Links (リンクス?) is the second ending theme of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S anime, starting from episode 17. It is sung by Sachika Misawa, Meigo Arisa's voice actress. The single was released on August 21, 2013.[1]


The Tracklist consists of the full version of the ending.

  1. Links – 5:10
  2. Infinia – 4:02
  3. Links(instrumental) – 5:10
  4. Infinia(instrumental) – 4:00


By Appearence


TV versionEdit

Japanese English
Fumidashita kono machi wa
Watashi ni wa hirosugite
Aseri fuan gomakashite
Tsuyogari senobishita
The world I stepped into
Was just too big for me
Trying to hide that I was afraid
I acted strong, like more than I was
Mitsukaranai kotae ni
Kokoro wa ukanda mama
Ikitsuku hima mo naku
Toki wa nagareru
I couldn't find an answer
My feet could barely touch the ground
I couldn't find a second to breathe
As the time passed by
Kurikaesu nichijou ni
Kurushiku natta nara
Shinkokyuu hitotsu shite
Hora niji sasu
Oka no ue
Mezashite yukou
When following the old routine
Starts to bring you down
Just take one long, deep breath
Look, there's a rainbow
On top of that hill
So let's climb it!
Wasurenai kyou mo kizande yuku
Deaeta koto ni arigatou
Kitto daiji da ne
Let's live every day in a way we'll never forget
Let's thank the whole world that we met
Just think, what were the odds?
Mae wo muite arukidasou
Ashita ni tsunageru
Waraiaeta ne arigatou
Yorokobi mo kanashimi mo
Wakachiatte saa
Kasanete yukou
Let's keep looking forward and walk on
Right into tomorrow
You smiled back at me, thank you
Happiness and sadness
Let's feel it all together
As we live our lives



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