Marionette (洗脳能力 (マリオネッテ) Sen'nō Nōryoku (Marionette)?, lit. Brainwash ability, Yen Press: Puppeteering) is an ability that is referenced by Kamijou Touma during his attempt at convincing Kanzaki Kaori to rely on the Science Side in order to help Index, who, at that time, required her memory to be erased else she would die.[1]

Along with Mind Hound, it is one of the vague mind-related powers that is referenced in the first volume. Touma refers to it as a power that manipulates minds, and groups it with Psychometry. During the assault of Misawa Cram School by Touma and Stiyl Magnus, the narration references the ability to create fake smiles as a comparison to the insignificance of Aureolus Izzard's creations, as the smiles created by the ability is only equivalent to a "flick of a finger".[2]

Since it is apparently related to the manipulation of the mind to have a person do thing forcefully, as well as the fact that it is called a brainwashing ability, Shokuhou Misaki has shown abilities similar to this.

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