Marian Slingeneyer (マリアン=スリンゲナイヤー Marian Suringenaiyā?) is a character introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. She is a Dvergr, also known as a dwarf. Marian is the first true member of GREMLIN introduced in the series and is essential to their plans as she possess the skills to recreate legendary weapons of Norse mythology.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Marian appears a seemingly swarthy skinned young girl. She wears overalls on her bare skin and seem not to wear any undergarments, here she holds several of her tools. Her silver hair is braided, her ears pierced with large circular earrings and she also wears glasses.[2] She wears gloves, apparently for some sort of protection, being that she is magical smith of some sort.

On her overalls lie the crest of Jörmungandr, the World Serpent.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Unlike other magicians, she seems interested in modern marvels such as a cellphone, and readily wanted to use it along with her weapons. She is also apparently uncaring with the fact that she wears no undergarment for her considerably apparent bosom, or the fact that she is willing to become naked if the situation calls for it.[3]

Despite her appearance, she shows a sadistic demeanor, telling Cendrillon that she will either turn her into a wardrobe or table,[2] as well killing enemies with her transmutation magic in a most ridiculously brutal manner,[3] and using the living bodies as materials or furniture.[4] However, she often shows her soft side, not attacking those who are uninvolved, such as what she displayed to Kihara Byouri before Byouri revealed her true nature.[3] Chatting and caring for comrades, most particularly, Bersi or Kihara Kagun, which was her student, and is close with him, to the point of her breaking down and disobeying orders after his death[5] and is concerned with Othinus after seeing her hurt and bleeding due to her magic tilting to the negative side effect thus making her more eager to complete the lance so as for Othinus to not suffer like that anymore.[6]

However, this dark personality is in truth just a delusion that she had put on herself. After joining Othinus' GREMLIN and doing missions for the group, she had no choice but to do her duty in order for her desires, primarily the revival of the Dvergr, to be realized through Othinus the Magic God.[7] Her behavior is likely a way of planting the idea in her mind that such things were enjoyable. Indeed, even though she didn't want to do it, the line between the façade that she kept and her true feelings became blurred and she had truly begun enjoying them.[8] When Othinus betrayed her hopes, she lashed against her, blaming her for her own sins she committed for her sake.[7]

Marian cannot handle beer or alcohol in general, as it makes her sick.[9]

Background[edit | edit source]

Three years prior to World War III, Marian Slingeneyer met Kihara Kagun after his departure from Academy City.[10] At this time, Marian was not creating weapons of the gods, and was simply trying to improve the tools of the Dvergr, which she hoped to use to let the world know about the power and techniques that were on the verge of extinction. Because of this, Marian was looking for skilled individuals and chose Kagun after meeting him. Marian became Kagun's mentor, though directly taught him little, as she thought it would be best for him to learn on his own. At this point in time, Marian had already made Mjölnir, which she uses to air her grievances about Kagun.[11]

Throughout his training, Marian was aware of his reckless desire for revenge, and drew him intentionally into GREMLIN to preoccupy his mind away from those thoughts. The both of them later joined GREMLIN, where Kagun's knowledge in science was greatly appreciated. Despite Marian's plans to change Kagun, he was still fervent on his desire, because of that, Marian began to support to make Kagun strong, strengthening him, as so he can return to her after he carried out his revenge. Despite this, Marian could not ever overturn Kagun's ideal of vengeance.[11]

It is stated that Kagun has been closer to Marian than just as a mere magician of GREMLIN.[11]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[edit | edit source]

Hawaii Invasion Arc[edit | edit source]

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The true Gremlin starts to move.

She first appears after the failed invasion of Hawaii, trying out a new cellphone from a hapless vendor, and later somehow connects it with her spiritual item, which promptly blows away the vendor's stand. It was then discovered that she summoned Mjölnir, and rode upon it. Here, she contacts Othinus regarding their successful plan on making Kilauea erupt and the relation of Brunhild Eiktobel with the Gungnir.

Cendrillon, who somehow escaped detention, overhears their conversation, and promptly tries to attack Marian for using her and lying to her of the true plans of GREMLIN. However, she is unable to stop the attacks of Mjölnir and is beaten. Here, Marian threatens her that she will turn her into either a wardrobe or table.

Baggage City Arc[edit | edit source]

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Marian and Bersi, as well as the other core members of GREMLIN willingly agree to Othinus' plan into turning Baggage City for her experiment on holistic espers requiring the city to be distorted through the battles that would occur therein, though they did not truly know of its true extent as the results would be unsatisfactory for Othinus.[12] Even though Marian was not a pure combat-type magician,[9] she and the others accepts Othinus' plan despite the fact that they are trapped inside the city up until the experiment ends or someone interrupts it. Marian puts up a room of her own near the underground passageways, to prepare for the distortion ahead, here she keeps her weapons, as well as her various furniture, such as Cendrillon, who was turned into a table.[9]

The experts in human modification face off.

She first appears near the beginning of the experiment, where Baggage City is invaded by the Kiharas and Academy City military. In the garbage disposal facility, as she was tasked to defend among other heating facilities for the city.[13] She first slaughters several Academy City military in incredibly gruesome ways using her gold tools. She later meets up with a woman in wheelchair, apparently lost. Marian tries to help her, though figures out her true identity soon afterwards, and attacks her. Marian is later surprised by Byouri's ability to maneuver herself in a wheelchair. Byouri engages Marian with her mechanically enhanced wheelchair, which forces Marian to transfigure the bodies of the Academy City personnel she killed earlier into her form to dodge Byouri's assault.[3]As the battle continues, Byouri reveals that her wheelchair can have legs, making herself more maneuverable. However, Marian later dominates her by bending the legs of her wheelchair, and later cornering her in the burnable garbage area, near a pit for garbage to be incinerated later. With her wheelchair stuck, Byouri is forced to use the machine on her legs that allow her to stand up. Byouri takes a machete-like blade from the back of her wheelchair and tries to attack Marian. However, due to her quick thinking of calling Academy City reinforcements for Byouri, allowed her to use their living bodies for transfiguration, and from there catapults Byouri into the pit, leaving her for dead.[13]

Marian returns to her room afterwards, though its magic barrier had stopped working due to the invasion. Here, she carefully pulls out a spiritual item from a box, preparing to counterattack the invasion forces.[13] Marian later goes outside, and makes use of the spiritual item known as Loki's Net. She attacks a contingent of HsB-07s and FIVE_Over Modelcase_"RAILGUN"s, and one particular pilot that tried to challenge Marian was obliterated, and of the debris of his aircraft was turned into a souvenir. With that, Marian orders Loki's Net to eliminate the other aircraft as she goes back down.[14] Returning to her room, she later contacts Sigyn, who is apparently lost, and asks her to give her a suggestion (her magic) to find her. Afterwards, they discuss the true purpose of the Anti-Academy City Science Guardian's Natural Selector tournament, as well as Sigyn's distaste for Marian's choice of furniture. Their conversation is cut short by the arrival of Kumokawa Maria and Oumi Shuri[15] Maria and Shuri makes a run for it, and though Marian pursues them, it is not until she makes use of her "materials", that is humans transformed into the parts of the passageway that they are forced to confront her. As Marian aims at Shuri, Maria kicks at Shuri in order for her to avoid her gold weapons, and warns Shuri not to fight. Maria tries to figure out Marian's powers through a scientific analysis. However, ever haughty, Marian explains that the moment that her gold touches them the alteration of their body begins. Maria employs a passive strategy to counteract this, building damage on Marian slowly, and then the both of them charge towards each other. Despite the danger, Maria's techniques manage to keep Marian's weapons at bay, and she manages to trick Marian, allowing her to wrap her legs around Marian's right leg. With that lock on, Maria was able to exert pressure on Marian's leg, hurting her. Marian attacks Maria, but the latter gets away before she can hit her. Maria then takes a stance and warns Marian that she can use 8 parts of her body to beat her. However, as soon as Maria charges, Marian uses her remaining human materials, there the floor, walls, and ceiling begin to exude fat, slowing down her advance, and with the water pressure sends forth nuts and bolts towards her. In a moment of preoccupation, Marian attacks, though Maria tries to head-butt her, though Maria is quickly struck down by a rogue bolt knocking her out.[4]

Injured, Marian tries to contact Sigyn for her magic ability. However, she notices Shuri muttering something, and later mimics perfectly Sigyn's voice. Here, it is revealed that Sigyn was already in the grasps of the Kouga Ninja, and had divulged the weakness of Marian's abilities. Shuri shows off that her materials, since they are still human are still affected by alcohol, making them drunk, and difficult to control and alter. Shuri then insults Marian's powers, saying that it is not useful for the Kouga. With a serious disadvantage, Marian flees, with Shuri in hot pursuit.[4] Marian is later seen having escaped Shuri, trying to lick her wounds, though she is later visited by Bersi.[16] Although it is unknown how, the both of them later part ways as Bersi, also known as Kihara Kagun, went out to revenge Kihara Byouri.[5]

Kamijou Touma destroys the cold illusion that has pervaded Baggage City.

Marian later witnesses Kihara Kagun's death after his battle with Byouri, and hither, she breaks down completely. Distraught beyond any rational measure, Marian takes out Dáinsleif, despite Othinus' pleadings, even lashing out on her.[5] Through its use, Marian downs Saflee and Shuri with ease. Maria tries to comprehend what had just occurred, and concludes that it must be the sword, as well as the effects it has on them, stopping their hearts before something even more terrible happens. Marian is impressed by Maria's analysis, although this will not save Maria. Marian unsheathes the sword, and immediately after, her consciousness begins drifting away from her. Suddenly, a right hand appears from nowhere, somehow allowing Maria to retain her life, and immediately after, she discovers Kamijou Touma appears, finally destroying the distortion that has engulfed Baggage City.[17]

Marian tries to use the swords first effect on Touma, but it had no effect due to his Imagine Breaker. Angry for Touma for denying Bersi's efforts (destroying the distorted world that had filled Baggage City), even then Touma will still fight her. Still with the sword sheathed, Marian tries to cut down Touma, to which he realizes that it cannot be negated by his Imagine Breaker. Immediately later, Touma determines the power of the sheathed sword, which collects vectors in a single point and send them directly out. Marian continues attacking, and sucks Touma in the sphere at the end of the scabbard of the sword, but easily manages to get out, and destroys one of her gold tools. Although this was a set-up that would allow Marian to put Touma in a position in which she could strike her. Thinking quickly however, Touma grabs the fragments of the tools he destroyed to cut his uniform and allow it to be sucked into the sphere of Marian's scabbard. With the sphere collapsing due to the pressure, the sphere explodes, sending Marian back and ensuring Touma's victory.[17]

Still adamant in giving up, Marian threatens in unsheathing completely her sword, but Touma plainly tells her that he knows that she will not unsheathe the sword, for she should have done it in the first place, ending all the battles even before they begin. Furthermore, he states that she did not want to draw it, stating that it might destroy more than what she wants destroyed, as well as the fact that she went berserk after Bersi's death, she still managed not to draw the sword. Marian tries to unsheathe the sword, but could not even do it, when the power of the sword begins to emanate. In her moment of hesitation, Touma steps forward and punches her, defeating her.[17]

For the rest of the remaining battles, Marian is unconscious. She later wakes up being carried by Kihara Kagun who was turned into a Einherjar by Othinus. Though obviously hurt of what had become of Kagun, she doesn't complain at Othinus for it. Here, they talk about how Ollerus has interrupted her plans, and that everything was all going to plan as Imagine Breaker has obviously shattered something as Touma entered the city. Othinus later tells that their next goal is in that lone Windowless Building in Academy City.[18]

Ichihanaran Festival Arc[edit | edit source]

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Eve of the Festival[edit | edit source]

In the eve of the festival, Marian appears along with Mjölnir and Thor in Academy City in order to collect Fräulein Kreutune for Othinus. Here, she is completely listless after the Bersi's death, not taking Thor's instructions on pre-emptive attacks seriously. Thor presumes that Marian's desperation will have no bounds if Bersi's lingering scent have not remained after being turned into an Einherjar by Othinus.[19]

After Fräulein escapes the Windowless Building due to Touma and Thor's efforts, Marian still remains in the bench she was resting on, but notices that the Anti-Skill are on high alert. She ponders for a moment and asks Mjölnir what they should do, before ultimately disregarding it as too much of a hassle for her.[20]

Marian finally takes action after receiving a lot of information regarding the disturbance in Academy City being related to Fräulein. She asks Thor to handle as she is unsure if she nor Mjölnir can handle her, much to the latter's chagrin. Thor tells Marian to meet up with him in a plaza in front of the District 7 station in order to have more firepower in capturing Fräulein. As Marian tries to search for Thor, she discovers a poster of a bulletin board declaring her to be a dangerous person involved in Baggage City, and that she should be reported to Anti-Skill.[21] In truth, this was a gambit that Touma formulized, by making GREMLIN think that Academy City and Ollerus are attacking them, and Ollerus think that Academy City and GREMLIN are attacking his group.[22] And to finish the charade, Thor transforms into Marian for Touma use his picture to post in a public bulletin board, which Thor will direct Marian to.[23] Marian tells Thor that they will have to move to a different hideout in order to take the time to analyze the situation, and she is forced to search for an abandoned building as her posters are up everywhere in the hotels.[21]

Touma follows Marian in order to draw out the scout, and activate the second phase of his trap. He eventually finds Leivinia Birdway following Marian, to which he confront her, making her lose Marian's trail.[24]

During the Festival[edit | edit source]

Thor kicks down Marian Slingeneyer.

Thor and Marian notice the shockwaves of the battle between the reformed Kakine Teitoku and Accelerator. Marian becomes genuinely curious of the events happening, wanting to investigate the goings-on in the city. Marian orders Thor and Mjölnir to make a scene as so she can start gathering people as materials. Seeing as he is the only one who could stop her, Thor first asks Marian who she thinks is causing all the ruckus, to which she replies that she don't know and simply gives out some logical assertions. Thor tries to convince Marian to wait and then attack when they expose themselves, tries to convince her that it may not be involved with them, and at last, tries to convince her through telling her that she might reveal her location. But Marian would not yield to Thor's reasonings, telling him to stand down and find a new hideout as he has yet to be known by their enemies compared to her. Thor gives up in convincing her, and just kicks her, making her unconscious. After felling Marian, Mjölnir is angered and prepares to attack Thor. Thor however states that Mjölnir attacking would put Marian in danger, one of the key components in Othinus' plans, which would fall into ruin upon her death. This is a fact that Thor specifically mentions to Thor would be beneficial for Ollerus, who would then find no need to kill Fräulein Kreutune, and convinces her not to let Marian out. With that Mjölnir's wrath is stayed. Thor says that he will look into how much information Ollerus' group has and what kind of traps they have in store, and states that Mjölnir should prepare so that Marian can escape. As a final measure, Thor tells Mjölnir that if there is something dangerous, she can throw Ollerus' group off by roasting an entire city block. With that, Thor leaves Mjölnir.[25]

For most of the arc, Marian is hidden away along with Mjölnir away from the various battles occurring in the city. After the failure of retrieving Fräulein Kreutune, she, Mjölnir, and Thor (secretly Ollerus in disguised), make their way into Tokyo Bay to sneak into one of the many rental ships. Here, she apparently bears no anger against Thor for kicking her earlier. Marian comments on what they will do now with the goals, seeing as Fräulein is beyond them now. Ollerus skillfully relates to her there plan on capturing Fräulein, and references on how there were unforeseen elements that he couldn't overcome, and surely something Marian and Mjölnir would not likely overcome. Marian comments on how he should have since he has "Almighty" in his title as Thor, but Ollerus states that it only defined by humans and that he is not a magic god. Ollerus then showed a cooler, and Marian asks what it is, to which Ollerus says will better Othinus' mood after their failure.

Othinus cometh.

Then Othinus comes and asks where Fräulein is, of course Ollerus tells her that they have failed. Othinus reiterates that she told them to get her, but Ollerus just tosses the cooler he had. He tells her that it is the original organs of Kakine Teitoku, a suitable substitute to the Fräulein, who is now useless to them. While Othinus remained silent, Marian asks if it would work, since they needed something that was not dyed in magic or science, to which Thor says that Kakine is a symbol of creation and could create a doll for Othinus to use. Othinus reiterates her point, but Ollerus just tells her that if she wants to get her, she can do it herself, but tells her Fräulein is useless to them now. Othinus calls out to Maria before cutting Ollerus' arm out as punishment, telling her to reconnect it afterwards. However, Marian notices that Othinus' own arm is falling off after picking up the cooler, her fate as a magic god. Having the final piece, Othinus tells Marian that they should begin making Gungnir. After Othinus leaves, Marian tries to approach Ollerus, but is shooed away by him, saying that he can do it himself, and that he doesn't want anyone to look at him in his state. He complains about Othinus' policies, but Marian says that he did well. Ollerus says that he didn't grant her wish, but then says that maybe he wants to cry not because of the pain or in a pathetic situation, but it's because Othinus spared his life. Marian says that he shouldn't worry as she too would have been scared if she was in the same position. With that, Marian snaps her fingers and Mjölnir follows her towards the rental ship. It is unknown if she noticed that the Thor she spoke to was Ollerus.[26]

Magic God Othinus Arc[edit | edit source]

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Marian and the other core members of GREMLIN were in their base at Sargasso making the preparations to forge Gungnir. Othinus then asks each of the members regarding the status of their assigned tasks to which Marian replied that they have gathered everything they need. She and Mjölnir then went with Othinus to the other side of the ship to start forging the lance[27]

She was then called by Thor (Ollerus in disguise) and since he can't use Mjölnir since she was assigned to support Marian, he'll head off as Almighty Thor. Thor (Ollerus in disguise) then explained that by heading off as Almighty Thor, he might hinder the production of the lance and asked the direction where they are going to draw power in to put together their temple so as not to overlap with their magical symbols, to which Marian handed her memo pad for him to check out. He then told Marian to keep Mokkerkalfe in mind since it may affect the ley lines to which Marian responded that she already knows that and she is more interested in its beating heart[28].

GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo[edit | edit source]
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While battles are going on, Othinus, Marian and Mjölnir stand at the side of a large pool filled with a thick transparent liquid which is actually pure gold that lost its chemical properties and meaning. Othinus then wonders that the sight before her is what it’s like when beginning the production of the lance. Marian then explains it to her and assures Othinus that all they have to do is to wait once the process starts, to which Othinus says that she won't let her guard down until it passes a certain stage. Marian then responds that she is surprised to find out that a magic god like her can still be nervous.[29]

As the ritual goes on, the have the prepared white girl (made of Dark Matter) stand in the center, eight giant flower petals bloom, while fused to the girl’s ankles. A great number of electrodes are sticking into the petals and various signals are being sent into the girl via cables. Those signals produce extended high-pitched screams. The handle of the lance the size of human arm is already visible at the bottom of the pool. Marian then remarks that the process is going well and if the process keeps up, they will surely make it through without issue to which Othinus replies that saying the word 'surely' is meaningless. While the process is approaching the manual part, the white girl starts to collapse and Marian is in already in a state of panic. Othinus then forces her hand inside the white girl and grabs the area corresponding to a human’s lungs. She squeezes her like a pump to force air out. She then tells Marian that the time spent in negotiating will just lead the production of the lance to failure so she instructs her to immediately do the manual switching to continue, to which Marian complies and it becomes a success. Dark red blood then trickles from Othinus’s eye patch and the core of Othinus shakes. Marian then begins to worry for her and said that she could use the help of the other GREMLIN members to mend herself since her magic might again tilt to the negative side. Othinus then tells Marian that she will go somewhere and focus on mending herself. Marian then says that just a bit more and Othinus won't have to go through that effort anymore.[6]

When Ollerus finally reveals himself, a great roar exploded out which came from Mjölnir who is connected to Thor. At that time, Mjölnir is assisting Marian in completing the lance.[30] Ollerus doubts it himself that the explosion is not enough to kill them, though he is later proved true.

Shifting and Fluctuating World[edit | edit source]

In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, people from the magic side like nuns are allowed to enter Academy City, and seemingly have no complex against science. Notable here is that Mjölnir still retains being a cylinder block. Thor, Marian, and Mjölnir are first seen by Touma right after believing that looking at all the people that he is familiar with in the "perfect world" would get rid of his regrets as he tries to decide on how he should have himself killed. Marian is apparently in a rush for the festival that is happening, to which Thor says that the festival had just started, as such there will be tons of people. He then suggests that being late would be perfect. Marian does not reply but says that she has spotted Bersi and that he is secretly with the ringlet curl maid (Kumokawa Maria), apparently mad. Thor is awed by this, then says that it is Bersi's decision, but says that she should pay attention to Mjölnir as she is shaking in jealousy.[31]

VS the World[edit | edit source]

Marian and Mjölnir survives the attack by Ollerus in Sargasso and discovers that Othinus has left with Touma, betraying GREMLIN. In great anger she uses Hrímfaxi to get to Denmark,[32] as she was a part of GREMLIN she could guess what Othinus was thinking.[33] This action made quite a show and is noticed by the other members of GREMLIN.[32]

At the height of the manhunt for Othinus and Kamijou Touma, they are in the city of Støvring and while they are on their way to their next destination which is Billund, the long-distance truck carrying them later stalls out. They then decide to go to a gas station nearby in order to buy a new battery rather than walking to their next destination. As they are about to leave the area after getting what they needed in the station, the gas station is suddenly split in two. They try to escape the area before it blows up but suddenly meets up with Marian Slingeneyer and Mjölnir. Othinus recognizes them after Marian asks her if she still remembers them.[32]

She tells Othinus that the whole of GREMLIN fought around the world and she hasn't heard from them. She tells her that they are all giving their lives for her in the hopes that their wishes will be granted by the magic god. She tells her that they made a lot of sacrifices and held onto their dreams but Othinus just trampled on them by running away. Marian then declares that she will make Othinus pay for her betrayal. The gold bracelets that Marian wore expanded. She tells Othinus that they are Draupnir made from the components of the lance she had abandoned. And as she ran off she had some extra materials for the weapons of the gods. The Draupnir then transforms to Dáinsleif and she declared that she would definitely kill Othinus.[32]

Marian confronts Othinus.

Touma then steps forward in Othinus’ place and prepares for the incoming attack. Marian then summons a Titan by swinging the sword while calling unto it. The summoned creature then bursts from the ground, sending Touma flying up in the air but then fall on the Titan’s upper arm. Marian then decides to start by destroying Touma since he is valuable to Othinus. Marian then summons Ocelot using the sword. The creature then bursts out from the Titan’s arm and proceeds to attack Touma. While Touma is considering to escape by jumping off, Titan then tries to swat Touma but Touma managed to slip between its fingers. Marian then cut the Titan’s arm resulting for it to go on a rampage thus launching Touma again to the sky. As Touma was up in the air, Marian then summons Surtr and then waits for Touma as he was falling.[34].

Surtr swings the gigantic fire sword against Touma but it becomes broken in two the instant his fist touches it. As Touma desperately runs toward the base of the sword, Marian interrupts it by summoning Abaddon and a swarm of tens or even hundreds of thousands of locusts surrounds him. She then summons Yomotsu-Shikome and Touma responds by slamming his fist straight forward and parts the hair that the Yomots-Shikome had in the middle. Marian may have expected this and then proceeds to swing horizontally as if to lop off Touma's head. However, he negates it and breaks the blade to pieces. She then tells him that Othinus was their hope and they had dreams and should have simply given up but they were drawn by the abilities of the magic god to grant their wishes, but then Othinus ran off. She blames Othinus for making them go through that path and that she should take responsibility. Touma then responds by saying that it is also their responsibility by making the decision to follow her and that they should not put all of their crimes on Othinus just because she did horrible things. Marian then says that it doesn’t matter as long as she can have her revenge and then summons Vishnu Avatara [7]

The final attack by Vishnu Avatara was fired however, Touma realizes that Marian is going to try to kill him regardless if she gets killed in the process. As such, he immediately takes action and saves Marian by dodging the attack. The attack of Vishnu Avatara is directed to the other summoned creatures as it prioritized the greatest evils, destroying them and tossing Touma and Marian in the air.[35]

As Touma sits on the snowy plain with Marian lying next to him, he calls Mjölnir and asks if she was going to fight him too. Mjölnir shakes her body as if saying no then picks up Marian. Touma then asks Mjölnir on what she is about to do now, to which Mjölnir didn’t respond. Touma then writes his cell phone number on a piece of paper and sticks it in the pocket of Marian’s overalls. He then tells Mjölnir that he is busy with Othinus right now and that if they need something they should tell him and he will stand by their side next time. They then walk towards their own separate destinations.[8]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Human Modification[edit | edit source]

Marian Slingeneyer is a Dvergr, and within her realm is the human body.[2] Marian is shown to be able to modify a "living" human being, willing or not, into any shape she wills with her golden tools, and can keep them in that. Regarding the materials being used, she can use the parts of a human being that is dead for a few seconds before the tissues themselves become dead.[13] Because they are still human, the modified humans are still susceptible to alcohol and its effects.[4]

She also has the power to summon them, apparently, so long as there is gold as a conduit, like the gold parts of a cellphone.[2] Othinus also has enough confidence in Marian to order her to reconnect the arm that she severed from "Thor's" body, despite not being skilled in that area.[26]

Invisibility[edit | edit source]

According to Thor, Marian can likely use magic of invisibility based on Norse Mythology by wearing various decorations. Also, a common factor for this sort of magic is that the user cannot know for sure whether they have truly become invisible or not. It seems this invisibility can be rendered ineffective by adding some sort of 'seasonings' to the surrounding of the caster, as explained by Thor. [24]

Magic artifacts[edit | edit source]

  • Loki's Net (ロキの投網 Roki no Toami?, lit. "Cast Net of Loki"): A dangerous magical artifact with the shape of several orange glowing wires, Marian keeps it inside a box and requires the use of tongs to take out.[13] The artifact chases after the enemy, matching their speed, and it takes the most appropiate form to chase and trap the enemy. For example, it took on the shape of an early stealth aircraft when faced with HsB-07s. Any object that touches the wires will be cut. Marian can make of use of it to display written words, as well as have it operate remotely.[14]
  • Dáinsleif (戦乱の剣ダインスレーヴ Senran no Ken (Dainsurēvu)?, lit. "Sword of War"): An extremely dangerous and powerful sword. Marian is forbidden from unsheathing it by Othinus,[5] and she all together does not want to use the power if the sword is completely unsheathed.[17] Unsheathing a little bit of the sword, can cause an ineffably great fear upon its target, forcing the body to stop its own heart at the fear of a much terrible event that would occur if the sword is completely unsheathed. Kamijou Touma is immune to its effects and can negate it entirely upon those who have been affected by it.[17] It is later revealed that when fully unsheathed, it is capable of cutting away Phases and the protection of the Gods associated with them, drawing out massive amounts of power and manifesting them in the form of the calamities sealed away by those Gods, allowing the user to effectively wield the "endings" of the world seen in various mythologies and religions.[36]
  • Draupnir (万象の金ドラウプニル Banshō no Kin (Doraupuniru)?, lit. "All-Creating Gold"): After Othinus abandoned GREMLIN, Marian created Draupnir from the components of the abandoned lance. Based on the golden, dwarven-forged ring worn by Odin, it consists of two gold bracelets with the design of a serpent eating its own tail. It allows Marian to freely bring together any magic sword or divine spear on a level that humans can use. When used, the bracelets expand to 30m across, remaining in place around the wrists, before disappearing in a flash of light, forming the desired weapon.[32]
  • Hrímfaxi (月輪神馬フリムファクシ Getsurin Shinme (Furimufakushi)?, lit. "Full Moon Sacred Horse"): A transportation spell or spiritual item, named after the horse of Nótt, the personification of night. Marian used it to get from the Sargasso in Tokyo Bay to Denmark, apparently making quite a show in the process.[32]

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Design Evolution[edit | edit source]

She was designed originally for Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 3, but Haimura decided not to release her design to avoid spoilers. Her design was later revealed in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 4, and is based around Marian being a cruel person with a cute face. She was designed to look like a blacksmith because her tools would make her look similar to that of Sasha Kreutzev.[37]

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Cendrillon in NT 3) "You are about to lose your current form. Which would you rather be remodeled into while still alive, a table or a wardrobe?"
  • (From NT 4) "Fuck, fuck, fucking fuck.~"
  • (To Kumokawa Maria and Oumi Shuri from NT 4) "I want to add a footrest to the chair and a mini-fridge to store cold drinks. Which one do you want to be respectively?"
  • (To Kihara Kagun from NT 4) "Me? Did I nudge you down this path…? No, that's not it. You're not this sort of person. Even if I didn't teach you, you would take a different path to complete this jigsaw. You're that sort of person! It's because you're that sort of person that I wanted to avoid you! Even though I did manage to do this!"
  • (To Othinus from NT 4) ""If I had used my strength in the beginning, this wouldn't have happened. If a Majin like you appeared in this world, Bersi wouldn't have died. And so would I.""
  • (From NT 4) "Now, state your wills. I'll use these millions of skulls of yours as part of Bersi's grave!"
  • (To Kihara Kagun from NT 4 in a flashback) "If your revenge is over and you’ve survived and have nothing left, you can come back to me."
  • (Regarding Othinus from NT8) “Just a bit more and you won’t have to go to all that effort, Othinus.”
  • (To Touma from NT10) “She was our hope. We had hopeless dreams and perhaps we should have simply given up, but we were drawn in by the special abilities of Magic God Othinus!! It was because of her that we kept from going mad! It was because of her that we made it this far!!”

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