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A Magic Cabal (魔術結社 (マジックキャバル) Majutsu Kessha (Majikku Kyabaru)?, lit. "Magic Association", Yen Press: sorcerer's society) is a term used to describe independent magical organizations.


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Magic cabals seem to follow their own unique beliefs, magic rituals and practices. For example, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (the same organization which Aleister Crowley was previously in) performs a ritual where they would force the formless telesma into a container which has human form.[1]

Index disclosed that most magic cabals are careful when when it comes to admitting members, as being part of a cabal means being part of their secrets.[2] Even though by nature the magicians are able to betray any organization if it conflicts with their morals or goals; we have that there are cases when leaving a cabal for one reason or another would force the organization to assassinate the defector, as with the case with Aleister Crowley and Etzali being hunted down after their defection.

Magic cabals are also regulated by the existence of the Job Counter (対立職業 (ジョブカウンター) Tairitsu Shokugyō (Jobukauntā)?), an unspoken agreement that, should a cabal be created to provide a given service, another one will appear to counteract it and stop it from growing too powerful.[3]

Cabal Reserve ArmyEdit

A Cabal Reserve Army (結社予備軍 Kessha Yobigun?, lit. "Association Reserve Army", Yen Press: society reserve force) is an organization similar to a magic cabal. Cabal Reserve Armies are not polished organizations like a regular magic cabal. Instead, they are more like clubs created from a gathering of who are merely interested magic.[4] They are often composed of around 3 to 5 people, though there is apparently at least one organization with a hundred of members.[4]

Since Cabal Reserve Armies do only "club level activities" such as love fortunes or meditation and mental exercises, it ends up that they disappear naturally without having any effect on others or society as a whole. Sometimes however, that there is a tendency for truly refined groups mixed with other Cabal Reserve Armies. Groups such as New Light, use the structure of a normal Cabal Reserve Army in order to disguise their powers and capabilities and evading any extra attention.[4] The main magical organizational structure in Scotland are Cabal Reserve Armies.[4]


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List of Magic CabalsEdit

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Details, named/unnamed unlisted examples

Name Type Status Details
Golden Dawn (黄金夜明?) Defunct Once the largest and most powerful magic cabal in the United Kingdom and the world.
Dawn-colored Sunlight (暗闇を拭う夜明け ?) Golden-style cabal Active The largest Golden-style cabal in Europe, and one of the most powerful in the United Kingdom and the world.
Exit of the Evening Dusk (宵闇の出口?) Golden-style cabal
Dawn that Wipes Away Darkness (暗闇を拭う夜明け?) Golden-style cabal Active
Return of the Winged One (翼ある者の帰還?) Aztec cabal Active The largest cabal in Central America.
Divination Operation Brigade (占星施術旅団(せんせいせじゅつりょだん)?) Active
Knights of Orleans (オルレアン騎士団?) [5] Defunct
Rosicrucian Order Active
Those Who Prevent the Extermination of the World Tree (世界樹を絶やさぬ者?) Norse cabal Defunct One of the Five Great Norse Societies (北欧神話系五大結社?).[6]
Iron Stake that Carves Knowledge (知を刻む鉄杭?) Norse cabal Defunct One of the Five Great Norse Societies.
Champions from the Sea (海より来たる覇者?) Norse cabal Defunct One of the Five Great Norse Societies.
Those who Know the Rune of the God’s Sword (神の剣の文字を知る者?) Norse cabal Defunct One of the Five Great Norse Societies.
Hammer that Tempers Gold within the Earth (地の中で黄金を鍛える槌?) Norse cabal Defunct One of the Five Great Norse Societies.
Gate of the Gods Come from the Heavens (天上より来たる神々の門?) Hindu cabal
GREMLIN (グレムリン?) Norse cabal Defunct
Dusk Waiting to Awaken (目覚め待つ宵闇?)

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