Macronall Hamburger

The Macronall Restaurant sign (Japanese on sign reads: Macronall Hamburger Drive-through (マクロナルハンバーガー ドライブスルー Makuronaru Hambaga Doraibusuru?))

Macronall Hamburger (マクロナルハンバーガー Makuronaru Hambaga?) is a fast food restaurant in Academy City. The restaurant primarily serves hamburgers, which Himegami Aisa is unusually fond of and is at least two stories tall.


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Deep Blood ArcEdit

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After Kamijou Touma and Index are unable to go to 326 Ice Cream due to its being closed for renovations, Touma settled on Macronall Hamburger to sate her hunger. Here they meet Himegami Aisa, who has just spent all her money on hamburgers. After much arguing between Touma and Aisa with her asking for money and later Index and Aisa with her claiming to be a magician, Aisa is escorted away by her "cram school teachers" from Misawa Cram School.

Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Poltergeist ArcEdit

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Tessou Tsuzuri a member of Anti-Skill, receives a complaint from one of the employees of the restaurant. It is revealed that Aisa has bought all of the restaurant's hamburgers. When Tsuzuri asks why she did so, Aisa explains that the taste of the hamburgers is "unforgettable".[1]


  • The restaurant is an obvious parody of the McDonald's chain of fast food restaurants and nearly has an identical logo.

See alsoEdit

  • MocRonall's: A similarly named fast food restaurant that also sells hamburgers.


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