MPS-79 (manga)

MPS-79 in the Reformatory as seen in the manga adaptation.

The MPS-79 is a type of Powered Suit developed in Academy City that are still utilized by the jailors in the Reformatory.[1]


Not much about this suit is known except that it is an older Powered Suit design than the HsPS-15. They are utilized by the jailors of the Reformatory and can be equipped with anti-esper weapons.[1]


Battle Royale ArcEdit

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Despite being referenced by Tsuchimikado Motoharu as being used by the jailers of the Reformatory,[1] they do not encounter a single MPS-79 when they arrive there, which implies that BLOCK may already dealt with them. In manga adaptation, the remnant of BLOCK mercenaries battle against MPS-79.[2]


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