The Lotus Wand (蓮の杖 (ロータスワンド) Hasu no Tsue (Rōtasu Wando)?) also known as the Angel Staff is a polearm that allows the user to channel the effects of all the elemental weapons. It is the primary weapon of Agnese Sanctis, leader of the Agnese Forces.


The Lotus Wand is religious staff with a figurehead of a seraph at the top, which is in a pose like that of The Thinker, an art piece of Auguste Rodin. It's six wings envelop the angel like a cage, and only opens upon using the chant to activate it, creating a flower-like pattern like a lotus. It is made of metal, and is most likely made to withstand abuse by the user.


AgneseSanctis LotusWand

Agnese Sanctis wielding the Lotus Wand.

The wand or staff represents ether, the fifth element, which allows it to change into any weapon of the other elements. Using Idol Theory to represent all other elemental weapons, in other words, it can cause everything to be suitable for this rule. The Lotus Wand allows its user to render attacks based on the effects that happen on the Lotus Wand, similar to the method that is used on voodoo dolls. For example, striking the staff on a solid object in a certain angle, an invisble blunt forced attack will be directed on the opponent, or when sliding a sharp obect through it, which can create several cuts that travel towards its target. It's described by Touma as a spatial attack that bypasses physical armor.[1]

There is a slight delay between the command and execution when using it, necessitating for the user to readjust and calculate the position of the opponent. Prediction is required for where the opponent will move, because of this, the opponent can find an opening against the user of the staff if they predict incorrectly.[1]

Anyone who can use magic can apparently use it so long as they know of the chant to use it without other requirements, as with the case with Orsola Aquinas, who was given the staff by Index.[2]

It can be presumed that the Imagine Breaker can destroy the polearm itself, though this has never been tested.


Toaru Majutsu no Index II E05 08m 06s

The Lotus Wand's angel spreads its wings.

Normally looking like a regular metallic religious staff, which is a reference to the history of using ceremonial maces by the clergy to defend themselves, the Lotus Wand's ornamental statue of a seraph's wings at the head opens up.

The activation command for the ability of the Lotus Wand is:

"As above, so below, the fifth of the five elements, open the crosier that symbolizes peace and order, the first icon under the law of God's Child and the Cross, link foreign objects and people!"

The original chant is meant to be in Italian from the novels:

"Tutto il paragone. Il quinto dei cinque elementi. Ordina la canna che mostra pace ed ordine. Prima. Segua la legge di Dio ed una croce. Due cose diverse sono connesse."

The grammatically correct chant in Italian:

"Come sopra, così sotto, il quinto degli elementi attiva il pastorale che simboleggia la pace e l'ordine. La prima icona che rispetta la legge del Figlio di Dio e della Croce collega oggetti e persone diverse."

There it is also a proper kanji interpretation for it :

"「万物照応。五大の素の第五。平和と秩序の象徴『司教杖』を展開」 「偶像の一。神の子と十字架の法則に従い、異なる物と異なる者を接続せよ」".

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