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Lucia (ルチア Ruchia?) is a Roman Catholic Church nun who is a member of the paramilitary force know as Agnese Forces, which is led by her friend Agnese Sanctis. A girl with a mysterious past, she is loyal and devoted despite her cold exterior. She is first introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index as an antagonist, the foil to her timid and bumbling partner Angelene, but later reforms and joins Necessarius, and is a representative of Roman Catholicism in England.

After the war, with better relations between the Churches and after much effort by the Agnese Forces, the group later returns to the authority of the Roman Catholic Church.


Lucia looks and is physically older than both Agnese and Angelene. She is a tall girl with short blond hair and vicious blue eyes. Her hair is usually concealed under a black coif, leaving a lock of hair on each side of her face exposed.

She usually wears the black scapular of the Roman Catholic Church which has a white collar and sleeves and a dark gray cross detail. Like her leader Agnese Sanctis. She detaches the lower part of her scapular, exposing much of her legs. Lucia also wears black stockings secured in place by a garterbelt, and brown loafers.


Lucia the devout

Along with her leader, Lucia is extremely devoted to the cause of her Church, using deceit under Agnese's orders on others such as when they tricked Touma and the Anglican Church to handing Orsola Aquinas to them, and blindly following the dogma of her Church, such as when she participates in the a mock Trial of Sin of Orsola.[1]

However, what separates her from Agnese is her utter devotion to Catholicism, to the point that it warps her actions towards those who do not follow it, a form of extremism. She is willing to disobey the orders of Agnese after Touma, a non-believer, simply touched her shoulder as if it was a grave slight.[2] She is also strict and has shown criticism towards Angelene's lax attitude towards her role as a Christian, especially as a nun, even at a very young age.[3]

She is also a ruthless sub-leader of the Agnese Forces, like Agnese, she is willing to grievously harm her fellow nuns, who show no protest, to defeat her enemies, as exemplified by the group she ordered to deafen themselves horrifically in order not to hear the Index's Sheol Fear, allowing them to turn the tide once again in the Battle of the Church of Orsola.[4] Despite her faults, she has a kind of trust or camaraderie towards the group, especially her respect and devotion towards Agnese, which she states that she is the only one who can make her shiver through her devotion,[5] and Angelene which shows a strange sisterly bond between them.

As member of Necessarius

Like Agnese, her demeanor changes the most out of the three. She reforms later after being defeated and then later saved by Touma, after the events of the La Regina del Mare Adriatico. She joins Necessarius, she remains as Roman Catholic, severing her connection with Vatican that scapegoated them and then use them as tools. Although her fastidious devotion to religion and criticism of the young Angelene has not changed, her viewpoint regarding heretics as cooled off. She is shown that she can be strung along with other girls' shenanigans, such as Orsola suggesting that they wash the clothes that they are currently wearing,[6], play cards with her friends,[7], and looking at the differing cultures and traditions of her fellow dorm mates as something novel, even misunderstanding them.[8]


The oldest between her, Angelene, and Agnese, her past and being part of the same Church or convent that took in the other two is a mystery. Despite this, she has seen herself as a chosen by God to become a nun, and acts accordingly, showing devotion to the faith at a very young age.[3]

It is unknown how, but Agnese later gains or forms a unique Roman Catholic paramilitary force named after her. Lucia and Angelene joins her friends in this new organization, and somehow takes hold of a St. Catherine's Wheel spiritual tool.


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

Main article: Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

Lucia leading other nuns.

Lucia, along with Angelene, and the rest of the nuns under Agnese's command are sent from Rome to retrieve Orsola Aquinas. After their fight with the Amakusa Christians, Lucia and Angelene are ordered to take Saiji in, but is interrupted by Touma who harmlessly touches her shoulder. Lucia goes berserk as a result of this, and tries to eliminate him by using her ability. Before she has the chance, she's further interrupted by Index's Spell Intercept and, upon hearing the retreat signal by Agnese, retreats.

She later returns to defend the Church of Orsola against an attack by Touma, Stiyl Magnus and the Amakusa Christians. Lucia emerges after witnessing her comrades succumbing to the effects of Sheol Fear, and commands the nuns to pierce their ears with their pens as so to block out Sheol Fear.

After the events of the arc, Lucia is taken into custody by the Roman Catholic Church and is later used as a scapegoat for them like the rest of the Agnese Forces.

La Regina del Mare Adriatico Arc

Main article: La Regina del Mare Adriatico Arc

As punishment for the events in the Orsola Aquinas incident, she and the Agnese Forces are taken to the Queen's Fleet of The Queen of the Adriatic Sea as a labor force. Here, she wears the Forbidden colored robe as so she is unable to use magic, as well as to prevent her escape. However, Lucia along with Angelene are able to modify the robes enough to be used as a tool for a magic spell, which they used to escape. They are however later captured again after the second effect of the robes take effect.

Kamijou Touma and Orsola Aquinas later rescue them after being asked by Agnese Sanctis. Though she is suspicious at first, she later yields after Orsola Aquinas convinces her. They later show Touma and Orsola how they escaped, and are later angered by the fact that Touma and Orsola allowed Agnese to go to the flagship, the Queen of the Adriatic Sea, as she would be used as a sacrifice for a spell, the Rosary of the Appointed Time.

She later joins the Amakusa to stop the Queen of the Adriatic Sea from activating and rescue Agnese Sanctis. She stays behind to occupy her former comrades from the Agnese Forces, after Angelene gets injured during the battle. After the destruction of the fleet ship, Lucia and Angelene join the Anglican Church.

Academy City Invasion Arc

Main article: Academy City Invasion Arc

The girls of Necessarius view a certain washing machine's work.

Despite being a member of Necessarius, the 0th Parish of the Anglican Church, Lucia follows Agnese's decision to continue following the tenets of Roman Catholicism but is not controlled by the Vatican. Here, in London, Agnese forms a Roman Catholic branch, and makes her and her forces the representative of Roman Catholicism in England.[6]

She remains silent throughout Kanzaki Kaori's ordeal with the high tech washing machine Academy City has gifted to the Necessarius Women's Dormitory. Here, she complies with Orsola using the clothes that they are currently wearing to test the machine. She and the rest of the girls, later discover Kanzaki Kaori wearing no underwear under her yukata, after being drenched by the washing machine.[6]

Anglican Church–Russian Orthodox Church Prewar Conference

Main article: Anglican Church–Russian Orthodox Church Prewar Conference

As two great Churches discuss their position in the War that is about to come. She, and the rest of her group stay in the women's dormitory.

Lucia first appears alongside Agnese and Angelene, berating the latter. Lucia and Angelene argue about on how to get big breasts. Lucia states that a nun should not need large breasts, as it tempts men, to which Angelene calls her out that someone who groups herself with having big breasts and complains on it getting bigger would not understand how she feels, much to Lucia's embarrassment. As Kanzaki appears to announce the pre-meal prayer, Angelene points out her breasts as well, attributing it to Japanese food, and Lucia telling her to make herself look decent if she is a nun. Kanzaki tries to explain that the clothes are not there to draw attention, but Angelene and Lucia wouldn't have none of it, clicking their tongues in exasperation. As food is prepared, Angelene enjoys her meal, and shows that she is much of a glutton like Index during a meal, which Lucia criticizes her for, hearing this, Angelene tries to eat the pasta on Lucia's plate, much to her annoyance. After Angelene and Lucia notice Kanzaki's umeboshi, Lucia treats as a mild curiosity of the Far East, and after a little talk with Angelene, believes it as a change to learn more about the strange spells of the Amakusa, much to Kanzaki's consternation. After Orsola and Agnese eats one of it, stating that it is delicious, Angelene tries to eat one of it as well, but falls down to the floor, overwhelmed by its sourness. She later runs away screaming.[8]

Sasha's visit piques Lucia and the rest of the girls' curiosity.

Lucia reappears later, coolly playing with Agnese, Agata, and Caterina in a game of poker. Angelene later brings Sasha Kreutzev into the dining hall, and here, Sasha asks them which side they were taking on in the inevitable War.[7] Lucia listens on to Sasha's reasons and later hears Orsola as she gives her opinion regarding the matter to which she says that they will do remains the same, and that is to help people even if there is war, and references Touma being able to save people even without power. Orsola concludes that it is not up to the whole to decide which path to take, but it is up to the individual members, and states that there should be a third option where there is a happy ending where no one is defeated, for the sake of Touma's expectations.[9]

British Royal Family Arc

Main article: British Royal Family Arc

Lucia joins Agnese Sanctis and the rest of the Agnese Forces to investigate New Light. She is with them in a yacht yard in Edinburgh, Scotland. Here, they surround a certain yacht. She reports to Agnese that this the third base they have found of New Light. Agnese, annoyed by New Light's wiliness, asks if there is any information left in the yacht, to which Lucia replies that just like all the other bases, it seems to have been set up so that all the information sources inside could be erased remotely with a single signal, and that Agata and Caterina are inside checking it.[10]

English Civil War

During the British Halloween brought about Carissa's coup d’état with the Knights of England. Here, they are surrounded by at least 400 knights. Lucia points out that there are no signs of a people clearing field set-up, to which she concludes that the knights must have invaded a large area, which worries Angelene. One of the knights tell them that they should surrender or else they would be killed, as he draws his sword upon Agnese's neck. She smiles, and shows no fear. She strikes her Lotus Wand on the ground at her feet, enveloping the area in a bright light for 5 seconds, allowing for the 250 nuns to escape, and forcing the knights to make a search.[11]

It is later revealed that they jumped into the ocean, and is with Agnese and Angelene. While Angelene's teeth chatters due to the cold ocean, she asks Agnese what they are going to do now. Lucia replies that they can't contact London, and concludes that they are on their own. She asks Agnese how many people in the unit they could use. Agnese states that the other nuns would be most likely be captured, which terrifies Angelene, but is shushed up by Agnese. She says that they are most likely going to be transported to England where Princess Carissa, the prime instigator of the attempt of a coup d’état on the United Kingdom, will be. Agnese says that they need to rescue the captured nuns while they are being transported.[11]

Agnese, Lucia, and Angelene, infiltrate a ten car train that was heading from Edinburgh to London, where the nuns of their group that have been captured and are being transported. Agnese discovers that there in the middle of the series of cars, and discovers that the nuns are kept in the front cars while the knights are all in the back. Seeing the opportunity, Lucia and Angelene attack the guards through the window, as so to confuse them that the attack is coming from a sniper. With this, Agnese begins to try and destroy the links between the carriages, allowing for them and the nuns to leave the knights behind. Suddenly, a knight comes along and using the communication spiritual item, and Agnese is forced to hide. Here, she overhears, and is overjoyed, that Touma has snuck aboard the freight heading for Folkestone. The three of the attack at the same time, but the knight blocks Angelene and Lucia's attacks. However, Agnese uses her Lotus Wand to destroy attack the floor, and add to the weight of the knight's armor, making the knight fall into it, trapping him. Stuck, Agnese can now do as she pleases, though the knight is still protected by Curtana Original's blessing, weakening attacks. Despite this, Agnese attacks the knight using her Lotus Wand directed towards his crotch. Meanwhile, after Angelene witnesses Agnese screwing around with the knight, she goes to the communication spiritual item to intercept messages and discover that Touma, calling him the spiky-haired boy, and that through some crazy coincidences, they met up with Princess Villian, and are now being pursued by the knights, much to Lucia's bewilderment. Angelene and Lucia later notice what Agnese is doing and discusses on what they should do. Angelene becomes worried, but Lucia tells her that Agnese is a type of girl who likes flipping skirts but doesn't like getting her skirt flipped. They the proceed to calm her down.[12]

As Touma and Index rendezvous with the rest of the Amakusa, Kanzaki reports that Sherry Cromwell is battling the knights, and that Agnese forces are battling other knights as well.[13]

The "last supper" of the Anglican Church Forces before their assault on London.

After the Battle of Folkestone, apparently, Agnese was successful with her plan, successfully liberating the rest of the Agnese Forces. There, they gather with Necessarius for a last supper before they catch the hell, waiting for the telesma brought about by the deliberate overloading of Curtana Original by the Anglican Forces to dissipate before attacking, for using magic would cause the city to be envelop in a large explosion. Angelene sits next to Index, and is angered on how Index steals food from her plate, tattling it to Lucia, like a child. Lucia tells Angelene that they are supposed to love their neighbors and not doubt others, to which Angelene says that she swears that Index has eaten her food. Angelene then sees for herself that Index really is stealing her food, to which Lucia responds by giving the food she has as to get rid of the deadly sins she has inquired during her meal with Index. Much to Angelene's dismay they were all bitter vegetables. Angelene tries to eat some but can only convulse to it, while Lucia tries to mind her. The Amakusa later argue about Maid Outfits that piques the interest of Angelene, prompting her to ask Agnese. She concludes that it is a contest to see who is the most mature by seeing who makes the sexiest maid, and states that even though they have 250 nuns at their disposal they have no one with excessive breasts. She and Angelene turn towards Lucia, the one with the largest breast in their group, to which she firmly refuses after Agnese suggests in her donning the Little Devil Flirting Maid.[14]

They arrive at London, groups splitting up between 20 trucks heading for Buckingham Palace. The Agnese Forces arrive alongside the Amakusa Remix-style of Church, and Orsola Aquinas with Sherry Cromwell and her golem. There they find that Kanzaki, Touma, and Villian have arrived first and have already begun engaging Carissa. Initially shocked by the level of battle Carissa and Kanzaki were fighting, she and the rest of the lot assist Kanzaki in trying to take down Carissa, but is unable to penetrate her defenses. The Griffin Sky mobile fortresses however arrive as her reinforcements, and rain lances upon Sherry's golem, raining debris threatening to crush the rest of the forces, while Agnese and Lucia frantically try to take cover.[15] After a bunker cluster missile was shot towards London, Touma tries to call out to his Anglican Church comrades, Lucia being one of them, but cannot find any trace of them.[15]

Queen Regnant Elizard empowers the peoples of the United Kingdom.

After Princess Riméa's broadcast revealing Carissa's intention in the coup d’état, the Knights of England later appear in the battlefield, some of them heal the members of the Anglican Church.[16] It can be assumed that some of the members of the Agnese Forces participated in attacking Carissa with their spells during her clash with Kanzaki, Acqua of the Back, and Knight Leader. Moreover, they may have also been empowered by Curtana Original after Queen Elizard used Union Jack to distribute its power to all the citizen's in the United Kingdom, and later aid against Carissa. They may have also witnessed Touma destroying the Curtana Original and defeating Carissa.

Kanzaki and the rest of the Amakusa Christians later treat the wounded after the end of the coup d'état. They may also have gathered around Index after Fiamma of the Right took away the external controller for her John's Pen Mode, as well as Touma declaring to hunt down Fiamma of the Right.[17]

World War III Arc

Main article: World War III Arc

Lucia survives the war, but gets drawn to another one.

Although not specifically mentioned in text, it can be assumed that she is present during the Battle of Dover Strait with her comrades-in-arms.[18]

Later, with the battle done, and as explosions thunder across the continent, the Agnese forces race towards the Russian battlefield where both Academy City and Russian soldiers have collapsed. Angelene is ordered by Agnese to call out nuns who specializes in Divine Mother-style Ex Voto as the shelters for the soldiers conveniently resemble the Son of God's manger, according to Idol Theory. The nuns then witness another Golden Arm pop-up nearby, which is later cleanly cut down by Kanzaki Kaori, shocking the soldiers present.[19]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Homecoming Arc

Main article: Homecoming Arc

In St. George's Cathedral, as Itsuwa becomes frantic due to the information that Touma is still alive and in Academy City, Angelene witnesses Tatemiya Saiji offer her a bamboo sword to spar in order to clear her thoughts. She calls out to Lucia regarding a "samurai battle" that is taking place, but is scolded by Lucia for cheering on a fight, unbefitting of a nun. Angelene becomes excited however, and references Shinken Shirahadori, trying to imitate the blade catching technique. Seeing Angelene's excited demeanor however, makes Saiji nervous, as it would seem that not pulling it off would make Angelene disappointed. Saiji tells Itsuwa that they have no choice, and tosses his bamboo sword aside, in order to try out the sword catching technique, which surprises Itsuwa enought to raise her voice, and gather more nuns towards them as well as the other members of the Amakusa. Itsuwa attacks Saiji, and he is unable to catch the sword, hitting him on the head. Because of this however, Itsuwa sees the need to follow through, for the sake of Saiji as it would be embarrassing. She tells Saiji that it was just a practice run, as such, it doesn't count. They try again, and Saiji is hit in the head again, much to both their frustration. Kouyagi then comes up and offers them an imitation sword steel-forged sword, after Saiji tells her that the bamboo sword throws her off her timing. Saiji is expectedly horrified with it, and is then hit in the head again by Itsuwa, but this time, with the iron-forged sword.[20]

As Saiji writhes in pain, Itsuwa still complains that her timing is off, and that a real sword is needed for Saiji to catch it. Just then, Tsushima offers a real sword, a Bateren-dedicated Kanemitsu Toushou. Saiji is utterly terrified, as Itsuwa takes the sword and her face is shadowed as she prepares to finish their demonstration with Saiji. Angelene's eyes sparkle at the prospect of finally seeing the sword catching technique, but Saiji wants to back off. However, Itsuwa doesn't want to Saiji to gain more shame. Seeing that Itsuwa will not yield, Saiji steels himself, and hopes he'd gain some hidden ability like on those protagonists.[20]

Magic God Othinus Arc

Main article: Magic God Othinus Arc

Prior to the start of the arc, the Agnese Forces have made efforts in trying to go back to the Roman Catholic Church now that the war has ended and that tensions between Anglicans and the Catholics have lessened. As part of this process, Agnese, Lucia, and Angelene are part of the security personnel for the conference called upon by Roberto Katze.[21]

Here, they are in the United Nations Building's library, checking out documents for any magic power that has been hidden inside. With hundreds of pages to check, Agnese begins complaining, saying that if they're really afraid of an attack from GREMLIN then they should stop anyone from bringing published items during the meeting. Lucia says that doing such a thing under their authority would cause problems, as the UN is fundamentally neutral and if a single religion began selecting what published materials could be brought inside, it could lead to an international issue. Angelene speaks up saying that normal people don't understand the danger of the problem they're dealing with. Agnese then asks what they think about the united attack on GREMLIN. Lucia says that it all hinges on whether they can locate Sargasso, and says that the key to it is the spy who has slipped into GREMLIN. Angelene wonders if that spy will send a signal from Sargasso and their search team could detect it. Agnese sighs, wondering if they can trust the spy. Lucia replies saying that since the spy has a way to sneak into GREMLIN's headquarters, it would make him suspicious. Angelene tries to defend they spy, saying that the spy has no reason to betray them, but is replied by Agnese that it's more accurate to say that GREMLIN has no reason to make a bluff like that right now. Lucia then says on how they have no choice but to trust the spy because they want the same thing.[22]

Lucia then states that if even they find Sargasso there is still the matter of the unified attack, they still need to fight expert magicians and says that she doubts they are enemy they can defeat without sacrifices. Agnese reminds them that GREMLIN is in hiding, therefore they believe it is to their advantage to remain hidden. Here, she assumes that at least locating Sargasso will crush one of GREMLIN's advantages. Angelene hopes nothing bad will come out of it, comparing it to a metaphor of poking a bush and having a snake come out.[22]

Shifting and Fluctuating World

In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, people from the magic side like nuns are allowed to enter Academy City, and seemingly have no complex against science. Orsola Aquinas, Angelene, Lucia, and Lidvia Lorenzetti are first sighted by Touma near a hot-dog truck. Angelene is eager for the expensive hot-dogs, but Lucia, being the prude, tells her that Angelene is being both gluttonous and greedy, and that a nun must not eating something like that. She then turns to Lidvia and asks her to say something as well. She, however, states that Orsola has already started eating one. Touma later buys a hot-dog from the same truck, apparently serving as a last meal before deciding to kill himself.[23]

VS The World

After Touma spirits away to Denmark with Othinus, it was determined by the international coalition to hunt them down. The Pope and the Roman Catholic Church relieves Agnese Sanctis, Lucia, and Angelene of their positions as security for the meeting of the international coalition and have them and the rest of the Agnese Forces sent to Denmark. They are transported there by their ally the United States of America through the use of their stealth bombers, putting them inside their bomb bays as it is apparently faster than a transport plane. Their forces are further increased by the inclusion of elites of the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches, thus starting the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance's manhunt for Othinus and Kamijou Touma.[24]

They arrive at an emergency airport in Aarhus near Aalborg half an hour before Touma and Othinus arrival. They stealth bombers were supposed to land in Aalborg's military airport, but due to the meteor fall earlier (actually Accelerator launched from a satellite by Academy City), they were ordered to land elsewhere. The personnel there begin preparing transportation to use in order to find Othinus and Touma, as well as each members of the three major churches sharing information with each other, and how to utilize the information they had with the other churches interfering or aiding each other in mind. Agnese then orders her forces that they will be following the information they attained and head for Aalborg. She orders that the Pope should be asked to make preparations on his end. She notes that the other forces will most likely lay in watch on the alternate routes and watch what they will do. As they have the greatest numbers, she says that the other churches' members will probably view them as bait or something to scare Touma and Othinus out of hiding. She however says that if they get a bite the others might come rushing in.[24]

Agnese Sanctis, wanting to give Touma a chance, later sets up the Fish of the Supper spell, designed to work against Touma's Imagine Breaker. The Agnese Forces later occupy the streets of Aalborg in search for them, with Agnese setting their base of operations in Ansgar Church. They later detect Touma and Othinus hiding somewhere in the city.[25] With Touma in mind, they later announce to the entire city to them not to fight back and surrender at Ansgar Church with the intention of retrieving Touma from the fight by making him surrender and then destroying Othinus afterwards.[26] Like the rest of Agnese Forces, Lucia and Angelene patrol the streets of Aalborg, acting as one of the "cannons" of Fish of the Supper spell.

Lucia and Angelene later find Touma and attack him using the spell, intending to carry out on taking Touma out but not kill him. After they see Touma disappear, Lucia orders the nun to stop, and fearing the worst that they've killed Touma instead of just simply taking him out. When the nuns gathered at the spot where Touma disappeared, Angelene asks why there was a square hole in the stone-paved road.[27]

Lucia later reports to Agnese who was still in Ansgar Church that Touma used the underground passageways dug and built under the city for times of war. Agnese then tells Lucia to contact the gas company, the water department, and the subway contractors in order to get records of the tunnels. Lucia then says that they already doing so, but asks if they will make it time. Agnese says that she should stop asking questions that only God knows the answer to as nuns are forbidden to test the lord. Agnese then cuts communication from Lucia.[28]

Coronzon Arc

Main article: Coronzon Arc

During the Crowley's Hazard invasion of the United Kingdom, Lucia was present when the Agnese Forces fought on the frontline at the Strait of Dover and during their meeting at the British Museum after the fall of the England-Londinium Fortress.[29]

Kamijou Arc

Main article: Kamijou Arc

Lucia was present at Windsor Castle during the party celebrating Coronzon's defeat and was subsequently involved in the conflict which arose due to the emergence of the other Touma.[30]

Other Appearances

Side Stories

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2
The Fourth Friday of September

The Fourth Friday of September.[31]

Late night in the Necessarius' Women's Dormitory, Angelene first appears after smelling Kanzaki's late night cooking. As she enters the dining hall, seeing as Kanzaki has chugged down her food in 30 seconds due to her arriving, Angelene asks her if she saw the mysterious person with the amazingly smelling food, to which Kanzaki denies, specifically denying ramen, though Angelene does not notice. As she wanders about the kitchen sniffing the food out like a dog, the other nuns enter. Lucia asks her what's going on, to which Angelene responds by saying that she has created autumn art. Apparently, in the small timespan Kanzaki turned away from gazing at Angelene, she has managed to stick three silver forks on her chocolater cornet and declare it art. Of course, Lucia is angered and wants to spank Angelene 100 times after seeing something so ridiculous.[31]

Art: what a difficult subject.

Angelene declares that the dessert bread is an expression of the anger swirling around inside of her, but eventually concludes that her art is an expression of her getting makes her hungrier. Lucia falls into silence, and then tells Angelene that since now her artistic commentary is over, she will be spanking her now a 100 times. Just then, Sherry Cromwell enters the dining hall and sees Lucia spanking Angelene for sticking forks onto a chocolate cornet and calling it art. Lucia tells Sherry not to make such jokes, as Angelene has reacted badly as if she just discovered a mysterious truth. She becomes intrigued at the dessert with forks sticking out of it, and asks Lucia and Angelene, which she calls Nuns #1 and #2, much to their irritation, that she wants to touch the dessert bread. She inspects it like a true connoisseur of pastry-related artwork. She then gives out her analysis on the meaning of Angelene's artwork, much to Kanzaki's disbelief.[31]


Lucia about to use the carriage wheel, from the first Index II opening.

Lucia uses a large carriage wheel as focus of her magic; the wheel based on the legend of Saint Catherine of Alexandria. As explained by Idol Theory, the wheel was used as an execution tool for Saints, though when the wheel was touched by a Saint which in this case was St. Catherine of Alexandria, it would explode and harm the executors and everybody else who watched the execution instead. The legend of the wheel of that killed those who watched St. Catherine's execution and her executors, is applied to Lucia's wheel where it would harm the guilty, which in this case the person that Lucia deems guilty.[2] The wheel's spokes are meant to be shattered like shrapnel and regenerates itself by recovering the shrapnel. Lucia attacks with her wheel by raising it above her head with both hands, then violently smashes it down, which causes a small explosion which causes the pieces of the wooden wheel to send out many sharp wooden projectiles which she can command to come back at will.[2]

Other abilities

Along with Angelene, she is able to modify the Forbidden colored robe she was forced to wear and use it as a tool for a magic spell, along them to escape the ice ship, during their captivity in the Queen's Fleet.[32]

She has a degree of training in forensic cleaning techniques for removing physical evidence and eliminating residual traces of magic from the scenes of magical incidents, utilizing the Roman Catholic style of forensic cleanup (which includes the use of salt in holy water).[33][34]

She is capable of maintaining a people-clearing field.[35]

Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

Lucia's design remains static throughout the series. According to Haimura, she was designed as the type that does not let others near her[36]. In Volume SS, where Haimura designs them in their Roman Catholic Church habits for the first time, she, along with Angelene were designed too look distinguishable from Agnese.



  • (To Angelene after attacking Touma, from volume 7): "If this guy wasn’t suspicious about that scream, this'd be so much simpler… Damn it, what have I done wrong? I’ve been touched on the shoulder by a non-believer! Sister Angelene! Quick! Get me some soap- no, some sanitizer! This is too much! Damn it! Tell me the next time you want to talk to me! I have to wear the mud-blocking apron!"
  • (Her infamous order to counter Index's Sheol Fear, ibid): "Heavy attack! Light defence! Sacrifice yourselves! Destroy the enemy of God!"
  • (To Angese, from a flashback in volume 11): "There’s no need to have any doubts. If God says that this is necessary, the believers have the duty to respond."
  • (To Angese, from a flashback in volume 11): "There’s nothing more important in this world than God..."
  • (To Angelene, from SS1): "Sister Angelene. A nun does not need breasts. A nun is supposed to cut herself off from every kind of desire and breasts only bring the danger of tempting men. It is Sister Orsola and I who have the fault here"
  • (To Agelene regarding Agnese torturing a knight and how to stop her, from volume 18): "We should probably stop her soon. That may merely be a method to gather intelligence with no love or lust behind it, but it looks like that knight is going to fall into depravity if we don’t stop it now."


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