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Maid Outfits (メイド服 Meido-fuku?) are uniforms worn by maids, women who give service to others, and a recurring gag throughout the entire series.


Tsuchimikado Motoharu uses this gag the most in an effort to tease Kanzaki Kaori and because of that she has gained an unwanted "legendary" rumor circulating. Motoharu openly claims his love for maid outfits to everyone and it is second only to his sister.

List of Maid Outfits[]

  1. A professional and practical uniform worn by Tsuchimikado Maika.[1]
  2. Fallen Angel Maid Outfit (堕天使メイド服 Daten-shi Meido-fuku?): An outfit developed by Tsuchimikado Motoharu for Kanzaki Kaori.[2]
  3. Erotic Fallen Angel Maid Outfit (堕天使エロメイド服 Daten-shi Ero Meido-fuku?): A redeveloped outfit after the first by Tsuchimikado Motoharu for Kanzaki Kaori.[3]
  4. An outfit that gives off the feeling of an English maid, worn by Silvia, consisting of goggles on her forehead, a thick material dark-colored jacket and an apron used for work.[4]
  5. Great Spirit Revealing Maid Outfit (大精霊チラメイド服 Daiseirei Chira Meido-fuku?): An outfit obtained by the men of the Amakusa Christians for Itsuwa's "counterattack" against Kanzaki Kaori's outfit.[5]
  6. Little Devil Flirting Maid Outfit (小悪魔ベタメイド服 Koakuma Heta Meido-fuku?): A suggestion by Agnese Sanctis and Angelene for Lucia after hearing and misinterpreting the conversation between the Amakusas at the last supper before battle.[6]
  7. Goddess Goth Maid Outfit (女神様ゴスメイド服 Megami-sama Gosu Meido-fuku?): An outfit obtained by Orsola Aquinas to be given to Sherry Cromwell only to try it on herself instead.[6]
  8. A personal uniform by Kumokawa Maria.[7]
  9. A uniform worn by Saten Ruiko (and an undercover Uiharu Kazari) at a part-time job at a maid café, the former uniform speculated to possibly be a cursed maid outfit (呪いのメイド服 Noroi no Meido-fuku?). While discussing the maid café, references were made to other variants of maid outfit, including the fallen angel, great spirit maid, goddess maid and little devil maid outfits.[8]
  10. Super Rare Loli Ocean Demon King Bra Maid Outfit (超レアロリ仕様海魔王ブラメイド服 Chou Rea-rori-shiyō Kaimaou Bura Meido-fuku?): An outfit that Tsuchimikado Motoharu brought for Tsuchimikado Maika from London. It is featured in Maika's dream as seen by Kinuhata Saiai using the Indian Poker card.[9]
  11. Maid Swimsuit (メイド水着 Meido Mizugi?): An outfit that Motoharu brought for Maika as an alternative for the Super Rare Loli Ocean Demon King Bra Maid. Like the other maid outfit, Saiai also rejects this.[9]
  12. A personal uniform by Naru.[10]

List of Known Maids[]