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Laura Stuart (ローラ=スチュアート Rōra Suchuāto?) is a character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. She is the former Archbishop of the Church of England and the head of its 0th Parish, Necessarius.

As the Archbishop of an entire Christian denomination and the head of its secret anti-magic organization, she is one of the most politically powerful characters in the series. This, combined with her cunning personality, allows her to manipulate the political intrigue between the various Christian denominations, the powers within the United Kingdom, as well as of those outside, specifically, Academy City. Due to her morally ambiguous nature, she is at odds with other characters despite being allies. An example of this is that she is the one who had ordered putting the Collar on Index, and deceived Stiyl Magnus and Kanzaki Kaori into thinking that Index required having annual memory erasures.


Despite being the Archbishop, she looks like an eighteen year old girl.[1] Her real age is unknown, but if Pope Matthai Reese's thoughts are any indication, Laura Stuart looked the same as she was twenty years ago, and that her age is still a mystery.[2] Regardless of her true age, Laura Stuart looks youthful. She is described as having crystal-white skin, clear blue eyes, and shining golden hair, comparing her appearance to that of a gem sold in shop. Her very presence makes her stand out in a crowd.[1]

The most striking characteristic of her appearance is her long blonde hair that is 2.5 times her height, which she takes tremendous effort in maintaining.[3] It extends all the way to her ankles, then folds up and goes behind her head through the large silver hairpin that was holding it in place, and returns down to her waist.[1]

As for her clothes, she dresses herself with a beige robe, despite the regulations prescribing that the clergymen's attire could only have white, red, black, green, or purple, with threads of gold for decoration, making her secretly breaking the rules.[1]


As leader of the Church

As the head of Necessarius and the Archbishop of the Church of England, it is only fitting for a person of Laura Stuart's character to hold such positions in order for the to survive the tumultuous world of Toaru Majutsu no Index, which is separated by both science side and magic sides, the latter being a disjointed collection of religions, sects, factions, and cabals. Behind her beautiful facade lies a cold and calculating personality, with Stiyl Magnus mentioning she does things on both ends of the scale that it balances out to the point where it's impossible to tell whether she's good or evil. She is described by him as "no one is better than her in manipulating human feelings, rationality, interests, ethics, and necessary values" and '"the hidden dragon among magicians, she’s somehow able to get to the top, and it’s not done cheaply." She does as many good things as she does evil things. On the balance of good and evil, she’s keeping an intricate balance.[4]

Laura Stuart revealing her double-faced nature. She is smirking after hearing the true nature of Lidvia Lorenzetti's plans for Academy City.

She can be very exceptionally cruel when it comes to her plans. An example with this is Laura being the one who had the Collar put on Index, and lied to people that Index must get her memory erased every year, as an attempt to maintain control of the grimoire library Index holds,[4] as well as a much more terrible restraint she envisioned for her as an alternative, with her having Index's limbs cut off and lock her inside the Tower of London, to ensure her absolute safety of Index Librorum Prohibitorum's knowledge from magicians that would misuse it, and to prevent her escape.[5] However, she can also be quite subtle and pragmatic with them befitting her devious nature, as exemplified by her agreeing to a treaty that allows Index to live in Academy City to build a proper relationship between the Church and the City,[1] allowing the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church as part of the Church of England in order to have a rein over Kanzaki Kaori under the guise of protecting them,[4] allowing Orsola Aquinas to join with the Church most likely to bind Kamijou Touma to the Church with his connections,[4] and continual aiding Academy City from Lidvia Lorenzetti after determining that the effects of Croce di Pietro would not benefit her.[6] Moreover, if a person has any use to her, she apparently loosens punishments on them, as exemplified with Sherry Cromwell, whom the Archbishop made tense negotiations with the City for and was given a "generous disposition" after her attack on the City.[7] Another example of Laura's viciousness is when Index is under the control of Fiamma[8], she plans to forcibly use the remaining controller to prevent Fiamma having access to the girmoire collection Index have, even if it would put even more intense burdens onto Index. Stiyl rejects this move and delibrately stays with Index to prevent Laura doing anything, and plans to kill Laura if it means saving Index. Laura then activated her controller blocking Fiamma's signal, forcing Index into John's Pen mode and tries to fight back. Laura then coerced Stiyl into fighting Index, saying she is giving him a chance to do something to solve the problem at hand, and she'll step in with the controller regardless if he fails. All that was done with a seemingly sincere smile on Laura's face showing no outward malice. All this she does for the benefit of the Church of England.

Laura prefers to work behind the scenes if possible, and let others like Kanzaki or Stiyl deal with meeting with other factions face-to-face.[9]

Other traits

A wet Laura Stuart teasing Stiyl in the bath.

In spite of her villainous qualities there is a lighter side, making her more of a two-faced beauty. When in the mood, she has a casual and joking nature towards equals like Aleister Crowley and Elizard,[3][10] and even her subordinates such as Stiyl Magnus and Kanzaki Kaori, to the point that they can spout violence against her without repercussions.[11][2] She is quite a tease as shown with her in Lambeth Palace with Stiyl in the bath,[11] as well as apparently willing to wear a Santa costume with a mini-skirt for charity, much to Kanzaki's chagrin. This openness with her constituents where identities and statuses are not taken into consideration is a point of envy for Pope Matthai Reese, who commands dignity and respect that it prevents him from truly associating with his people. She is described as someone, who, no matter who the other party was, she would quarrel, reveal her ugly side, go crazy, and sometimes even cry. But in the end, she would always be laughing.[2] This makes her naturally charismatic, a trait noted by Leivinia Birdway to be what Kamijou Touma has, along with Aleister Crowley. Stating that he has the seeds to do something indescribably great, which will give him great power if he controls it, or will be disastrous for him if he does not.[12]

Regarding her looks, she takes great care in maintaining her long hair, with an entire set of a variety of gold and silver combs just for this purpose. She is also likely to scorch her in the sun's light to gain "Sun's hair," because she believes that the best looking blond hair was like that in olden times.[3] Moreover, for her attire, though her beige robe is what she normally wears, as she is different from normal nuns, she had to prepare different sets of nuns’ robes according to the season, time, location, occasion, position on the matter, and ambition. Sometimes she would purposely wear clothes that indicated a lower standing in order to raise the status of the guest; sometimes she would purposely wear clothes that indicate a higher standing to show her dissatisfaction.[3] This indicates her political savy even when it comes to clothing.

She loves baths and has a huge collection of the latest designs of baths from Academy City in Lambeth Palace, courtesy of Aleister as a gift to sweeten relations between the two sides, in addition to other technology such as the latest design of washing machines given to the Necessarius female dormitory.[13] Her love of the latest baths does not extend to the latest technology however. Like many other characters from the magic side, she is baffled by modern technology.[3]

She speaks archaic Japanese, courtesy of Tsuchimikado Motoharu teaching her, and is mentioned on a few occasions by Aleister Crowley and Stiyl Magnus as sounding "weird", with Stiyl going further telling her it was a mistake to think of Motoharu, who goes after his own sister, as a "normal" Japanese person and learning Japanese from that source. Furthermore, Stiyl commented that "the way you speak is still weird" when Laura switched from Japanese to English during a "heart to heart" communication spell.[1] Because of this, she has a persecution complex regarding her Japanese and was worried that this fact has spread out in London after Charles Conder pointed out her strange Japanese as well.[6]


Much of her past is a mystery, however, though it is unknown when Laura Stuart took power, it is known that she at least reigned for twenty years prior to the start of the series, according to Pope Matthai Reese's accounts.[2] She still reigned as Archbishop 10 years prior to the series during the Princess Villian hostage crisis, where she is noted by the Knight Leader as one of the people that might seek to use Villian for their own gains.[14] This shows her physical appearance is not an accurate indication of her real age, and is emphasized by her friendship with Elizard, the two having known each other for a long time apparently.[10]

Two years prior to the start of the series, after Index had finished reading 103,000 grimoires, Laura and the Church became concerned with the power Index held, being able to neutralize all magic using the books, believing that they couldn't trust her to not betray and use the grimoires against them. Laura had John's Pen and its Collar implanted into Index, to protect the grimoires from enemies and to keep a tight leash on Index respectively.[15] Laura Stuart then lies to her subordinates of the true state of Index, which includes Stiyl Magnus and Kanzaki Kaori who were friends of Index. This forced both Stiyl and Kanzaki to look like enemies to Index from a Magic Cabal, as so she would not form memories with them as so to not hurt her feelings when they eventually have to erase her memories. This continued on for quite some time, until Index somehow managed to end up in Japan, and easily make her way into Academy City.[16] Queen Elizard is complicit to this, and as an additional security for Index, each of them gain an external remote for Index's John's Pen mode.[5]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Index Arc

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In a flashback in the Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga, Laura Stuart herself informs both Kanzaki Kaori and Stiyl Magnus that Index's memories need to be erased so that she may live. She smiles throughout the entire scene, and tells that what they are doing is the most humane way.[16]

Kazakiri Hyouka Arc

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After Index begins living with Kamijou Touma, Laura forms a deal with Aleister Crowley, ensuring diplomatic relations and cooperation with the two powers. Tsuchimikado Motoharu refers to her as "princess" in his conversation with Aleister, and deems the treaty faulty after Sherry Cromwell, a member of the Anglican Church, attacks Academy City.[17] She and Elizard had the external controller for Index's John's Pen as insurance for Index who now lives in the City.[5]

Later, after Sherry Cromwell is defeated, she made tense negotiations with Aleister Crowley in order to get settle what Sherry Cromwell had done, as her abilities are too useful for the Church. She later has Sherry be punished by shutting her in and letting her do document arrangements to reflect on her actions had a rather deep meaning, a generous offer from Laura.[7]

Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

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Stiyl and Laura arrives at the St. George's Cathedral to discuss the sensitive topic of church politics.

Laura first debuts alongside with Stiyl Magnus in the street of Lambeth, London. Here, after Stiyl Magnus points out her ridiculous Japanese, they discuss the political situation in the Roman Catholic Church, and later references the Book of the Law, which she states may have been taken by the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church, and the disappearance of Orsola Aquinas the only one who can decode it, which the Roman Catholics deemed alarming enough to ask for them for help.[1]

She orders Stiyl to go to Academy City to seek the aid of Index, whom she calls as a tool, and its keeper, to save Orsola Aquinas and tells him to give Orsola Aquinas a cross necklace of the Anglican Church. Stiyl tells that he and Kanzaki will go immediately, but is then told that Kanzaki will not be joining him as she has been amiss, and notes her relationship between her and the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church, and that she might oppose him. Stiyl asks if she intends to have him face a Saint on her own, and Laura states that if it needs be the so it shall.[1]

After the events of the arc, Stiyl and Laura once again take a walk in the rain in Lambeth where they discuss the fate of the Agnese Forces, which was used by the Roman Catholics as a scapegoat for attacking Orsola Aquinas, as well as referencing the fact that now Orsola Aquinas will no longer be in danger and persecution from the Roman Catholics as they have released that her way of decoding the Book of the Law is wrong. Their conversation later turns into that of the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church being taken into the Church of England, and here, Laura shows his cunning side, basically using them as a fetter for Kanzaki under the guise that under the Church, they will protected. Stiyl questions why she had taken in Orsola Aquinas into the Church as well as she served no apparent use, but Laura does not give a straight answer. In the end, Laura leaves behind Stiyl in the rain, who shows his desposition on her, recalling her to be the one who lied to him and Kanzaki about Index.[4]

Daihasei Festival Arc

Main article: Daihasei Festival Arc (Index)

Laura speaks with Aleister regarding the deal taking place in Academy City.

Laura Stuart has a conference with Aleister Crowley due to the upcoming delivery of the Stab Sword, a sword said to be able to kill Saints, in Academy City during the Daihaseisai by Lidvia Lorenzetti and her courier, Oriana Thomson. A Saint, referred to as equivalent to a nuke in the series, being killed in the series makes it a great political contention between the magic side and would be disastrous between the balance inside it. Here, she nonchalantly combs her long hair before starting to the main point with Aleister, showing off her great focus in maintaining herself. Later, after Aleister remarks on how Laura's Japanese is strange, she reveals to Aleister the Stab Sword and its use, the relevant parties involved with the deal, and the place where the deal would made, Academy City. As a response to this, Aleister allows Laura to send out operatives who have friendly relations with Academy City (more likely because of Kamijou Touma), due to the volatile politics involved with sending out magicians to operate in Academy City, as many other factions would want to get involved in the operation themselves.[3]

After the group in Academy City discovers that the thing that Oriana Thomson carried around in Academy City was a dummy, back in Necessarius headquarters, Laura discovers that Laura discovers that the Stab Sword never truly existed and that people came out with their own explanations about and legend regarding the artifact, since they did not know what purpose it had. After once again being called out upon her strange Japanese by Charles Conder, Laura discovers the true purpose of the artifact is that it is not a sword but a cross and is called the Cross of St. Peter, or the Croce di Pietro. Though genuinely surprised by this as the deal within Academy City has changed drastically, Laura later intends to use such a knowledge in her own favor.[6] This however, implies that Laura only intended to continue cooperation with Academy City after deeming that the Roman Catholic Church taking over the City would be disastrous for her as well.

Regardless, Laura continues to move behind the scenes as well during Stiyl, Motoharu, and Touma's desperate chase for Oriana Thomson and Lidvia Lorenzetti. She later has both Orsola Aquinas and Sherry Cromwell assist them, being expert decoders.[7] Later, after Lidvia escapes the clutches of Necessarius operatives contacted by Stiyl,[18] after the failure of the Croce di Pietro to make Academy City the Roman Catholic Church's territory, she predicted Lidvia's flight course and had people slap a rune card on the private aeroplane she was to board in Haneda. In her jet, she is disappointed with the events that have unfolded and is most surely admonished by the Vatican for her failure. However she is fine with that fact, and is willing because of her personality of desiring harsher obstacles because it the joy is greater when overcoming; with it she is determined to settle her case with the Roman Catholic Church, save Oriana and then attack Academy City. Her brooding however, is interrupted by the voice Laura Stuart.[19]

Lidvia with the Croce di Pietro, opens her arms to catch the falling pilot.

Lidvia believes that Academy City helped the Anglican Church apply the spiritual tool that Laura uses to communicate to her before taking off from Japan. Laura begins to tease her regarding her personality, though Lidvia is quite proud of it and thanks God for the obstacle presented to her. Suddenly the jet's door bursts open and Lidvia and the Croce di Pietro begin hurtling downwards to the ground. While falling, Laura proposes to her that if Lidvia give up on the Vatican's teachings and submit to her, she will save her without harm, though Lidvia refuses to offer, to which Laura states she should fall with the cross that is coming of hers. The Croce di Pietro is falling down towards the earth, though Lidvia is confident she could catch it, even if the force of the falling cross would injure. However, she is later surprised by the discovery that the pilot of the jet is falling as well. Laura challenges her to choose whether to save the cross or save the pilot, and once again gives her a proposition of help if she submitted to her. Seeing this as a challenge, Lidvia rejects the offer and decides to save both the cross and the pilot, she is then crushed twice by the impact of the cross and the pilot.[19]

She later has people from the Church collect her from French grounds and had her detained in the Tower of London.[13] Meanwhile, the Croce di Pietro is presumably lost.

La Regina del Mare Adriatico Arc

Main article: La Regina del Mare Adriatico Arc

It is implied that both Academy City and the Church of England deliberately had Touma and Index set-up to go to Chioggia in Northern Italy in order to disrupt Biagio Busoni's operations there with the La Regina del Mare Adriatico.[20]

Academy City Invasion Arc

Main article: Academy City Invasion Arc

Laura submerged in her bathtub after being surprised by Stiyl.

Before the invasion of Academy City began, back in London, Laura tries to enjoy a bath but is interrupted by Stiyl, who is angry at her for giving out a statement that might be politically upsetting. Laura becomes angry at Stiyl for interrupting her bath, but Stiyl will have none of it, and attacks Laura with his fire magic. Laura dodges and is soon shown to have been made wet. In a compromising position and with her robes sticking to her skin, Laura teases Stiyl about this and tells him to avert her eyes, but Stiyl is not amused.[11]

She apparently also had given away an advanced washing machine given by Academy City to the Necessarius Women's Dormitory.[13]

Anglican Church–Russian Orthodox Church Prewar Conference

Main article: Anglican Church–Russian Orthodox Church Prewar Conference

Laura Stuart and other representatives of the Church of England is in St. George's Cathedral meet up with representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church to determine which positions the Churches would take during the inevitable war between Academy City and the Roman Catholic Church.[21]

Acqua of the Back Arc

Main article: Acqua of the Back Arc

Pope Matthai Reese has a flashback of her when he was in London in order to settle problems between their Churches. He passes by Lambeth Palace in a car, and overhears Kanzaki Kaori and Laura Stuart discussing what they should do Christmas for the children. Kanzaki tells Laura that she will have to dress up as Santa Claus. However, Laura agrees and states that the mini-skirt Santa Claus costume has been prepared, much to Kanzaki's chagrin. Kanzaki tries to argue against it as she is the Archbishop, then Laura points out Kanzaki's own perverted streak, referencing her going back to Japan to "repay her debt" to the "Imagine Breaker boy" by taking her coat off in front of him. Kanzaki, fed up with all the teasing that she has gone through by Motoharu, has had enough and shouts back at Laura and later threatens her with violence, prompting Laura to call for Stiyl to help her. This casual relationship between her and her subordinates is a point of envy for the Pope.[2]

Laura Stuart in the boat, listening to the report.

Later in the present day, Laura was in a boat ride in Little Venice, London. There, she receives report from the boatman about the internal fighting in the Roman Catholic Church (between Fiamma of the Right and the Pope), where the Pope has been hospitalized. The boatman states that the vast amounts of magic used should've caused more damage and is confused by it. However, Laura notes that there was an ordinary street behind the Pope, meaning the outcome was obvious, the Pope used himself to prevent the destruction of that street. In that boat, Laura mentions that the Pope is such a kind man, and with a tinge of loneliness in her voice, wonders if he is smiling now.[22]

British Royal Family Arc

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With the Eurotunnel bombing having some serious political implications between England and France (actually deliberately done Fiamma of the Right in order to cause chaos in England), the Church has Index and her keeper, Touma, back to England,[23] but in reality wanted Index to analyze Carissa's actions.[10]

Laura Stuart with the Knight Leader, in St. George's Cathedral.

During the Sky Bus 365 terrorist incident, she had called for all the heads of the three powers of the United Kingdom to meet in in St. George's Cathedral, herself, Queen Elizard, and the Knight Leader, however, only the Knight Leader was present for the meeting as the Queen was too busy. Using technology and magic, she had an illusion cast on the monitoring devices in Sky Bus 365's cockpit, wanting it to force the hijacker to land in a country highway out of the way of the city like London. Knight Leader throws doubt on the plan since an emergency landing would most likely be difficult in such a time, but Laura says that it is preferable to the plane exploding in the City. Laura then asks a nun passing by where the plane will most likely land in the area between Kendal and Carlisle in Cumbria on the highway leading to Scotland. Hearing this, Laura commands Knight Leader to handle the operation there, much to his annoyance. Laura Stuart says that they should be the one to handle it as the terrorist are not magicians and do not have bombs or guns with them, and that he should be thankful as she is handing out an easy job for them. The Knight Leader states that she can rush it if she wants but asks what she is to do if the plane comes apart in midair. Laura coldly replies that they will recover Index Librorum Prohibitorum from onboard with the spell they used on Lidvia, even if the plane were to explode in midair, they can still catch someone from the ground as long as its only one person. Hearing this, the Knight Leader can only wish an early death on her.[24]

Laura Stuart orders Stiyl Magnus to take care of the situation surrounding Sky Bus 365.

Laura later notices the plane's rising altitude once again implying that the illusion applied on the plane's fuel gauge has been changed. Suddenly, a nun tells her that there has been a large scale interference coming from the direction of Scotland, and thus their illusion was sealed by a third party, making the fuel gauge back to normal. That night, Laura makes an expression of displeasure, while the Knight Leader has an expression of anger on him, asking if French magicians have gotten into the country, or if a magic cabal has betrayed them. Regardless, he tells Laura that it is her mistake, telling her that he thought that she was using the full power of the Anglican Church in order to avoid trouble before it happened. Hearing this, Laura snaps her fingers, saying that she knows and that there is more to the current situation than some delinquents who like flashy things. Stiyl Magnus appears next to her, stating that she wants him to make preparations regarding the Sky Bus 365 just in case, and asks what he needs. He says that he will need a means of transport, and asks the Knights of England to contact the Air Force since they have control over the military forces.[25]

During the strategy meeting in Buckingham Palace where the main members of the British Royal Family, the Queen and her three daughters, the Knight Leader, Index and her keeper Kamijou Touma, Laura Stuart is absent, and is instead represented by Kanzaki Kaori. Kanzaki apologizes to the Queen, stating that Laura is acting secretly behind the scenes as usual.[9] Most likely, this was at this point that Laura had Charles Conder prepare the Union Jack for Elizard in the British Museum.

Later, as the various members of that very meeting began to split up do different tasks, Elizard is goes to Windsor Castle to meet up with Laura Stuart there.[26]

British Halloween

As the coup d'état carried out by Princess Carissa with the support of the Knights of England that would come to be known as the British Halloween spreads through the entire United Kingdom, Laura and Elizard are in Windsor Castle as it is surrounded by knights, who are also trying to break down the magically sealed doors of the room they were in. Waiting for the doors to break down, the both of them enjoy their drinks. Laura is disappointed that Carissa revealed her true colors this quickly as she wanted to use Index to analyze her actions. Elizard praises Carissa's swift actions, saying that it was expected for her, though Laura states that she shouldn't take pride on a daughter that is about to strangle her. Laura asks if what Elizard is going to do, and if she still has the power of the Curtana Second. Elizard says only about a fifth of it remain her Curtana as Carissa has the rest taken with the Curtana Original.[10]

Elizard states that if the fought now her sword would be cut in half. She continues on showing her pride for her daughter, saying that no monarch was able to successfully find the Curtana Original after the revolution, and speculates that since New Light specializes in Norse spells, they may have used a spell for searching for gold veins that had been passed down in relation to the Dvergr. Seeing that Elizard is powerless against her own daughter and even praising her. Laura just simply mocks her. As she was thinking of throwing her water at Elizard, the large doors are knocked down and a dozen fully equipped knights entered with their swords already drawn. One of the knights spoke to them stating that they have taken most of the bases of the Royal Family and the Church and have succeeded in sealing almost all of their functionality. Elizard asks the knights to confirm to her that since they didn't start executions yet as the delicate 3 faction 4 culture system of the United Kingdom would resist them all at once before they could establish their new order on the country with Curtana Original. To this, the knight nods. The knight says that if they do not resist, then they will not be needlessly harmed. Elizard says that isn't Carissa's way of doing things, saying that if he didn't accurately pass on what she said then she won't be happy. Elizard continues by saying what she really thought Carissa ordered the knights to do. Elizard then says that Carissa would tell him to show no mercy if he determined that he had to kill her and to swiftly kill her even if it mean getting civilians wrapped at it. As if they had read their thoughts, the knight tightens his grip on his sword and demands for the Curtana Second and that they will be under their supervision. Hearing of the knight's apparent rudeness (referring to her as church woman), Laura says that she is one of the head of the three factions but he is treating her differently. The knight responds that they can just cut her down there, and that they are being merciful. With an unchanging expression, Laura watches Elizard relinquish Curtana Second into a scabbard the knight prepared. Laura then smiles and asks Elizard what they are going to do.[10]

Laura and Elizard are shackled with 50 different restraints, and put into carriage going to London. While being guarded by a knight opposite to their seats, Laura mocks Elizard for Carissa taking the Knights that is supposed to be loyal to her, however, Elizard counters by saying that though Laura is the head of the Church not a single magician from Necessarius have come to rescue her. Both of the faction leaders had been hoping for rescue from the other’s faction and they sighed now that they realized that wasn’t going to happen. Laura comments on the restraints accentuating her breast and that they shouldn't take her lightly, but the Queen just scoffs at her comment. Laura tries to back up her claim, saying that all restraints, torture and execution devices have been influenced by them due to the country's history with witch hunts, it would be unusual for her not to know how to remove it. Elizard expresses her doubts and believe she's just going to make a fool out of herself, but Laura insists that she can do it as the Archbishop of the Church of England and the head of Necessarius, though Elizard is unconvinced. Hearing this is as a challenge, Laura tries to prove it to Elizard. Her long blond hair suddenly glows, and though the knight notices, it is unable to stop as he thought it was a magic to make her hair unlock the restraints and not explode. The carriage blows up in a golden flash from inside. Laura is just fine but the carriage has been destroyed and the driver fell into a nearby river. Elizard is impressed at Laura's lack of common sense and tells her to unlock her restraints, but Laura just teases her, wondering what she should do with the restraints. A chill ran down Elizard's back, who then proceeds to remind Laura in the situation and the entire country they are in. But Laura still reiterates her point, wanting Elizard to apologize and beg for it, much to Elizard's irritation. Suddenly, the locks break free, as it was apparently damaged from the magical explosion. For a moment, there was silent, but then Elizard picked up the Curtana Second, to which Laura quickly tried to apologize. Elizard says that the sword is not made to harm people as it is ceremonial, though it only has enough power to sever dimensions. Laura shrunk down and trembled, thinking that the Queen would cut her down, but she merely returns the sword to its scabbard.[27]

Needing to go to London, Laura suggests to hitchhike instead of walking of foot, and tries to woo a passing truck by with her looks, though completely fails to do so. Laura suggests killing the driver, but Elizard says that the driver made the right decision. Just then, they overhear the communications of the knights on the spiritual thrown down due to Laura's explosion that Acqua of the Back has returned with Ascalon. Laura has mixed feelings with his return, but seeing as he isn't controlled by Carissa there may be still hope left, though Elizard doubts things will go smoothly. Still needing to get to London, Elizard eyes the horses that have been pulling the carriage. Elizard mounts the horse without the saddle and held the reins. Seeing this, Laura shows a mark of displeasure, and is later left behind by Elizard in her horse towards London. Laura, confident with her hitchhiking abilities stayed behind in the forest, and later is come upon by a youth and his convertible.[27]

After travelling for 50 kilometers, Elizard finally reached pasture lands, and later, Laura soon catches up to them, surprising the Queen who never thought that Laura would do such an action. The youth in the car says that he was first afraid as he thought that Laura was a hitchhiking ghost but then discovered that she is an annoying pervert. He wants to throw her out, but asks the Queen that if she knows her she should take her. Elizard apologizes and takes Laura out of the car, and pulled her onto the back of the horse. The youth, seeing a real horse, decides to take a photo of it and them, much to Elizard's bemusement as she tries to make a pose. The youth remarks that he has seen her somewhere before but then mistakenly calls her one of her aunts, much to the Queen's annoyance, quickly using Curtana Second to cut the youth's car's radiator. The youth protests as well as Laura, who wanted to use the car to get to London. Elizard then regretted her actions, and took the youth with them, in the direction of London.[28]

Elizard, Rimea and Laura on horseback outside London.

They later reach the outskirts of London just as the Battle of Buckingham Palace begins with the forces of the Anglican Church against Carissa and her Curtana Original. While Elizard worries about the horse being worn out, Laura has a carefree one, commenting that riding a horse certainly wears one out when one isn't used to it, much to Elizard's irritation. Just then, Princess Riméa arrives, stating that she was waiting for her mother. Laura is silent throughout the conversation between mother and daughter regarding her allegiances, plans, and Carissa's true motivations, as well as the upcoming battle by the remaining Anglican Church forces against Carissa. Realizing that everyone is heading towards London and getting left behind, Elizard mounts the horse again, not full and rested after Riméa giving it food. Elizard also grabbed Laura with one hand and had her up onto the back of the horse. With them prepared to disembark, Elizards asks Laura on the preparations of the flag of the Union Jack spiritual item. Laura states that it is probably halfway done. It was mixed in with the normal displays in the British Museum, so not many people would have realized it was a spiritual item. Laura says that it should be usable if Charles Conder did what he was supposed to do. Hearing that a normal worker did the preparation under the knight's noses, Elizard has her respect for him. Before heading off to London, she mentions that the force going there are fools without a single trump card and nothing at their disposal but their fighting spirit and their guts, mentioning that she should not be blamed if they die. Riméa comments that Elizard sounds rather happy when she said that.[29]

After retrieving the flag, Elizard quickly leaves the British Museum, leaving Laura with the horse. Laura arrives late with the Battle of Buckingham Palace already concluded with the defeat of Carissa. She curses Elizard for leaving her with the horse, unable to adjust to it. Kanzaki says that Laura may have done something to allow Elizard to use the Union Jack, the first time it has been used, like either giving permission for its use or forcibly unlocked it. Upon having that pointed out by her subordinate, Laura merely gave a meaningful smile instead of either affirming or denying it. Laura then asks Kanzaki to help her in stopping the horse and get her down as she has no strength left. Kanzaki comments that she is incapable of doing so since she is not very good with horses. However, Laura points out her outfit making her look like from a Western. Kanzaki tries to explain why she wears her clothes in that way but is then shocked as the horse starts eating her ponytail. As it is stopped while eating Kanzaki's hair, Laura manages to get down. She asks where Touma is, the boy who Kanzaki needs to service while wearing an erotic outfit, wanting to meet him at least once, much to Kanzaki's chagrin, though she points out that Laura should be the one wearing the Fallen Angel Ero Maid outfit.[5]

Laura may have noticed the commotion caused by Fiamma of the Right's sudden appearance and taking over of Index with the external controller or remote for Index's John's Pen mode. Laura later arrives and looks upon Index after she has calmed down after being taken over by Fiamma of the Right. Suddenly, Stiyl Magnus comes running and sees Index's body. He yells at Laura Stuart, disregarding the position of superior and subordinate, asking how long she's going to continue tricking others and hurting Index. Elizard tries to relieve the tension, stating that many safety devices are installed on Index are necessary measures to guarantee her basic human rights. The Queen states that if there was no device that allowed them to control her from London remotely, the danger of someone abducting her would be too great, and that the alternative was cutting off her limbs and keeping her inside the Tower of London. The Queen says it was a necessary evil as she had the 103,000 grimoires inside of her, something that can't be dealt with by just Stiyl's feelings. Hearing this, Stiyl shoves Laura away in anger. Elizard tells Touma that since the Collar was destroyed, it was impossible to make any predictions using their original plan. The malfunction with her occurred because they did not test the use of the external controller since the Collar has been destroyed. She says that if Fiamma of the Right attempts to access her knowledge while in her current state, it may even do more harm to her body. Elizard picks Index up in her arms and states that they will look after her in London as they were the ones that created her framework in the first place, so they will carry out specialized healing and will attempting to cut off any interference from Fiamma. She points out however, that it will not be enough unless Fiamma is defeated and the long distance controller is destroyed, her safety cannot be guaranteed.[5]

World War III Arc

Main article: World War III Arc

Index is later taken into St. George's Cathedral was turned as an important "invisible fortress" for the war. As the magicians of the cathedral are busy helping their forces in the Battle of Dover Strait against France, Laura Stuart visits the room where Index is kept and Stiyl Magnus keeps vigil on her. Stiyl raises her voice on Laura, to which she says that she only came to bring fruits to her cute subordinate that have been suffering so much. Stiyl points out that she owns the other remote device that controls Index, and that she is using it to prevent Fiamma of the Right from misusing the knowledge of the 103,000 grimoires, which messes Index's body. Laura gleefully says that it is an excellent idea and that they should try it, but Stiyl tells her he won't allow it as she is already suffering, and her tampering will put an even greater load on her. Laura states that even if his delusional ideas are true, she is still the head of the Church and asks him how long he thinks he can last. Hearing this, Stiyl prepares to fight, saying a treacherous statement that he'll just have to destroy the person at the top. Laura is intrigued by this, and pulls out her external controller, enraging Stiyl. Laura asks if events will allow him to get that far. At that moment, Index rises from her bed and the malfunctioning John's Pen mode activates beginning to magic. Laura then asks what Stiyl is going to do. Cheerfully, she tells Stiyl that she will give him a chance to do something about it, and if he cannot, then she will be done to do so. With clenched teeth, Stiyl determines to protect Index, stating that it is the job that he has always been doing.[30]

Twirling the remote

As the war rages on and Fiamma of the Right continues his rampage, Stiyl's own battle continues in St. George's Cathedral. Their vicious fight leads them down an underground spiritual item vault of the Cathedral. As Index destroys the Cathedral deeming it to be an element likely to help her opponents, Laura peeks from out of the hole in the ceiling where they fell in. She waves around the spiritual item, wordlessly expressing that if he doesn't do something soon, she will use it.[31]

After Stiyl successfully manages to subdue and restraining Index, Laura rewards Stiyl with a smile, no longer wanting to use the external controller to interrupt Fiamma of the Right's control over Index, and then giving a communications spiritual item connected to the leaders of the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches. She says that since the quota has been met, she will aid in the retrieval of Index as well. And so the three major Christian denominations, the Anglican Church, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Russian Orthodox Church, finally joined forces against their common enemy, Fiamma of the Right.[32]

Laura later returns to command the Church from the St. George's Cathedral. Later, after Fiamma of the Right was defeated by Aleister Crowley himself, the Church detects his presence. Inside the Cathedral, Archbishop Laura Stuart’s lips twisted up creating a smile as she received that Anglican nun’s report. Laura Stuart herself sees the image brought about by the search spell that used farsightedness. Though blurry, Laura was convinced with just that small bit of information. She recognizes his face enough to know that it has changed, and confirms that he really is alive. Seeing that Aleister Crowley and the General Board of Directors Aleister are one and the same, and since Necessarius has the right to execute Aleister Crowley the magician and take charge of his assets, Laura sees a chance on completely absorbing Academy City and the spoils of war it has gotten.[33]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

St. Germain Arc

Main article: St. Germain Arc

Laura Stuart appears for the first time since the end of the War, apparently knowing of the movements of the magic gods. She is in St. George's Cathedral, noticing the confrontation of the magic gods against Aleister Crowley, and notes that now Aleister is not even attempting to hide who he is. Laura then begins the next step of her plan against Aleister and the magic gods as she wants to fully control both sides' actions, while also thinking about how what a certain other piece on the board might do next would affect the outcome.[34]

Magic God Invasion Arc

Main article: Magic God Invasion Arc

After Kamisato Kakeru 'exiles' the remaining Magic Gods with World Rejecter, Laura Stuart, who knew of World Rejecter's arrival when even Aleister was unaware, mockingly laughs at how the rails formed by his plans and preparations have been bent by the single outside element. As she then asks what he'll do now, she claims the peak of darkness doesn't suit him and that the title of 'cannibal' or 'greatest eccentric of the 20th century' fits much better.[35]

Salome Arc

Main article: Salome Arc

Following Kihara Yuiitsu's theft of the World Rejecter and Aleister appearing outside the Windowless Building to confront her, Laura was noticed spying on him from afar and after being threatened with being cursed to death then and there, confirmed something.[36]

Other appearances

Anime appearances

Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

She appears at the very end of the movie, talking to Aleister Crowley, where she asks of the true nature of Meigo Arisa and Shutaura Sequenzia.


Laura has extensive knowledge in magic practices, she has shown knowledge regarding the torture, execution, and restraining devices of England, knowing that all of it are influenced by the Church due to the history of witch hunts.[27] She is capable enough of creating or using communication spiritual items, from simple ones between her and Stiyl, to far reaching ones such as what she used on Lidvia[19] and the leaders for the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches.[32] During Lidvia's flight to France,[19] Laura seemingly had the rune card attached to her plane activate on command, which implies that she can either use rune magic or had ordered her assistants to activate it, just like the illusion she had apply on the Sky Bus 365.[24]

During the Battle of Folkestone, the Knight Leader mocks Kanzaki Kaori's abilities as a Saint and states that Laura Stuart should be the very least be the one fighting against him, though later takes his remark back seeing as that he is now too powerful for the Church to fight him and his knights against. This dialogue implies that Laura is at least stronger than Kanzaki.[37]

Hair magic

Her golden hair can be used to make explosions. It first glows a golden light, which then creates a tremendous explosion that can apparently damage only the things Laura wants to damage, as shown when both her and Elizard were completely unscathed while the Knight got knocked out and the carriage was blown to pieces. Due to Laura's use of it upon her restraints, it can be assumed that Laura needs to analyze a target of her explosion first before she can destroy it with her hair.[27]

Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

Laura Stuart's design (originally called Laura Cornwallis), according to Haimura Kiyotaka, is based on the concept of what Index would look like in her college years. This concept is furthered by Haimura's design of her hair clip, basing it off the badge on Index's habit.



  • As noted in her design evolution, Laura, according to Haimura, was based on what Index would look like in her college years. Many fans have speculated that Index and Laura are related due to their similar appearances, though there is no evidence in the novels for this assumption.


  • (To Stiyl and Kanzaki regarding Index, from Index Manga Chapter 7): "This is for her sake. It is to the greatest extent, the most humane way."
  • (While imitating a sound of a marker on paper, from Volume 7): "Chiu chiu chiu~"
  • (From volume 9): "In front of God, everyone’s an equal brother…is it? This statement is rather impressive."
  • (To Aleister after being offered a language tutor by him, from Volume 9): “Uu! I’m not bothered by it! Why would I bother about a language used by a small country in the Far East?
  • (To Charles Conder regarding her terrible Japanese, ibid): "Don't tell me that the entirety of London has heard about this!?"
  • (While taunting Lidvia, from Volume 10): "What, Lidvia, I thought that you’re going to catch both of them? When the obstacle ahead is even higher…after crossing all these, to trample me, who created these difficulties, won’t you feel even more delighted?"
  • (To Lidvia just before detonating the rune on Lidvia's plane, ibid): "Such words may have some sense, you trapped mouse."
  • (Kanzaki Kaori quoting Laura Stuart regarding their new washing machine, from Volume 12): "With this cutting-edge drum or something, we can forget stuff like troublesome laundry work!"
  • (To Kanzaki Kaori in a flashback by Matthai Reese, from Volume 16): "Ha! Are you saying that a mini-skirt Santa costume that can make people tremble would make me a pervert!?"
  • (After discovering Matthai Reese being injured after protecting a street, ibid): "…Then, aren’t you smiling right now, you foolish kind man."
  • (To Elizard after she doubts her abilities to get them free, from Volume 17): "Wh-what-!? O-okay then!! I’ll show you! It’s show time!"
  • (To Elizard as she tries to hitchhike, ibid): "Tah dah!! It’s the hitchhiking plan!! Hey, you. The guy driving that filthy truck! Would you be interested in going for a drive with a beautiful girl!?"
  • (After the end of the coup, from Volume 18): "O-okay. Now where is the boy who Kanzaki needs to service while wearing an exceedingly erotic outfit? I heard he was here in England, so I’d like to see him at least once."
  • (After discovering that Aleister Crowley lives and is the leader of Academy City, from Volume 22): "…Now then. Things are only just starting to get interesting, Board Chairman Aleister."


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