Lola Zaza Crowley, usually referred to as Lola (ローラ Rōra?), was the second daughter of Aleister Crowley and his first wife, Rose Edith Kelly.[1][2][3]

While not personally appearing in the events of the Toaru series, her name is featured prominently during events in the latter part of Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index concerning Aleister Crowley.[1][2][3]

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Lola disliked her father due to his treatment of her mother after her sister's death.[2]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The real Lola Zaza was born in February 1907 as a very sickly child. It is suggested Crowley named her after actress Vera "Lola" Neville (née Snepp), with whom he was having an affair while his wife was pregnant. Following their divorce in November 1909 due to both their strained marriage following Lilith's death and Aleister's adultery, as well as Rose being committed to an asylum suffering from alcoholic dementia, Rose's parents received custody of Lola. Lola, accompanied by her uncle Gerald Kelly, later met her father when she was fourteen, possibly for the first time since the divorce, but both came away from the meeting disliking the other, with Aleister going as far as calling her in his diary "unmanageable". Lola Zaza would later disown her father as an adult, becoming a nursery governess, and marrying a certain Frank Hill in 1934 and taking his name. They would have a daughter named Elizabeth Hill from their union. Lola Zaza Hill died on March 9, 1990 at Battle Hospital, Reading, Berkshire.

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