Massage machine

Awaki with the device, as depicted in the anime.

Low-Frequency Vibration Therapy Equipment (低周波振動治療器 Teishūha Shindō Chiryō-ki?) is a device that is designed to be placed on a person's shoulders. It uses vibrations to massage and reduce the user's stress. It is given by GROUP's technical department to Musujime Awaki to aid her in her missions to counter her stress and can be assumed to have been constructed by themselves.[1]


Electrodes are stuck onto the shoulders and back of the user and it looks like a compress. It is a machine that sends electric currents into the body. The machine measured the disturbances in the user's brainwaves and creates the most effective pulse pattern based on it.[1]


The stronger the stress involved the greater the pulse sent out by the device. A sufficient amount of stress can force the device to send out enough electric current to cause pain and discomfort to the user.[1]


Skill-Out UprisingEdit

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The technical team of GROUP has Awaki wear the device to counteract the trauma that she has incurred after the teleporting accident she had, allowing her to teleport herself without drawbacks. Despite this, the device gave Awaki minor discomfort in her battle with Komaba Ritoku due to the overwhelming difficuly of her opponent.[1]

Battle Royale ArcEdit

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Awaki removes the device from her neck during her battle with Teshio Megumi, deeming that she cannot protect anyone in her current state.[2] However, because of the anti-esper technology, specifically the AIM Jammer, used in the facility where they are fighting, she accidentally teleports her leg into the ground, but manages to overcome her trauma, and defeats her.


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