The manhunt for Othinus and Kamijou Touma, also called the Magic God Siege in Denmark (デンマーク「魔神」包囲作戦?) by Aleister,[1] is a manhunt that was conducted as a consequence of the immediate aftermath of the GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo, where Kamijou Touma sided with Othinus and left for Denmark without any explanation.

Conducted by several factions and countries independent of the other, it was a fairly large affair. The manhunt ended with the depowering of Othinus and the decision of Roberto Katze and Elizard to allow her to continue on living as a suitable punishment for her crimes.

Background[edit | edit source]

After Othinus restores the world back to normal, Touma discovers that the fairy spell is slowly destroying her.[2] Seeing that Othinus has changed and that the world is willing to kill her without going through the proper process, Touma decides to save Othinus even it meant that he makes the entire world his enemy. For that purpose they go to Denmark, in order to get to Egeskov Castle and turn Othinus back to being human and thus saving her from the fairy spell,[3] afterwards, surrendering to the international coalition in hopes of getting a fair trial.[4]

Because of the secret and sudden nature of Touma's siding with Othinus, this event surprised his allies that came with him on the Sargasso in Tokyo Bay. This is likely because Touma did not have time to explain to his comrades what was happening to Othinus as she was slowly being killed by the fairy spell. Moreover, Touma did not have the inclination to believe that anyone would be willing to believe his explanation—that the world was changed and that he and Othinus spent a long time together without anyone noticing, as seen with Touma's conversation with Agnese Sanctis, where the former is surprised that she is giving him a chance to explain.[5] Finally, it is likely because explaining that Othinus lost her power would endanger her. Indeed, even in his conversation with Agnese, he could not tell her that Othinus has lost her power.[5]

Principles[edit | edit source]

Reasons[edit | edit source]

Other than the obvious reason that the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance still thinks that Othinus is a dangerous target, their reason for the manhunt is rooted in the fear of Othinus and her power. The world has experienced firsthand the power of GREMLIN and Othinus and the chaos that she has brought, giving in to this fear the world desired vengeance against her under veil of justice. Indeed, the narrative with Touma continuously brings up that the world is trying to kill Othinus without going into the proper process of giving her a fair trial. Moreover, this is also addressed by Roberto and the other leaders at the end of the manhunt where he and the others plead to the world not to give in to the fear and hatred of Othinus.[6]

Their decision to hunt Touma as well stems from the urgency of their situation, still believing that Othinus is dangerous, the Maiden of Versailles explains that them knowing him is not enough to back up is innocence in as the world continues to cower in fear toward Othinus, fearing that it would eventually boiled over in fear of her.[3] As for Academy City, seeing as they lent Touma in the first place to aid against GREMLIN and Othinus, they likely felt the same way. Moreover, it is likely that Touma turning traitor may had a hand in Academy City deciding to have him eliminated as well. It is likely that because they are acquainted with Touma's powers and abilities they had asked for all the Level 5s at the same time to have eliminated, and later, when that failed, and knowing of the boy's weakness, prepared enemies for him that he cannot counter like the FIVE_Over Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units. For other people, especially those that people knew, reasons are much more personal and varies from person to person.

As for GREMLIN their reasons are much more personal as well. As they only gathered around Magic God Othinus in order to have her grant their desires seeing her cancel all their hard work by running away with Touma is sign of betrayal for them, and are merely have her pay her debts to them.[7]

Participants[edit | edit source]

Anti-GREMLIN Alliance[edit | edit source]

Despite having a common goal and being called the "international coalition", all of the representatives of the alliance that are out to hunt Touma and Othinus are acting on their own. Indeed, the only time that all of the representative forces of the international coalition against Touma and Othinus are even in the same place are in Aarhus prior to the start of the Agnese Forces' operation in Aalborg. And even then, each of them was doing their own preparations, and even doubted the information they have, believing the other forces are keeping something from them. Agnese Sanctis concludes that the biggest reason for all the suspicion and distrust among the three major churches is because of the power of their opponent. The stakes were high for them, betting the fate of the world or the right to steal and analyze the power of magic god which could influence the fate of the world.[8]

Only Italy and France are unable to send a participant for the manhunt, though the former can be explained due to the fact that the Vatican is technically part of Italy. As for France, they did it plan to mobilize their own forces as well, though the manhunt ended before they can do so.[9]

Country Representative Notes
VaticanFlag.png Vatican Agnese Forces Arrived in Aarhus with the other elites of the other great churches through the use of the United States' stealth bombers.
RussiaFlag.png Russia Aided by Patriarch Krans R. Tsarskiy from the UN Headquarters.
UKFlag.png United Kingdom Queen Elizard may have also been aware of Index and Leivinia Birdway's attempts as well. Lessar is also sent to Denmark but apparently for reconnaissance only.
USFlag.png United States of America Operation Norse Wind

Other Participants[edit | edit source]

  • Academy City tried to rally support from their Level 5s but only Accelerator and Misaka Mikoto answered the call, though for the case of the latter, she would've likely went to find Touma on her own without being told. Moreover, Accelerator had ulterior motives as he was the first one to willingly answer the order in order for him to be defeated by Touma. This is so that if the news the #1 Level 5 of Academy City was defeated, the others would not bother attacking Touma anymore due to the higher-ups fear of losing the rest of the Level 5s.[10]
  • All of GREMLIN including Thor participate.[11]
  • Silvia and Brunhild Eiktobel, with the former wanting revenge for the condition of Ollerus at the hands of Othinus using the turn into a fairy spell, while the latter acting upon her desire to protect Ceillier Flatley.

The Manhunt[edit | edit source]

Main article: Magic God Othinus Arc § Chronology: VS The World

The manhunt occurs after Touma and Othinus arrives in Denmark. The "hunters" attack Touma and Othinus one after the other and rarely ever crossed paths, even members of the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance. Indeed, as stated above, only once did all of the representative forces of the international coalition against Touma and Othinus are even in the same place. There's only two cases where two forces coincide: the first is when the UK representatives knock Touma out after he just dealt with the representatives of Russia, and the second is when Academy City attacked the forces that were part of America's Operation Norse Wind.

As for Othinus and Touma's travels, much of it is done by walking or hitchhiking. Touma reasons that stealing cars and bikes for their use may help those who are after them track them, and that they would also monitor public transportation, but says that hitchhiking is useful because all focus is on the driver at checkpoints and that the authorities let their guard down when it comes to passengers. He is also states that there is no worry for Othinus being recognized as the magic side is viewing her existence as highly classified even if they were wanted worldwide.[10]

GREMLIN, all of which gathered besides Egeskov Castle, would later be eradicated by Thor in order to allow him to battle Touma and Othinus himself.[11] It is unknown if Vasilisa's previous order to her subordinates to crush every member of GREMLIN hiding in Russia put any dent on their numbers before their arrival.[12] Regardless, what is left of GREMLIN is defeated, conveniently removing one of the conditions that Touma gave to Roberto Katze in his negotiation with him to spare Othinus' life that she could help in the hunt for the remnants of GREMLIN if her life was spared and under their custody.[13]

The aftermath of the manhunt had footage of Touma attempting to save Othinus shown to the world in conjunction to the international coalition's speech.[14]

Summary of the Manhunt[edit | edit source]

Destination Method of travel to next destination Encounters in the location
Tokyo Bay, Japan Othinus' Bone Boat[3]
Hjørring, Denmark Hitched a ride on an RV converted into a food cart.[15] Accelerator
Aalborg, Denmark Walking Agnese Forces
Outskirts of Aalborg Walking
Støvring Hitched a ride on a long-distance truck.[16]
Outskirts of Billund, Denmark Commandeered one of the few surviving American tanks that was used by the Danish army for Operation Norse Wind.[17] Operation Norse Wind
FIVE_Over Modelcase_'RAILGUN" units

Misaka Mikoto

Gamle Lillebæltsbro, Fredericia, Denmark Hitched a ride with tourists on a rental car.[18]
Odense, Denmark Walking

Ollerus (rescues Touma and Othinus instead)

Egeskov Castle, Denmark

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the map illustrating Touma and Othinus' journey, Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 10's table of contents, there is an unnamed point between Støvring and Billund. Based on its position, it is likely Rødkærsbro.
  • Despite the worldwide television broadcast, it is heavily implied that this incident (as with many others), did not expose the existence of magic to the world. Future volumes will show great ignorance by others towards the existence of Magic God Othinus.

References[edit | edit source]

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