Toaru Majutsu no Index III E04 09m 01s

Sunazara adjusts the MSR-001 to assassinate Oyafune Monaka.

The MSR-001 is a magnetic sniper rifle which is produced in Academy City. It is a sniper rifle that uses electromagnets to fire steel bullets.


While referred to as a magnetic sniper rifle its form is said to be quite different from exiting rifles. It looks like steel boxes bolted onto a steel tube that's as fat as a human ankle. The barrel, supported by a tripod, is one strong solenoid coil. To power it, a large battery pack disguised in a suitcase is necessary. The rifle can also be disassembled and stored in that suitcase.[1]


Its construction is apparently simpler than that of a railgun and has a muzzle velocity of 280m/s. As it does not use gunpowder there is no recoil (note that in real life, Newton's Third Law applies regardless of where the force is coming from). Without the shock that most sniper rifles produce, sensitive aiming equipment can be attached very precisely to it.

Normally when using gunpowder, a certain amount of strength is required to withstand the recoil during firing, which has several effects on the sniper such as changing the accuracy of the aim and slightly throwing out of balance the sniper. Since this rifle isn't subject to that design fault it is much better suited for repeated shooting than a regular sniper rifle, also due to its lack of gunpowder it creates no sound making it a stealthy weapon.[1]


Battle Royal ArcEdit

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Management purchased an MSR-001 as part of his deal with SCHOOL, for the use of Sunazara Chimitsu during his tenure with the organization.[2] It was used for the attempted assassination of Oyafune Monaka.[1]

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E06 01m 21s

Sunazara snipes Kinuhata (not pictured)

During battle between ITEM and SCHOOL, Sunazara sniped Kinuhata Saiai's head, chest, bottom, and gut, but he failed to kill her. Shortly afterwards, Sunazara was counterattacked by Kinuhata's handheld anti-tank missile warhead and MSR-001 was destroyed.[3]


  • Going by the patterns for Academy City's weapon naming schemes, MSR likely stands for Magnetic Sniper Rifle.


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