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The Magic God Othinus Arc is a major story arc introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index, occuring sometime in mid-to-late November of the current year of the story timeline. It is the finale of the GREMLIN storyline that drove much of the first half of the Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index series.

Initially, this story arc follows on from the previous arcs, with GREMLIN having acquired everything they need to forge Gungnir, which will unify Othinus' infinite possibilities, making her unstoppable. In response to this threat, various factions prepare to attack GREMLIN's base in Sargasso to prevent the completion of the spear and the likely end of the world. However, the strength of the world fails and Othinus destroys and recreates the universe with Gungnir.

Here, the story arc then focuses greatly on Kamijou Touma's character, as he withstands Othinus' torturing him via creating new layers, or phases, of the world and recreating it many times in different forms. Eventually, it reaches the point that they alone can understand each other in the shifting and fluctuating world that Othinus has created, and later, due to Othinus caring for Touma, returns the world back to normal.

Finally, the story arc returns to Touma's world before Othinus destroyed it and follows their journey to save Othinus and turn her back into becoming a human as the fairy spell that Ollerus used on her is slowly killing her. The arc primarily focuses on Touma and Othinus, but shows the overall effects of their actions on the world and its responses to them.




Having gathered all the requirements for the creation of Gungnir, GREMLIN prepares for its construction. However, they are unaware that Othinus is playing them for fools. She used them to help her aid in the creation of Gungir, in spite of being able to create it on her own, propagating false information that there was only method and that it was the only way to acquire Gungnir. But it was just one of the many branches she can get Gugnir, and though it would've worked as well, she could easily make it on her own. This is because she used it as a decoy for her subordinates and especially those of her enemies who will surely interfere.[1]

But her problem with the infinite possibilities of being a magic god still troubled her. Intending to unify her infinite possibilities, she saw that she could only rely on achieving 100% success through the fulfilling the decoy plan, seeing as the Imagine Breaker, being the reference point of the world is of no use. And she saw no way to achieve 100% failure as well, as she has reacheve a level where it would be difficult to obtain a truly 100% and thorough defeat.[1]

And so, Othinus ordered moving Sargasso on Tokyo Bay, and had left the care of the Sargasso of the North Sea to Loki. Loki however, suspected that there was a traitor in their midst and put a spell around the Sargasso Othinus was on in order to trick the traitor of Sargasso's true location.[2] The reason for Othinus putting Sargasso in Tokyo Bay instead of directly attacking Academy City was to delay her enemies from attacking GREMLIN while they are busy constructing GREMLIN via distributing what people stood to gain. This method would stop the people from uniting for the common goal of defeating them, a scenario they have seen in World War III against Fiamma of the Right.[3] For the purpose of this plan she had GREMLIN put Muspell traps around the city,[4] destroyed chosen roads and bridges,[3] and most likely manipulated Tokyo's communications network.[3][5] Finally, GREMLIN also extended this manipulation through the use of manipulating strangers to post things on the Internet to continue the distribution of what people want to gain.[6]

With those in place, Othinus orders Thor, who is actually Ollerus in disguise, to take command of protecting Sargasso as she, Marian Slingeneyer, Bersi, and Mjölnir, allowing him to make use of Mokkerkalfe and command Freyja.[7]

Ollerus' plans

Ollerus who had infiltrated a GREMLIN as Thor begain making his move as well. Through Silvia he made contact with the Anglican Church and most likely the other nations that would later compose the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance regarding the threat regarding Othinus and GREMLIN. This is most likely to support him in his plan in stopping or at least delaying the creating Gungnir. Prior to infiltrating GREMLIN Ollerus had researched on the fairies and made up a spell to turn Othinus into a fairy, based on the history that fairies may have been gods once but turned into fairies as Christianity. He also however prepared for his failure, and had Fiamma of the Right learn of the spell as well. Fiamma of the Right who was missing through the entirety of GREMLIN's infilration of Academy City, proved that he can be hidden and can act freely within a collection of powerful people[8] by hiding infiltrating Sargasso.[1]

After some effort, Ollerus manages to discover the location of the Sargasso he was on without revealing himself, completely unaware however, that he has fallen for Loki's ruse. He then decided to use the "heart on the plate" to control Mokkerkalfe remotely and borrow the line to send information to the Anglican Church.[9] Elizard would later acquire that information even before the start of the conference with the rest of the heads of state and leaders in New York.

Anti-GREMLIN Alliance plans

With the various nations that are antagonistic against GREMLIN informed of the true extent of their power, the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance is formed, and United States President Roberto Katze calls for an unofficial meeting with the heads of state or leaders of those nations that[10] are antagonistic to GREMLIN.[11]

Kamijou Touma's right hand becomes a key component in the Alliance's plans against GREMLIN as they have no choice but to use him.[11] Leivinia Birdway of the Dawn-Colored Sunlight and Lessar and New Light volunteer to go to Academy City to meet with Touma to make sure that his right hand can be used at anytime when the Alliance is ready.[11] Leivinia Birdway herself is connected to the Alliance herself as an "illegal" in their meeting in New York waiting for their move.[10] For this purpose Academy City has given their cooperation by allowing Touma to go and giving them the use of a Supersonic Passenger Plane to ferry them wherever they are needed in the world.[12] The plan was for them to bring Touma to the location of GREMLIN's headquarters after it is discovered by the Alliance, and then with the support of the military forces, have and his Imagine Breaker at a single opportune moment, like when Gungnir is on the verge of completion, instead of Touma fighting a lengthy battle.[11]

Chronology: Lance of Gungnir

Touma, Index, Lessar, and Leivinia leave Touma's apartment in order to go to the airport in School District 23 where their transportation awaits them. While they are waiting for a bus, Misaka Mikoto comes upon them. She saw Touma sitting on a bench with girls clinging to him then instead of becoming angry due to the unpleasant sight, she just muttered to herself that she is sick of this position. Suddenly an adult woman in showy suit spoke to her and she recognized that this woman was under Shokuhou Misaki's control. Misaki then teased her regarding Touma and asked if she wants to know what's going on to which she replied that she isn't at all interested. Misaki then provoked Mikoto by saying she will approach him, ask him and seduce him by controlling more girls stating that he will at least like one of them. Mikoto then panicked and told Misaki that if she continues doing this, there would be chaos. She then controlled magnetism to lift up the bench where Touma and the others are sitting and sent it to the other side of the river. Mikoto then landed on the bench and demanded an explanation from Touma.[13] Mikoto later tags along with them to School District 23. There, they spent most of their time arguing amongst themselves what swimsuits they should wear and forcing Touma into incredibly awkward situations.

Preparations to strike against GREMLIN

Anti-GREMLIN Alliance conference in New York

Main article: Anti-GREMLIN Alliance conference in New York

A meeting of leaders.

After everyone has been briefed on the fantastical topics of the current situation of GREMLIN, the lance of Gungnir, and Sargasso, Roseline Krackhart speaks to summarize and clarify what they just discussed.[14]

Elizard says that she is correct and that the information comes from a spy in GREMLIN. She then says that what matter most is the creation of the lance at Sargasso as it is very dangerous. Roberto doesn't understand and compares it to a nuclear weapon. After the other state heads take turns explaining the danger of the lance of Gungnir, Elizard says that it must be stop before it is finished. Roberto then asks how they will find it, noting the extremely difficulty of such a task in such a short timeframe. Elizard says that it is not impossible, surprising Roseline. Elizard not only gives an example but confides to them that England had a secret secret transportation network that allowed them to fill the entire world with their magicians. Elizard comments on the Roman Catholic Church and its countless followers, assuming that the Church may have a large scale magic to utilize each member of the Church who is wearing a symbol of their Church. Pope Pietro Yogdis says that he can think of a few but has shut them all down since the dissolution of God's Right and shall never see the light of day so long as he is around. And thus it is revealed that already know the location of Sargasso, apparently waiting for a proper deliberation from all the members of the conference before making a decision. Elizard suggests the use of standard forces comprising of America, Russia, England, and France, while the magical forces however, will be led by England, Rome, Russia, and France, though requiring other countries to double duty. Hearing this, Russia and France readily agreed.[14]

Elizard then asks President Roberto Katze on how much firepower they could use. Roberto answers that since the House of Representatives is still itching for revenge over the invasion of Hawaii, he can get immediate approval from them for an attack on Sargasso. Roberto states that he can officially use the military stationed at four overseas bases in allied nations and if Sargasso is in international waters or the territorial waters of America, the European Union, or any other allied nation, he can have ballistic missiles fired in the name of having a test launch. And though he cannot use any nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons, he can at least have them fill the warhead with bunker clusters. Concerns over straining of the relationships between the countries later arise after Roberto's politically dangerous suggestion, to which he concludes by saying that he'd rather have countries gaining grudges with each other for what they will do than have the world destroyed today. Krans R. Tsarskiy then asks where the Sargasso might be, to which Elizard states may be in the North Sea or the sea near Iceland.[14]

Meanwhile, Kumokawa Maria sees Touma in the airport and calls out to him, to which Leivinia, Index, Lessar, Mikoto reacted as for Touma meeting another girl unknown to them and Touma wondering why they don't know her. She was then asked by Touma why is she there to which she replied that she is in the middle of an on-site training regarding using different languages to guide businessmen. Touma was dumbfounded and Mikoto explained it to him. Touma then asked how things have been going since that event in Baggage City and she said that she's email friends with the mixed martial artist girl and the ninja girl disappeared somewhere. She also said that she is not satisfied with what happened to her teacher and asked who is that eyepatch girl whom she felt an incomprehensible fear at that time. Touma then just assured her that they will know before long and she would be able to meet Kihara Kagun once again. Leivinia then received a word that they finally have their cue as to where Sargasso is as the attack on the North Sea Sargasso begins.[15] Maria later leaves and Maria pondered on how to get to Kagun despite her fear of GREMLIN and Othinus. Realizing however that Othinus is desecrating Kagun's body by resurrecting him for her plans instead of giving him a proper plans, Maria decides to get him back no matter what. And the only thread connecting her to GREMLIN is through Kamijou Touma.[16]

Anti-GREMLIN Alliance attack on the North Sea Sargasso

Main article: Anti-GREMLIN Alliance attack on the North Sea Sargasso

Carissa, William Orwell, and the Knight Leader of the Knights of England were chosen for this operation. For this operation, they were allowed to use two mobile fortresses, the Queen Mermaid and the Hotel Ariel. A third one, the Fly in the Heavens could not be prepared for them in time. While the mobile fortresses could move quickly across the sea and through the air, they could only be deployed instantly within a certain range. Carissa, William, and Knight Leader made preparations under the assumption that the enemy base would be located within that range.[17]

The attack was made up mostly of British forces, led by Carissa, William Orwell, and Knight Leader. The plan was for the British forces to approach Sargasso and attack it as the first wave, and then have America and Russia attack it for the second wave. By the second wave, Kamijou Touma and his Imagine Breaker should arrive as well and be used to destroy the equipment used to produce the lance. After the island's bombing, the landing forces consisting of the knights and the three would attack GREMLIN's flank while they were wholly focused on defending from the front. That way, they could exterminate GREMLIN before they could use their many strange spells. The three arrive by air on one of the oil platforms using its heliport, and would then continue toward Sargasso by boat.[17]

Several military boats approach Sargasso. There, Carissa receives word that America and Russia will be a little late, and though the other two can enter as the second wave of attack, they determined that they will take all glory for themselves. William Orwell asks when Touma will get here, to which Carissa states that he should arrive by the second wave, and notes that due to Academy City's Supersonic Passenger Plane he may arrive before the American and Russian forces. As the island became visible, it is bombed by several Grape Jelly bombs and the Mont Blanc bombs. As the attack takes place, William notes on how Carissa's methods never change, and warn her that due to the incident she caused in England, the British Halloween, GREMLIN may had analyzed her methods. Carissa replies that if one removes all the waste and search for the optimal usage of one's weapons, everyone will ultimately arrive at the same place. She states that a military run by a nation needs is an attack method that is impossible to avoid even if you know it’s coming. As the begin to land on the island, Carissa isn't optimistic enough to think that the bombing was enough to kill all the members of GREMLIN, but believed that since they still have the physical body of a human, then they can be killed.[2]

Landing on the island, they are informed that there is no need for gas masks for there were no toxic substances detected after the bombing. Thus, they and the British forces begin their search for GREMLIN. Then, they here a voice up on a wrecked tanker in the island. His name is Loki, and he introduces himself to them. He comments that "Lady Othinus" gave him the task of protecting the Sargasso of the North Sea with his life. His explanation is cut short however, after he is shot through the throat with an arrow fired via the Robin Hood spell. Loki then fell from the tip of the tanker he was standing on and slammed to the ground. Carissa then ordered all of her men to continue moving forward. Loki however suddenly rises, explaining that he is just an illusion and the real Loki is no where near the area. He explains that he was suspicious of his teammates and worried about a spy, so he created an artificial sky over Sargasso and altered Marian Slingeneyer's notes. Reports from the landed forces state that the teams have found no trace of the magic god or the production of the lance in the island: it is completely empty. Carissa and the others then realize they have been led to a false Sargasso on the other side of the world. The illusion bids them farewell and disappears, just as the place is bombed.[2]

GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo

Main article: GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo

Níðhöggr perches upon Tokyo Sky Tower during the invasion of Tokyo by GREMLIN.

The conference in New York later receives the report from the disastrous operation. Of others, it included Orsola Aquinas and Sherry Cromwell who provided support through information organization in London's national library, as well as Leivinia Birdway herself, who is then receives the shocking location of the true Sargasso,[18] in Tokyo Bay.

Kamijou Touma and their group evidently feel GREMLIN's pressure, as the airport begins announcement telling people to go to the underground shelters. Touma later discovers from Leivinia on how the battlefield is in Tokyo Bay. Touma is hesitant however, as he believes that GREMLIN will attack Academy City, but Leivinia tells him that the swiftest way to prevent the shed of blood is for Touma to destroy Gungnir before the forces of Academy City and GREMLIN collide. Having no choice, Touma follows Leivinia to get to their plane. Mikoto later calls out to him, and asks him if Tokyo becoming a battlefield like in Hawaii is just a joke. But Touma says that he doesn't know but tells her that she should be able to tell with the tense situation they are in. Mikoto says that her mother lives in Tokyo and needs something more concrete than what Touma just said. Pressed for time, Touma tells her to come with him as it is better than just watching. Index then runs up to him asking why he isn't relying on a magic expert such as herself is he's going to fight magicians. Touma just says "fine" to this, not having time for their questions.[19] Meanwhile, after Maria finally decides to follow Touma to get to GREMLIN and by proxy Kihara Kagun, she finds Touma are about to the supersonic passenger plane via an electronic cart, Maria jumped on Touma's lap while saying that she will be going with them and she will do anything just to let her go with them to which Lessar was shocked at Maria's action saying that she may be mistaken on who her real rival is. Leivinia then signalled the cart driver to go and approach the plane. Just before they took off, Maria apologized to Touma for asking him to do a favor to which Touma did not think of it as a major issue. Lessar then guided her to her proper seat and buckled up. Not long after taking off, they are above Tokyo. There, however, they are intercepted by a red dragon, Freyja's Níðhöggr, and easily slicing it into two, and dislodging all its passengers.[12]

Othinus cows Kakine Teitoku

Kihara Kagun continues his part in the creation of Gungnir. Here, he was shown to be silently working on the parallel processor that will be used to send signals to produce Dark Matter. His job was to find the computers from the radios, fishfinders, navigation control systems, and other devices installed on the dozens or even hundreds of ruined ships that had drifted to Sargasso. Once he found them, he would connect them with cables and make some programming adjustments so they could function as a parallel processor. This high-speed and large-scale processor was necessary to use the empty husk of the #2 which had been retrieved from Academy City.[20]

Just before the invasion begins, Kagun sets up the the parallel processor to send signals to Kakine's flesh and blood organs in order for it to produce Dark Matter. After some time, the organs produced white sticky substance and gathered to form Kakine's own body. Othinus and Kagun both realized that Kakine is already concsious. After hearing the conversation of Othinus and Kagun regarding of using him for their own purpose, he started to devour all the equipments attached to him and declared that all he knows is their fate for using him as a tool then attempt to attack them. He formed a dome around the headquarters of GREMLIN and proceeded to attack. Before the attack arrived, Othinus subdued Kakine by unhesitatingly grabbing Kakine's neck in one hand, digging her fingertips to his neck. At that instant the dome collapsed. Othinus and Kagun then exchanged a few short words. Othinus then forced Kakine to submission and transformed him into a mass the size of a volleyball then tossed it to Bersi and commanded him to do what needs to be done with it. She then senses that their base was already found by their enemies. Mokkerkalfe and Níðhöggr are later deployed, indicating the start of the invasion.[21]

Separation of Touma's group

Kamijou Touma

After falling from the plane, Touma plummets towards the earth with Níðhöggr ever stalking him. Although he has with him a parachute, it opened in a queer way. As he falls, it is broken as his parachute is caught by a crane. There is a nearby building below Touma, and as he ponders on what to do, his parachute begins to rip. Touma then tries to climb up the crane before that happens. However, Níðhöggr catches up to him again and smashes the crane, making Touma fall. As he falls, he is able to get close into one of the buildings floors, and enter it through one of the still glassless windows. After bearing the pain of the fall, Touma quickly hides away from Níðhöggr, who quickly leaves after being unable to find him. After recovering, Touma tries to call up Index and discovers that the networks both Internet and phone have become congested and that only the emergency voice message service can be used. He becomes suspicious of this and looks out the window to see the streets being flooded by people, a result of GREMLIN distributing what people stood to gain.[22]

With communications still down and no message for him in the disaster messageboards, Touma is left on his own in a city he is unfamiliar with. With time of the essence, Touma heads out to Tokyo Bay on his own, and decides to go down the subway tunnles, believing them to be abandoned.[4] Touma tries to force his way through the crowds in order to get to the station, after much effort he escapes the crowded places but the instead runs into Muspells. As he was not stalled by GREMLIN's manipulations, several appear before him. Still desperate to get to Tokyo Bay, Touma runs lets out his right hand and ran straight through them, easily destroying them. In the end, Touma discovers that the subway trains are still running thorugh the tunnels. Seeing this as an opportunity to get to Tokyo Bay faster, he crawls into a ventelation duct, and tries to time his jump onto a passing train. With some difficulty, Touma is able to land on the subway train, and there, later meets face to face with Freyja.[23]

Index and Misaka Mikoto

Mikoto holding Index while they look upon the human wall forming on the streets.

Both Index, with Sphynx, and Mikoto fall from the plane as well. While Mikoto has a parachute which worked fine, Index doesn't know how to use hers. Mikoto later sees Index falling, prompting her to stop using her parachute and caught Index who is chaotically rotating as she fell. Mikoto then controlled magnetism and landed vertically on the wall of a giant train station building while holding Index. Mikoto was dumbfounded that the place was so packed with people to the point that she can't see the sidewalk. Index then told her that it was GREMLIN's doing. Suddenly, a Níðhöggr flew over their heads but did not attacked them. Mikoto then tried to use her cellphone but it was of no avail since the lines were apparently overloaded. Mikoto could not see the benefit of GREMLIN being in Tokyo and frustrating people enough to flood the streets, thinking that it'd be better if they attacked Academy City directly or destroyed Tokyo because it was in their way. However, she then realizes that GREMLIN is trying to distribute what people stood to gain as well.[24]

Mikoto then started to move from building to building using her magnetism and while still holding Index. They are heading for Sargasso since Mikoto thought that Touma will probably head there. While moving, Index then warned Mikoto to watch out and they landed perpendicularly on the side of a high rise building. As soon as she did, countless of sparks appeared floating down and each spark struck the glass wall and produced pillars of flame that took form. Index then explained that it is the Muspell from the Norse Mythology to which Mikoto doesn't understand, but is forced to take them on.[4] Mikoto with Index later continue try and searching for Touma.

Leivinia Birdway, Lessar, and Kumokawa Maria

In contrast to the others, Leivinia, Lessar, and Maria manage to land safely in a certain shopping district in Tokyo. They then sense a low rumbling sound and proceeded to a nearby buliding. Immediately afterwards, two waves of people suddenly met up in the narrow intersection as if colliding. Leivinia then realized that GREMLIN just made a human wall so as to clog the streets and sidewalks. Maria complains on how needlessly complicated GREMLIN is, saying that it'd be easier if they just destroyed buildings to make barricades to block people's path instead of manipulating them.. Leivinia then says that what she's saying is true, but then asks her what their barricade is truly meant to hold. She asks Maria if a group willing to make an enemy of the entire world only worried about them. Maria then asks what they are trying to stop, to which Leivinia says it a much larger framework. She says that GREMLIN is maintaining a situation with little damage but where they can cause great damage and bloodshed at any moment, and says that GREMLIN is trying to distribute what people stood to gain from the situation.[25]

While Touma goes for the tunnels and Mikoto goes from building to building, the girls instead take to the river and later find themselves in a sewers. Here, they too encounter the Muspells from Norse mythology. Leivinia explains that they are a trap set up against those who are not "stalled," and says that those who left using helicopters and chartered planes may have been wiped out by them. Leivinia and Lessar easily counter the Muspells however, and they continue on their way to Sargasso. They believe that they should do what they can to get there even if they can't use Touma's Imagine Breaker, but opens up a possibility that Touma is already there and will need their support.[4] They later acquire a motorboat for their purpose.

Anti-GREMLIN Alliance response to the invasion

Roberto connects to a hotline with a Japanese representative on the other line. Roberto chastises a Japanese representative over the phone, asking why they have yet to make a move against GREMLIN, demanding consent that the United States should intervene. After the representative doesn't give a satisfactory response, Roberto ends the call. Elizard says that he should've asked what Academy City intends to do, though Roberto doubts that they would've known anyway. Roseline says that the Japanese government is divided on the issue, and Academy City has made no announcement. She is amazed at GREMLIN for intentionally created this current balance of power. With the clock ticking and with the Japanese government neutered into focusing in moving their government elsewhere before taking action, Roberto deliberates on his choices. Pietro then says that Academy City will make their move soon, though he has doubts if Academy City will bother distinguishing between friend or foe. The Maiden of Versailles then says that she doubts that Academy City even completely trust them, conjecturing that they another magical group will try to attack them within the confusion caused by GREMLIN, something that is only favorable to GREMLIN itself. The Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Krans reminds them that doubts and constraints are all part of GREMLIN's attempt to buy time, and that they need to have as many people they can at least trust. However, no one agrees with his assessment as there was no time. Roberto then asks Elizard if the Anglican Church have a hotline with Academy City, as they have joined forces during World War III. Elizard points out that it was the Anglican Church's doing and the British Royal Family was barely involved. Elizard then states that the Church as well wasn't able to contact Aleister since the end of the War. Out of allies, out of options, and out of time, Roberto contemplates what they should do. His stupor is later broken by Roseline, and there Roberto gave a small smile. He says that what they should do hasn't changed, and tells them that they should make a vote. One of the people there asks if they are using democratic decision to distribute responsibility, to which Roberto says that only those who go along with their plan will become responsible. Thus the alliance finally makes their move against GREMLIN.[3]

It is most likely through them that the United States asked Russia to scramble a few of their unarmed bombers towards Tokyo in an attempt spur the Japanese government through fear. The bombers are later intercepted by Jörmungandr and is nearly attacked if not for Stiyl Magnus' Innocentius doing battle with him. Due to the fact that Japan still made no action even until the end, it is likely the intimidation failed or that Jörmungandr destroyed them.[26] It is likely the are also the ones who sent out a convoy of supplies towards Tokyo from Saipan. This too however, was intercepted by a GREMLIN member, but was later forced into battle by Silvia and Brunhild Eiktobel.[27]

Academy City response to the invasion

Academy City later mounts an attack on GREMLIN using their supersonic bombers. Here, they are intercepted by Freyja's Hræsvelgr, and do battle against them. Their dogfights naturally cause massive destruction, and doing so in a massively populated city increases the likelihood of civilian casualties. The result of this that the populace, instead of being frustrated and dissatisfied as they were before, have changed to that of panic and fear. As a result of this, they will turn their anger on Academy City, rationalizing that the creatures that were flying around Tokyo did not bother them or attacked until Academy City interfered.[28] Index, Mikoto, Leivinia, Lessar, and Maria all witness the mobilization of Academy City's forces, and comments on how GREMLIN still has the upperhand as the blame will fall upon Academy City.

Despite this, Academy City is seemingly the only force that makes any notable resistance against GREMLIN, even reaching towards the ocean using their supersonic bombers. However, they are forced to contend against Mokkerkalfe waiting for them and under the control of Ollerus, who is forced to keep on the ruse of being Thor.[29]

Kamijou Touma vs. Freyja

Ollerus in the guise of Thor later sends Freyja to Tokyo at the height of the invasion[30] and in the middle of GREMLIN's "pressure" of the populace to distribute what people hoped to gain in an effort to stop the people from uniting against them. She is near a fishing pond, passing her time fishing, monitoring the Muspells GREMLIN deployed all over the city and awaiting orders.

She first appears in a fishing pond, communicating through the use of a magic talisman to someone regarding her status. While trying to fish, she says that she went to Tokyo just as "Thor" had requested, assumes that he and Mokkerkalfe will take their positions at Tokyo Bay, and wonders about Bersi's role. She then state that her Níðhöggr is resting at the Tokyo Sky Tower, and that the Muspell has began reacting to those are unaffected or resists their pressure, stating that they should crush them before they can gather. She says that the Muspells are being destroyed and that she can no longer sit idly by while it is happening. Suddenly, one of the desperate people there calls out to her, believing she has an actual working cellphone in her hand as the invasion has crippled the network of the city. He carelessly grabbed her hand, and with a whispered chant from her, she summons a monster from the pond to eat the man, much to the nearby people's horror. She later says that she will go to the location where most of the Muspell has been destroyed. As she leaves, her fishing pole finally catches something, but it was the body of the man from before.[30]

Freyja manages to land on the train Touma was able to jump on as well, seeing that he was the one who destroyed the most Muspells. She tells her who she is, and warns her that juts because they're on a train doesn't mean it should be a reason to worry about a pregnant woman like her. She then tells Touma that he should be honored for she decided that he was the biggest threat to GREMLIN and must be defeated first.[23] There, Touma has to contend against the power of Freyja's Brísingamen summons. And though his right hand can easily destroy, Freyja summons many of them to overwhelm him. However, Touma finds away, impressing Freyja that he could find a way to withstand her surefire methods. She summons another monster based on a giant of Norse mythology, but it is quickly struck down by the ceiling getting lower as the train travels in a tunnel. Seeing his chance, Touma charges, but Freyja does not fear. She summons several monsters of the same type based on another giant of Norse mythology. But they were many and they cramped what little space they had. Believing that he could topple them all, Touma continues forward. However, what he did not take into account was Freyja summoning another one, Hildisvíni the boar, and then her ordering it to consume its fellow summons. This shocks Touma as it begins growing larger and large, enough to fill the space of the tunnel. Frejya explains that Norse mythology is a mythology of mutual destruction, where gods and the monsters slay each other. Using this as a basis, she can create an attack where one devours the other.[31]

Touma is undeterred as he sees that he will have an easier time defeating a single large monster instead of many. Then Freyja laughs at him, believing that he is merely motivating himself, and that the "child" she gave birth to will hinder his motivations. Touma questions her wording of "child". Here, Freyja says that she is not calling her summons from far away but creating them by guiding her magic power through the womb, giving it a specific directionality of germination, and pour that magic power into a Brísingamen jewel, thus she can call upon monsters using the jewel as the core. She mentions her "child" and that since her own magical sense is lacking, she has no choice but to borrow the child's brain and body to use magic. Freyja mentions that the child has been trapped in her womb for a full two years, and refers to it as a leftovers in the back of a fridge. Touma is enraged at her callous regard for human life. Then the boar attacked. Touma thought that he could easily defeat such a large opponent, but he was mistaken. The boar was so large that when it charged at Touma when the train arrived at the station, it pushed air towards him, acting like a piston. Touma floats on midair due to the wind as the boar continues to charge towards him.[31] The boar's attack ravages the back of the train and Touma could not be seen. Believing Touma has either been crushed or have fallen, Freyja prepares to find her next target. Unbeknownst to her Touma survived, grabbing on the roof of the train. Freyja sees and congratulates Touma, but even before she could use her jewels, Touma swings his coat over her face, blocking her vision.[32] While her vision is blocked, she tries to summon another creature. And though Touma hesitates because she is pregnant, he has no choice but to press on forward. Touma apologizes to the child rather than to the mother, and destroys the creature she just summoned.

The true Freyja revealed.

Touma charges towards Freyja, intending to destroy the Brísingamen and end their battle as soon as possible. However, he then hears a shout, telling Touma not to touch her mother. At that moment, Freyja kicked Touma, forcing him back due to the pain. Freyja throws away his coat but he manages to get it back. There, he saw it upon he belly of the woman before her. There were runic markings on them, he then realized that if the mother was not able to use magic at all if wasn't for her child, then wouldn't that mean it is the child who can use magic. Here, Touma realizes that the child inside the womb is Freyja.[33] The child in the womb says that she is trying to save her mother no matter what. She tells of her hopeless and inescapable situation, which will find no redress even after ten years of work and one hundred years of research. Touma then asks what it has to do with GREMLIN and the destruction they spread. Freyja replies that he has yet to see what GREMLIN truly is. She readdresses he statement of "ten years of work and one hundred years of research" and references on how a magic god can ignore those restrictions, and says that as long as the lance is completed, that person her mother, can finally be saved. Touma not to trust Othinus for all the things she has done in Hawaii and in Baggage City that once the lance is complete she won't need to listen to anyone else. Freyja says that it is fine for her only method of saving her mother is through borrowing the power of a magic god. Touma pleads to Freyja to reconsider as he deems that Othinus is only using that as a convenient tool to guide her, referencing as what is happening to the city as similar. However, Freyja does not heed his words and tells Touma to stay out of the way.[34]

Kamijou Touma, Index, and Misaka Mikoto vs. Freyja

Touma lays down his pride and asks Index and Mikoto for help in saving both Freyja and her mother.

Suddenly, Touma hears a scratching noise and realizes that the great hole inside one of the train cars may have been filled with a summon by Freyja while he fell a while ago. There, she reveals to him a great red dragon Níðhöggr Vol. 02, which was larger than any of the summons Touma has come to face in that tunnel for Freyja has fed it many of the summons while inside the car. Then, as the train exits the tunnel and Touma's eyes are filled with blinding light, the thing attacks him. Freyja cried out some order and moved to the next car forward, as the dragon wrecks several cars as it moves, including the one Touma is standing upon. As he falls, believing he has failed, he notices someone grabbing to his back as his body's fall changes. He was saved by Misaka Mikoto, with Index and Sphynx in tow. With only two cars remaining, they land upon one of them. Mikoto immediately goes on a tirade against Touma's during this dire situation, saying that just because the cellphone don't work doesn't mean he can run off on his own and get cornered. She reminds him that he has only one life no matter what kind of power he has. Index cuts in, saying that Touma will not change even if she says that, and that they will have to compromise for him. Index apologizes to Touma for interfering and says that she will not back down here. Then, his cellphone fell onto the train, and there it plays a recorded message from his mother directed to him and his father, telling them not to worry about her despite the chaos that is happening in Tokyo.[34]

Hearing this, Touma sees the great unfairness of the situation, and that he has no way on his own to save them. And thus, Touma swallows his pride. He tells them of Freyja and her true form, and finally asks the two girls beside him for help in saving her. There, as if some a deep wish has been granted for them, they say to Touma to leave it to them.[34]

Believing that she will win regardless of how many enemies will stand against her, Freyja summons the great red boar Hildisvíni as a cushion for her fall when she escapes after ordering Níðhöggr Vol. 02 to attack. And she does order it to destroy everything. As it charges towards them, Misaka Mikoto used her powers to jump towards the red dragon, and launched several Railguns at it in a row in point black range using her powers. It's advanced was stopped in an instant, shocking Freyja as the monster disappears. As Mikoto is left behind in the distance, Touma and Index steps forward. Freyja summons other monsters again. Suddenly however, her body stiffens as Index chants Notarikon letters, her Spell Intercept.[35]

Mikoto and Index help Touma in defeating the Goddess of Fertility.

Touma then spoke to Index and tells her that she should analyze the magic being used to give birth to Freyja's "children". Afterwards, Touma speaks to Freyja. He tells her on his initial confusion on how she said that she worked to protect her mother within the womb despite being a fetus. He tells her on how he questioned on how she was able to learn magic. He says that seeing her magic is specialized toward giving birth to "children," he realized on how it is based on, and asks a rhetorical question towards her on what it is. Freyja does not answer, but Touma tells her anyway. He reveals that her magic is based on the magic used to safely give birth to the child inside the womb, and that she has twisted it into an attack magic so she could join GREMLIN. Once again, Freyja is uncaring for Touma's words, telling him that no matter how it was originally, it failed in the end as her mother is doomed if she continues to be with her as well as if she leaves her. And that the only escape is through the use of the magic god's power to make the impossible possible.[35]

Hearing this, Touma says that he will have Index finish this, for she has the collection of knowledge that can reach the level of a magic god. With those 103,000 grimoires, surely if they can reveal the spell meant to allow the child a safe birth and send it into the mother that is fully reliant on the child, her mother should be able to keep her heart beating on her own just as when a child leaves its mother. As Index attempts to hack into the single system known as the Fertility Goddess Freyja that was made up of the mother and the fetus, Freyja speaks. Here she says that she will continue to protect her mother even if she has to sell her soul to a magic god or spill the blood of innocents as a pawn of GREMLIN, and she will do it on her own. However, Touma says that it is over and that she no longer have to use her hostility as weapon to protect her mother. Here, Touma says that that the unfairness is over and Freyja can trust people now. With that, Freyja continues to resist as she did not know how to trust people, summoning two more monsters. But Touma is unperturbed, he tells Index that he will take out everything that tries to interfere so he can buy her the time she needs to prepare. He tells her to focus on her analysis and not worry about a thing. As Touma fights, Index mutters an incantation under her breath, and the child inside the womb lets out a cry. There, Touma tells her it is over and that they will wait for her in the wide world.[35]

After Touma and Index removes the control the child has from the mother, the mother comes to as the train escapes the dark tunnel, politely asking where she is, though she later falls unconscious again.[35]

The end of the world


Maria, with Freyja's unconscious body, follows Kihara Kagun until the end.

Bersi was let go after his role in constructing Gugnir ended, and was then ordered as an Einherjar by Othinus to intercept their enemies and buy them some time.[36] Meanwhile, carrying with them an unconcsious Freyja, Touma and Index finally made it to Tokyo Bay. Leivinia, Lessar, and Maria pass them by on their commandeered motorboat. Seeing them, the girls turn back to meet them. Mikoto later arrives, falling from the sky and used magnetism to land on the metal railing alongside the river mouth and scolded Touma for leaving her behind after asking for help. Seeing Touma with another girl and a pregnant one to boot, there was again a misunderstanding in Touma's part to which he explained everything that happened. As try to ponder on what to do with Freyja before they set off to Sargasso on the motorboat suddenly attacked by a giant dragon, the Níðhöggr that was harassing Tokyo all day. Touma asks if Mikoto if she truly defeated the thing, but she tells Touma that she did but the ones before them is larger. With its great speed, it tries to charge towards them to retrieve Freyja. Being in danger of being crushed by that massed at such a speed, the girls prepare to fight it, Touma asks what he can do, to which Leivinia says that he should stay out of the way. Powerless, Touma can only watch as Mikoto's Railgun and Leivinia's magic is powerless to stop it. Just when Touma and the others were about to be attacked by Nidhogg, Kagun came and attacked it. He successfully defeated Nidhogg and Kumokawa Maria recognized him. Maria found that there is a slight scar on the back of his neck.[37] It turns out that there is an embedded chip there that is programmed based on a list that he had inputted in the device. That list comprises of the things that he would "actually do" or actions that are "like him" so as to ensure that even if he is dead he won't be controlled to do what he does not want to do. Maria then realized this and told Touma and the others that she would stay with him until the end, she carries Freyja with her walking with Kagun until the end as her comrades leave.[38]

Ollerus and Fiamma of the Right's gambit

With their motorboat, the group races towards Sargasso, passing by Muspells who tried to intercept them. As they were too fast, they later disappeared. Out in the distance as they approach Sargasso, Mokkerkalfe appears, but before it can do anything, it's heart is crushed by Ollerus in the guise of Thor. Othinus then appears before him asking him what he is doing. He then said that it is about time and threatened Othinus regarding Marian as an explosion erupts inside Mjölnir blowing her and Marian away, though he doubts that it could kill them. Othinus then threatened him to show his true self and he transformed back to his true self. However, despite revealing himself before Othinus, the construction of Gungnir has been interrupted. She then questioned Ollerus motives of being there and someone's life or death won't stop her from carrying out her plan. Ollerus then remarked that he is glad that she didn't see through his plan and her infinite possibilities send her power to the negative direction. Othinus then responded in disappointment that there is no way she would add him to her ranks of Einherjar and she would totally obliterate him and Ollerus responded to her mockingly to which Othinus responded by creating tens of thousands or even hundreds of millions of strange explosions in the slight space between them. The battle between Ollerus and Othinus goes on then immediately, Ollerus rushed up to Othinus while disregarding the damage he is taking. He then jabbed his glowing palm at the center of Othinus chest to turn her into a fairy based on the idea that fairies were former pagan gods that were shrank down by Christianity without being aware of it. In that way, the magic god will be returned/dragged down to the territory of a human. But despite that, Othinus just laughed and told him that she deceived his senses and thanked him for giving her a means to finally defeat him. She then used the same move against Ollerus to turn him into a fairy. Ollerus then staggered and said that his second hope is still on track. Othinus was confused then suddenly she was stabbed by the same spell again, this time by Fiamma of the Right who seems to appear out of nowhere. Ollerus then told her that he no longer have an interest in becoming the magic god but he won't allow someone to misuse it.

At that moment, it seems that it is all over for Othinus but she just laughed. She then told them that she doesn't care whether she lose, what's important to her is unifying her infinite possibilities. She only needed it to lean in one direction or the other. It did not matter whether she completed the lance and have 100% success or become a fairy and have 100% failure. Whether she win or lose, she will be a complete magic god. While saying all these things to Ollerus and Fiamma, Touma and the others approached GREMLIN's base. As they approached the end of Sargasso, Touma doubted if it is still part of the real world. He then sees Ollerus' body fall from the deck of a passenger ship. Othinus then told him that he was too late. Touma then asked about the lance to which Othinus responded that it all ended in failure but it didn't matter to her since all she wants is to complete her position as the magic god and as long as there is a way of doing it even without the lance, it doesn't matter anymore. She then told Touma that all of it was just a decoy, even the formation of GREMLIN and everything that happened in the past. Othinus then pulled the lance of gungnir that she made herself from her right eye socket. While Othinus laughed, Touma was speechless. She then declared that she is now a complete magic god by having both solutions at once to which Touma just screamed. Othinus then lightly spun the lance around in one hand and pointed its tip toward the heavens and said that little fights are so troublesome, thus she'll just end the world. And exactly as she had announced, everything was immediately destroyed.[1]

Concurrent scenes

Many scenes regarding other characters' actions during the invasion are shown. Most important of this is Kamijou Shiina and Misaka Misuzu's conversation in their sports club during the invasion. They are forced to stay inside as the streets have become overrun with panicking people. Misuzu pulls out her phone and discovers that the internet has become frozen and that they are only able to connect to the disaster messageboards, putting them in the dark on what exactly is happening. Shiina asks what they should do, to which Misuzu says that she lives alone so she should be fine, and Shiina replies that she should be fine as well. As she spoke however, Shiina held her phone and began pushing the buttons, prompting Misuzu to ask if she is making a call despite the probability that it won't get through. Shiina then says that she would like to leave a message on the message board, prompting Misuzu to join in.[39] Shiina is able to make a small voice message and post it up in the disaster message boards. Touma, through his foresight, had his phone to automaticall record any new message in the disaster messageboard. In a strange twist of fate, Touma receives her message while he confronts Freyja. Hearing her mother's voice forces Touma to reconsider what he should do against Freyja, and lays down his pride and asks Index and Mikoto to help in saving her.[34]

Another is that of Fenrir of GREMLIN's appearance in a NORAD base. He appears in Alaska to take out a NORAD base there as a means of sealing off the alliance's intelligence network. When he reaches where the base's parabolic antennae arrays are stored, he is ambushed by Oriana Thomson, whom he effortlessly blocks with his magic. After the explanation of his distortion spell, she commented that she would just have to use the countermeasures she developed if she should have to fight Kamijou Touma again. Realizing she's comparing his power to the Imagine Breaker he retorts that he doesn't completely annihilate the occult, just simply have the magic be "swept away", and can not take the role of being a reference point for the world.[40]

Chronology: Shifting and Fluctuating World

After the end

Othinus and Touma in the black world.

The world has truly ended, and while in the Black World, Othinus told Touma who just woke up that he failed to save the world and told him that she isn't interested on what he will be going to do. Touma stood up speechless, noticed his surroundings and asked Othinus about the place they were in. As Touma continues to deny what he is seeing and not accepting the fact that the world had really ended, Othinus told him that what she destroyed is not just the Tokyo Bay or the Earth but the whole universe itself and only the two of them are left. Touma could not still believe it and walked away from Othinus as he wandered around place.[41] After walking for a very long time, Touma accepts reality and wanted some kind of a landmark. He then realizes that Othinus is still there and decided to go back to face her.[42] When he came back, Othinus told him that she thought that he had already died somewhere. Touma told her that there is nothing there and that he will find a way to meet again the people who have disappeared. Othinus told him that there is nothing he can do now that the world has already ended. Touma then told her regarding his Imagine Breaker as a reference point as what Ollerus said and will find a way to revert everything she threw out of order. Othinus then told her she is fine with it and that she already expected Touma as the final barrier. Despite the fact that she could kill him easily at that moment, she didn't because she thought that if she killed him, Imagine Breaker would just reside somewhere else and it would be problematic so she decided to just break him mentally and use him as a cage to trap Imagine Breaker. Touma then challenged her for a fight but Othinus told him that a magic god like her won't bother fight a puny human. She then pulled her lance from the ground and it glowed signifying that she is creating something. Touma then wondered what she is doing and she told him that she is going to break him mentally by taking everything from him and show him the insignificance of everything that he has gained in his life.[43]

Alpha World

In the Alpha World, while Touma is still in the bedroom and is at lost on what is happening after knowing that the world treats him as an evil person and wants him dead, Othinus suddenly appeared and told him that the world have realized that this great commotion would not end unless they kill Touma. Touma while trembling asked her what have she done to them, to which Othinus responded that she did not threaten them and that this is the current world and not just a nightmare. She then told him that he would eventually die and nothing will change that. Touma then looked around the destroyed bedroom but Othinus had already disappeared.[44] After Touma escaped the police officers who are pursuing him, Othinus appeared again to Touma on top of a telephone pole and told him that he overcame his first trial. Touma then questioned her what did she do to which she responded that she just merely changed everyone's point of view then vanished yet again. Touma then learned that after the war, Japan was set up such that it would dry up on its own without help and that the pile of rubble that he was in is actually Shibuya. He then thought if the GREMLIN or coalition did this, then Othinus suddenly responded that it wasn't her and it doesn't seem to be over yet then vanished. Touma then heard an announcement coming from the store's speakers that the students who had fled Academy City were the target of bombings. The attack landed and the shockwave affected Touma. He began to ran toward the station hoping that the people hiding there were not wiped out, then suddenly Othinus appeared alongside him riding an electric two-wheeled vehicle that she had picked somewhere while telling him that he shouldn't be so sure about that and things might not go as nicely as he thinks he will. Touma tried to punch her but she disappeared along with the vehicle.[45] Touma then reached the station and saw Fukiyose Seiri. While he is attempting to save her, she suddenly stabbed him and blamed him for everything that has happened. An LCD TV burried in the rubble came to life and showed an announcement that a second and third wave of missiles are coming right at that moment and the missiles came. The ground of Shibuya Station collapsed and Touma fell. Othinus showed herself again to Touma while falling through the deep underground of Shibuya Station and asked him if he understood now that this is a world with a different point of view. Touma then asked him what point of view did she changed to make this world to which Othinus answered that she changed everyone's point of view concerning him. Touma then awoke from the impact of falling and heard an announcement that Academy City has had all supply lines cut off. He understood that most people in the world hated him and that any people or organizations that were connected to him were being indiscriminately targeted. Othinus yet appeared again leaning against Touma's back while he is confronting Aogami Pierce who is about to attack him. She told him that she did not brainwash them nor added anything new but just changed their point of view. She also told him that he had already done what it would take to be treated like this and it's just that he and the others haven't realized it before. Continuing on, she told him that in the world he knows, he always charged headfirst into some kind of incident using his fists to defeat the enemy and protect someone as a result then being treated as a type of hero and only that positive aspect was emphasized. She then continued on by whispering to him about what will happen if their point of view was changed and emphasized the other side of his actions, specifically the negative ones and that it would be strange for people to silently accept an incarnation of violence like that. After saying those words, Othinus cleanly vanished. Touma then fought Aogami who is blaming him of everything and defeated him. He ran away while thinking about the safety of his parents. Othinus appeared hung upside-down the ceiling; apparently knows what he is thinking, she then told him that she wouldn't stop him if he wanted to see it for himself and that he should be more cautious of his surroundings. Suddenly, he was stabbed by Komoe from behind. Komoe then apologized and told him that she have to take responsibility. The LCD monitors in the station suddenly lit up and showed his father announcing that despite the fact that Touma is their son they are willing to help everyone in order to kill him because he is an absolute evil and that they will correct the mistake they made. Othinus then appeared staring down at him while crouching and asked him who in the world actually saw him for who he was. She then tried to break him by telling him that people were not actually looking at him and that they do not see him for who he is and that is the reason why they were easily manipulated by changing their point of view. She then asked him if this kind of world is worth risking his life to protect, to which Touma responded that it is. She then realized that she could not break him that easily and decided for a slight change of plans. At a snap of her fingers, time sped back to normal and Komoe proceeded to kill Touma.[46]

Beta World

In the Beta World, Othinus sat on the teacher's desk in the twilt classroom as evening fell while Touma is contemplating on what he just saw earlier in the class. It turns out that there is an impostor who is living his normal everyday life and the others did not notice it despite the striking differences in their appearances. She told him that it was “Kamijou Touma's” everyday life and that for those people, it did not matter who it was. She explained to him that their trust was established because he saved them so as long as they are saved, regardless of who saved them, their trust and good will would have turned in that person's direction. She told him that anyone could be 'Kamijou Touma' and that no one is truly looking at him. She then asked him if he can still continue on to which Touma replied that he won't deny this world he protected and it's valuable for him. Despite Othinus trying to break his will him, Touma still decided that it is alright if everyone abandon him and that he will just rebuild his connections with them. Othinus then asked him who he is, then Touma realizes that he no longer knew who he was.[47] While Touma is contemplating about his identity, Othinus asked his name, what kind of person he is originally, the kind of people he is surrounded with, as well as the person he wanted to protect. She told him that as thanks for letting her kill some time, she will return him to his former position as long as he tells her his proper name. She showed him his own class photo and told him that if he chose correctly who he is in that photo then she will return his world, life and existence. Despite the fact that Othinus is trying to break his sense of identity, he insisted that he is Kamijou Touma. Othinus utterly displeased asked how did he catch on to which Touma replied that she gave him a hint.[48]


Afterwards, Othinus made Touma experience countless of worlds. After a certain amount of time, Touma realized that Othinus wasn't actually destroying anything. She explains to Touma about Phases and how she just creates new filters and place them over the world so the world appears to have changed. She mentions in passing how a man who names himself “Silver Star” seem to have been attempting to directly tamper with the 'Pure World' beyond all the filters. Following Othinus' explanations, Touma thought about how his Imagine Breaker does the opposite of what Othinus is doing, and his hope to bring everything back to normal was renewed. Othinus, knowing what Touma is thinking, warned him regarding that last thread of hope.[49]

Omega World

Omega World: Paradise for all but one.

In the Omega World, just as Touma renewed his resolve in bringing back everything to normal, Othinus showed Touma a seemingly perfect world where everyone was saved and enjoying their everyday lives. She told Touma that if he insists that the changed worlds and the act of changing the world are evil, then he should reject this perfect world. Othinus embraced Touma's shoulders from behind while holding the lance which is within reach of his right hand. She then told him that it must be right to return it to normal and that he should test out his own idea of justice by rejecting this perfect world. Othinus explained to him that the world does not need him and that even without him, everyone can be saved by using her power as the magic god regardless of the issue of good and evil. Touma then complained that it isn't fair and questions himself about what he is doing all along. He also complained that he could not save everyone and that his actions might have caused tragedy to other people. Othinus told him that he should not blame himself and that he had done well for a mere human. Suddenly, Index approached him for her ball and Touma reached for it. He also saw Stiyl, Kanzaki, and other priests and nuns that he did not recognize. Index then asked him what's wrong to which Touma responded that it's nothing. Index then jogged away and went back to her group. Othinus then let him choose whether to protect or destroy to which Touma asked what else he could do since even if he does not do anything, she can save the world. She then told him that the perfect world was created on the assumption that he does not exist and him existing for much longer in this world will cause it to begin collapsing so he must end his life.[50]

Using Misaka 10031's body, the Will of the Whole Misaka Network waves to Touma after stopping him from committing suicide.

After sitting on the bench for a long time Touma rose up and began walking to Academy City where in this world there is no reason for it to be walled off. As he walks through the city he sees many he knows some only antiquated with some he has never met and some he can never met in his world. After witnessing all this and enjoining a last meal he resolve to end his life to protect this world by ending his life. He resolves to end it by taking an elevator to the top off a forty story building and throw himself of it to his death, as someone calls out to him and just in time places a kick on his back, changing the path of his fall into a nearby window washing gondola, sighing as she sees that he is safe.[51]

A conversation with the Will of the Whole Misaka Network

Apparently observing that Touma is in the deepest nadir of his utter despair and is about to commit suicide, she takes over Misaka 10031's body and scrambles to get to Touma just as he jumps off a building.[51] Touma sees her and believes her to be Misaka 10032, but corrects him by saying that she is Misaka 10031, the Sister Touma refers to as the one he barely missed saving. Touma asks what she means, to which she tells Touma that though this was the first time they have met, he has met a lot of her physical terminals. She then bows her head and says that she is the will created by the whole Misaka Network.[52]

However, she says all this with a smile on her face. Still in despair, the Will asks what he will do now, though Touma doesn't understand. She reiterates, asking him that now that he know that the world they are in is the perfect world with nothing but happiness, what will he do now. She asks him if he is sure that he searched properly to escape the world and that if there are contradictions in Othinus' ideal world, saying that there must something he can find and that her very presence must be something. However, Touma points out on how there would no reason for him to turn the world around as it will only cause everything to collapse. The Will then says that he should only talk about things when he is more positive. She compares Othinus as a dictator who had made her "home" as pleasant as possible, and that was the world they were in now. However, the Will asks if there was a kindness that had to be completely eliminated in the world they were in. Touma says he understands and refers to his experiences with GREMLIN, saying that Othinus did not create the new world out of concern for people, she created the new world because it was an eyesore for her. Touma however, still points out that regardless of this she still saved everyone, even those who couldn't save himself, and that he couldn't return everything to normal after seeing all that. He says that though it would be right, it'd be evil as he would rob the happiness of those people just so he can get back his own place in the world. The Will understands his reasonings but asks him if he ever fought because it was the right thing to do, or if he ever punched people because they were evil. Touma hesitated to answer, to which the Will smiles, answering for him, saying that he has never used those reasonings then, and there should be no reason to allow those reasonings to crush him now. Touma points out that the reasoning will only save him, but the WIll makes a rebuttal, telling him not to lie, taking Touma aback. The Will points out Touma should know that Othinus cheated to make the perfect world that could make Touma fall into despair. The answer would make this world turn out as something not so ideal that even Touma tries to deny it, saying that the world Othinus made was accomplished perfectly. Touma says that Othinus did save everyone where he could not. Hearing this, the Will asks Touma to prove that the world they were in was perfect and nothing anyone does can cause a single crack in it. Hearing her words, Touma finally admits the one thing that made the so-called "perfect world" flawed, the people there don't remember the original world.[53]

Touma however, asks why that matters as no matter what those people think they were truly saved. He says that having their memories or not does not change that they were saved. The Will points out however that it changes everything as it would disregard all the things Touma has done so far. She tells him that he should not change the rules he used then now. She then says that Othinus was afraid, but not because people would find it strange that dead people were standing before them, it's because that if everyone remembered the original world, everyone who was saved here would be unable to accept losing him. Touma tries to take in what the Will just said, who can only smile, apparently finding it funny that he could not understand that simple concept. The Will says that though Touma thinks that he can protect everyone's smiles by casting aside his place in the world, there are those who would not want to lose him, like her among others. Touma understood her words, that despite in the darkest of situations, no matter how hopeless the situation, people could still get along. The Will says that nowhere does it say that everyone would readily accept the terms of them losing Touma in exchange of the "perfect world". She says that it was Othinus feared, everyone gathering together to save him, as is the reason she "cheated" as the Will says and made no one remember him through the happiness they have. The Will continues on how it would not make any sense if he forced them to accept it as he himself did not allow that sort of thing to happen.[54]

Touma is in deep thought, having believed that his existence did not weigh heavily in the hearts of people after seeing everyone smiling in a world without him. Here, he believes that there would be others who could do what he did and maybe even better. As if cutting his own thoughts, the Will says that those possibilities of other people doing what he could do or even being better at it doesn't matter because he is still the one who has done it, the one in the right time and place who ran in and saved people. Touma could not but the Will pressed further. She says that he will be saved if he rejected this world, and that they will do for him what he has done for them, that is the reason why Othinus cheated. Touma does not reject her words, and begins thinking it all over. Touma however says that with that result, it'll just make it even worse. Touma cannot allow for them to be reminded of the original world as they'll only reject their "perfect world" just to save him. Hearing this, the Will then asks Touma a question, without all moral dilemmas and mysteries surrounding life. She asks him if it doesn't bother him that Othinus just appeared out of nowhere and stole everything he had built up.[54]

The Will consoles the broken-hearted Touma.

Although the question was simple, it cuts deep into Touma's heart. He remains silent for a while, but finally trembled out the words from his lips as he cried.[54] He says that it bothers him.[55] Here, Touma pours all of his emotions to the Will. He bemoans his cruel fate. He curses Othinus for making his life meaningless easily through her power, and though she can easily take away and destroy the perfect world made it to crush him underfoot, she still achieved something that he could not. He tells that if she were to tell him that she would return all those people who have lost their lives before she made the "perfect world" then he would probably reject it based on a random ideal or another, like saying their deaths had meaning or she can't toy with people's lives so easily. However, since she has already done it, to return things to normal now would be no different from killing the people that are happy now with his own hands. He states there would be no excuses for that, to return to the normal would mean to kill the people in this "perfect world." And so Touma asks what good would come out of destroying the "perfect world". He asks if he could really return to the old world he pictured in his head. He asks if he could ever face the people who are living their normal lives who are ignorant of what happened. He asks if he could really just smile when he knows the truth. Here, admits he cannot do those, even if he defeats Othinus, nothing would remain for him either way, he can't return to normal. He says that no matter what happens there is no way for him to succeed, stating that if he doesn't fail in whatever he chose to do he will still have complaints and will eventually fall apart, giving him no reason to fight. He asks why he should destroy the miraculous "perfect world" again. He asks why they couldn't just accept Othinus' victory if every path leads to destruction. He asks why they could not just let the number of people saved decide it. And since Othinus saved more, there is nothing else he can do, there is nowhere he can go to.[56]

The Will listened to him, relieved that he was not a perfect saint after everything she had said to him. Touma asks what the Will is asking him to do, remarking on how if he defeats Othinus and return the original world, the weight of his win destroying the happiness of the people in the perfect world would crush his heart. The Will says that he might be right, but she asks him why he feels the need to place himself below everyone else. Touma does not however understand her. She tells however that there is nothing wrong with deciding prioritizing himself just this one time. She then says that there is nothing wrong in saving himself when he should save others equally. It is something that he can easily weigh and pass judgment on. The Will says that is how he has always lived, using the Level 6 Shift experiment as an example, saying the killing of the 20,000 clones could have been justified when faced as an issue of good or evil, but he never allowed people to weigh the numbers against each other. Touma agrees, but says that if he returned to the normal world he fears that he would be destroyed, as he would be forced to smile to everyone who knew nothing of the "perfect world," the weight of his sin bearing down upon him. The Will however says that it only means that he shouldn't hide the fact that he has seen the "perfect world" and face the fact that he couldn't save everyone. Hearing that, Touma smiled a bit as he felt as the issues at hand were gradually coming into view. Touma says that they will kill him, but the Will says that then he should tell them everything and apologize. She says that he can return everything back to normal as that it what he has always done when great tragedy built hatred in his powerful enemies' hearts, he solved it all one by one. Finally, Touma asks if it was really fine to oppose the perfect world for nothing more than his desires, to which the Will says he can. She says that if there is no way to the original world, then he should merely destroy it all and build those relations back up from the beginning, even if the relationships will never be the same. The Will encourages him however, saying that she'll be by his side as she was the one who urged him. When the world treats him as an enemy, she'll be by his side to help reclaim his shattered circle of friends, just the two of them.[57]

Seeing this now, Touma speaks as he cries, and says that though it may be conceited and will not make everyone happy, he wants to go back. Thus ends Kamijou Touma's darkest hour thus far. The Will shrugs and in a carefree manner tells Touma to surprise Othinus. Touma then stood up and went out of the dorm room door, and says that it is time to fight a god.[57]

Kamijou Touma vs. Othinus

The confrontation at A Certain High School.

Othinus is at the schoolyard of A Certain High School when Touma showed up. It irritated her that Touma is still there and alive when he should have already killed himself after accepting the perfect world that requires that he must not exist. She then decided that she will just kill him if she cannot break him and that she might achieve more stable control if she transfer Imagine Breaker to a more fragile container and break it.[58] And thus the battle between a man and a god began.

Without moving from her position, she sent explosions to Touma by just holding up her lance. Touma attempts to come closer to her but it is futile. When he almost got the chance to punch her, she vanished then appeared so close to him and grabbed his neck. As she lifts him up, she told him to realize it already to which Touma replied that he already have. Touma realized that they've been doing this countless of times already and that she won't kill him for a reason.[59] Othinus then felt exhaustion due to the fact that they've repeated this countless of times until Touma fails somewhere along the line. But Touma wouldn't break and she shouted in irritation. Othinus killed Touma over and over again while Touma speaks to her.[60] Touma then told Othinus that she couldn't throw away her first and ideal hope of returning to her original world by removing all of the phases that she have put in place and that her second hope of creating a world similar to her original world would still be different from the original so she couldn't abandon her first hope. He claimed that she should be able to use Imagine Breaker to repair the world and that he will do whatever it takes for her to bring back his original world. Othinus then responded that she tried it but it didn't work so her only option is to create the next world. Touma then told her that he won't move onto the next world and that they will repeat this billions or even trillions of times. After the 10,031st fight, she already have decided to end this and that she would give up on her first hope but suddenly she felt an intense headache. Touma explained that fighting with a weak opponent would wear down her mind at a faster rate as compared to his case wherein fighting a very strong opponent, would wear his mind at a slower rate.[61] Othinus then decided that she would end this and kill him here and will move on to the next world. Othinus continued to attack Touma but he just evaded it and told her that all this time, he is analyzing her attack patterns and somewhat started to understand her. She then throwed the lance to Touma at a tremendous force that the space itself has torn apart but Touma used his right fist to strike it then the lance veered sharply upward to return to Othinus but it disintegrated midway. Touma then thought that he could end this due to the fact that Gungnir, the item that grants her 100% success has been destroyed but Othinus used the fairy spell to grant her the 100% failure.[62] Othinus then used her crossbow to rain down arrows on Touma. Touma evaded the first nine arrows but he did not anticipate the tenth one due to not considering the 100% failure in his analysis so he was struck and his lower body was blown apart. Othinus caught him in one hand and told him that it is over. Touma accepted it and told Othinus to put Imagine Breaker into good use to take back her first hope. While dying in her arms, Touma told her to just act the way she wants regardless of good and evil and asked her what she really wanted from the beginning. He then died. As she stood alone in the pitch black world, she then realized that she no longer remember why she wanted to go back to her original world and that what she really wanted is someone who understood her. She is not assured that if she goes back to her original world, she would be able to find that someone. She realized that Touma was the only one who truly understood her and that she just killed him with her own hands. She then decided to bring back Touma's original world.[63]

Return to the original world

Touma saves Othinus.

Touma woke up and saw that they were once again at Sargasso. Upon seeing Othinus, he realized that Othinus has already changed and conceded the world to him. He tried to stop Mikoto, Index, Leivinia and Lessar from attacking her but it didn't reach them. Othinus did not attempt to defend herself and was knocked backwards. Touma then ran to Othinus to his friend's surprise and searched for her. Meanwhile, Othinus is laying on the ground accepting her fate as the magical bombardment from the coalition falls on her. Touma then used his right hand to protect Othinus from the bombardment which surprised Othinus. Touma then told her that she knew that this would happen but still kept quiet about it to which Othinus responded that she would not last longer due to the fairy spell destroying her from the inside and that it is too late even if he use Imagine Breaker. Touma told her that she is different now and that she must atone for what she did and he can no longer sense any evil in her for her to deserve death. Touma then declared that he will save her even if it means he would fight the world.[64]

Chronology: VS The World

Othinus and Kamijou Touma's flight to Denmark

He and Othinus later spirits away inside the labyrinthine chambers of Sargasso where they discuss their plans. In spite of his intentions, Touma is not going to write off all her crimes, but he will not have her killed without a fair judgment. So long as a fair judgment is passed down on her, it would not matter to Touma. Moreover, if Othinus was punished with imprisonment for a long count of years, Touma will not abandon her and will wait for her until the time all of her crimes had been made up.[65] There, after remembering that he has absolutely no plan to save Othinus. With a sigh Othinus reveals that the fairy spell works only on a magic god and as such if she turns human it won't work. She tells him that if they go to Mímir's Spring, Egeskov Castle, and retrieve her eye from the spring she will become human again, stopping the destruction that the fairy spell is causing at the cost of sacrificing a lot of power. Touma is so glad with the news that he hugs Othinus, much to her embarrassment. Othinus tells him that he needs not follower her, and if he chooses to, he would be inundated with the world's malice and good will, the same tragedy that befell him in the other worlds. Touma is aware of it but says that he is not alone this time. With that, after, Touma asks her for help to get them to Denmark, a rare occurrence in itself but exacerbated as Touma is asking someone he wants to save to help him, Othinus reveals the Bone Boat and moves the world to get Denmark towards them.[65]

Response to Kamijou Touma's action in siding with Othinus

Because of the secret and sudden nature of Touma's siding with Othinus, this event surprises his allies that came with him on the Sargasso in Tokyo Bay, as well as the people who supported them against GREMLIN.

Index, Mikoto, Leivinia, and Lessar are flabbergasted by what happened as they are completely ignorant of what had transpired in the many worlds of suffering that Othinus created to break Touma's heart. With Touma and Othinus gone, they start forming conjectures of why Touma made a complete 180 the moment he arrived in Sargasso. Leivinia assumes that Othinus may have messed with him as she is a magic god, though they actually don't know what she can or can't do. In the meanwhile, Index keeps quiet as she contemplates the likelihood on what had happened, for she has 103,000 grimoires and from her position could predict what a magic god was and a magic god could do. Leivinia says that in any case they must get Touma away from Othinus for though he is somewhat special he will be danger when the coalition army attacked and get caught in the crossfire. Lessar however takes this chance in teasing Leivinia, saying that she may be upset that someone took her "big brother" from him.[65]

Discovering what has happened, tries to rally support from their Level 5s sending them all of them e-mails on their phones telling them to kill Touma and Othinus, all of which are apparently surprised by this.[65] Accelerator, annoyed on what Touma is doing, responds to the e-mail's summons.[65] He is then is then sent to space to Hikoboshi II as a cargo for the S5 cannon, though unbeknownst to him, it was ordered by Kihara Yuiitsu.[66] Though Accelerator goes to Denmark to face Touma, because of his concern for him he does not intend to win against him.[67]

Silvia and Brunhild Eiktobel both surviving their fight near Saipan, later rendezvous with an injured Ollerus, who survives the fairy spell applied on him by Othinus. Enraged by this, Silvia vows revenge on Othinus and Touma. Brunhild joins with her venture, though not for Silvia's personal vendetta but as because she sees Othinus as still dangerous.[68] Ollerus also joins them in their journey to Denmark, though he is likely aware of what has happened between Touma and Othinus.

As for GREMLIN, they too are shocked by the turn of events,[65] with Marian Slingeneyer particularly distraught. GREMLIN later retreat,[65] finally ending their various operations around the world in order to get revenge on Othinus for not paying all their hardwork for them by using Gungnir to grant their desires.[69] As she is part of GREMLIN she can guess what Othinus is thinking,[70] Marian would later use Hrímfaxi to get to Denmark, taking Mjölnir with her.[71] Thor would also hear of what has happened and endeavors to get to Denmark as well.

Anti-GREMLIN Alliance's response

Finally, the international coalition as well is surprised by the turn of events. President Roberto Katze, Queen Elizard, Pope Pietro Yogdis, Patriarch Krans R. Tsarskiy, and the Maiden of Versailles are still in the UN Headquarters when they hear the news. Roberto receives the information through the soldiers gathered there, UAVs, and military satellites, and is shown to be worried. Krans says upon hearing the news says that Touma's actions does not fit with his previous behavior. Roberto replies that Touma has had contact with GREMLIN a few times before. Krans references the events of Hawaii, Baggage City, as well as that in Academy City, and wonders that there may be a reason on how Othinus allowed Touma to live back in Baggage City even though she has absolute power. The Maiden of Versailles cuts in the conversation, saying that it not the issue as of the moment. Elizard adds that saying Touma is innocent because they know him isn't enough now as the doubts have begun adding up, and reiterates that the only way to stop the chaos surrounding the world is to attack and eliminate the source. Elizard explains that if they don't do it, human society will soon boil over with fear of Othinus. Despite Elizard's position, she, seeing Touma's power in action many time before, knows how painful it is to know that Touma is now their enemy.[65]

Thus, the international coalition begins mobilizing for the manhunt for Othinus and Kamijou Touma, with the three major churches releasing the restrictions on specially sealed spells. As Elizard watches as her fellow representatives begin their preparations, she thinks that it might be better to leave the matter to "official" groups like the SAS and MI6, as she thinks extreme irregulars using supernatural power might actually give him a way out. Roberto sighs as the events unfold before his very eyes. Without much of a choice, he says that they can only continue as normal. He says that they will find the "Othinus faction" and destroy them as it is the only way to prevent society from growing any more unstable.[65]

With that, the coalition later somehow find that Touma and Othinus are in Denmark and direct their forces there. The Pope and Roman Catholic Church relieves Agnese Sanctis, Lucia, and Angelene of their positions as security for the meeting of the international coalition and have them and the rest of the Agnese Forces sent to Denmark. They are transported there by their ally the United States of America through the use of their stealth bombers, and are further bulked up by the inclusion of elites from the Russian and Anglican Church.[72] The Patriarch and the Russian Orthodox Church relieves Vasilisa and Sasha Kreutzev of their bodyguard duties for Krans and are sent to Denmark through unknown means, though it is likely they arrived with the Agnese Forces.[73]

The Queen despite her thinking that it would be better to use soldiers, later with the Anglican Church relieves Kanzaki Kaori of her bodyguard duty and has her rendezvous with Princess Carissa, William Orwell, and the Knight Leader on the Hotel Ariel just off their recent mission.[74] Likely with her blessing, she allows Index, Leivinia Birdway, and Lessar to go to Denmark as well, with Lessar in communication with their forces.[75] France also plans to mobilize their own forces as well.[76]

Finally, the President and the United States of America, not having any magicians with them, send out commandos to Denmark for Operation Norse Wind.[77] There, the coalition monitor the actions of their units from the New York.

However, despite having a common goal and being called the "international coalition", all of the representatives of the alliance that are out to hunt Touma and Othinus are acting on their own.

Manhunt for Othinus and Kamijou Touma

Main article: Manhunt for Othinus and Kamijou Touma

Touma and Othinus later arrive in Denmark, or more correctly, Denmark arrived to them. There, they find out that they are in Hjørring, miles away from Egeskov Castle, and here Othinus' discuss to him basic information regarding Denmark. Touma asks why Othinus couldn't get them closer, to which she says that her margin of error was decent enough and that they are lucky not to have been teleported somewhere else. He then asks if the members of GREMLIN insisted to her not to use the spell and just use normal means of transportation, much to Othinus' frustration, saying that they think about how to travel safely to their destination. Touma says that hitchhiking would be the best course of action as stealing a car or bike would actually help their enemies track them and that they would be watching public transportation for them. He says that the focus would on the driver and not on the passengers in security checkpoints. Othinus notes that they are both wanted now worldwide, and that it may not work this time. Touma states that there is no worry for Othinus being recognized as the magic side is viewing her existence as highly classified even if they were wanted worldwide. With that, their ridiculous plan of hithhiking plan to Egeskov Castle begins.[78]

Kamijou Touma vs. Accelerator

The One who Bears White and Black Wings and Opposes the World.

Not finding any vehicle to hitchike on, Touma and Othinus decide to just walk to the next city. As they casually talk about their current experience, comparing it to the Little Match Girl, and white light appears before them.[78] Sensing danger, Touma grabs Othinus' hand and drags her away as something falls from the sky, creating an explosion. Hiding in a cave, Touma is hit by the heat of the explosion, which forces Othinus to cover his mouth with her palm so he wouldn't breathe in the scorching air. After the heat had ceased, they saw that the area has been turned into glass, though specifically, just pure water flash frozen. Touma becomes worried however as what has happened is only beginning. Othinus, believing that Touma is thinking that the mushroom cloud that the explosion cloud produced is radioactive, explains to him that mushroom clouds can be formed by a sufficiently powerful explosion. Touma however explains his concerns to Othinus, which are then immediately realized, as something comes out of the crater and blows out all the cloud and smoke, the Accelerator. Touma then tells Othinus, despite her concern, to hide away as he faces him.[79]

Four tornadoes then springs up from Accelerator’s back and he proceeds to touch Touma’s side on order to reverse his blood flow and electric signals. Touma dodges it and punches Accelerator to his face only to find out that he is able to withstand it better than before. He then askes what Touma is even doing and playing hero with no thought of his interest is nothing new but he is showing lack of vision this time to which Touma responds the same. Accelerator then tells Touma that when he is using his power, he doesn’t have any crazy idea about saving the world and they strike each other fist to fist. He then tells Touma that he will only bother looking after the people in his cell phone’s memory and that Othinus is a threat to the safety of mankind and among those six or seven billion are people he knows and that is an enough reason for him to fight her. He also tells Touma that he can’t go down the path he is on, but it is not a reason for him to feel inferior to Touma. White wings then bursts from Accelerator’s back and swings them down toward Touma like blades, while they are pressing their fists. Touma then manages to intercept the wings by redirecting them. Accelerator then tells Touma that if killing Othinus is the most absolute way of ensuring the safety of the people he cares for, he will not hesitate to do so and he won't easily be swept by pointless emotions and getting stabbed in the back for the process but he is even less of a fan when someone else’s back is getting stabbed. He then asks Touma his reasons for protecting Othinus to which Touma responds that while it’s true that Othinus is not worth saving, he still might as well protect her since it is more fun to let her join the group rather than throwing her around. Then several dozen wings froze in place and Accelerator tells him that he isn't even trying to convince him, to which Touma responds that it is how true motives work and that he does not expect for him to understand immediately so they will fight until they reach an understanding. Accelerator then flies at an altitude of 5000 meters in an instant and charges at Touma at a tremendous speed. Just as Accelerator is charging toward Touma, Touma picks up a rock and prepares to counter. Accelerator doesn't think of evading since he is well aware on what Touma’s right hand could do and that as long as he remains conscious and could continue to do his calculations he will be able to crush him. Touma then betrays Accelerator’s expectations and first made a cross counter just as he expected aiming for his chest. He then suddenly swings up the rock with his left hand. Touma first neutralizes his reflection with his right hand then applied a tremendous force to Accelerator’s heart causing Accelerator to pass out by slamming the rock on his hand.[80]

Agnese Forces operation in Aalborg

Main article: Aalborg § Agnese Forces operation in Aalborg

Touma and Othinus hitchhike their way to the city. They are given aid from an RV that was converted to a food cart that was to take advantage of the outpouring of curious bystanders that have come to look at ground zero of the "meteorite" crash. The two of them later arrive at the city half an hour later. There they try to buy some coats to protect themselves from the cold but started arguing.[81] Agnese and the others, detecting their presence,[82] announce to the entire city to them not to fight back and surrender at Ansgar Church with the intention of retrieving Touma from the fight by making him surrender and then destroying Othinus afterwards.[83]

They later discover that their opponent is the Roman Catholic Church. They accidentally use up their 10 minutes and are later attacked by the Fish of the Supper spell they have prepared, hurting Touma.[82] Needing to destroy the spell, and believing that the nuns act as they eyes and ears of the "cannon" of the Fish of the Supper spell, Touma and Othinus considered the layout of Aalborg and where a "cannon" would be put in order to attack a target from anywhere in the city. They later conclude that it might be in the Aalborg Tower. Touma tries to go out on his own and tells Othinus to hide, much to her consternation.[83] However, Touma explains to her that since the warning to them was in Japanese and was primarily addressed to him, and since that the spell is an effective countermeasure against his Imagine Breaker, it can only mean to him that they are targeting him. He expands on this by saying that their enemy shouldn't be giving them a chance to surrender now as the situation is far more urgent that what happened in Tokyo Bay. He concludes that they are trying to take him out of the fight early as they don't know if he truly is an enemy, and as such they are taking him away from Othinus and then attack her.[84] After hearing Touma's explanation, Othinus explains to Touma that if he intends to destroy the cannon, then he needs to get close. Although Touma is worried, Othinus divulges to him that there are underground passageways in Aalborg and tells him how to get to his intended destination.[83]

Touma later discovers in a trial by fire that each of the nuns can use the spell from any direction, making Touma conclude that it is not in Aalborg Tower. Seeing this, Touma goes to the likeliest place where "the breaker" of the spell is in, Ansgar Church, using the underground passageways Othinus showed him. Touma later finds Agnese Sanctis in the church, and peaking from the trap door of the passageway, begins negotiations with her. Knowing that she is the breaker of the Fish of the Supper spell based on his experiences with other Roman Catholic Church spells, Touma asks Agnese to give him a chance to explain and let him and Othinus go, lest he will be forced to defeat her in order to stop the spell.[85]

Agnese finally succumbs to Touma's pleadings and allows him to explain. Touma begins by asking Agnese if she can believe that a great amount of time took place between his arrival on Sargasso and the attack on Othinus but no one realized it. Agnese admits that she would have a hard time in believing it. Hearing this, Touma tells Agnese to explain why Othinus suddenly changed her plan and head to Denmark despite being able to destroy the world if she had completed the lance at Sargasso. Now that Touma mentions it Agnese begins to take Touma's argument seriously. With that Touma successfully initiated his psychological trick. Touma tells Agnese that Othinus is trying to give up her power and that she needs something in Denmark to do it, and continues by saying that it disarming her would be more constructive than what they are trying to do. Agnese replies that what Touma is saying would be ideal, but says that she doesn't see why Othinus had a sudden change of heart, and then asks if Touma seduced her. Touma knowing that Agnese will never be able to accept that Touma and Othinus spent a very long together says that Othinus was afraid of her power.

Agnese blushes just before unleashing her fury.

Agnese counters that if what Touma says is true then why is that Othinus filled the world with chaos just to obtain that power. Touma says that it was because she obtained it. He divulges that Othinus has already completed the lance by the time they arrived in Sargasso using a different method than they accepted. However, he says, that during that time Othinus learned the true extent of her magic god of powers which did not delight her. Touma tells Agnese the truth that Othinus left Sargasso to give up her power as a magic god, but says that GREMLIN will view that as a betrayal, though she is willing and prepared to deal with that and has come this far. He says that they can avoid a clash that would be a worst case scenario for the world and Othinus if they acted now. There, Touma says that he wants to bet on the possibility of both saving the world and Othinus.[85]

After pretending to attack Touma with her Lotus Wand, allowing him and Othinus to go, her special position as both once an enemy and ally of Touma allowing her to understand his plight in trying to save Othinus. After reporting the "incident" to the other nuns, Touma leaves, but not before becoming injured again by Agnese's hand after apologizing for seeing her panties after he popped from the trap door.[86]

Kamijou Touma vs. Sasha Kreutzev, Vasilisa, and Krans R. Tsarskiy

Othinus later relocates Touma's shoulder after Agnese Lotus Wand attack on it. They walk away from Aalborg, disappointed that they couldn't get winter clothing. As they were walking, the two of them came upon an old abandoned car on the side of the road. They then use to keep themselves warm. Othinus later falls asleep just in time as Sasha Kreutzev and Vasilisa of the Russian Orthodox Church appear before them.[87]

He approaches them in caution while the two are having their usual casual banter regarding Sasha’s outfit. Since Touma isn’t acquainted to the both of them, though he only remember Sasha during the Angel Fall incident, he thinks that it won’t be easy dealing with them and they will not be easily swayed by his persuasion. He then asks both of them on how they view him.

Sasha and Vasilisa against Touma.

Sasha then tells Touma that Othinus may have persuaded him to join her side either by suggestion or having same goals to which Touma responds that he was thinking how tough it is to be a hero of justice and that they had to have doubts about his and Othinus’ actions while not knowing what actually happened. Sasha and Vasilisa concludes that there’s no real reason for them to understand everything in spite of all Touma’s explanation and thus proceeds to attack him. Sasha swings her crowbar on Touma but he forcibly grabs it with his right hand breaking it. He then proceeded to punch Sasha while altering his timing to catch her off guard but Sasha realizes that she won’t be able to evade it thus she sweeps his leg from under him making him tumble on the ground. Vasilisa then throws a Russian military radio at him and he hears a voice speaking in Japanese telling him that they have constructed a unique spell to use against a magic god and it would be also probably effective against him. The voice then asks him if he would still challenge them. Touma then tells them that they won’t be able to stop him. Vasilisa then starts chanting the spell while standing a distance away behind Sasha. Roaring flames starts to spiral around Vasilisa, prompting Touma to wrapps his left arm with his jacket as the flames expanded. As he negated it, Sasha approaches him from the side and swings her saw to tear his chest but he uses his wrapped left arm to shield himself. He then negates the saw. The voice speaks again, amazed of his accomplishments but tells him that it means that he is trampling on the wishes of the whole world and considers it prideful. Touma’s leg then suddenly collapses.[73]

It turns out that the Patriarch was using the “Seven Deadly Sins” spell against Touma thus slowly debilitating him for each sin he deems that Touma has done. After forcing the last deadly sin, “Gluttony”, on Touma, he then collapses and Sasha checks up on him.[88] After realizing that he isn’t responding, she then concludes that he is already dead, she decides that she will thoroughly destroy his body in order to ensure that it won’t be a problem in the future since they know that Othinus can animate corpses. As she was about to swing down her saw, she suddenly stops when Touma smashes his right fist at her saw. As Sasha tries to finish him off, Vasilisa stops her as suddenly Touma shouts to the phone asking if silencing people with violence and not hearing them is how their god does things then tells him that it is an incredible level of pride. Vasilisa then realizes that Touma has figured out the mechanics of the spell and is now using it against them and thus decides to not interfere since it would be much worse. Touma manages to force six out of the seven deadly sins to the Patriarch. The Patriarch then asks Touma his motivations for siding with the magic god to which he responds that he had a good reason of doing so instead of them who has decided to kill her without actually knowing and talking it out with her, and that it would be the root sin of all their other sins.[89]

Strength returns to Touma’s body, thus ends the battle, though he comments on how he is unable to force the last deadly sin “Lust” onto the Patriarch. He then turns to Vasilisa and Sasha and asks them if they will still continue the fight without any support. Vasilisa then tells him that they won’t continue the fight any longer and that killing him would only make the Patriarch trap himself in the “Seven Deadly Sins.” She also regrets that they didn’t use a breaker like what the Roman Catholics did earlier. Before parting, Vasilisa tells him that they can’t touch him since the spell is still active and explains the scope of the spell further saying that if an assassin that is not a Russian Orthodox believer kills him, it will not feed back to the Patriarch. By the time Touma catches on, someone attacks him and rendered him unconscious.[90] Vasilisa and Sashas likely could only stand by as Kanzaki Kaori, William Orwell, Knight Leader, and Second Princess Carissa takes away Touma.

Kamijou Touma on the Hotel Ariel

When Touma comes to, he finds out that he has been taken on the Hotel Ariel. He hears Kanzaki responding to the Knight Leader's query about bringing him aboard by saying that they don't know what the other GREMLIN members are doing so doing so would prevent the possibility of them meeting with him. She then tells Touma where he is. After hearing of Carissa's intention to use the Curtana's shard against Othinus, Touma slams his fist into the floor, destroying it with the Imagine Breaker and causing them all to fall down to a lower level. Seeing this as a hostile action, the four move to attack him.[74]

To Kanzaki's surprise, Touma moves himself into the path of her attack, such that it would kill him if it connected. Moving to avoid it, Kanzaki tries to incapacitate him without killing him, realizing that he was using her own trait of not killing against her. However Touma curls himself up, forcing her to jump over him and ends up colliding with the Knight Leader.[91]

Kanzaki dives after Touma.

After getting to the edge of the mobile fortress by destroying the walls and floor, Touma jumps off the fortress, forcing Kanzaki to leap after him. She yells at Touma, asking if he really was stupid seeing as how he put no thought into his actions, threw away hope of surviving on his own and relied on her, and if he believed she would conveniently join his side for no reason. Touma replies that sides didn't matter and that she wouldn't let anyone die easily, be they enemy or ally. As Kanzaki grinds her teeth, Touma asks her why she was on a mission to kill Othinus, if she justified it because Othinus was a Magic God and tells her that the decision would make her suffer.[92]

Slamming her forehead into Touma's, Kanzaki tells him not to lecture her while acting high and mighty, asking if he even has a way of resolving it other than eliminating Othinus, to which Touma tells her to stop using euphemisms and just say that she was going to kill her. He then reminds her that regardless of her background, Othinus was originally a normal human. Confronted with that fact, Kanzaki quietly asks Touma if there was another way. On learning that there was, Kanzaki decides to help Touma achieve it, despite her annoyance at being used.[92]

As they continue to plummet towards the ground, Touma asks how she was planning to slow them down without a parachute. Kanzaki shakes him in response and comments that she wanted to punch him right there for asking that. She decides to use her wires to slow their descent, however before she could, Touma draws her attention to the giant blade of light emerging from the Hotel Ariel. Both realize that the light must be Carissa's doing, Kanzaki then explains that she must be planning to wipe them out along with Othinus. In response to Touma's frantic panicking about their current situation, Kanzaki punches him before telling him to hold on. After hitting Touma twice for nearly touching her chest and bottom, causing him to start sobbing, Kanzaki wraps his arms around her waist, and tells him of her plan to form a three-dimensional magic circle with her wires, in order to divert the power being relayed to the Curtana's shard and destroy Hotel Ariel.[92]

Touma later falls to the ground, but is later injured by the trees in the way. He later meets up with Othinus who has woken up. She asks where he has been, to which Touma teases her that she is actually worried about him, leading to Touma to apologize after she becomes mad. Othinus then wonders what has happened as she sees Mobile Fortress debris scattered around, and believes that Touma destroyed it on his own. Touma says he had a hand in destroying it, but it wasn't all his doing. Just then, Kanzaki Kaori's clashes with Carissa, the Knight Leader, and William Orwell can be heard in their area, leading to Touma to suggest Othinus that they leave.[93]

Kamijou Touma vs. Marian Slingeneyer

Marian confronts Othinus.

Arriving at Støvring by foot, the later some thermos to warm them up and later hitch a ride on a long-distance truck carrying. However, their journey doesn't long as the engine stalls and requires a new battery. As the driver says that there is a gas station nearby that could help them, the two departs shortly, where they find it is a self-service gas station and they have to get the battery themselves. After getting and paying for their supplies in the self-service gas station, suddenly, it is sliced in half by an invisible blade, which forces Touma to tackle Othinus to the ground as the gas station is razed. Seeing the danger of the underground gas tank being damaged, with the battery in one hand and pulling Othinus with the other, the run for safety as Touma's predictions prove true and the gas station explodes. The explosion is powerful enough to knock both of them over a meter into the air with Touma landing hard. As Touma tries to assess the situation, he finds Othinus staring in a completely different direction. There they find Marian Slingeneyer and Mjölnir, asking her if she still remembers them, to which she confirms.[71]

She tells Othinus that the whole of GREMLIN fought around the world and she hasn't heard from them. She tells her that they are all giving their lives for her in the hopes that their wishes will be granted by the magic god. She tells her that they made a lot of sacrifices and held onto their dreams but Othinus just trampled on them by running away. Marian then declares that she will make Othinus pay for her betrayal. The gold bracelets that Marian wore expanded. She tells Othinus that they are Draupnir made from the components of the lance she had abandoned. And as she ran off she had some extra materials for the weapons of the gods. The Draupnir then transforms to Dáinsleif and she declared that she would definitely kill Othinus.[71]

Touma then steps forward in Othinus’ place and prepares for the incoming attack. Marian then summons a Titan by swinging the sword while calling unto it. The summoned creature then bursts from the ground, sending Touma flying up in the air but then fall on the Titan’s upper arm. Marian then decides to start by destroying Touma since he is valuable to Othinus. Marian then summons Ocelot using the sword. The creature then bursts out from the Titan’s arm and proceeds to attack Touma. While Touma is considering to escape by jumping off, Titan then tries to swat Touma but Touma managed to slip between its fingers. Marian then cut the Titan’s arm resulting for it to go on a rampage thus launching Touma again to the sky. As Touma was up in the air, Marian then summons Surtr and then waits for Touma as he was falling.[94]

Surtr swings the gigantic fire sword against Touma but it becomes broken in two the instant his fist touches it. As Touma desperately runs toward the base of the sword, Marian interrupts it by summoning Abaddon and a swarm of tens or even hundreds of thousands of locusts surrounds him. She then summons Yomotsu-Shikome and Touma responds by slamming his fist straight forward and parts the hair that the Yomots-Shikome had in the middle. Marian may have expected this and then proceeds to swing horizontally as if to lop off Touma's head. However, he negates it and breaks the blade to pieces. She then tells him that Othinus was their hope and they had dreams and should have simply given up but they were drawn by the abilities of the magic god to grant their wishes, but then Othinus ran off. She blames Othinus for making them go through that path and that she should take responsibility. Touma then responds by saying that it is also their responsibility by making the decision to follow her and that they should not put all of their crimes on Othinus just because she did horrible things. Marian then says that it doesn’t matter as long as she can have her revenge and then summons Vishnu Avatara.[95]

The final attack by Vishnu Avatara was fired however, Touma realizes that Marian is going to try to kill him regardless if she gets killed in the process. As such, he immediately takes action and saves Marian by dodging the attack. The attack of Vishnu Avatara is directed to the other summoned creatures as it prioritized the greatest evils, destroying them and tossing Touma and Marian in the air.[96]

As Touma sits on the snowy plain with Marian lying next to him, he calls Mjölnir and asks if she was going to fight him too. Mjölnir shakes her body as if saying no then picks up Marian. Touma then asks Mjölnir on what she is about to do now, to which Mjölnir didn’t respond. Touma then writes his cell phone number on a piece of paper and sticks it in the pocket of Marian’s overalls. He then tells Mjölnir that he is busy with Othinus right now and that if they need something they should tell him and he will stand by their side next time. They then go towards their own separate destinations.[97]

Kamijou Touma and Othinus outside of Billund

Operation Norse Wind
Main article: Operation Norse Wind

Touma and Othinus arrive at Billund thanks to the truck they hitchiked on.[98] They later leave the city are caught unaware by the diversionary unit of the operation done by the Danish military. They are then captured by the commandos Ingrid Martin, Jaguar, and Lynx,[99] after being knocked out by them.[100] When Touma comes to, he hears Ingrid arguing with her comrades in English. Here it is revealed that the commandos will establish a secure live feed with the President in New York City, to show him that they are throughly killing Othinus.[77]

Touma pleads for Othinus' life to President Roberto Katze.

Finally fully conscious, Touma asks where Othinus is. He tries to get up from the ground, but is stepped down upon by a soldier pointing a gun to his head. Ingrid then tosses a radio to Touma, telling him that the President has something to tell him.[77] Roberto tells Touma that though he doesn't know why he sided with Othinus, he should have at least known what would happen to him. Knowing that he can't bring up the President's debt to him for helping him back in Hawaii as Roberto is making his decisions with every citizen of the United States of America weighing on his back, Touma is aware that his chances of convincing Roberto is stacked against him. Regardless, Touma knows that he must win by giving Roberto and the rest of the United States of America a reason to hold off on killing Othinus. Touma asks Roberto that since he is even bothering talking to him then he must at least feel a little hesitant, to which Roberto says that he is only merely killing time until his soldiers have secured the video line which would allow him to see and confirm for himself how his soldiers will kill Othinus. Touma however says that he will not let him kill Othinus. Roberto then replies that Touma has 10 minutes to explain why he shouldn't if he can, though states that he has enough reasons for kill her as well. Despite Roberto's cold words, he was willing to talk allowing Touma to believe he can reach him with his words.[77]

Touma tells him that he still doesn't know everything about Othinus, why she fled to Denmark, and that it would be bad if America eliminated her without knowing her objectives or motives. Roberto says that it doesn't matter if their reputation is damaged as the definite stability of the world is more important. He references that since Touma had been out on the field facing GREMLIN he should have a better grasp of what they are, though he says that the vast majority of the world doesn't know any of that, and because of that it may lead to rumors that will give GREMLIN a false credibility and a new war will break out of it. Hence the reason for nipping the problem in the bud by killing Othinus. Touma says that Roberto isn't wrong, but says that that's all the more reason why they can't kill her. Touma says that even if GREMLIN lost its head, Othinus, it will not disband the group, though the members would scatter randomly. Touma says that as they have lost their objective, in anger they will attack the peaceful world, and their first target would be America, the country that had led to that peaceful world. Roberto says that they are prepared for the fight to continue, and says that they are a country that will not forgive a villain in fear of a distant future. Touma says that American will not be hunting down remnants of a group as GREMLIN has already proven itself that a superpower like American can be brought to its knees as shown in Hawaii. He asks Roberto what would happen if the other members of GREMLIN gathered together, and references on how there are a lot of people who would like to defeat America. Roberto however points out that keeping Othinus around would lead to war just the same. Touma however doubts that, saying that to predict the behavior of the other members of GREMLIN, they need to know their secrets, and who has better knowledge of them than their leader. Touma adds that GREMLIN cannot name themselves a new representative as long as Othinus is alive, allowing them to hold off GREMLIN's reorganization and regrouping, and in turn allowing them to slow the spread of chaos that they bring along with them.[77]

Roberto however says that Othinus' power is unknown to them, drawing from his recent experience in Tokyo with the lance of Gungnir, he says that there is no good reason to let her go as she can do worse things in the future. Moreover, he says that they can't detain her somewhere as well as they cannot guarantee GREMLIN won't be able to attack and break her out. Hearing this, Touma draws out the key sentence for his argument: they need only to take her power from her. Touma says that he and Othinus is trying to permanently remove her power then surrender to them, removing the threat of a future where she can do even worse things, and essentially removing the reason to kill her. Hearing this, the President asks if there really is such a convenient way of doing so. Touma tells him that he and Othinus did not come all the way to Denmark without an objective in mind, and says that if they were truly running away then it'd be easier to hide out in some quite mountain. Without waiting for a reply, Touma says that they are not writing off Othinus' crimes, and says that once everything is settled, they can lock her away as lock as they go through the proper procedures and that they will not impede them if they do. Touma then asks if he still feels the need to kill her even though they are merely preparing her to be sent to an American prison. Roberto however is hesitant, showing his inexperience with the magic side, saying that persons like Othinus are usually sent to places like England. Touma says that they ran across the three major churches and that they cannot be swayed, determining to kill Othinus. Roberto falls into silence, but Touma continues to speak, asking him (referencing that America's rules act as the global standard) if there really is no path for Othinus other than death. After a pause, Roberto says that Othinus would be charged with crimes against humanity as she attacked an enemy without declaring what, which would certainly lead her to be executed. Touma becomes worried on Othinus' survival, but Roberto continues to speak. He says that on the other hand, GREMLIN isn't accepted as a nation under international law, nor are they registered as a legitimate military force, technically making those crimes against humanity and war crimes inapplicable to them. He however states that such reasoning would be quite tricky to pull off, but says that even they pulled it off, Othinus would still be guilty due to her actions, imprisoned for a long time, though it would be possible that she would get a pardon to lessen her sentence. But Roberto says that it'd be best to think there would be almost no chance of her getting out.[77]

After hearing this, Touma cannot help but laugh, and says that it is fine as long there is hope then he and Othinus can accept it. Roberto asks if Touma truly understands, to which he replies that it is much better than having her killed in a frenzy. Touma then apologizes to him for thinking that America wasn't a major power in the world stage unlike Academy City and England for the science and magic side respectively, but says that America was the most rational ones when it came down to it. Finally, he says that America did what the science and magic sides could not. Hearing this, Roberto then tells Ingrid Martin that for their national interests and for the stabilization of the world, Operation Norse Wind is suspended. He orders them to release Touma and Othinus and continue their infiltration with the channel open for further orders, and then tells her to repeat what he just said. Ingrid Martin does so, and then has the soldiers release their bonds on Touma as well as that of Othinus. Touma then sees Othinus from a short distance being guarded by soldiers and goes toward her. As Othinus slowly regains consciousness, Roberto tells Touma that they won't attach an obvious collar on them, like a bomb on them, as a security measure, but says that the United States of America will be watching over them in hiding and maintaining a position to kill them. He says that would enough to replace an actual collar, with death constantly looming over Touma and Othinus.[77]

Academy City's attack and the arrival of Misaka Mikoto
Main article: Billund § Academy City attack outside of Billund

Immediately after letting them go, Academy City attacks the Danish military and their attacks, telling them to surrender or they will be killed. The commandos that went back to hiding after releasing Othinus and Touma show themselves once more to inquire what was going on, to which Touma says that Academy City is attacking with their FIVE_Over Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units. It is revealed that the units have somehow hacked into the commando's military communications that allow them to determine that Touma and Othinus are in the area, though not the exact coordinates. Not willing to surrender, the commandos along with Touma and Othinus try to escape into the forest as the units are busy scanning for Touma and Othinus. However, they manage to catch up, and Touma tells the commandos to lay down their pride and surrender as the units do not capture those who have surrender, like the Danish military tank operators a while back. They do, and as expected, the units pass over them as the pursue Touma and Othinus.[101]

Othinus and Touma fleeing sure of how things will turn out.

Aiding an injured Othinus, Touma continues forth with the units right behind their backs. Othinus tells Touma to abandon her as well as she says that he is only being hunted down as well because he sided with her, telling him to go back to his normal life. Touma however refuses, saying that he was already deemed a target, and as such are in the same position. Othinus looks to Touma and discovers that he is smiling in spite of his own fear and battered body. Touma tells Othinus that they should find a way to escape no matter. Othinus asks what happens afterward, saying that if they do manage to escape another enemy will just pop up time and time again. She asks him what they should do when they truly escape. Touma answers that isn't his question to answer as it is her life and she should decide for herself. As shivers from the cold, he recounts to her their intended plan of turning her back to a human, surrendering, and then paying for all her crimes. Then he tells her of a future for her where she decides for herself what to do with her life, giving examples like starting a bakery or flower shop. With that the two continue forward as the units come in for the kill.[102]

Suddenly however, Mikoto arrives just in time before the FIVE_Over Modelcase_'RAILGUN" units could attack the powerless Touma and Othinus. Using her power, she manages to hack into all of them, destroying some, though many were used to confront Touma. Mikoto rides on top of one of them and shows herself to Touma, surprising him. Mikoto makes it clear to him that she isn't going to join his side for no reason as she isn't that convenient a girl. Mikoto threatens Touma and tells him to defeat her. Seeing this, Touma lays down Othinus on the ground and faces off against Mikoto. Touma asks if Mikoto is mad, to which she confirms and asks him why he became a spy for GREMLIN.[103]

Touma gambles on his chances, knowing that with Mikoto's combined fire power, he goes to the nearest Modelcase_'RAILGUN" and negates the power that Mikoto uses to control it. Mikoto frantically tries to stop the mecha gone out of her control. In the meantime, Touma uses Imagine Breaker to free more of them, much to Mikoto's annoyance as the mechas begin attacking each other. Complicating matters more, Mikoto has no way to distinguish friend from foe, forcing her to destroy the mechas she had reason to suspect, in order for her to prevent unexpected attacks from a blind spot and to secure her safety. Still determined, Mikoto plans to use the remaining mechas to corner Touma from multiple angles, knowing that he can't overcome her with that using only his right hand. However, she loses track of Touma on the field, and later finds him already next to him on the same mecha. Touma casually tells Mikoto with a smile that he'd rather not use his right fist on her, and asks if she is going to make her. Knowing that she can't use the FIVE_Overs against Touma with this close a proximity to her, she angrily uses her power to gather iron sound. In spite of this, Touma is unworried and even teases her about her using tentacles. Angered, Mikoto says that though she doesn't know what had happened to him, she is going to beat him up regardless. Mikoto then uses the iron sand against Touma.[104]

Mikoto attacks using all eight of the tentacles, but Touma merely touches one of them and her entire attack collapses. Touma explains to Mikoto how whenever she used her iron sand on him it would vanish from tip to base when he touched it with his right hand, and that principle still applies in their current battle, where all of the tentacles can be negated just by touching a single one. Touma teases Mikoto through his nonchalance, comparing their fight as a nice change of pace to the other battles which were legitimate threats. This annoys Mikoto, and starts rotating the FIVE_Over below them, making Touma fall to the ground. Mikoto closes in on Touma and tries to engage him in melee as she demands to know why he sided with Othinus. Touma says that there is no need for defeating Othinus anymore, leading to Mikoto to ask him why. Touma tries to explain to Mikoto that the world was destroyed, though she doesn't understand, asking what it had to with him and Othinus being together. Touma tells her that it isn't just about Othinus anymore. As Mikoto is above him, Touma uses his feet to push her away, and once again he is able to stand up face Mikoto. Touma explains that there was a really long time between the time they arrived on Sargasso and when the attack on Othinus began, but everyone else didn't notice. Touma's voice starts shaking, and reveals that he still feels guilty about leaving behind the perfect world for his own. He begins to ramble and tells Mikoto that though she wouldn't be able to believe it but there was truly a world where all the 20,000 Sisters were alive, she didn't have to suffer, and all of them were smiling together as friends. Mikoto is unbelieving of what he is saying, seeing it that is so unreal to her. Touma continues, and shows that he is blaming himself for taking away everyone's happiness just so he could come back. Even as Touma explains this, Mikoto still doesn't understand what Touma is saying. Touma tells her that he needs Othinus to understand what exactly the people of this world like Mikoto have gained and lost as a result of his choice to abandon the perfect world. He tells her that if she saw the perfect world then she might even stop hating Othinus and then her hatred on him. He tells her that though she may not understand, but she mustn't make up her mind and forgive him until she knows the truth of the perfect world.[105]

Mikoto is loss for words, but Touma continues to speak. He says that he doesn't want to destroy himself with this guilt of his anymore, and needs to settle everything and pay for all his sins in rejecting the perfect world. And the way to do that is for Othinus to live, her testimony as the only other witness to the perfect world. Naturally, Misaka Mikoto is unable to understand the true feelings behind Touma's cries. However, even so, Mikoto could grasp a fragment of what lied inside Touma's heart. With that, Mikoto calls Touma on him clinging to a convenient and terribly naïve "perfect" world.[105] Angered by Touma's thinking, Mikoto asks him if he truly thinks is the same thing as saving people. She tries to strike Touma with her electricity, telling him not to unify everything under a single of values, a single definition of happiness as what Othinus has done in the perfect world, as it would only create misfortune and discrimination. As she continues attacking Touma, she says that she doesn't know and can't even imagine what had happened to him but says that doesn't mean he is always right, and that no one has to accept what he says, no one has to accept the perfect world. She tells him as they continue to do battle, that even if the world and she was remade it would not have taken her away her sin of letting 10,000 Sisters die, and that she doesn't want it to be taken away as she doesn't want to run away from her sins.[106]

Mikoto's words strike Touma's thoughts, and for a moment, stopped his thoughts. But then Mikoto continues to attack him, telling him that there is no such thing as a perfect world. As he continues hearing her words, Touma's heart and by proxy his actions waver. She tells him that he would have found that there was something twisted in the perfect look, and compares what had happened in the Level 6 Shift Project, with him not accepting that her suicide to save the Sisters would make her happy. She asks him that if he understood back then then why change his mind now. Mikoto then head-butts Touma and then shocks him with her powers. She tells him that the perfect world is one where a single set of values were forced on everyone where they are only allowed to smile, and those who don't are treated like they don't belong. Mikoto says that Touma shouldn't be feeling jealous, and that no matter how painful and hard it is and even if he is alone he should be the one to clench his fist and say it is wrong. Mikoto, now having climbed on top of Touma continues her argument. She tells him that even if he sacrificed the perfect world and everyone else living there to do so, he should be glad to have returned to this world even if it is imperfect and should be proud of it.[106]

Mikoto's embrace of victory.

Touma is finally able to reply, telling her that he changed his mind because and admit that he was wrong for abandoning the perfect world because he still recalls and remembers where people like Mikoto were truly happy and smiling. Mikoto punches Touma in the face, though Touma still stubbornly continues to crucify himself, justifying that he is a mere high school student and that it is only natural for him to go back on his thoughts and even change his ideals. Hearing this, Mikoto says that Touma doesn't understand. She tells him that there's no reason be bound by meaningless principles and ideologies, and that if he is reaching for the happiness he alone believes in, it is fine to choose the best arguments for the situation. She tells him that in the end it doesn't matter if he spits on his own words so long as it all works out. Looking directly into Touma's eyes, she tells him to bear the weight of her future and the fate of the six billion people, the world he has chosen, to the point of his own destruction. And thus, with a smile, Mikoto gives Touma an embrace as she laid on top of him, and later shocks with him with her power, making him lose consciousness. Now at last, Mikoto is able to beat Touma, though even she thinks her victory is empty.[106]

When Touma comes to, he finds Mikoto sitting next to him in the snow. She asks him if he has awaken, to which he confirms. Now it has been completed. In the perfect world, the Will of the Whole Misaka Network, saved him by saying he could pursue his own selfishness over the ideal of saving the world—the perfect world. And now, Mikoto has taught him that humans are not so simple that saving the world and recreating it into a convenient form was enough to make everyone unconditionally happy. With this, Touma wonders what he had been doing all this time. Touma then stands up and apologizes to Mikoto and says that he'll be going. Mikoto asks if it because he has to, to which says because he wants to. Mikoto shrugs and gives off a smile, telling him to get going. Touma asks why she isn't stopping him, to which she says she cannot, as she believes that though she defeated him a while ago she doubts she can beat him now. With that Mikoto watches as Touma leaves, waving his hand in parting. Mikoto then stays behind as she faces off the remaining FIVE_Overs in support of Touma's actions.[107]

Kamijou Touma vs. Leivinia Birdway and Index

Touma and Othinus later commandeer one of the American tanks that survived Academy City's onslaught, with Touma having much difficulty in driving it, passing by Fredericia. After driving a while, Othinus notes to Touma that they should stop before the tank hits the ocean, though it’s too late and the tank falls into the ocean. After being strangled by Othinus for his incompetence, Touma justifies this that she shouldn't have trusted someone who can't even roller-skate. He then worries about how much money he now owes, adding up the tank, the gas station, and the mobile fortress that were destroyed because of them. With that, Othinus tries to cross Gamle Lillebæltsbro to get to the island of Funen. Much to Touma's dismay, he finds Leivinia Birdway and Index waiting for them there. Seeing them, Touma holds out his hand to protect Othinus from them. Leivinia says that she isn't going to bother with questions as the situation needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. Index then says, catching a glimpse of what Touma went through using her knowledge, says that she doesn't think it isn't right to apply their world's reasoning to someone like him, but says she can't back down and that Othinus is a threat under their rules. Hearing this, Touma complains on how he just settled it already with Mikoto and wonders why he has to go over the same stuff again. Both Leivinia and Index are silenced with this, and the tension become so thick that even Othinus begins to fidget awkwardly behind him. Touma makes it even worse, saying that they can just call Mikoto and have explain it as they don't need to fight if they do so. With an annoyed laugh, Leivinia mentions Index's 103,000 grimoires have the power of raising one's level to that of a magic god if used correctly, and says that through them they have been able to make a good guess as to what happened between him and Othinus. Hearing this, Touma wonders if they know that that he has been an infinite hell in that short time, and says that if it so that there would be reason to fight them. Leivinia then shouts in annoyance. A flustered Leivinia says that she was planning to go easy on him and then taking over for him, but she can no longer forgive him now, saying that she really wants to make crushed frog out of him. Index adds with a blank expression, saying that he needs 2 to 3 months in a hospital bed to recover.[108]

Leivinia with Gungnir replica and Index.

While on their battle stance, Leivinia tells Othinus that she can fight too if she wants then a moment later, a smaller replica of Gungnir appeared from her hand. Both Touma and Othinus are shocked as when they saw it. Leivinia then explains to them that the 103,000 grimoires contain the possibility of reaching the level of a magic god if used right. Moreover, she tells them that she made some modifications for it to be fit for human use and just produce the same phenomenon as the thrown lance which can be only used once but have enough power to kill a magic god. Knowing the power of Gungnir first hand, Touma warns her that it is not the convenient tool she thinks it is. In spite of this, Leivinia is still adamant with her decision and is making use of all the 103,000 grimoires. Because of this however, the “poisonous knowledge” of the grimoires flowing from Index continually contaminate her mind resulting in headache for her, but she tries to suppress it.[109]

As Leivinia is about to throw the lance, Touma charges forward but dashes right pass her.[110] It turns out that Touma figured out that Index provided the knowledge through her singing and tries to stop her. Touma successfully stops Index, though not the way he intended, as he gropes her chest, startling her and interrupting her singing. The lance then becomes unstable in Leivinia’s grip, resulting in it exploding.[111] Touma is then bitten by Index as punishment. Index then nags on Touma for his lack of delicacy. As both Leivinia and Touma later lie face down on the ground while Othinus pokes on him. Touma asks Leivinia regarding how much they know about what happened to both Touma and Othinus. Leivinia responds by saying a complete magic god won’t bother with mere physical attacks but rather proceed on remaking the world. She then asks Touma on what did he saw in the changed world in which Touma said that nothing much but he learned something very basic which leads him on deciding to save Othinus and that he would never choose to kill a “mere girl” and smile about it. Leivina then responds that he is exactly the kind of person he is and that she is like an idiot worrying about the fate of the world and whether information was leaked to GREMLIN by him. Touma then stands up about to go on their way when Index tries to stop him, still not finished with her scolding, but Leivinia holds her down. She then asks Touma on how he is going to settle it to which Touma responds that he will neutralize Othinus’s power then hand her to America. She then asks Touma if there is a way to do that and Touma says that if there is none, he would have been broken long ago. And so, Leivinia decides to hold down Index since if she comes with him, Index would perfectly memorize the trump card in defeating a magic god and thus the threat around her would rise to the next level. Touma then asks Leivinia to look after Index to which she agrees.[112]

Kamijou Touma and Othinus in Odense

Using the bridge they reach the island of Funen and later hitched a ride with a bunch of tourist going to the railway museum, carrying them to Odense. As they pass through the city, the come upon a park known as King's Garden. There, Othinus notices that in broad daylight that there is a people clearing field set up. As soon as they notice Silvia and Brunhild Eiktobel appear before them. Seeing them as the ones on Ollerus' side, Touma asks if Ollerus is there too. However, Silvia's eyebrows twitch at the mention of his name. She then says that Ollerus is there as well, but says there is good reason why he isn't there with them. She tells Othinus that she should know why, and should understand what she wants to do after seeing that horrific scene. Hearing this, Touma is stunned and silence and Othinus can only narrow her eyes. Brunhild then says that she is not part of Silvia's personal grudge as she takes up arms. She tells them that if Othinus threatens that boy, then she has no choice but to kill her.[113] There, Silvia begins her merciless attack on Touma. Othinus is completely powerless to help Touma as Silvia continues her onslaught on him. She tries to call out to Touma but he doesn't hear.[68] Both Othinus and Brunhild observe the fight from afar. Here, Brunhild doesn't know that Othinus has lost her power, though questions why Othinus isn't retaliating. With a bitter feeling, she decides that just to be safe she would use a harsh attack on Othinus. With her sword, she goes to Othinus and tells her to pray, to which Othinus asks to whom should a god supposed to pray to. Brunhild replies that the proper answer at times like this is to pray to the one she loves, to which Brunhild prepares to strike Othinus down with her sword.[114]

Before she can act, Silvia throws Touma's battered and bloodied body towards her. Silvia tells Brunhild not to kill Othinus that easily as she hasn't paid yet for what she has done. She tells her that Othinus should at least watch having at least one precious thing taken away from her as it would be more fun. Brunhild frows with her suggestion, and tells her that she has no obligation to go along with Silvia's cruel fun, to which Silvia says asks if she has to make another bloody mess like Touma, threatening Brunhild. Back with Touma, despite being beaten horribly he is still alive and trembled slightly. Seeing this, Othinus calls out to him and in despair says that he should've listen to her that nothing good would come out of him following her. She tries to drag herself towards Touma, but Brunhild just stomps her on her shoulders, stopping her progress. Brunhild asks Silvia what it will take to satisfy her, to which Silvia says that she will tear Touma's guts as Othinus watches, making sure he is still alive the whole time. Othinus pleads to them to stop as she is pinned down by Brunhild, asking them to kill her and spare Touma. Silvia however says that she doesn't care as long as she kills her and takes her revenge for Ollerus. Brunhild remains silent as she hears Silvia's mad response and notes to herself that she needs to kill Othinus without waiting for Silvia's instructions. Brunhild then prepares to attack with her sword as Silvia is focused on Touma, and is prepared to battle an enraged Silvia. Othinus however pleads again for mercy as she desperately tries to reach out to Touma, saying that Touma has nothing to do with her sins, and as such there is no reason to make him bear them. But her pleas does not reach the Saints' ears.[114]

Ollerus appears to save his old enemy.

However, as the two Saints attack, Ollerus bursts forth between them. He is weakened because of the fairy spell and as such makes him weaker as an average magician. However, through sheer force of his will, he encloses his arms around Brunhild's great sword at it swung down, and tugged it to move it towards Silvia's strike. The both of them are astonished by this, but it is too late for the deed is done as the two Saints collide with one another and collapses onto the ground. Yet, so great was the power of the Saint that he moved to make them collide with one another that his efforts were paid at the cost of his arms. Seeing this, Othinus asks if he was there to kill her as well. Ollerus reminds Othinus that he has no attachment to the bonds of being a magic god, and nothing else matters as long as he defeats her. However, Ollerus smiles that someone else had accomplished defeating her, Touma, and says that he had hoped he would have acted as a bait to lure her out, though says that he didn't expect him to take this far. Othinus then asks if he has a reason to kill her, to which Ollerus confirms. However, Ollerus warns that if Kamijou Touma dies here then Othinus will develop into a more frightening monster than anything she had shown thus far, and applies it to Touma as well. Saying that if Othinus dies here, a great change might come over Touma's nature. Ollerus says that Othinus now has a relationship that weakens her, to which his preserving it is not a bad option. Othinus is irritated at his kindness, to which Ollerus says that is just who he is though says that he has lost quite a bit of it. Othinus asks if it that kindness is worth choosing over his own allies, to which Ollerus says that the one Othinus is with, Touma, has done the same. He speaks of Silvia, saying that she is the type that won't be swayed by words, though says that she'll return to her usual self if she has time to cool her head. Ollerus then says that he will work to persuade the Saints until they understand, noting that Othinus need not worry about anything. Othinus then manages to stand back up, and aids him in getting him up to his feet. Othinus then says that she will not thank her, to which Ollerus says that what he has done is still an attack against her in his mind. As they leave, Ollerus then asks Othinus one final question: "Did you find out what you were looking for?"[114]

Here, Othinus merly replies that he wasn't the one who understood her, and that Touma is a lot stronger than him. Thus, Othinus and Touma continue on their way.[114]

At Egeksov Castle

Prior to Touma and Othinus arriving at the castle, GREMLIN arrives there first. Thor goes to Denmark seeing that he might get a good fight out of Touma and Othinus. As he was a member of GREMLIN, he is able to predict where Othinus might be headed, Egeskov Castle. He appears before the gathered masses of GREMLIN members wanting revenge on Othinus there. Waving there, he is asked if he has come to kill Othinus as well, to which he confirms though says that it is not because of hatred but because of the possibility of getting good experience points from defeating her. He then says that they should come to an agreement first if they are to present their complaints to her. He then tells them that they should decide on a representative as their complaints will not reach Othinus if all of them is going to do it. This piques their interest, as GREMLIN has always stood below Othinus now that the fact that she has betrayed them they are at a loss on who should lead the organization. Hel then asks how they are to decide, to which Thor says that they should figure it out by finding out who is the strongest in a free-for-all.[70] There, the members of GREMLIN fight until the last man is left standing—Thor. He later takes the time to arrange the bodies of his former comrades into a large pile as a makeshift throne while waiting for Othinus and Touma.

Back with Touma and Othinus, being unable to hitchhike in their current state the duo makes their way to Egeskov Castle on foot while there is a blizzard, leaning on each other's weakened bodies for support. Before they arrive, Touma asks Othinus if she has decided what she will head down after all that has happened is over. He references his previous suggestions of a bakery and flower shop, and asks if she has found it. Othinus laughs and says that she isn't cut out for cute things. Touma then says that he doesn't know how long she has to wait so it says she can be anything she wants and that it doesn't matter if it doesn't suit her or isn't like her. Touma then says that she should find whatever it is she wants to do the most, and says if she does so then it'll be all the more worthwhile to root for her. Othinus wonders and tries reconfirm it from Touma if she can be anything she wants, to which he asks why he is asking him. Othinus replies it is because she wants to ask him, and asks again if she can truly be anything she wants, to which Touma says that she can. Hearing that, a small smile formed on Othinus' face, to which Touma asks what her dream is. Othinus then says she has no reason to tell him what it is, confusing Touma. He turns his face toward her but she has already returned her expression to normal.[115]

hey then arrived at the edge of the lake. As they come upon it, Thor calls out them, and tells them that the people he is sitting on are all GREMLIN members, recommending to Touma to ask Othinus about them as she loves explaining things while looking down on people despite her arrogance. Thor tells Touma that GREMLIN planned to gang up on them but he went out ahead and crushed them all, lamenting on the little experience they gave. Otthinus then asks for confirmation if he isn't letting them through, to which Thor confirms. He says that he has chosen to be their enemy as it is more fun than being an ally. He praises Touma's current determination in contrast to his past self when he first met Touma back in Academy City. He also says that with a monster like Othinus as a bonus he can get even more experience, more than he has ever seen before. Othinus, warns Touma that without Mjölnir Thor has lost his powers a Lightning God. Touma finds it queer that Othinus would warn him about that, as if it sounded like it didn't weaken Thor at all. Othinus says that if he was acting as the Lightning God then even Touma has a chance of defeating him, but it is not the case if Thor brings out his power as an Almighty God, which pales the Lightning God in comparison. Thor then laughs, thanking Othinus for her explanation, pointing out that he was right to say Othinus likes explaining things. Thor then asks what they will do, though he says he is fine if they attack him both or he fights Touma alone. Othinus then asks why Thor has decided she can't use his full power and will not be fighting, to which Thor says that if she is in full power then she wouldn't be relying in Touma in the first place. She tries to reply but Touma cuts her off and says that he will be fighting him, pleasing Thor, who says that he will not hold back and will use the power of Almighty Thor.[115]

Kamijou Touma vs. Thor

Thus begins their battle, and Thor has already met his fist on Touma's face. Touma is felled and knocked again and again as Thor uses his Almighty powers to his advantage. Touma has no idea how Thor is able to attack him without coming toward him, believing him to use a form of teleportation, though Thor has told him to look beyond that. To the already injured Touma, Thor's attacks are more severe, and slowly his injuries accumulate. Touma's thoughts as him believe though he can touch him, Thor returns with an attack at the same time, as if some power lets him counter with 100% accuracy. Thor reveals to Touma after he grabbed his legged and was met with Thor kicking him that he isn't moving. Hearing this, Touma throws snow and rocks at Thor as he says that there's no need to bother heading out just to kill his enemy. They did not hit Thor as it seemed like several Thor's stood before him such that all of them missed, afterimages of Thor. Suddenly, Thor comes up behind Touma reminding him to widen his view, and then attacks him. Touma tries to elbow him but it misses as Thor is already right in from of him, who, by the time Touma noticed, has already kneed him in the gut. But Thor's attack continues as Touma reels from the pain. Touma recollects his experiences with GREMLIN, and points out that it isn't Thor that's moving, but the world. Touma says that Thor just stands still as the world moves below his feet to his desired target. Thor is unimpressed by his deduction as it took Touma too long and had too many hints even way back in Academy City when he showed it to him. He laments that he could've made it look more like a mysterious attack like stopping time.[116]

Touma asks if he had become a holistic esper to which Thor says he hadn't to which Touma answers his own question by saying that it would eliminate the need for GREMLIN to target Fräulein Kreutune. Touma says that if he had become a holistic esper then they would've used it in their plan. Thor states that he is similar but different, as he says that he can produce approximation of the phenomenon but he isn't actually one, just a magician. Here, Touma thinks he caught a glimpse of why he risked so much to rescue Fräulein Kreutune, as because they were both similar but different and she was in a position that he could have ended in. To Thor, she was not a stranger to him as such he made an enemy of every side involved just to rescue her. Touma however says that what Thor is doing is a large scale, as he is moving the entire world but the actual life-size phenomenon is no different from teleportation. Thor tells him to stop his praises as he is nothing compared to her power, asking how many times the world has been destroyed on their way there. Thor even asks how Touma even defeated her with the lance, and says that merely winning in a fistfight wouldn't have allowed Touma to get him back to the world. Thus this is the difference between Thor and Othinus, the former rule a single world while Othinus created infinite worlds. Thor clarifies to Touma that he doesn't use coordinates when using the spell, and it doesn't just move him to an enemy's blind spot. Much to Touma's horror, as he realizes it himself that Thor's power moves into the point that will let him win. Thor congratulates Touma, at which point he attacks again.[116]

The battle with the Almighty Thor begins.

And thus the battle continues, and the longer it went the farther it took them away from the castle. Little did Thor know that this was all part of Touma's plan, knowing he could not beat him. And in the distance they can hear the train a-coming. All Touma needs to do is to endure and not lose. With this, Thor lets out a sigh as Touma continues to struggle with all of his ineffective against him. Seeing the futility of his actions, Thor asks him if he is done already, though Touma doesn't yield. Thor says to him that his power is all he has. He tells Touma that with Mjölnir’s support he can add in fusion blades, but says he is back to having Almighty powers now. Touma asks him what he wanted from Othinus if he had so much power already, asking him why even joined GREMLIN. He reminds him that no matter how high he goes there will always be someone higher, making him not much different from the rest of GREMLIN, joining into order to grant his desire. With a smile, Thor says that their goal of destroying the science side's victory in World War III was one of their many desires, and says that GREMLIN was an organization to allow Othinus to perfect her power as a Magic God and have her grant them their desires with it. That is why GREMLIN is angry with her as she ran off without paying them for their work. Thor then says that he will kill Othinus, saying that he has nothing against having a fistfight with Touma.[69]

Thinking of GREMLIN being warranted in punishing Othinus, Touma doesn't accept Thor's words, impressing him as the fire that is burning in Touma's eyes has yet to leave, though says it doesn't make up for what Othinus has done. Touma tells Thor that he was in a position to stop what she did as he knew Othinus before GREMLIN did all their actions and before he made an enemy of the world. Touma tells Thor that he stopped Othinus, but not defeated her. He says that he wasn't the only one that could've stopped her, and tells him that he could've done so as well if he had tried to get to know her but instead gave up from the start in understanding her. Touma tells Thor that he decided that it was easier to give up on understanding Othinus because it was easier and he didn't want to risk falling victim to her rage. Touma then mocks him for putting the blame on her and making it as an excuse for giving up on making his own dreams come true, believing that Othinus can grant their dreams for them instead of achieving it themselves. Touma tells him that they should have been the one standing by her side, not him. He mocks them for thinking that they are better despite their failing even with their large numbers. Touma does not deny that Othinus is a villain, but tells Thor to hold responsibility for not stopping her, and tells him not to run away from his sins, as he has done it himself, because he did not give up on her. Despite this, Thor doesn't listen, saying that it is not the issue and once again attacks Touma.[69]

The fight continues on, and slowly Thor begins to waver due to the futility of his actions. Because of his Almighty powers making invincible, his fights become empty. In his thoughts, he thought that fighting Touma would let him escape that empty feeling, believing that Touma was the median between a full powered Othinus and the other members of GREMLIN. Then all of the sudden, he hears a train a-coming. When he finally catches on, he finds out that he is standing on railroad tracks. Touma asks him if he can handle something that isn't related to their fight if his magic moves the world to put him in a position to win his fight with him. Thor is too shocked to reach and he is mowed down by a 12-car freight train.[117]

The train tries to stop after hitting Thor as Touma sinks to ground due to his battered body after Thor is unable to fight on account of being run over by a train. Suddenly, Touma hears Thor call out to him. He is in the bottom of the train, though bloodied and battered as well, though in one piece, having used his powers to switch his target, from Touma to the train, at the last second allowing him to not get hit directly by the train. Thor says that he isn't continuing the fight as he gained some decent experience, praising their verbal fight as well, saying that he hasn't felt that great in a while. Thor then asks what he and Othinus are doing in Denmark in the first place, guessing that she was hiding somewhere there. Touma tells him of how Othinus became a god and their goal of having her surrender that power. Thor says that it is just like Touma, but tells him to hurry back to Othinus' side. Touma asks if there is someone else, which surprises Thor, saying that he isn't his final enemy, saying that anyone could figure it one if they gave it some thought.[118]

The decision of Othinus

Othinus is left alone at the edge of the lake as Touma's battle with Thor gets him farther and farther away from the castle. She later retrieves her eye from the lake. With the eye in her hand, she begins to wonder. She questions herself if it is truly okay if she should truly be saved. She recalls what Touma has done for her to get to this point and how much he has been hurt and bled for her. As she recalls she asks herself again if she should really be saved, considering how much trouble she has caused for so many people, how she had yet to make up for it and asked for forgiveness, and how her success is built on Touma's sacrifice while doing nothing herself. Othinus knows that if she asked Touma himself then he would definitely say that she should be saved. She however questions herself is she should rely on his words, rely and lean on Touma who will unconditionally save her, but at the same time weigh him down just so that she can be saved. Despite wanting to be saved herself, she becomes concerned of the fate of Kamijou Touma if she was to be saved as he would also have to bear her sins as well, blamed for the evils of the Magic God Othinus. Pained the fate of that awaits Touma, the only person that could understand her, she lets go of her eye and concludes that she shall not be saved.[119]

The Strength of the World

The world watches over Touma and Othinus. From a UAV and through Ingrid Martin's observations, Roberto is able to get a glimpse on what is happening near Egeskov Castle as Touma tries to stop Othinus from killing herself. Ingrid asks the President what to do, to which he says he is also trying to figure it out what to do, not being able to fully grasp the situation as Othinus uses her magic. Roberto then asks if she can continue to keep track of Touma and Othinus' conversation. Ingrid says that there'll be a lot of static but it would be possible. Roberto continues speaking and says that though he knows that it would be a difficult request for you since she is tasked with cross-borders operations he still asks her if she is able to declassify the footage of Touma's battle with Othinus. He says to her that he wants to show the two to the world as they are and he wants to ask the world for forgiveness. Knowing how this would be affect the President's credibility as it would take more of the blame than anyone else on the actual scene, Ingrid becomes frustrated. She tells him, with all due respect, that it would definitely harm his approval ratings and that both Touma and Othinus are not American citizens. Despite this, Ingrid already knows what Roberto will say: "So what?" Thus, despite her remonstrations, Ingrid is forced to follow his commands.[75] With this, Roberto intends to hand the fate of Othinus to the world's judgment.

Roberto tells the others that he will be holding an emergency press conference, asking the others what they will do. Elizard says that she will leave that to people who want to stand out in public and says she'd rather handle the internal announcement. She says that she is worried that she won't easily calm her military obsessed daughter, who was eager to be deployed, and had her mobile fortress destroyed. Roberto is amazed and asks if she isn't dead set on killing Touma and Othinus anymore. The Patriarch cuts in and asks not to tease the Queen Regnant too much. With a sigh, he then says that he will focus on reaching those people in places America's voice cannot reach. The Pope also says that he can provide assistance as well. They then turn to the representative of France, the Maiden of Versailles. She says that France never sent anyone in the first place, and as such they have no reason to struggle as well. The Queen then says that it seems one of the world's problems is how the clever have a way of going unnoticed. This later leads to a small fight between them.[76]

The representatives do their speeches to their chosen their chosen constituents. Each of their speech having a unique characteristic of their own, Roberto's speech gives the people the power to decide for themselves on what to do to Othinus, and then later seals it by challenging humanity, by saying that he wants humanity's strength to be tested along with them. Krans' speech is much more forceful, referencing their religious views more in his speech, and shows his intention of Othinus making up for his sins and being saved as an example to the world that anyone who goes to the wrong path can be saved as well. The Pope's speech is similar to Roberto's speech, though his intention in having Othinus saved by using the metaphor that Othinus' is like a mirror to reflect their own hearts, and that people who metes out vengeance upon her would only be using violence as well, something that Othinus once did. Finally, Elizard's speech praises Touma's actions and uses the fact that he came to an answer that none of them could achieve as an example on what they should do, saying as that they couldn't achieve what Touma had done and have lost to their fears, then they must act as losers does, indirectly telling them that they can only let Othinus live.[120]

Kamijou Touma confronts Othinus

As Othinus prepares her world crossbow spell from afar, Touma becomes confused of Othinus' intentions. Thor notes Touma's obliviousness on Othinus' feelings, as she has Touma now she has someone to rely on, however, the more she relies on him, the more she hurts the one she cares for. Touma is silenced by this but Thor continues. He tells Touma that Othinus doesn't want to be saved. He says that she has already seen what it means to save, which him bearing her sins for her. Thor says that if Othinus dies in fighting Touma, then she assumes that it will cancel out he has done for her. In essence, Othinus was punishing herself for the sake of Touma, intending to stop Touma knowing he will try to stop her efforts. Angry that Othinus is running away from paying for her sins, Touma screams that Othinus shouldn't run. He cries once again, summarizing who she was, her actions that led to this point, and once again telling her not to run away, not to run from her sins and turn her back from her happiness. Thor then asks what Touma is going to do, to which Touma says that if Othinus thinks it is better to die, and if that ridiculous idea is giving her the mistaken impression that she is saving him by running from her painful path, then he is going to break that illusion of hers.[121]

Now the world turns to look at Touma and Othinus, gathering their strength to overcome their fear and hatred of her. Touma runs toward Othinus after telling Thor to get down. As he is running he sees Othinus' face. Seeing this, Othinus holds out her hand to target him with her crossbow spell. Then Othinus shoots the arrows toward him, each one is overcome by Touma with each of his step, and each shot fired exacerbates the cracks of the fairy spell on Othinus' body. As he comes closer and closer to her, their eyes meet and Othinus smiles as if accepting her doomed fate. Then Othinus crumbles before Touma, and he shouts to her that after all she has done and she has felt she can't possibly think it is right to sacrifice herself. He then faced an unavoidable arrow from the crossbow. There, Touma realizes that he had yet to use his Imagine Breaker on the arrow. And there, as he smashes his fist on the arrow so great is its power that his right hand cannot completely overcome it.

Touma embracing Othinus as she fades.

However, Touma doesn't care as long as his right arm isn't torn off, he can use it to negate the stake of the fairy spell on her chest. In spite of the pain, Touma manages to divert the arrow upwards and he is able slip below. This surprises Othinus as he shouts that he has won. He makes her to her and embraces her body with both of his arms. With that embrace, his right palm touches the stake of light of the fairy spell that pierced her. Gathering all his strength, Touma pulls the stake out from her back and smashes it with his right hand as he whispers to her that he won't let her run away. He tells her that he had promised to save her if it meant fighting the entire world. Othinus remembers and with a smile her body continued cracking apart. As she breaks apart in his arms, Othinus tells her that she was already saved from the moment that he said those words to her. Thus ends the struggle of the Magic God Othinus with a thank you to her savior.[120]

The World's judgment on Othinus

Touma is overcome by his injuries and collapses afterward, believing he has failed to save Othinus. However, despite the fairy spell's effects Touma's efforts was not in vain. Othinus survives but is now 15 centimeters tall. Ingrid Martin tosses a radio communicator toward her, where on the other line is Roberto Katze and Elizard. Roberto says that at her current state there would be no way to keep Othinus from breaking out of an American prison, and as such there is no point in throwing her into even a maximum security prison. The Queen then cuts in and says that even if Othinus' current form and total amount of power contained have changed, she is still closer to being a magic god than human, though she has been weakened too far to ever use again. She then wonders about Othinus' lifespan in her current form, saying that since throwing her into a cell won't likely make a single difference to her, imprisonment will not accomplish anything. She then says that they need to create a new punishment that will be especially effective against her and only her. Othinus is then told that she must forever watch the world of happiness that she went as far as suicide to look away from, the greatest punishment humanity can give to her now that they have achieved victory over a magic god.[122]

Thus, Othinus is subjected to an ironic fate that she had once subjected Touma to those many worlds ago.


Likely pressured by the international coalition's speech, Academy City welcomes back Kamijou Touma and is turned to the care of the Heaven Canceller. After Heaven Canceller leaves the room, Index walks in with Sphynx. Index demands a show of gratitude or an apology. Touma says that he would love to bow down to her in apology but he can't do it because he can't move. Index becomes worried after seeing the bandages covering him and asks if he is okay, to which Touma says that he is. He tells Index however, that he couldn't do anything about Othinus and thinks that the cracks that have appeared on her body have already spread too far by the time she rejected being saved. He says that no matter he did with his right hand, it wouldn't have changed the result.[122]

Index tries to speak but Touma continues talking. He asks what it even means to save someone. He recalls her smile just before she fell to pieces and that she told him that she was already saved. He couldn't understand Othinus' smile and he truly did save her as his actions contradicted with what she wanted. He says that he may have been presumptuous to think he could save someone, but says that all he wanted was to see her smile in a different way. He contemplates on how it may have been his own selfishness or maybe his personal views as good or bad. Regardless, Touma believes Othinus vanished from the world and bitter feeling comes upon him and the only thing he could do is to accept the fact and continue on.[122]

However, the both of them later discover that Othinus is still alive, though only 15 centimeters tall. She berates Touma for acting that she is dead. Touma is confused, but tells him that he was part of the reason why. She tells him that since she had yet to put her eye back in she was esentially still a magic god and not human. As such, she was not completely destroyed as she was unable to fire the final crossbow show on Touma when he destroyed the fairy spell with the Imagine Breaker. And since she was a magic god and not a human, it crumbling is not enough to kill her. Touma is dumbfounded and so was Index as her grimoires only had the knowledge needed to make a magic gout of a human and not what happens afterwards. Othinus tells Touma that at this point, Magic God Othinus has been 99% destroyed and the remaining pieces have gathered on their own, though her form has changed and that she can no longer use her former power. Little did Touma know that Othinus questioned herself if her body would "automatically" re-form had it not been for the intervention of her will.[122]

Touma then asks if he can touch her with his right hand, to which he tries to do so, much to Othinus' embarrassment. Index is enraged as well as she snaps her teeth. Touma explains that with people like Kazakiri Hyouka he wants to avoid having her vanish he touches her with his right hand. Othinus tells him that there should be no problem in him touching her as she is a neutral magic god, but she can't say for sure they haven't tested it, but says that her basic properties shouldn't have changed after she became smaller.[122] It was only after that Touma truly realized that Othinus has revived and has returned to him, and was unsure what expression he should make. Touma then asks why she wasn't taken by America and imprisoned. Othinus tries to explain but before she can do so, Sphynx jumps off Index and onto the bed toward Othinus, surprising her. Othinus asks for help, but Touma says he is unable to dos in his condition. As she is held in Sphynx's mouth, Othinus recalls what had transpired after she became small and after Touma finally collapsing back in Denmark, the punishment the world gave to her.[122]

Aleister Crowley and the Magic Gods

Meanwhile, in a layer of the world where Othinus power as a magic god could not even reach, multitudes of magic gods scheme and plan in interfering in Touma's world, seeing as the situation with Touma and Othinus were unsatisfactory them. Here, they call themselves as "GREMLIN", not a mere fusion of magic and science but an organization that every magic god of every religion can take part in equally.[122]

Suddenly, Aleister Crowley himself appears before them. Here, he comes upon "bizarre magicians" talking about what had transpired, to which he refers to as "GREMLIN". One of these magicians references his absence as of late, though states that Alesiter may have been busy with a side job. Aleister says that he had to let the strength of the world handle Othinus running around free as he had something to prioritize in entering their "divine territory" as it wasn't easy. One of the magicians, referred to as "someone" with a hoarse voice, comments on how if Aleister turned his obsession in destroying magic in the right direction then he too would be part of GREMLIN. Aleister says that he made adjustments to himself that it would not happen, as such he can control something different than them who can only live in a distorted phase. The magician with the hoarse voice asks if science is really wonderful enough for Aleister to indulge himself to that extent. Aleister then comments on how even if took them an eternity, none of them would understand. The magician with the hoarse voice then asks if it has nothing to do with "the single remaining tear stain in his journal".[122]

Aleister is silenced by this, and all remaining expression on his faced vanished as he calls upon his magic name Beast666 and draws out his magic staff. The magician are unperturbed, one of them comments on how is envious of his emotion, though says he should stick around as he says he is about to tie it all together. He tells him that Aiwass, the cornerstone of his plan that he tried so hard to raise is a complete failure and that Aleister will be at his wit's end before long. A moment later, Aleister attacks them.[122]


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