Lindy Blueshake (リンディ=ブルーシェイク Rindi Burūsheiku?) is a character introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. She is a young girl with a troubled past, due to the poor conditions of her home with her mother, the media queen Olay Blueshake, and her father.

She lived in a protected and remote region in Hawaii, along with her legal guardian, Harzak Lolas. She would later go on to inherit her mother's media empire after the events that led to her introduction.


Lindy is a down to earth girl, completely suited and fine to a life with little technology or modern conveniences. She has a good relationship with her guardian and is fond of his stories instead of studying.[1] She is quite innocent, as she believed what the President said on how to seduce men.[2]

Despite this, she is still quite perceptive, able to easily determine what's bothering Kamijou Touya during the GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo. With regards to the business, though she still needs help with lawyers and accountants regarding contracts and documents, she is no pushover when it comes to information technology. She is also quite ethically principled, not wanting to become like her mother, who used her empire to spy and eavesdrop. This, despite the help it would get in obtaining the identity behind the chaos that's going on in the world during the GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo, though Touya believes that this still will be for nothing against the mastermind.[3]


Born in to the Blueshake family, she lived a life of luxury but in a terrible condition. Her mother abused her father, and may have probably abused her as well. She was to be the heir of the Blueshake Media Network, until when her situation was discovered after the thorough investigation of her mother's FCE technology. Her parents quickly divorced, and the truth regarding their true relationship kept hidden by her mother's influence. Despite this, it was determined that Olay was a danger to Lindy as she was forcing Lindy to live a life that she wants her to live by, and would punish Lindy if she didn't do exactly as she is told. With Roberto Katze's help and influence, the government was able to take custody of Lindy away from her mother.[4] With that her name and identity was changed. The media hated Lindy as well due to her mother, Lindy now lived in a primitive life in Hawaii, her address and other personal information known only in the deeper echelons of government.[5] She now lives in Hawaii in a remote log house in aprotected location in the island of Kauai, the Napali Coast, along with her legal guardian, Harzak Lolas.[1]


Hawaii Invasion ArcEdit

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Lindy is first mentioned right after Olay Blueshake taunts Roseline Krackhart during the height of the invasion. Here, it was mentioned that she is the heir of the Blueshake media networks, and maybe the reason for why Olay reused the Free Compound Eyes in search of her. The discovery that Olay is the one who funded Trident, leads a great search for her in Hawaii, from Roseline, Olay, Trident and Saronia's forces, hoping to get the leverage out of the other. With Olay trying to manipulate Saronia and Trident forces to weaken them, lest they become a liability to her. However, the confusion of carrying the invasion of Hawaii and finding Lindy strains the forces of Trident, though they are able to reach Lindy's loghouse home.

Lindy is first seen in her swimsuit along with Harzak Lolas, who is unknowingly planting something in their garden that is actually the core to Saronia's magic. Their day comes to an unexpected turn as Trident forces begin their onslaught on their home, but was spared and allowed to run away by the intervention of Kamijou Touma and Kuroyoru Umidori. She is later separated from Harzak. She is later retrieved by Roberto Katze, Leivinia Birdway and Hamazura Shiage, and was advised by Roberto to leave Harzak as he would be safer, as she is being the one targeted. Despite being in a midst of an invasion, and at the instigation of Misaka Mikoto, Lindy gives her a highly perverted advice in wooing Touma due to Roberto's advice, much to her consernation. Roberto is later joined by Roseline's forces, after some trouble, at this point she is no longer threatened, as the tide of the battle rested on the defeat of Saronia by Touma.

After the invasion, Roberto tries to trap Olay by making use of her not being able to meet the duties of being the owner of her media empire. Here, Lindy inherits the fortune of her mother, along with Harzak who is her legal guardian. This does not last long, as her fortune is used to fund the reconstruction and repair as her mother brought upon the invitation. The media empire fortified by her mother later crumbles shortly, as investors and shareholders began withdrawing from the company.

Magic God Othinus ArcEdit

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After the events of the invasion of Hawaii, Lindy becomes the new "queen" of the Blueshake media empire. However, rumors had spread of the corporation’s bankruptcy and dissolution, but it seemed the people had not wanted to see such a convenient service disappear. It was now back in business thanks to the support of several financial investment companies, like that of Kamijou Touya's parent company.[3]

She first appears with Harzak Lolas as her bodyguard during the GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo, going into a room where Touya to sight some documents which she had already read over with her lawyers and accountants. Lindy later arrives, apologizing to Touya for making him wait. As Touya's parent company supported Lindy's company to stand back up again, they were there to conduct business. Lindy went to the table and asks him where to sign in the paperwork before her. Touya confirms to her that she is correct in where she is signing. He then asks if she has properly read over it as contracts usually have some kind of hidden meaning inside it. Lindy tells him not to worry as she has read it over with her lawyers and accountants. Touya wanted to clear up her naivete with the world, worried about industrial spies, but hesitated after seeing her bodyguard behind her. The man speaks, saying that there is no problem for they have a system for revealing corrupt personnel. Hearing this, Touya says that if that is the case, then his group will not be at fault if it begins to decline.[3]

Lindy was puzzled upon hearing this, and took a quick glance with her bodyguard. Touya watches as she sign the documents. Lindy then asks if the situation in Tokyo bothers him. Touya gives a bitter smile, to which Lindy says that they are specialist who can tell right away when communications are overloaded in an area as is their business. Touya gives out a laugh, saying that it will be difficult hiding things from her. Lindy then says that the situation was strange. She says that using the internet normally should not overload it to such an extreme, unless everyone in Japan took simultaneous action to overload it, information should not be cut off so cleanly for a localized area. This prompts Touya to ask if she believes that someone or something is guiding the large flow of events, recalling on how valuable are now being bought and sold as if a war is stirring. Lindy once again asks her question if it bothers him, though he cannot answer but could only admire her sharp perception. Lindy then talks again, saying that there seem to be a number of people who would be happy if the commotion that was happening would be dragged on. She continues by saying that if one gathers and analyze data from chosen sources on the Internet, it would point out in quite a dangerous direction. Touya can only lament on the unpleasantness of the age they were living as he heard this. He speaks, saying that in the financial world, there are many who are trades of death, but says to her that it is more than just the specialists this time. He states that now they are catching glimpses of innocent young men and housewife day traders, every day normal people, who want this confusion to continue. Lindy says that it seems that some hints have been left to ensure those people he referred to voluntarily think that way. Touya asks if she doesn't know who left those hints, to which she says that they are not capable of collecting information that allow them to specify individuals as it is spying and eavesdropping, recalling on how that's exactly what her mother did.[3]

Touya continues to think. He believes that the true agitator will have manipulated complete strangers to make those posts, as such he doubts that he or she will remain in the kind of location anyone would think to check. Lindy then tells him after finishing the final document, that if they use the packet pattern file structure of the Japan-America hotline connecting the White House to the prime minister’s residence, they should be able to break through the overloaded line network with a top priority VoIP connection. Hearing this, Touya approves, stating that he doesn't care if he gets arrested, just so long as his wife is not charged on some national crime.[3]


  • (To Misaka Mikoto in NT volume 3)"With a boy, you just need to throw your bra at him and then embrace him without your bra on while he’s taken aback. After that, he’ll be like a dog that was just given its food."
  • (To Misaka Mikoto in NT volume 3)"That’s what the president told me when I met him before, so it has to be true."


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