Mars (火星 Kasei?) is the fourth planet from the Sun, nicknamed the "Red Planet" because of its red soil. Mars is mentioned frequently or offhandedly throughout the series.


The planet's name comes the Roman god of war, Mars (Greek equivalent Ares). The Japanese term used for the planet (火星, Kasei, lit. "fire star"), also used in China and Korea, is derived from the cycle of the five elements.


Mars is one of the planets traditionally used in astrology along with Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, together with the Sun and Moon.


Toaru Majutsu no Index: Mars SSEdit

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Planet Mars was first focused on the series in this short story. The Martian Microbes are supposedly a life form native to the planet Mars, an intelligent species speaking Japanese.[1]

Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no EnsembleEdit

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During a disagreement with Touma concerning fortune telling, Sozty Exica describes how Indian astrology, also referred to as Vedic and Navagraha Astrology, tells fortunes through the positions of 9 Navagraha; the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, as well as the angles of the constellations.[2]

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Shar Berylan mentioned Natural Selector participant who claims to talk with a mass of bacteria collected from Mars.[3] It is unknown if the 'mass of bacteria collected from Mars' is related to the Martian Microbes.

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Cp-191 is a hibernation drug originally developed for a Manned Mars Investigation Project (有人火星探査プロジェクト?) that never got anywhere.[4] It is unknown if the project is related to the Martian Microbes.

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The Space Save Supply Shoot System (軌道上防衛兵站輸送システム?) also known as the S5 is a terraforming device meant to send a massive amount of water mixed with nutrients to other celestial bodies like the Moon or Mars.[5]

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During the events surrounding the Ceremony of Mo Athair, Mars and the rest of the seven planetary forces were among the influences banished from the Queen Britannia's temple by Coronzon in preparation for the ceremony.[6] While observing the ship with Anna Sprengel, Takitsubo Rikou's thoughts reference the famous Face on Mars.[7]

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