Laveze Squadron

One of the Laveze Squadron's fighters

The Laveze Squadron (ラヴィーゼ飛行隊 Ravīze Hikoutai?) is the name of Liberal Arts City Air Defense Force, they operate under the guise of one of the city's attraction shows.


They are named after they are modified F-22's modeled after fighter's from the movie "Alien Wars" that were modified to fight UFO’s. Black supersonic stealth fighters that according to Saten each one costs over 15 billion yen. The base of the fighter are supposed to be an acrobatic model made from an F-35 with no real weapons but, this is false cover.[1] Because of their additional equipment made their VTOL functionality almost entirely unusable a short runway of about 700 meters is necessary for take off.[2] Their main use in the city is combating the encroaching of Return of the Winged One's Mixcoatl's.

List of known Laveze Squadron membersEdit


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