MEMBER (メンバー Menbā?) is an Academy City-based organization that answered directly to General Superintendent Aleister Crowley.[1] It's incarnation as seen on October 9 was virtually destroyed during the events of that day despite only one operative being confirmed to be killed (Professor) and the rest just indisposed or their status unknown, and was later reorganized to form a new organization with the remnants of ITEM, SCHOOL, and BLOCK.[2] After the end of World War III, the organization has now been dissolved.


Member structure

Organigram of MEMBER's structure.

Like the other Dark Side of Academy City factions their level of security and authority are the same—an unofficial unit created by putting few persons together.[3] They are directly under Aleister Crowley and are considered to be his dogs,[4] though they are also commanded by the Academy City Board of Directors to some extent.[5] Their authority is great enough that they were allowed to use the Summer Resort for Baba Yoshio's operations.[6]

Like the other organizations, they seem to have a subordinate organization of grunts to do menial tasks for them.[7] They are however are absent during their operation on October 9. They also have a handler, a Man on the Phone, though little is known of him.[1] Kouzaku Mitori seemed to fill in for this role prior to October 9, with her being the go-between for MEMBER and the Academy City Board of Directors though unlike other go-between actually interacted with the group face to face.[5]

It is also stated by Mitori that MEMBER possess multiple villa hideouts where tons of sensitive data and information on their various activities are stored for safekeeping.[8]







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