with one unusual strand of hair (known as an ahoge) that acts up in humorous moments in the manga. In her debut appearance, she's seen wearing a ragged piece of blanket as makeshift clothes. She is later given proper attire after being released from the hospital, wearing a blue spotted dress with a white coat and sandals. Unlike the other clones, her eyes are the same color as the original. Like Mikoto, Last Order has a complex in regards to her chest size and is easily upset about it.


Last Order wearing a ragged cloth.

Unlike her clone sisters, she is capable of actually showing emotions and has a close relationship with Misaka 10032, Accelerator and her adult guardians, Yomikawa Aiho and Yoshikawa Kikyou. Like her older clone sisters, she speaks in third person, except she says "Misaka" twice. She has all of the memories of the Misaka clones and has observed Accelerator through this method during the experiment, posing a theory that Accelerator did not actually want to take part in the Level 6 Shift Project and therefore doesn't blame him for his actions. She also has an apparent admiration of Touma due to him stopping the experiments and also protecting her during the events of volume 13.[2][3]

Her appearance matches her childish nature, being playful and curious, such as taking Misaka 10032's goggles to play with as well as playing tag with her.[2] She is also very caring as seen in New Testament, when she puts her life on the line to save Fräulein Kreutune, despite the latter wanting to devour her brain. Though only being a child, she is shown to be very perceptive, as demonstrated when she theorizes that Accelerator did not want to take part in the Level 6 Shift Project.


She was the final clone produced for the Level 6 Shift Project, though not as a part of the 20,000 clones selected to be killed by Accelerator so he could achieve Level 6. She functions as the command center of the Misaka clones and the administrator of the Misaka Network, making her their superior.[2] According to Yoshikawa Kikyou, Last Order was created as a fail-safe mechanism in case the clones go out of control; by sending a set amount of brainwave signals to her, the researchers can control the Misaka Network from the outside.[4] She was kept into the form of a child, and not like her sister so as she can be easily controlled.[5]

Her name, Last Order, was derived from the scenario of Last Order commanding the clones to shutdown.[4]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Three Stories Arc

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Last order and the Sisters

Last Order's first physical appearance on August 31 when she asks Accelerator to help her find researchers of the experiment so she can be put back in her incubator. Last Order follows Accelerator to his wrecked apartment and takes refuge there for the night. After taking her out to a local family restaurant, Last Order lectures Accelerator on his willingness to help a stranger and tells him he's not a bad guy at heart and is someone who never really wanted the experiment to go forth. As soon as he's about to storm out after hearing what she has to say, Last Order collapses due to her weakened state. Accelerator leaves, unknowing that Amai Ao is about to abduct her.

Ao takes her outside the now-abandoned Sisters Project research facility and awaits the activation of the virus. Accelerator later arrives and renders Ao unconscious. Accelerator later discovers that the virus has started and is preparing to activate. With no time left to spare, Accelerator chooses to save Last Order instead of killing her. Accelerator uses his vector powers to delete the virus inside of Last Order and successfully manages to, but he gets shot by Ao in the head as he was using all of his calculations on Last Order's treatment and not enough to spare for a deflection using his vectors. Even then, Accelerator protects Last Order from being shot by Ao using his powers and tells Ao that even though the two of them are scum, they should not involve Last Order.

Yoshikawa Kikyou later arrives to put Last Order into an incubation tank after shooting Ao in the back. Last Order is then seen in the hospital that Heaven Canceller works in, where Misaka 10032 is looking after her.

Kazakiri Hyouka Arc

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Yoshikawa Kikyou asks Yomikawa Aiho to take care of both Accelerator and Last Order.[6]

Tree Diagram Remnant Arc

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Both Last Order and Accelerator are next seen bathing, and she makes fun of Accelerator's longer hair as well as him complaining about the bubbles getting into his eyes. Here, she indicates to Accelerator that she remembers everything that he did for her back in August, as she used the Misaka Network to back-up her memory, which irritates Accelerator. Last Order is next seen communicating with the clones regarding the Remnant of Tree Diagram and the possibility of the experiment restarting because of it, all the while hiding the fact that she is acquainted with Accelerator.

Last Order later asks Accelerator to help the sisters by destroying the Remnant that Musujime Awaki has stolen. In their battle, Accelerator states that even though he is not the strongest esper in the city anymore, he will become the strongest for Last Order; Accelerator then successfully manages to destroy the Remnant. The next day Accelerator is resting in his ward, but is bothered by Last Order who later cuts off the Misaka Network from him, disabling his ability to speak. Accelerator tries to comically strangle Last Order because of this.

Daihasei Festival Arc

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While she doesn't appear in the arc in person, she is heard by Kamijou Touma during the search for Oriana Thomson, talking to someone, presumably Accelerator, and momentarily confounding him.

Academy City Invasion Arc

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Accelerator and Last Order are released from the hospital and move in with Yomikawa Aiho and Yoshikawa Kikyou. After she becomes locked out of Aiho's apartment, she steals Misaka 10032's goggles and runs away with them. While playing tag with Misaka 10032, she runs into Touma in the underground mall where she thanks him for helping put an end to the Level 6 Shift Project.

She is eventually captured by Kihara and a virus is put into her body which makes the Misaka Network to be corrupted and Kazakiri Hyouka to be used in Aleister Crowley's plan. However, she is eventually saved by Accelerator and Index is able to cure her. However, GROUP uses her as leverage to recruit Accelerator.

Skill-Out Uprising

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After Accelerator joins GROUP, Last Order is sent back to Heaven Canceller's Hospital to recover from the virus Kihara Amata implanted in her. Heaven Canceller assures her that she will meet Accelerator again.

Battle Royale Arc

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Last Order is released from the hospital by Heaven Canceller. Since Yomikawa Aiho couldn't be there to pick Last Order up, she had a taxi waiting for Last Order already paid. Last Order tries to use it to go to an amusement park, but Heaven Canceller makes sure the driver doesn't do that. Later, Last Order sensing Accelerator nearby, quickly leaves the taxi cab. Uiharu Kazari is nearby when she finds Last Order leaving the taxi, and after hearing the driver's plight and seeing that she is from Judgment ask her to give the change from the fare that was given to him. Taking the change, she quickly catches up to Last Order. She doesn't notice her similarity with Misaka Mikoto however, and asks her name, referring to her as "Ahoge-chan" (the hair that sticks up on Last Order's head), to which Last Order says her name.[7]

Uiharu is with Last Order when she was in the venue where Oyafune Monaka made her speech on children's suffrage, still looking for Accelerator, and referring to him as a "lost child", and later Sunazara Chimitsu attempted to shoot her for SCHOOL.[8]

She later attempts to hand Last Order to Anti-Skill after handing her the change, but had managed to sneak out and wandered the streets. She is with her in a train station in School District 7, lamenting her predicament. As she wonders about Last Order's strange name and powers, she asks her why the train isn't coming, to which Uiharu says that there is a freight train coming. Uiharu then asks in turn, asking her where she thinks the person she is looking for is, to which Last Order points to a direction. Seeing this, Uiharu assumes that Last Order had a power to search the person she is looking for, though it was not very precise. Last Order becomes worried that she can't find the person, to which Uiharu consoles her, though Last Order sees through how general her words of encouragement were, she still thanks her. Uiharu tries to cheer her up by saying that she will give her a present. She takes one of the flowers from her hair, surprising Last Order, and says that it is hibiscus, which means "we'll, let's give it a shot". Last Order, however, says that the meaning is incorrect, to which Uiharu ignores her and continued to smile as Last Order's energy returned. At the same as this, Accelerator happens to pass by in the sports car he has commandeered to take to School District 23. With Uiharu none the wiser, she wonders where the people in the car were going to in such a hurry and states Anti-Skill should work harder to catch people like them. Meanwhile, Last Order started thinking about something.[9]

Last Order later tires herself out in her search for Accelerator, prompting them to rest at an open-air cafe, where Uiharu orders a parfait for herself. Last Order says that she is sure that the person she is looking for was nearby but suddenly went off somewhere. She then, however, notices a free gift key chain from a fast-food outlet and hurries towards there. Uiharu is perturbed by this as Last order still needs to find that person she is looking for and that she wants to finish her parfait. She, however, suddenly reminds her of the change from the taxi, to which she hurries off.[10]

It is unknown where Last Order was or what she was doing when Kakine Teitoku began torturing Uiharu for Last Order's whereabouts or during Accelerator's battle with him. After Kakine stabs Aiho in front of Accelerator and prompting him into a rage that released his black wings, and later his defeat, Accelerator goes into a rampage with his black wings. As Aiho, who survived Kakine's actions, and Anti-Skill is at a loss on how to stay the wrath of Accelerator. Luckily, Aiho was able to survive and tries to stop Accelerator after she comes to. However, she is stopped by Saigou Ryouta, who tells a great distortion is taking place with regards to the AIM Diffusion Fields. She breaks from Ryouta's grasp, only to discover several armored Anti-Skills and armored vehicles. Aiho demands them to put their guns down, and tells that it is their duty to protect Accelerator. Aiho tries to come close to Accelerator, though because she is injured, blood spurts from her mouth, and is restrained by Ryouta.

However, their last hope, Last Order, appears, coming out of the crowd at great speed towards Accelerator. As his black wings continued its rampage, Last Order approaches and says that she has finally found him. However, Accelerator tries to attack, and though everyone flinches believing that Last Order has fallen to her demise, the black wings stop before Last Order. But Last Order is undeterred as it shows that Accelerator still has control. An Anti-Skill opens fire without permission while Accelerator is distracted, responding to this his black wings try to attack, only for Last Order to plead him to stop, and he does. Last Order holds out her arms and says that all is all right now and there is no need to do what he is doing. As if to blow apart those words, the black wings try to again but once again stops before her, his conflicted heart consuming his action. He continues to scream in turmoil, and finally he roars and the sounds of the black wings wave once more. They try to attack the unperturbed Last Order, all of which misses its mark. And then it swelled up greater than it has ever been and tried to strike down Last Order again. It reached in front of Last Order, Accelerator's movements have stopped. With his head lowered, the black wings disappear and Accelerator falls, all of his strength leaving his body. Last Order catches Accelerator with arms wide open, and held him with all the strength she could muster. With that Last Order whispers to Accelerator's ear of her relief. Finally, the lost child is found.[11]


Main article: DRAGON Arc

Accelerator and Last Order on the freight train out of the city.

After the underground battle in Academy City, Last Order falls ill after Accelerator's encounter with Aiwass and the two of them set out for Russia to try and find a cure for her.[12]

World War III Arc

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Due to Last Order's poor health, Accelerator is forced to protect her from multiple adversaries, including Misaka Worst. After Accelerator becomes too depressed about his inability to save Last Order and fought Touma because he "refused to help her," he is defeated by Touma again. Afterwards, Touma is able to temporarily stabilize Last Order's condition with his Imagine Breaker, but it was only a quick fix that wouldn't last too long. However, Accelerator is eventually able to recruit Misaka Worst's help in saving Last Order. Eventually, Last Order is treated by Accelerator using the song Index sang.

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Freshmen Arc

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After World War III, Last Order, Misaka Worst, and Accelerator move back into Yomikawa Aiho and Yoshikawa Kikyou for what should have been a peaceful time. She did not seem to get along with Misaka Worst as she would always tease Last Order over various things. When Accelerator was late getting home, Last Order went out to look for him, eventually running into Mugino Shizuri, who was looking for Hamazura Shiage.

Homecoming Arc

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Last Order is first seen in volume 2 with Misaka Worst, "sensing" that she was being replaced in her "position" with Accelerator, and her anxiety affected Misaka Worst to act and feel the same way. Eventually, she and Worst managed to locate him, and Last Order saw both Fremea and Leivinia and loudly demands which one was her "enemy" and that she would secure her position, much to Accelerator's annoyance.

Ichihanaran Festival Arc

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Eve of the Festival

Last Order first appears in the arc, playing video games with the Misaka Network, and ignoring Kikyou's call that it was time for dinner. During Kikyou's argument with Accelerator, she mentions that she is in need of green onions for the flavor of her mizutaki. At the same as this, as Last Order was taking a break, she enthusiastically offers to buy them for. As Kikyou and Accelerator argue again, Last Order continues to shout towards them until she has fed up and has escaped into the night alone.[13]

Last Order later meets Fremea Seivelun, who is utterly lost in School District 7, despite thinking her guardian, Hamazura Shiage is the one who's lost. Despite grating on each other's nerves, for both were being too prideful, Last Order accompanies Fremea. They get into a fight on who is more adult than the other, then notice an announcement regarding the famous restaurants of Academy City, and challenges each other to who is more informed by heading around to the famous restaurants of Academy City, forgetting their original intentions.[14]

The two arrive at School District 10, where they come upon the famous Food Stand Spire, essentially making Last Order the winner of their little bet. A caring soul offers two men to act as their bodyguards in exchange for a free boiled egg as the district can be a dangerous place. The both of them later come upon a restaurant at the top floor that uses a modified truck as a stand. It was a restaurant that offered Chinese food, which was cooked by a lone man, and was accompanied by three girls who gave off the impression that they knew nothing of the cooking or the service industry, and apparently served as bodyguards. Last Order asks for the usual, despite never having been there before. Last Order, however, reveals that the restaurant doesn't have a menu as it only serves one thing: giant pieces of meat that seem to come straight off a manga, making her requests warranted. The cook accepts the order as long as he is paid and serves each of them a large piece of meat, which they dig into in good order despite its size.[15]

Despite Fremea acknowledging that Last Order is more informed than her, they are both still lost, and are unable to find the way to District 7. While moving about, Fremea asks for directions from a strange woman who begins mimicking her movements, Fräulein Kreutune.[16] For some unfathomable reason, Fräulein aids them in finding their way back into School District 7, and is successful, as Last Order recognizes an area. After being dragged along, Last Order tries to thank and her and asks her name, to which she responds that her name is Fräulein Kreutune. Last Order and Fremea wants to exchange e-mail addresses with her, but seeing as she had no cellphone, Fremea however, gave Fräulein her child buzzer to her that was originally from Hamazura Shiage and the others. Fremea tells her that it uses GPS, and if she pulls the string, it will send her current location to the cell phone registered with it. Essentially, allowing Fremea to be notified of her whereabouts. Fremea notes that it can receive e-mails without cost from the registered cell phone. Fräulein seemed puzzled with the device, and continues to stare at it. She is interrupted by Last Order saying that they are now friends. Fräulein is confused by this, to which Fremea answers that there is no reason why they can't be friends. After analyzing the situation, Fräulein concludes that they are indeed friends.[15]

Meanwhile, Accelerator jumps around the city trying to look for Last Order everywhere. Finding nothing, he and Kikyou, who was forced to help him find her as well, head back to their apartment. Much to their surprise, Last Order is already there, eating some chocolate. Last Order explains her little sojourn with Fremea, then their eating competition, which reminds both Kikyou and Accelerator that they have yet to eat dinner.[17]

Meanwhile, Reading Thoth 78 warns a person who is apparently Aleister Crowley himself, that Fräulein will transform after acquiring enough information, though states that it will take 2,300 years for her to collect such information. However, if she consumes Last Order's brain and takes control of the Misaka Network, she can reduce 2,300 years to a mere 3 seconds. The AI notes that the time when Fräulein will acquire the properties that is needed for her to absorb powers through brain consumption is within two hours.[17]

The Day of the Festival

In the morning, Last Order refuses to eat as she wants to go to the Ichihanaransai badly, prompting Kikyou to punish her by putting more food on her plate. As Last Order complains more and more, Accelerator asks Kikyou if she has any plans to have Last Order attend school. Kikyou first states that it seems difficult for a person like Last Order, who should not technically exist, but states that she can all the education she needs from the Misaka Network, much to Accelerator's chagrin, proving to him that she is still a researcher. Falling silence, Kikyou asks what's up with Accelerator, to which he simply states that she should be prepared to overcome that part of herself. Accelerator then tells Last Order to hurry up and finish eating because they will head out, making an excuse that he just wanted to find some winter boots, and that if there are any schools nearby they can make a stop. Both Kikyou and Last Order fall silent at their surprise, but Last Order breaks it by trying to dash towards the door, prompting both Accelerator and Kikyou to restrain her.[18]

Last Order later meets Fremea again, along with Takitsubo Rikou and Hamazura Shiage. Their reunion is cut short as chaos ensues, when Fräulein tries to lunge herself towards Last Order after tackling away Shiage, who recognizes her and could only clung to Kikyou's leg. Accelerator gets in front of her, and attacks her. However, all of them bear witness to her invulnerability, as Fräulein tries to attacking again, the reformed Kakine Teitoku attacks with his Rhinoceros Beetles, bending Fräulein and allowing Accelerator to launching her away. Seeing that a battle him and Kakine is inevitable, Accelerator ends them down the subway tunnel in order for them to escape.[19]

Last Order, Kikyou, and the rest land in the subway tunnel, with Accelerator taking special precaution in not hurting Last Order and Kikyou when they landed. Underground, Last Order talks to Fremea about Fräulein, calling her the King of the Informed, to which Fremea replies that a lady as kind as her wouldn't hurt Shiage. Yoshikawa Kikyou then gathers attention towards her, and states that Accelerator has bought them time and that whatever issues they might have they need to escape. Shiage agrees, stating just being in the same place as them could get them smashed into pieces, but adds on how it would be dangerous to support him without a plan. Yoshikawa asks if he would support if he did have a plan, but Shiage just averts his gaze. Just then, the White Beetles come before them. But their attack never comes, a beetle malfunctions in trying to check the order of "Destroying any and all elements that obstruct our mission," due to the presence of Takitsubo Rikou and her AIM Stalker.[20] As he rechecks his orders, he asks his fellow Beetles to assist him. Here, they list down what they think their mission objective is: "to defeat Fräulein Kreutune and eliminate the objectivbe behind her actions, eliminate anyone who would obstruct the battle between Accelerator and Kakine Teitoku, secure the battlefield, eliminate the recent continuing threat to the City by defeating all dangerous elements," and finally, "to protect the residents of the City from all anticipated dangerous elements." However, they then shortly fire at each other, concluding that they, as well as Kakine Teitoku, are "also" dangerous elements in the City.[21]

As the beetles attack each other, Beetle 05 is somehow felled, becoming the other beetles’ target. It falls near Shiage and the others, asking what he was doing, to which Shiage replies not to ask him. It tried to target Last Order again, prompting Fremea to come between him and Last Order. But the malfunction has taken hold, and determined that Last Order and the rest of them are not a threat. Beetle 05 tells them that he will save them in order to protect his order list from a fatal contradiction. Getting back up, Beetle 05 eyes' turn from green to red, indicating that he has indeed been lost from the will of the original Kakine.[22] Underground in the subway tunnel, the group flees, whilst Beetle 05 holds the other beetles off as long as his strength could bear it. The beetles concentrated their fire on Last Order, for they determined that she was the quickest method in robbing the reason for Fräulein's actions. When they came upon a locked door, and Beetle 05 opened it for them, telling them to go as he fires another shell upon the ceiling, collapsing it upon the other beetles. And when all of them have escaped into another hall, they discovered that the door was too small. However, Beetle 05 paid no attention to this for he did not intend to beat the other beetles in the first place. Beetle 05 slammed into the door, shutting the egress from the other beetles with his body. Shiage questions his judgment, to which Beetle 05 states that it's his plan, and that since he has left Kakine Teitoku's control, he can no longer renew his Dark Matter, and will break apart. He tells them that the only way to escape from the enemies that can regenerate infinitely is to block their path. But Shiage would not stand for it and demands for him to come as well, but Beetle 05 will not yield. And Shiage could only feel helpless, as Beetle 05 acts as a wall against the other beetles for them. He is later forced by Yoshikawa Kikyou and Takitsubo Rikou to leave.[23]

As Beetle 05 continues to hold the other beetles at bay, and denying the errors that appeared due to the discrepancy of his actions of not fleeing when he is currently in danger, his body becomes battered by their attacks and is slowly breaking apart. Standing firm, Last Order and Fremea suddenly appears before him, surprising him. Thinking quickly, he moves away from the door that he blocked, and starts beating his wings at a certain amplitude in order to make them float. The beetles tried to give chase, but soon detected a train incoming inside the tunnel. However, it was all a ruse of Beetle 05, striking the subway truck in a pattern identical to the vibration of a train to get away from them.[23]

Gaining some distance from the other beetles, Beetle 05, he and the girls rest easy. Last Order then asks Fremea what she's doing with the permanent marker she has. Fremea then states that it is to mark Beetle 05 as a member of the Hamazura Brigade.[23]

After weaving through the subway tunnels, Beetle 05 finally came above ground with the two girls. Beetle 05 thought about what steps he should do next as they could not stay there all the time, because the other beetles will track them. He tries to explain the situation to them, but Last Order and Fremea would not yield and abandon him. Beetle 05 tells them that several different enemies were pursuing the two of them, to which Fremea asks what they are. Beetle 05 tells her that they are being pursued by such as the other beetles, Kakine Teitoku himself, and Fräulein Kreutune, the last one, a being that he could not possibly predict and oppose. He then explains to them what is occurring to Fräulein, and of her goal, though Fremea gave a blank not understanding the technicals of her goal. Last Order asks if she was going to eat her, to which Fremea shouts that Fräulein will never do that for she is their friend. Beetle 05 mentions that she is being driven by a function that Fräulein cannot control. Hearing this, Fremea says that they should save her, and since it said that whatever she is doing is not her fault, they cannot overlook it. Last Order agrees as she knows what it's like to being forced to do something she doesn't want to do. Beetle 05 fell silent, unable to comprehend such irrational actions—to go through danger for a friend in need who may be the one to doom them. In the end, Beetle 05 could not help but go along with their reckless plans. As he is fated to be pursued by his master, and to be rejected as a rampaging weapon by other organizations, he could at least give meaning to leaving his master's control by helping the girls perfectly accomplish their goals on their own terms.[24]

While looking for Fräulein, the girls stopped for a break, with the full bloom of Ichihanarasai before them. As Fremea and Last Order compete against each other in the school stands to get stamps on their cards, they are unaware that breaking from the will of Kakine has begun to take its toll on Beetle 05.[25] Fremea and Last Order has visited 13 schools and has no signs of tiring. While wondering about the optimum action they could take to avoid their enemies. Fremea offers her rainbow yakisoba to him but he declines. Last Order and Fremea then fills up his cannon with the rewards they got from the games they played. He asks them if they know how to find Fräulein, to which they show to him their buzzer, which would help them track her. As all this is going on, Beetle 05 tries to control the location of the cracks and the rate they spread, through calculated actions. This was because he was worried that the girls would discover that he is cracking, but their excitable nature put upon a great burden upon his form. Beetle 05 begins thinking on how to confront Fräulein after Last Order or Fremea finds her using the buzzer, and concludes that he cannot entrust them to such a reckless plan.[26]

Beetle 05 smiles, as he becomes Kakine Teitoku.

As the various battles thunder in the multi-level overpass, Beetle 05 and the girls finally arrive and find Fräulein. The girls insist in coming near towards her, but Beetle 05 declines as the battle between Kamijou Touma and Leivinia Birdway are currently occurring, and the fact that he will not be able to withstand a battle. Beetle 05 states that he will try to analyze the combatants attack patterns and calculate, in order to find an opening. Both Fremea and Last Order later witness Beetle 05 becoming the new Kakine Teitoku.[27]

Seeing Touma's victory over Leivinia Birdway, as well as the other battles having concluded Kakine takes the girls to their friend. He warns them of the danger, but Last Order says that she is like her and Beetle 05, who does not know for sure what she is or even who she can ask to find out. She states that that is the reason why someone needs to save her. Fremea comments on how her referring Fräulein as someone who does not know who she is. She calls her a member of the Hamazura Brigade and their friend nothing else matters. Beetle 05 understands this and tells that they are going to save the girls' friend, to which Fremea corrects by saying that she is "their" friend. Last Order then sends a message to her using the security buzzer that they are coming.[28] Fräulein tries to stand up, and discovers that the security buzzer is vibrating, as a message was sent to her from Last Order and Fremea, and smiles, thanking them, but she is still unable to stop herself from eating them. There, being carried by Beetle 05, both Last Order and Fremea arrive, throwing caution into the wind.[29] However, she is later freed by Touma after his plan in using up Cendrillon's left over parts to create a brain to trick her instincts. She consumes the decoy brain, and it seemingly works. While eating, her unsettling act was seen by many, and by Accelerator and Mugino Shizuri, the former presuming the worst, he charges towards Fräulein in rage to utterly destroyed. However, his hand is stayed after Last Order calls out to her.[30]

Fräulein's body was tricked indeed, but it also affected her in a much more obvious way, as her body shrunk smaller in size. Still seeing herself as loathsome, she tries to deny herself of her friends as she still couldn't stop herself from eating. But Last Order tells her that even if her situation was not taken into account at all, and her morality is determined by her functions, it does not apply to her now. She says to Fräulein that she need not be afraid or anxious about whether she is good or evil, it will not change that they are friends. In tears, she is embraced by the people she called friends, Fremea and Last Order, while Touma leaves in silence.[31]

Later, as Last Order tries to go home, a mysterious will that is of higher authority than Last Order takes possession of her body. This "Will of the Whole Misaka Network," berates Accelerator for thinking that he could go the easy way out, destroy the peaceful life he has, and then go to hell once everything is put in order, by throwing himself into a fight to approach the secrets of Academy City. The existence tells that his anxiety regarding forgetting what he needs do by growing relaxed in his new life is unfounded. As he is a monster, the existence tells him that it is most comfortable for him to have an easy conflict, violence, and victory, is only natural for him. However, the existence states that his calculation power was not given to him just so he can take the easy way out.[32]

The existence states that he must struggle for someone's sake, struggle in the way that is most difficult, and threatens him that if he took the easy road and become a monster, then the existence will throw him into a hell several sizes larger than his imagining. The existence concludes that despite leaving Last Order and Misaka Worst, the existence is rather much interested with Touma and is concerned for his well-being as of late.[32]

With that, the "e-mail" ends and Last Order collapses to the floor.[32]

Magic God Othinus Arc

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In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, it is Accelerator instead who saves all 20,000 Sisters, along with Last Order and Misaka Worst after stopping the Level 6 Shift Project.[33] She is first seen in the park where Othinus left Touma after recreating the world. Here, as Othinus continues to speak to Touma in order to break his crumbling resolve, she and a few of the clones appear, chasing after a paper airplane. Mikoto and Accelerator soon follow them as well. Seeing this, Touma admits that he couldn't save over 10,000 clones, and wishes he realized the events surrounding them sooner that there might've been a different option. He begins blaming himself for accepting that the incident with the Sisters have been resolved. His self-deprecation allows Othinus to continue to break Touma, with him eventually realizing that his very existence and choices may have caused great tragedy to befall people.[34]

Later, after Touma's spirit has been finally broken and is trying to decide on how he should have himself killed, Last Order, several of the Sisters, and Misaka Worst are in the festival in the Academy City accompanied by Accelerator, Yoshikawa Kikyou, and Amai Ao. Last Order is enjoying the festival, commenting on how she has given up on trying to process all the information in front of her. A Sister then says that if she abandons any attempt to understand, they will suffer as well, and asks Last Order to try harder. The clones later become enamored by the food stands, prompting Misaka Worst to egg them on.[33]

Coronzon Arc

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Following the evacuation of Academy City on December 12th, Last Order, along with Yoshikawa Kikyou and Misaka Worst, left the city on a cargo ship, heading for Alaska.[35][36]

Kamijou Arc

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As Academy City was recovering, the group returned from Alaska via the bay, having not seen any auroras during their trip. Last Order wasn't too bothered, having brought loads of souvenirs back with her, and reunited with Accelerator soon after arriving back.[37]

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Christmas Eve Arc

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On December 24th, with Accelerator having turned himself in for past crimes as part of Operation Handcuffs, his plan to eliminate the Dark Side of Academy City, and individuals resisting the plan seeking her to use as a hostage against him,[38] Last Order made her way to where Misaka Mikoto and Kamijou Touma were passing their time on Christmas Eve, with Misaka 10032 following her trail.[39] Shortly afterwards, the building was attacked by Maidono Hoshimi, who managed to capture her.[40] Last Order was wrapped up and placed inside a hijacked cleaning robot, but Maidono was defeated by Touma and his allies before she could get Last Order away to a retrieval team. Following the thwarted kidnapping, with the others having agreed to help Accelerator achieve his goal, Last Order accompanied Misaka 10032 to the Anti-Skill station where Accelerator was being held.[41] After Neoka Norito's defeat, Last Order spoke with Accelerator and tearfully accepted his decision, promising to visit him everyday.[42]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Sisters Arc

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In the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun sidestory during the Sisters Arc, Last Order's silhouette is briefly seen inside an incubation tank. Here Nunotaba Shinobu attempts to upload an emotional program she created into the clones via the Misaka Network, but she is denied access due to a new level of security in the Misaka Network which was Last Order herself. Shinobu is caught off-guard by this, and is later caught by Kinuhata Saiai thus failing her mission to save the clones.

A few days after Touma defeats Accelerator and ends the experiment, Amai Ao director of the experiment, installs a virus into Last Order after becoming heavily indebted due to investing the now-failed project. Last Order's reaction to this is to break out of her incubation tank as a self-defense mechanism. She wanders the streets of Academy City for an entire week, eluding detection of the researchers trying to find her as well as the surveillance of Academy City, before meeting Accelerator.[5]

Silent Party Arc

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Last Order briefly appears on September 2, while sitting on a chair next to Accelerator's bed and looking at the sky from their hospital room's window together with a still recovering Accelerator.

Daihasei Festival Arc (Railgun)

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Last Order collapsed as Misaka Network is being infected by the virus.

At the time of the incident with Exterior on September 20th, Last Order was playing cards with Accelerator in the hospital, when she sensed the removal of Misaka 10032's security imposed by Shokuhou Misaki against electrical viruses, which is done by Kihara Gensei and she, along with the other Sisters around the world, gets infected by the virus inserted by Gensei into the Misaka Network.[43]

Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator

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Necromancer Arc

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Shortly after Accelerator's clash with DA when they pursued Esther Rosenthal into the hospital, he spoke with a sleepy Last Order who was in the corridor, having been woken up by the noise.[44][45]

Last Order encounters Esther Rosenthal with Accelerator

The next day, Last Order brought three bentos per Accelerator's request and found him with Esther Rosenthal in his hospital room. Seeing him with another girl and with the two hiding most of the details, the suspicious Last Order ended up throwing the bentos at Accelerator in anger at his apparent unfaithfulness.[44][46][47]

An accident with the drinks machine

The three subsequently went out to a family restaurant for a meal,[44][46][47] which Last Order and Esther enjoyed. While Accelerator slipped out to phone Yoshikawa, Esther had an accident with the drinks machine so the two girls returned to the hospital for a dry set of clothes, with Last Order leaving a note for Accelerator.[46][47]

When Accelerator returned to find Esther in her underwear, Last Order threw a pillow at him and told him off before telling Esther off for not being bothered at being seen by a boy while undressed. Heaven Canceller then came in and told Last Order that it was time for her check-up, prompting her to leave for the usual location for the check-up.[46][47]

Last Order returned to Accelerator's bedside after his reopened wounds were treated following the incident at the morgue. She fell asleep while waiting for Accelerator to wake up and expressed frustration at missing it when she woke up, telling Accelerator how worried she was. Accelerator sent her away to find him a can of coffee when one of the Sisters arrived, who then informed him of Misaka 10046's abduction, which they were hiding from Last Order.[48][49] Last Order remained at the hospital, unaware of what was transpiring, while Accelerator slipped away to deal with the incident himself.[50][51]

After the events surrounding DA were resolved, with Accelerator back in bed after overexerting himself, Last Order told him to rest. She offered to do any tasks he asked her to do, but said she wouldn't listen if he told her to leave because she was annoying. In response, Accelerator told her to fetch him a specific type of canned coffee, citing a store in School District 14. Last Order enthusiastically rushed off to fulfil this request but soon realized that she was being sent to the furthest district from the hospital and rushed back to complain about the deception, as Yomikawa was questioning Accelerator about the incident. Recognizing that they couldn't talk like this, Yomikawa decided to come back later and left, taking Last Order with her.[52]

Nectar Arc

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Other Appearances

Side Stories

Toaru Majutsu no Index: Love Letter Competition

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Last Order contacts Misaka 10032 through the network after finding out that she and Misaka Mikoto found a love letter directed for Kamijou Touma. Misaka 10032 begins to argue with Last Order after she finds out that she intends to use the network to simulate all of Mikoto's tactics to beat her in order to get the letter.

Anime appearances

Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

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Last Order obtains information from the Misaka Network after a few of the Sisters eavesdrop on Touma, Stiyl, and Motoharu on the doom that will befall on the world through Endymion. Last Order loudly spouts the information that she has gotten, irritating Accelerator.

She somehow convinces Accelerator to leave the hospital and go down to one of the explosive bolts of the Endymion, which if all were destroyed, would allow the space elevator to break away from the earth. Last Order dances around underground despite the inherent danger, and tells to Accelerator, who is irritated of being bothered, on how bad things would happen to the world if they did not do something. She later witnesses Accelerator destroying their explosive bolt. She is then carried away by Accelerator just as the Endymion begins breaking away, commenting on how she is flying, to which Accelerator comments he will never do this for her ever again.

Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan

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Tobidase Ippou-san Hachamecha Kaishingeki

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Video game appearances

Toaru Majutsu no Index (PSP game)

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Last Order is featured as a supportive character in the Toaru Majutsu no Index video game.

Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On (game)

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Last Order appears as a non-playable character in the Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On video game.[53]

Non-universe appearances

Video game appearances

Dengeki Gakuen RPG: Cross of Venus

Last Order appears as an NPC, where she gives us a card of her in the game to lower Accelerator's shield, whom is a secret boss in the game.


Last Order as seen in Lunatia

Last Order is part of the NPC characters that will assist the player in the Japanese version of the Korean MMORPG Lunatia.[54]

Extraordinary Ones


Like all the other Sisters, her ability is known as Radio Noise, a subset of the Electromaster (電撃使いエレクトロマスター Dengeki Tsukai (Erekutoro Masutā)?, lit. "Electricity User") ability. Being a clone of Misaka Mikoto, she has the same abilities but at a lower capability, making her a Level 3.[55] She is capable of picking electric locks. She can detect electromagnetic fields, and can use Hertz unit to measure them.[56]

However, unique to this ability is the Sisters having a form of telepathy that is formed from their similar brainwave patterns, forming a brainwave network. This collection of Sisters linked to each other is called the Misaka Network, and she is its administrator. Using this system, she can access their memories and experiences at will.[57] Being the administrator of the Misaka Network, she can perfectly control what information flows through the network and she can consciously select who will receive it. She is known to have made 'a comical use' of this ability in the light novels: in certain instances and whenever she is arguing too strongly with Accelerator, she will resort to removing his ability to speak in an attempt to force him out of the discussion; that usually brings an even bigger comical effect with having Accelerator perform a certain type of physical punishment on her. It should be noted that the Sisters cannot "fight back" direct high priority commands from Last Order.[58] In addition to these, being at the center of the Misaka Network, she is often used as a "core" that uses the Misaka Network to create or perform powerful phenomena, from things such angels when certain codes or viruses are forcibly inputted into her, like with Kazakiri Hyouka and Aiwass, to machines like the Coffin that Hishigata has. This makes her one of the most valuable and targeted individuals in Academy City.

Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

Haimura designed Last Order in her appearance for volume 5, though "lost" it[59]. It can still be found in his art book, rainbow spectrum: colors, among other lost designs for volume 5.

By volume 12, Last Order becomes affected by deformed art style that Haimura has for the characters. For her winter outfit for volumes 21-22, Haimura simply added a long fluffy fur coat that covers her autumn clothes that she wears for much of the series.



  • (To Accelerator in Index manga chapter 29)"Misaka says Misaka was told that each Misaka's life has its own meaning. That there would be always be someone who would shed tears if a Misaka died. That's why Misaka won't die anymore, from now on none of us will die."
  • (To Accelerator in Index manga chapter 29, regarding Accelerator killing the clones)"Misaka says as Misaka is wondering, if that is the case, then why did you bother talking to the Misakas during the experiments? Many times... many times, even though there weren't many conversations. Misaka says as Misaka regrets that she couldn't notice your signs. If Misaka told you: 'I don't wan't to fight anymore', would you have stopped?"
  • (To Accelerator in Vol.22 when he is about to leave) "Please don't! Misaka Misaka wants to be with you forever"
  • (To Beetle 05, from NT6) "Our friend is suffering, so we have no choice, agrees Misaka as Misaka nods."
  • (To Beetle 05, ibid) "Misaka knows what it is like, says Misaka as Misaka remembers. Misaka knows how painful it is to be made to do something you don’t want to for someone else’s gain due to a program or a virus or whatever, says Misaka as Misaka taps her temple with her indexfinger. We can’t let this happen. If that is happening to Misaka’s friend, we have to save her, says Misaka as Misaka makes an announcement."


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