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Leasic (レアシック Reashikku?) is a Magician, who appears in Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Kanzaki.


Leasic is described as a young man and during his attack on the Danish steelworks, was wearing a long coat with the laser equipment for carving his runes stuffed inside.[1]


Leasic is a person who knows the limits of his strength and will calculate things in order to get the maximum effect from what he has. Though he goes to considerable lengths to protect what matters to him, such as the runic monuments, he doesn't care what happens to anything else and considers everyone else fools for not seeing things his way.[1]


At some point, Leasic grew concerned about the damage caused to stone runic monuments caused by concentrated acid rain due to the continuous operation and expansion of a steelworks in Denmark, run by one of Academy City's cooperative institutions. Wanting to prevent further damage to the monuments, seeing them as valuable resources which couldn't afford to be lost, Leasic planned an attack on the steelworks.[1]

Leasic was approached by Brunhild Eiktobel, who was planning to carve the final rune for Gungnir into the Earth's core and was wondering if using certain scientific factors would cause a rejection to occur. Leasic checked on this and was able to construct rune magic with lasers without any problems.[2]


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Necessarius learned of the signs of Leasic's planned attack on the steelworks and, to avoid cracks appearing between the magic and science sides, dispatched Kanzaki Kaori, the Jeans Shop Owner and the Tour Guide to Denmark to stop him.[1]

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Danger: flying road signs.

Leasic had set up explosive runes within the facility, taking the surroundings into account to increase the destruction, intending to activate them within the facility from certain 'safe' areas. He also set up additional circles to make it seem like nowhere was safe. As the Necessarius group discovered one of the rune circles, Leasic bombed one of the blast furnaces and the nearby fuel tanks, setting off the runes the group were standing on as well. However Kanzaki protected them from the blast and figuring out how Leasic had set things up, she then threw a road sign at the area where he was hiding, forcing him to flee.[1]

Leasic ran for the safe area for the next stage of the bombing, but Kanzaki caught up with him and knocked him down with a kick before trapping his arms with her wires. However Leasic severed his own arms and used flames from runes on his shoulders to propel himself away from the wires. Landing on a nearby roof, Leasic sent a detonation command to the second lot of runes, but to his surprise they didn't detonate.[1]

Speaking from the runes, the Jeans Shop Owner revealed that he had interfered with the pattern to block Leasic's commands. As Leasic attempted to rectify the pattern, Kanzaki snared and swung him using her wires. Leasic tried to melt the wires and move away to continue his bombing but didn't have the strength to do so.[1]

As Kanzaki approached, Leasic said that he wouldn't give up and that he had to protect the earth. As Kanzaki asked him why he was going so far when the people working there didn't have any knowledge of magic and weren't producing anything that would kill, Leasic replied hatefully that they were eroding the magic side. He then went on to describe how to acid rain caused by the non-stop operation of the steelworks was destroying the stone runic monuments which were built out in the open and on hills.[1]

As Kanzaki mentioned that original grimoires with true magical value wouldn't be lost due to acid rain, Leasic angrily asked whether anything that wasn't that didn't matter. He then went on to describe how the secondary runes derived from the basic Futhark (of 24 characters) were said to be developed to make texts easier to read and were treated as having no magical value, however he considered that they were still valuable resources that didn't have the protection magic runes and could easily be lost if he didn't do anything.[1]

Thinking that he had concern for the environment, Kanzaki mentioned that his methods had failed and would cause pollution elsewhere. Asking where the problem was, Leasic angrily said that the rune monument was all that mattered and that the ocean could turn black with oil and the wildlife could die for all he cared, saying that they didn't have time for trivial things when the rune monument was being damaged as they spoke, asking if she understood how serious it was.[1]

Considering everyone else a fool and that he was the only one who understood how serious it was, Leasic attempted to carve a new rune using the flames from his shoulder. However Kanzaki, utterly fed up with Leasic and his selfishness, smashed her foot into the circle, destroying it. She told Leasic that they would preserve the monument so it was time he stopped. Kanzaki then proceeded to knock Leasic out and had the Jeans Shop Owner restrain him, intending to question him later about the location of the rune monument and donate it to a museum.[1]


Leasic uses rune magic, specializing in runes which cause explosions. In order to prepare his runes quickly, he makes use of laser technology, despite the fact that it violates the agreement between the magic and science sides. He is also capable of producing flames and using them for propulsion.[3]


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