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Sound Only—the ITEM liaison communicating with ITEM.

The Man on the Phone (電話の男 Denwa no Otoko?) is a term used by members of the Dark Side of Academy City to refer to the mysterious person on the phone who gives them orders.


Their primary function is to be a liaison between the faction they are ordering and the higher-ups who have power.[1] They also give information or put penalties on those who disobey. As with the case of the GROUP liaison, who hands out information to Accelerator after he asks,[2] as well as punish him in disobeying him by turning off the esper function of his choker-style electrode.[3] They also have command over Powered Suits that acts for them.[1]

As they are responsible for the organization, they will get the blame when an organization goes out of their control.[1] Moreover, their reputation is based on their organization worked, as shown by the ITEM liaison who forces ITEM to payback STUDY for humiliating them.[4] Finally, it is likely that they are the ones who recruits prospective members into the organization, as shown by the GROUP liaison.[5]

According to Etzali, it is apparently unclear to many people whether the person on the phone is a single person or multiple people. Multiple people could be commanding a single organization or each organization could have someone in charge of them. It could even seem like it was multiple people while it was just one person artificially altering their voice. Moreover, according to Etzali's own opinion, the Man on the Phone may not be too large a group as they are too responsive.[1] It is later confirmed that there are more than one "persons on the phone," as exemplified by ITEM liaison talking to the BLOCK liaison on how he is no longer needed as their controller. Moreover, both the GROUP liaison and ITEM liaison are indication of this, with the latter clearly being a woman.

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  • BLOCK liaison: The one who minds BLOCK. He apparently lost his power over them and has been asking the ITEM liaison for information regarding BLOCK's whereabouts. After GROUP defeated BLOCK, the ITEM liaison tells the BLOCK liaison that he is no longer needed as their controller. This news however makes him worried.[6]
  • SCHOOL liaison: He or she is in contact with SCHOOL before the events of Daihasei Festival to ask Kakine Teitoku if he would like to participate in the demonstration of Level 5s due to a request from the Daihasei Festival Committee. Needless to say, Kakine refuses, and later when the liaison becomes insistent goes on a rant about only people who have not seen the "darkness" can continue doing those. This leads to the liaison joking on how his power, specifically his white wings, would have appeal among kids, leading to Kakine doing a tantrum and wrecking their hideout.[7] During the events of October 9, the ITEM liaison wonders what the SCHOOL liaison, or controller in this case, will say after everything that has happened.[6] Since he does not appear at all and since SCHOOL seems to be everything on its own, it is likely that the SCHOOL liaison is dead or unable to contact SCHOOL like the BLOCK liaison.


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