Marco Polo International Airport (マルコポーロ国際空港 Marukopōro Kokusai Kūkō?) is an airport located in Northern Italy 8 kilometers north of Venice, Italy. It is often called the Gate of Venice (ヴェネツィア玄関口 Venetsia Genkanguchi?).[1]


Marco Polo Airport

Marco Polo Airport as seen in the manga adaptation.

The main purpose of the airport in Venice, which is floating on the Adriatic Sea and opposite of the Italian mainland, is to transport tourists. From here, the only way for people to take buses or trains is through the 4 kilometer long Liberia Bridge to the Italian mainland, and then move through the last number of tourists that are brought here through the sea routes. All the tourists who have come to sightseeing Northern Italy will land at this airport first.

One interesting note about the airport that it allows direct flights to and from Academy City,[1] allowing a Supersonic Passenger Plane to land on the airport.[2]

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