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Lessar (レッサー Ressā?, Yen Press: Lesser) is a character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. A member of New Light, she was introduced late into the story and as an enemy of Touma, but later becomes a valued ally to him as he continues his dealings against the magic side.

A sultry seductress, she spends much of her time with Touma trying to find ways to seduce him into joining New Light and working for the United Kingdom.


Lessar is a member of New Light. She has blue eyes and long black hair, with yellow dye on both sides of her bangs which is almost similar to Kuroyoru Umidori and wears a pink headband. She is usually seen wearing their group's uniform consisting of a white undershirt with N.L logo on it topped with a white jacket with red and blue sleeves also sporting the N.L logo. She also wears a miniskirt with the same color theme as her jacket, but unlike her comrades, she doesn't wear spats underneath. She wears a dragon-tail like spiritual item under her skirt.[3]

She mentions to Touma that she is younger than him as she is a middle schooler.[1] Indeed, she's even described being in her early teens.[3]


She is a very loud, energetic person, and can't keep a low profile. She also tends to talk to herself in the middle of her responses and having self-centered thought patterns as observed by Kamijou Touma[4]. Though the dragon-tail like spiritual item allows her to maintain her balance when jumping, she is afraid of heights, as shown when she had no problems jumping to the top of a building but then hesitated to jump back down[5]. Lessar has so far made the most aggressive attempts at seducing Touma out of all the girls interested in him, and doesn't try to hide it [4][6]. She once made a move on Touma while in an enclosed space in Russia but it is not shown what happened. After her clothes got wet from the snow and her bra could be seen through her top, instead of being embarrassed, Lessar is more annoyed that her 'secret weapon' to seduce Touma has been wasted after all of her preparation. After knowing Touma is allied with Dawn-coloured Sunlight, she became furious to the point of thinking of "punishing" him and even asked Lancis to go to Academy City to seduce Touma due to his apparent "change in taste."[7] Lessar tends to focus on the positive rather than the negative, an aspect of hers which isn't particularly well-liked by her comrades.[8]

Like the rest of her group, she is patriotic to her country, only wishing the best for it, enough for her to make an enemy out of it and harm people if it is necessary.[9]


They are commissioned by Princess Carissa to excavate the thought to be long lost Curtana Original for her plans in changing the United Kingdom. With their base in Edinburgh, Scotland, they are able to excavate the magic artifact in a place where there was once a fortress. Due to their group being styled similarly to a Cabal Reserve Army, they are able to avoid attention being drawn towards them.[9]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

British Royal Family Arc

Main article: British Royal Family Arc

New Light is first noted after finally excavating the Curtana Original from Edinburgh, Scotland. As they travel to London, England via a highway using a car, they are notified, likely Knight Leader as he is the only likely person with Laura Stuart during the terrorist incident with Sky Bus 365, that Necessarius will be sealing off highways in Scotland in order to facilitate their plan in forcing the plane to make an emergency landing. They later use their magic to remove the illusion cast by Necessarius on the plane, stopping the pilot from making an emergency landing.[10]

New Light, driving to London.

Lessar and the rest of New Light first appears heading to London with the task of transporting the Curtana Original. Here, her excitable nature annoys Bayloupe as her tail wags next to her. Bayloupe threatens to tear the tail off if Lessar doesn't withdraw it and Lessar complies but shoves her bottom into Bayloupe's face, causing her to get even more angry and grab it painfully. Lessar struggles against Bayloupe, at one point trying to subdue her via her calves as Floris said but to no effect. They later make their final preparations for their delivery using the Skíðblaðnir, as well as the adjustments on their "dragon parts". At 11 PM the girls are only 30 kilometers away from London, and later arrive shortly.[3][11]

Lessar enjoying her meal.

After driving past the narrow streets of northern London through the blank spots of the city's security cameras, New Light begins their operation with each of them having their own Skíðblaðnir and their own instructions on what to do with them, with Lancis holding the Curtana Original within her Skíðblaðnir,[12] while the others do a supportive role as relay points. In which as relay points, they need only to adjust their locations to match up with the location of the Travelling Fortress where the Knight Leader, owner of the 5th case would be on, and if any one of them acts as relay point then they will succeed.[13] Lessar in particular was the forward of the girls, and for good reason as she was the strongest of the group in battle ability.[12] Around this time, she went to a bar and had a small meal.[12]

Lessar holds up the bar after the mix-up.

However as she was about to leave, Lessar lost her Skíðblaðnir, and later finds it next to a bunch of other cases, much to Bayloupe's irritation.[12] Lessar decides on stealing every case instead, attracting not only the attention of the London police but that of Necessarius, specifically their allies Oriana Thomson and Kamijou Touma. Oriana and Touma discovers Lessar with three case as they are in the car. Already suspicious in behavior and looks, their discovery of the spiritual item Steel Glove in her possession, prompts Oriana and Touma to conclude that she is of New Light. Oriana uses a people-clearing field to prevent civilian involvement and then used a powerful fire spell. Despite this, Oriana stops the car and leaves just as Lessar attacks with her Steel Glove, a spear, piercing Touma's side of the convertible, and forcing him to leave through its hood as she tears the car apart and making it explode.[5][14]

Lessar prepares to attack Touma

With the fire she created from the blast, Lessar grabbed it and tried to swing it down on Touma. She is then however intercepted by magic, though she doesn't fall as she used the Skíðblaðnir as a shield accidentally. Seeing Lessar's concern of the case, Touma determines the importance of the case and asks Oriana to focus on destroying it instead of fighting Lessar, which she agrees. Lessar, makes a retreat after seeing that Touma and Oriana now knows the case's importance. As she jumps far too high, Touma and Oriana are unable to follow her. Despite this, Oriana points out the weakness of her tactic, and that her jumping from rooftop to rooftop is limited in the city of London, prompting them give chase once again.[5][14]

As Touma chases Lessar jumping from building to building, Touma loses track of her until Lessar takes out a pumpkin-shaped communication device. Lessar talks to Touma and introduces herself to him. Here, she wonders why he is meddling with UK affairs despite being a foreigner, and that shouldn't get involved and just leave. Touma reveals that they know New Light has excavated something from Scotland, which Lessar doesn't deny and says that they are merely changing the country's course and will lose a war at the rate it is going in. After warning Touma one last time to not get involved in UK affairs, the pumpkin blows up, ending their conversation. Despite this, Touma continues to search for her until he sees her on a third-floor window of a building, having come upon a road to wide for her to jump.[15][14]

Oriana kicks Lessar from the building.

At that moment, Oriana enacts her plan and kicks Lessar from the building. As Lessar falls Touma tries to catch her, but changes his mind at the last minute due to the presence of falling glass, much to Lessar and Oriana's dismay. Needing to save herself, Lessar uses her Steel Glove to break her fall and allows her to escape. This forces Touma and Oriana to give chase again.[15][14]

Touma finds Lessar go up in an emergency staircase, and as he tries to climb it, Lessar destroys it with her Steel Glove. As it falls, Touma jumps up to where Lessar was, prompting her to attack with the Steel Glove, though Touma destroys it with his Imagine Breaker. They later end up on the floor after the staircase collapses, with Lessar still adamant in giving up her Skíðblaðnir. Lessar is at a dead end as she no longer has an escape route and her weapon has been destroyed. Moreover, Oriana has arrived after hearing the noise. With that, Touma tells Lessar to give up as they all follow her go into an apartment. Touma mentions that her other comrades have been captured, though Lessar says that they still have yet to find Lancis. She states that the others need only to act as relay points to match their locations with the royal carriage, the Travelling Fortress, and that there are five Skíðblaðnir cases. Oriana pulls out a flashcard hearing her, though Lessar simply laughs. Touma demands to know who has the fifth case, though Lessar doesn't answer, accepting that she has lost the battle and that she is willing to be killed by them. Touma later realizes that her acceptance of death wasn't directed at them. As Touma pulls at Lessar, she is hit by a sniper attack.[13][14]

The wounded Lessar reveals what New Light was transporting.

Oriana tells Touma to get down because there is a sniper, though this doesn't stop him from treating Lessar's wounds with paper. Touma asks Oriana if she has a healing spell, to which she denies. She then tells Touma that they are being attacked with the Robin Hood used by the Knights of England and developed by those under Princess Carissa. Lessar then speaks once more with a smile, and admits to them that they were transporting the Curtana Original, the sword that will change the country of the United Kingdom.[13][14]

British Halloween
Main article: British Halloween

Touma later carries Lessar all the way to the Necessarius Women's Dormitory in Lambeth to be healed during the height of the Birtish Halloween. Touma later arrives at the dorm and gives Lessar to Orsola Aquinas to be healed.[16]

When Elizard uses Union Jack to distribute the power of the Curtana Original to the British people and calls on them to use their power how they see fit, Bayloupe uses a pen to draw a magic circle and contacts the other New Light members. When asked by Lessar what they should do, Bayloupe isn't sure, saying it didn't seem right as they helped bring about the coup but they do what is best for the United Kingdom so they had little choice but to act regardless of shame or honor.[17]

World War III Arc

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Lessar's attempt to seduce Touma.

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Lessar accompanies Touma on his trip to Russia in order to stop Fiamma of the Right. Throughout their time together, Lessar continuously makes attempts to seduce Touma.

During volume 20, Lessar witnesses from afar the battle between Accelerator and Kamijou Touma. Lessar thinks to herself that "those black wings" are nothing short of "an embodiment of terror", but regardless of that she thought that Touma's stepping up and suppressing that power was something much, much more overwhelming.

Lessar and Sasha disrupt Fiamma

At the end of volume 22, while Touma fights Fiamma, Lessar helps Sasha Kreutzev while she draws a magic circle to disrupt Fiamma's control over the Star of Bethlehem. After she completes the objective, Lessar tells Touma to get out of there as quickly as possible and escapes.

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Homecoming Arc

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Lancis' reaction to Lessar's "school swimsuit plan" to make Touma join New Light.

She and Lancis are seen at New Light's apartment in Edinburgh discussing the news that Bayloupe intercepted from the Anglicans about Touma's mysterious return to Academy City with the aid off the leader of Dawn-Colored Sunlight Leivinia Birdway. Lessar then rants that she was trying to seduce him for the sake of England, before striping off her clothes to reveal a dominatrix suit underneath. Lancis then shows her photo intercepted from the Anglicans showing Kamijou Touma standing in the center of a number of people after reading the annotations left by the Anglicans (the notes identifying the girls around them and their breast sizes) and declares that it is the time for Lancis' major debut and to put on a white Japanese school swimsuit and head to Academy City for the purpose of seducing Touma, to which she replies, warning Lessar that one more word and she will punch her.[7]

Magic God Othinus Arc

Main article: Magic God Othinus Arc
GREMLIN Invasion of Tokyo

Touma wakes up finding Leivinia Birdway and Lessar sleeping with him in the bathtub. As he tries to escape the situation, Index finds out and proceeds to bite him.[18]

Lessar, still affected by jet lag, sleepily tells them the reason why they came into Japan and the plan of using the Imagine Breaker to destroy Gungnir, as well how she beat Floris in rock-paper-scissors to win the plane ticket to Japan. Leivinia then explains the plan to which Touma says that it has nothing to do with him but then agrees after Leivinia starts threatening him.[19]

Lessar clinging onto Touma.

After ignoring her breakfast and sleeping for twenty minutes or so, she asks Index if it is okay for her to let Touma go, to which Index replies that complaining can't stop Touma. They then proceed to go to School District 23, walking on the same path where students go to school. Being there, Touma feels awkward at the looks of the people due to the fact that he is with foreign girls. Lessar then tells him that they won't falter when faced with alienation in that level. They then wait for a bus to District 23, and as Touma sits on the bench near the stop, Leivinia sits on his lap and Lessar clings to his arm, saying that she is still affected by jet lag.[20] Misaka Mikoto later arrives, flustered by so many girls clinging to him as well as Shokuhou Misaki's teasing of her. She later propels the bench they are on, but has enough control to give them a safe landing. Mikoto then demands an explanation from them.[21] Lessar makes no mention of Mikoto despite supposedly meeting her back in Russia.

Lessar and the others are at District 23 and then proceeds to shop for swimsuits so as to prepare to go and hide to a resort after defeating GREMLIN since they would likely be the target by the churches after everything is finished. Leivinia and Lessar insist on going to the "50% Less Skin Covered" swimsuit store, to which Touma refuses and instead suggests to have a vote to which store to go. Touma wins and they proceed to the other swimsuit store (Tropical Bright Girl). When Lessar learns that the store has a full selection of micro-bikini, she becomes overly excited. After some time, she manages to snatch Touma inside a curtain and let Touma choose a swimsuit for her. Touma refuses but Lessar threatens to strip him and herself if he won't choose between the two daring swimsuits she just picked[22]. Lessar then explains the differences between the two and after some analysis Touma suddenly comes up to an answer that defeats Lessar's sex appeal. Lessar is then too shocked to say a thing despite the misunderstanding that it had caused, when the others find them.[23]

They meet Kumokawa Maria at the airport and states that she should study more so that she won't be lost in a crowd. After receiving word that Sargasso has already been located, the GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo also begins. Lessar and the others proceed to ride an electronic cart to the plane but then Maria insists that she should go with them, jumping on to Touma's lap, to which Lessar reacts and says that she may be wrong about who her real rival is. As they are riding the plane, Lessar becomes jealous because of the attention Touma always gives to Maria. As the plane leaves Academy City, it is sliced in half by a giant dragon. Lessar and the others are then mercilessly thrown out into empty air.[24]

Lessar, along with Leivinia and Maria land on a certain shopping district in Tokyo. They then sense a low rumbling sound and proceed to a nearby building. Immediately afterwards, two waves of people suddenly meet up in the narrow intersection as if colliding. Leivinia then realizes that GREMLIN just made a human wall so as to clog the streets and sidewalks to hold back a much larger framework.[25] Leivinia, Lessar, and Maria decide to use the rivers, so they enter a random manhole and went through the sewers. They are then attacked by the Muspell but Leivinia and Lessar counter them with their spells.[26]

As Leivinia, Lessar, and Kumokawa Maria travel through the sewers to reach the river, where they are forced to walk through the sewer all the way from Shinjuku to the Takadanobaba area. After exiting into a river, they steal a small military rubber boat as planned. Lessar then senses an odd presence and Leivinia then tells them that the people in Tokyo has turned their anger toward Academy City due to the fact that they started to attack the dragons and the eagles that GREMLIN has summoned, causing massive collateral damage. She then explains that it is part of GREMLIN's plan to "distribute what people stand to gain."[27]

They then meet up with Touma and the others and find that he brought a pregnant girl with him, to which Lessar says she is perfectly fine with a guy who can't help but go for a pregnant woman. There is again another misunderstanding in Touma's part, to which he explains everything that happened. Leivinia then starts the boat and the group along with Touma proceed to GREMLIN's base. As they approach the base, they are suddenly attacked by the giant dragon summoned by Freyja. As Leivinia and Lessar are preparing a counter-attack, the dragon is suddenly defeated by Kihara Kagun.[28] Maria then tells the others that she will accompany Kagun until he finally dies to which the others agree.

Lessar and the others then continue to approach the base. A giant mountain-like shadow suddenly appears in the gray fog surrounding them and then proceeds to attack them but is defeated by Thor (Ollerus in disguise)[29].

They later bear witness to Othinus becoming a perfect Magic God, due in part to the efforts of Ollerus and Fiamma of the Right not knowing that she need only to fail or succeed 100% to unify her infinite possibilities to become a magic god. Moreover, they later see the result of their failure, Othinus summoning Gungnir from her eye socket. They are left behind by Touma as he desperately tries to charge towards her, but all is in vain and the world is later destroyed.[29]

Shifting and Fluctuating World

After Othinus concedes the world to Touma, she recreates his original world using the Imagine Breaker. The group that went to Sargasso with Touma are back as well, unaware of what had transpired, and are about to face Othinus immediately after her confrontation with Touma in the Black World. With Othinus having lost Gungnir to Touma, she faces her fate in Touma's world. Index calls out to her, telling her that they won't let her get away with what she had done. Mikoto then speaks up, saying she won't hold back after Othinus got her mother involved. Lessar speaks as well, complaining about her and GREMLIN causing chaos. Finally, Leivinia says that she should be crushed right away otherwise she would go hide somewhere and cause problems later. The group later attacks Othinus with Touma still dumbfounded with Othinus' decision to bring him and his world back, causing her to be knocked backwards. Finally, after Touma asks Othinus if she knew of her fate when she saved him, the girls with him are surprised by his outburst. Touma later runs toward Othinus, all the while they try to call towards him. The group later witness Touma defending Othinus from the attack of the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance using magic missiles.[30]

VS the World

Immediately after stopping the international coalition's magic attack on Othinus and declaring his intention on saving her even at the cost of making the world his enemy, Touma and Othinus spirits away from the group and vanish.[31]

Index, Mikoto, Leivinia, and Lessar are flabbergasted by what happened as they are completely ignorant of what had transpired in the many worlds of suffering that Othinus created to break Touma's heart. With Touma and Othinus gone, they start forming conjectures of why Touma made a complete 180° the moment he arrived in Sargasso. Leivinia assumes that Othinus may have messed with him as she is a Magic God, though they actually don't know what she can or can't do. In the meanwhile, Index keeps quiet as she contemplates the likelihood on what had happened, for she has 103,000 grimoires and from her position could predict what a Magic God was and what could do.[31]

Leivinia says that in any case they must get Touma away from Othinus for though he is somewhat special he will be in danger when the coalition army attacked and get caught in the crossfire. Lessar however takes this chance in teasing Leivinia, saying that she may be upset that someone took her "big brother" from her. While they are all preoccupied with themselves, Academy City sends out a message to all Level 5s, Mikoto included, to kill Magic God Othinus and Kamijou Touma.[31]

Mikoto and Lessar later leave to deal the situation regarding Touma on their own, while Index and Leivinia join forces. Leivinia later arrives in Denmark on her own and in contact with someone, likely from the international coalition or England. Lessar later arrives in the area near Egeskov Castle alongside Vasilisa and Sasha Kreutzev before Ingrid Martin of the American forces. She and the two nuns from the Russian Orthodox Church later wait there until they are completely covered in snow. They later witnesses, after showing themselves to Ingrid Martin, the final battle of Touma and Othinus harrowing journey, where Othinus uses what's left of her power to use her magical crossbow on Touma in deliberate attempt to destroy herself after believing that she doesn't deserve to be saved by Touma.[32][33]

Lessar appears, and wonders what that black cat that appeared during the events of Touma and Othinus' battle was doing there. Ingrid Martin is astonished by their sudden arrival, to which Lessar points out that the spot is the best place to observe Touma and Othinus and that Ingrid was the one who was late in showing up. Lessar then talks to her contact, regarding England's position during this matter as well as that of France. She tells her contact to pass the information to the Queen as an outlaw like her doing so would cause too much trouble.[32] She and the others likely saw Touma saving Othinus from certain death and then later see her becoming 15 centimeters tall.

Coronzon Arc

Main article: Coronzon Arc

During the Crowley's Hazard invasion of the United Kingdom, Lessar and Leivinia Birdway were hired as couriers to transport one of the Divine Mixtures, Wadjet-Leto, to the British Museum. While driving through London on a scooter, they accidentally hit Kamijou Touma, who was being pursued by the Female Knight. Before they could escape, the two were incapacitated by the arrival of Index and Karasuma Fran.[34] Touma then had them tell him about the cargo they were transporting and after learning the details, he promptly destroyed Wadjet-Leto with Imagine Breaker.[34][35] Following the activation of Isis-Demeter and the arrival of Aleister Crowley, they made themselves scarce.[36]

Dion Fortune before the bemused successors.

Later that night, at the same time as the reproduced Golden Dawn were pursuing the royal family on the roads between London and Scotland, Hamazura Shiage encountered the two girls refuelling Lessar's scooter at a service station and arguing over the bill. The two were bemused at the sight of the reproduced Dion Fortune and on learning Hamazura was planning to see Mathers, Leivinia insisted they go to see him as well. The two reconsidered their initial transport plans when Hamazura pointed out the impracticality of attempting to get to Scotland on a scooter.[37]

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Christmas Day Arc

Main article: Christmas Day Arc

On Christmas Day, Lessar was performing sub-contracted work for the Dawn-Colored Sunlight during their investigation and response to the problems caused by R&C Occultics. She briefly complained to Leivinia Birdway during Birdway's remote conversation with Stiyl Magnus at the site of George Close's attempted attack on the London Stock Exchange.[38]

Other Appearances

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS2: Shopping Mall Demonstration

Main article: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS2: Shopping Mall Demonstration

Lessar meets Misaka Mikoto when Misaka went to Russia to demonstrate esper powers developed by Academy City. After warning her about the oranges, the two spend most of the volume facing off against the forces at work behind the scene, resulting in her facing off against ten magicians, a sulfur bomb, and spiritual items.

Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On (game)

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On (game)

Lessar is one of the playable characters in the Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On video game. Her associated Virtuaroid is RVR-42/VSL Cypher.[39]


As a member of New Light, Lessar is proficient in the use of Norse Mythology-based magic. Like the other members of her team, she carries with her the Steel Glove spiritual item, a pole arm with the blades looking like the four digit hand. The Steel Glove incorporates three legendary items that is associated with the god Thor. This increases their arm strength, gives her tremendous destructive force, and the ability to "grab" apparently anything.[40]

Unique to her is the Dragon Tail made of a metal backbone within a clear tube, allowing her to maintain balance when jumping high as she is apparently afraid of jumping above a certain height.[5] Lessar apparently also faster than a normal girl, described as being like a short distance sprinter maintaining her speed over the course of a marathon.[13] She is also has an "astounding jumping ability" and is excellent at jumping up onto things, though she has no way of softening the blow of jumping back down.[15] It is unknown if her speed and jumping abilities are a product of magic.

Lessar's magical abilities all draw from the artifacts she carries around with her and are based on her native roots. Her norse magic is based off the version mixed in Christanity to use elements not present in regular Norse magic using spices. According to Bayloupe, she is the strongest magician in New Light when it comes to battle ability.[12]

Other abilities and equipment

  • Seiðr (セイズ Seizu?): It is a type of magic that is primarily used by female Norse magicians. This is the magic that allowed New Light to disable the illusion cast on Sky Bus 365 by Necessarius. New Light uses this type of magic to create a certain type of song to cause on to see an illusion while it is used, but also has a spell that can be used to remove its ‘intoxication’. This spell works with both illusions that trick the brain and illusions that directly cause an image to appear. It is unknown which member uses this magic though it can be assumed that each of them has some knowledge of it.[10]
  • Skíðblaðnir: She has her own Skíðblaðnir, though it was primarily used as a relay point to allow Lancis to deliver the contents of her Skíðblaðnir to the Knight Leader's.
  • Steel Glove: Standard equipment common to all members of New Light. Later, it was accidentally enhanced which she calls Lessar Special Custom (レッサースペシャルカスタム Ressā Supesharu Kasutamu?). This Steel Glove had unique properties in its design that makes it able to grab elements at distance via a "red laser" rather than the need to be in close proximity. Though it broke from being unable to stand the friction, it was able to grab the air on a supersonic jet and nearly replicate the "Earth Blade" via air friction.[1]
  • Lessar's pumpkin

    Jack-o'-lantern communication spell: Lessar can create an apparently mobile fist-sized pumpkin-shaped item with eyes and mouth carvings on its surface that allows for her to communicate with people. When she stops using the spell the pumpkin bursts into streamers.[15][14]
  • Dromi (封の足枷ドローミ Fuu no Ashikase (Dorōmi)?, lit. "Shackles of sealing"): A spiritual item which looks like a wire, needs to be put around the ankles and with that it can completely restrain its target.[41]
  • Explosive Wind Spell: A Golden-style Magic spell, Lessar uses her Steel Glove to swing and throw a spice bag towards her enemy. The string holding the bag closed is undone and spreads the spices through the air. The spices float around according to set laws and create a complex magic circle above the enemy. Lessar then moves her thumb horizontally while chanting, and an invisible power swirls in accordance with her actions. The magic circle explodes with a flash of light and creates an explosive surge of wind. Chant: "Fire of the right and water of the back, mix the colors of your directions with the wind. The wind of the back right that contrarily holds both the active and the passive becomes that which indicates calamity and a turning point!!".[8]

Character Art Design

Design Evolution

Lessar's overall design remains fairly static throughout the series. Along with all the other members of New Light, Haimura was tasked on designing them not to look like magicians, but that of lacrosse players, and used their suits as a common symbol between all four of them.[42]

Due to her height's ambiguity in her original design, Haimura decided to do another design for Lessar in volume 20, this time in order to gauge the height difference between Touma and her. Haimura added the fake animal scarf in order to give Lessar more individuality.[42]



  • (To Touma and Oriana, from Index Volume 17): "W-well done determining my weakness in such a short time! But I can’t let it be destroyed here! In order to prevent my ass from being crushed by Bayloupe, I’ll have to make a strategic withdrawal here. Toh!!"
  • (To Touma, ibid) “Of course you aren’t qualified. As representatives of the magicians living in the UK, we are carrying out this absurd plan to send the country in a better direction. If someone were to appear to block our path, they have to at least love the UK as much as we do to have any legitimacy at all. This isn’t an issue a traveller can get involved in.”
  • (To the Knights of England as Touma and Oriana are present, ibid): "I’ve completed my objective, but it’s true that I lost this battle. I guess causing even more trouble for you all and the Forward after such a boring result wouldn’t be right since we’ve allied with you."
  • (To Touma, from Index Volume 20) “Then I have some good news for you. I may have a tail coming out from my skirt, but I’m not wearing spats down below. I’m only wearing panties under there.”
  • (To Touma, ibid) “Circle behind me!! Flip it up!! And forget all about the girls of the past!!”
  • (To Touma, ibid) “I'm seducing you, so react already!! If you push me down and get this over with, the UK will have one more vanguard member!!”
  • (To Touma as she eats a burger, from Index Volume 21) “Don’t worry. I take pride in my ability to fit things so large in my mouth that it surprises everyone around me. And I don’t mind if you imagine that scene in an indecent way.”
  • (To Touma, from NT Index Volume 8) “Hah hah hah! We are from the country that makes travelers eyes open wide in surprise when we treat them to homemade cooking! We are from the country where guidebook recommendations are for some reason filled with Chinese restaurants! Did you really think we would falter when faced with alienation on this level!?”
  • (Regarding Kumokawa Maria, ibid) “Gnyaaah!? She managed to casually climb on the lap of my target, Kamijou Touma. Such exquisite negotiation skills. And she’s also a maid that managed to slip in the fact that she will do ‘anything’!? I-I may have been mistaken about who my greatest rival is!!”
  • (While using her Steel Glove and countering Muspell, ibid) “The king of the world of fire and the weather god Freyr both die after battling each other. The deer antler carried by Freyr could not be removed by the followers of the king! The masses who cannot match the king even as a group can only accept defeat!! Let the subjugation of the strict scales fill you with the order of my temple!!”


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