Madarame Kenji (斑目健治 Madarame Kenji?) is an anime-original character introduced in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S anime series. A bespectacled student of an unspecified institution in Academy City, he is a member of STUDY, a group that desires to show their power in their esper-obsessed city and plays an antagonistc role in the Silent Party Arc.


He is a tall and slender bespectacled male wearing his dark brown hair short. The hair is spiky in appearance. He wears rectangular-framed glasses, and is often seen wearing a lab coat over his uniform of sorts, which consists of a buttoned-up collared shirt and pants, both blue-green in color. Madarame Kenji's physique seems appropriate to his interests — slim and lacking any muscle — that may suggest a lack of exposure to strenuous physical activity.


Like the other members of STUDY, Kenji displays a strong desire to show Academy City their power. In doing so, Kenji is just as willing to sacrifice Febrie, if it means furthering their goal just, as any other member of STUDY, with the exception of the newcomer Nunotaba Shinobu.


A specialist in the field of Chemical Android research,[1] Kenji entered the Academy City Research Exhibition Assembly like Aritomi Haruki. He later becomes disillusioned by the City's focus on esper powers, and joins up with Haruki for the Chemicaloid Project to show the city a different method in creating espers. He later joins up with the STUDY Corporation and continued to the project on their own without the support of other underground organizations.[2]


Silent Party ArcEdit

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Like most of the members of STUDY, Kenji often stays inside the main headquarters, contributing to the smooth progress of their leader Aritomi Haruki's plans. For the most part of her appearances, he is silent. When needed to agree upon the next action, he would promptly raise her hand to support that action without any complaints.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S E24 09m 44s

Kenji utterly defeated by Saten Ruiko and Uiharu Kazari.

During the day of the Silent Party, he joins Kosako Shunichi in piloting their own mechas, apparently as a back-up when their main force of 20,000 and more Powered Suits are hindered in their attack on the Assembly venue. He and Shunichi are later ordered by Haruki to attack the Judgment members that have come to oppose their rebellion. They are later struck down by the arrival of Yomikawa Aiho driving the Ekaterina II S. After coming to, he is ultimately forced to engage the transforming mecha piloted by two middle school girls, Saten Ruiko and Uiharu Kazari, on his own after it defeats Shunichi's machine. Kenji complains on how the espers are always getting in the way, to which Ruiko mentions that she is a level 0 and then promptly piercing his machine with a pile bunker attack.[3]

It can be assumed that he survived this ordeal like Shunichi, and is later taken into custody for their crimes just like the rest of STUDY.


He is a normal human, though he is at least skilled enough to operate a mecha on his own. However, this skill is not enough to defeat the much larger mecha piloted by Ruiko and Kazari, who just learned to pilot it the other night by memorizing its manual.[3]

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  • (To the pilots of the Ekaterina II S, from Railgun S Episode 24): "Damn it, I hate you espers! Interfering with out great revolution!"



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