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The Learning Core (博覧百科ラーニングコア Hakuran Hyakka (Rāningu Koa)?, lit. "Exhibition Encyclopedia") is a large educational theme park found in School District 13 created for the purpose of bringing younger children back to educational facilities, unified to make up the general lack of land and funds.[1]


A large facility, it is a combination of a museum, library, aquarium, and planetarium.[1] It also had a zoo, where various types of animals like leopards were kept.[2] It was created for the purpose of enticing young children into bringing them back into these educational facilities, unified as it was cheaper and didn't need much space.[1] The building contained a food storage for the gaggle of animals kept there.[3] Underground maintenance passageways connect to every building with power, laid out like a spider web throughout the facility.[4]

Its very existence proved a danger to local libraries as it attracted the people better.[5][Excerpts 1]


Learning Core is divided into three major areas: the outside area, the underground area, and the high-rise complex known as the Lightning Rod. The outside area is primarily used as a botanical garden, artificial forest, and zoo, filled with cages or dens dug up from the ground for the animals. There was also a planetarium.[6]

The underground contained the aquarium, art gallery, and library.[6]

Lightning Rod[]

The Lightning Rod (避雷針 Hiraishin?) is a tall building in the Learning Core. It was given the name to "bring to mind the idea of peacefully using great knowledge to overcome disaster."[3]

The building contains an art gallery and a museum, and as such, it has the greatest security out of all the Learning Core.[3] Due to containing valuable artwork and antiques, in case of a robbery, thick shutters are needed to stop robbers and allow for some time to remove the truly valuable items in the building.[4]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Agitate Halation Arc[]

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The Learning Core was the site of the great riot caused by "heroes" influenced by Agitate Halation gathering to save Fremea Seivelun, and most likely, the place where all Level 5s of Academy City have been gathered for the first time in the series.[7][8]

Element Arc[]

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In December, shortly after the beginning of the abnormal heat wave and the emergence of the Elements, most of the elementary school students and teachers in District 13 were evacuated to the Learning Core, which served as a shelter during the crisis.[9]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun[]

Dream Ranker Arc[]

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Hazamaya Kana want to study at the Learning Core and ask Mikoto to take her there.[10]


  1. "Despite that fairly chaotic argument being shouted back and forth in the after school library, the young female librarian did not try to stop them. Even if the library was meant to be orderly and quiet, she may have felt this was better than the complete silence of the library being empty because no one read books anymore. There was also the Learning Core facility nearby that was a combination of a museum, a library, and other similar institutions. The library needed to compromise if it was to survive."―Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 07 Chapter 4 Part 2