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Management (人材派遣マネジメント Jinzai Haken (Manejimento)?, lit. "Temporary Employee Placement") is a minor character introduced during the Battle Royale Arc of Toaru Majutsu no Index. He is an independent operator in the Dark Side of Academy City dealing with aiding parties in their various schemes, acting like a "manager" to their jobs. His true name is unknown.


His appearance is described as looking frivolous and like that of a college student. He dressed in a suit with no necktie and with his chest revealed due to three of his shirt's buttons being unfastened. He also had four or five mobile phones hanging from around his neck.[1]

In the anime, he has long brown hair which hangs on his shoulders, and wears a dark suit with a lavender shirt.[2] In the manga, he has unkempt black hair which hangs over his left eye and wears a light-colored suit with a striped suit.[3]


He has a casual manner of speaking towards his clients, offering them drinks when conducting business.[1] He is also shown some strong worth ethic or loyalty, refusing to divulge his dealings with SCHOOL even when captured by a hostile faction.[4]


He is a man who earns referral fees from supplying the necessary manpower to people who are looking for assistance in regards to specific roles to assist them in thefts or robberies. He can supply people to those short on hands for a robbery or those who need a specific role like transporting, lock picking, breaking-in, money laundering, etc. He usually sets this up via the net or by e-mail and rarely does direct visits.[1]

His office is in a large spacious room that is hidden behind a metal door disguised to look like a janitor's closet in a department store. He has a room in Family Side.[5]


Battle Royale Arc

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Ten hours or so prior to the events of the arc, Management aid SCHOOL in their schemes. They are willing to use Management as they are the kind of group to cover up their shortcomings, and are willing to pay up to obtain ready firepower from the outside.[6] It is Sunazara Chimitsu he deals with, buying him a MSR-001 sniper rifle,[7] later shown to be used for the assassination attempt on Oyafune Monaka.

Tsuchimikado shoots Management.

Tsuchimikado Motoharu meets with Management in a janitor's closet of a large department which was re-fitted to be like a small bar. Once in the meeting he does battle with Management, easily tricking him and coming out unscathed with the man not even able to draw his weapon against Tsuchimikado. Management tries to surrender but is ignored by Tsuchimikado who shoots him in the side instead of killing him. He later calls some grunts to transport Management as well as send Unabara Mitsuki (actually Etzali) to investigate Management's apartment as part of his GROUP assignment, and is informed that Accelerator is gone likely due to being sent to Avignon for a mission.[1]

Yobou Banka kills Management.

Having some sort of business ethic, inside the paddy wagon, Management is interrogated by GROUP grunts but refuses to tell them anything.[4] While being transported in a paddy wagon by some of those in the lower echelons of GROUP he is broken out by a boy with goggles. The boy however, instead of rescuing him, subsequently kills him after crushing both his hands and his head as he was a liability to them.[6] He is the only one killed by the boy's assault,[7] and is the first member of the dark side of Academy City to be killed in the story.