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The Magic-Science Treaty ( 科学サイドと魔術サイドの条約 Kagaku saido to majutsu saido no jōyaku?, lit. "treaty of science side and magic side") is an agreement between the Magic and Science Sides that both sides will not interfere in the others' affairs and not use the others' techniques.


According to Stiyl Magnus, the treaty between the Magic and Science Sides was formed sometime after the fall of the Golden Dawn and the founding of Academy City.[1]

The treaty prevents either side from interfering in the others' affairs. As such, if a member of either side takes actions violating this agreement, the side from which they come from is obliged to be the ones to stop them.[2]

The treaty also prevents each side from using the others' techniques, meaning that those of the science side can't use magic in their technology and magicians can't use science in their magic.

Magicians can use technology to a certain extent, such as Stiyl Magnus's use of a photocopier to prepare rune cards, however, methods beyond a certain point, such as Richard Brave's use of Vitamin B2 for invisible runes, are illegal. The exact boundaries, as to what violates the treaty, are unclear, largely decided by the higher-ups, and methods which may be legal one day may be deemed illegal the next. In the case of the above two examples, Stiyl Magnus noted that their positions could have easily been the other way around.[3]

The field of space is not particularly well defined in the treaty and is a source of conflict between the two sides.[4]

Magical-Scientific MethodsEdit

This is a list of various magical-scientific methods, techniques, etc used by certain individuals and organizations.

Method User(s) Legality Description
Photocopied and laminated Rune cards Stiyl Magnus Legal Stiyl makes use of a photocopier and laminator to mass-produce Rune cards, making them easy to use.[3]
Vitamin B2 spray-produced invisible Runes Richard Brave Illegal Richard Brave uses invisible runes, secretly sprayed using Vitamin B2, to make targets extremely flammable. He then uses the runes on his Lævateinn to mimic strong UV rays and make them visible, activating their effect. This allows him to deceive his enemies, proclaiming that Lævateinn can burn anything.[3]
Industrial laser-carved Runes Leasic Illegal Leasic makes use of industrial lasers concealed in his clothing to carve his explosive runes quickly.[5]
Bifrost Orlentz Trice Illegal Several of the techniques used to construct Orlentz's research facility Bifrost are said to be in violation of the science side's rules.[6]
Rondo Net spell Pantagruel Unknown Pantagruel uses a spell which is linked to the Academy City SNS Rondo Net to create a virtual Academy City synchronized to the real one, with a magic contract in the user agreement which incorporates users into the spell.[7]
Coffin Esther Rosenthal (co-creator)

Hishigata Mikihiko (co-creator)

Unknown The Coffins are large mobile weapon systems powered by the corpses of dead espers, based on the research of Hishigata Mikihiko on the origins of esper powers being the soul, and the Rosenthal Family' style of necromancy.[8]
Holistic Esper GREMLIN Unknown GREMLIN made use of a Holistic Esper as part of the process for forging Gungnir.[9]
Endymion Ladylee Tangleroad Unknown The space elevator Endymion was prepared by Ladylee Tangleroad for the purpose of a spell which would end her life.[10]
Ultraviolet-faded magic circles Gate of the Gods Come from the Heavens Illegal As part of their plan to use Agni's Festival Fire, the cabal set up magic circles on turbines in Academy City by using a powerful ultraviolet light to cause the paint on the turbine to fade slightly.[11]
Element Kihara Yuiitsu Unknown Reduced life forms with a body created through a scientific method and animated by a magic-based core.[12]
Anti-Art Attachment Aleister Crowley (creator)

Kihara Noukan (wielder)

Unknown The A.A.A. is primarily a scientific Powered Suit but its core is actually magic disguised as science, containing multiple Thelemic elements, which allow the user to form an external remote link to and use another's (in most cases, Aleister) powers and techniques.[13][14]
Reading Thoth 78 Aleister Crowley (creator) Unknown The Reading Thoth 78 is an artificial intelligence and parallel processing device built into the Windowless Building, but its core is also comprised of the 78 cards of the Thoth Tarot. The nature of its assembly makes it an original grimoire, also called the Thoth Tarot.[15]


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  • When looking at the core of the A.A.A. and recognizing its magic-disguised-as-science nature, Luca compares it to "Edison's necromancy device", a reference to his spirit phone. To what extent this was a magical-scientific method isn't known.[14]


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