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Makuwa (真桑?) is a minor character introduced in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. He is a low-level researcher of the Exterior project.


He is a young man who wears his hair in a spiky fashion though even more unruly than that of Kamijou Touma.


He has been depicted as naive. He does not like raw apples, though is fine with things like apple pies.[1]


He is part of the Exterior Project and is referred by Shokuhou Misaki as a low level researcher. He is first show eating an apple, though since Misaki was using her powers on him he believed it to be a melon, much to her chagrin.[1]

He is apparently used as a test fodder for Misaki's powers. He has no access to the helmets that prevents Misaki from using her powers on his brain, most likely due to his low-level of clearance. Misaki uses this to her advantage, taking control of him to mess with the helmets and allowing her to eventually to secretly take control of all the researchers of the Exterior Project after the death of Dolly. She later brainwashes everyone related to the project before entering Tokiwadai Middle School, making it impossible for them to leak information even under torture.[2]


Daihasei Festival Arc (Railgun)[]

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Makuwa is shown in Misaki's flashback after believing that Kihara Gensei has taken over Exterior.[1]



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