Maidia (めいでぃあ?) refers to two maid cafés formerly open in Academy City, Maidia First ♡ Lesson (めいでぃあファースト♡れっすん?) and Maidia Second ♡ Lesson (めいでぃあセカンド♡れっすん?).[1]


The first café, Maidia First ♡ Lesson, was a secret members-only café, a high caliber place with various types of maid outfit imported from England. The maids and customer service were apparently top-notch and it had many members, however some of the customers were being charged ridiculous amounts of money and cards were being skimmed, with Skill-Out also being involved. As the members were aware they were part of a secret club, not many official complaints were filed. The café was closed down after an undercover investigation by Konori Mii of Judgment, however they were unable to find the man who owned the place and held the roster of customers.[1]


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