Mary (芽李 (メリー) Merī?) is a member of the Kamisato Faction and a 'wolf girl', who was raised by wolves.[1]


Mary has long blonde hair styled in ringlet curls and wears a red dress.[1][2]


Mary's personality is largely unknown, though she presumably shares some of the traits common to the Kamisato Faction. She displays animalistic traits such as an attraction to meat, a tendency to wander about on all fours, bare teeth like a canine, growl, howl and to go for the throat like a beast.[1][2][3] She can apparently be quite stubborn and has been described as supposedly inheriting the noble spirit of the Japanese wolf.[3]


Mary's background is largely unknown, other than the fact that she was raised by wolves, and at some point was saved by Kamisato Kakeru and joined the Kamisato Faction.[1]


Salome ArcEdit

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On December 5th, Mary was present when Kamisato betrayed Kamijou Touma and set the Kamisato Faction on him, intending to kill him to make Salome stop.[4] They were thwarted when Salome herself interrupted them, bringing a provoked Accelerator with her.[5]

Kamisato Rescue ArcEdit

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On December 9th as the Kamisato Faction were gathering in School District 7's station plaza to catch Touma and Fran, Mary stuck her head into an abandoned kebab stand, not minding that the meat would have likely gone bad by then, and had to be pulled out by several other girls.[1] Touma and Fran managed to avoid Mary catching their scent, using the white sand left behind by the Elements to cover their tracks.[6][7]

On December 10th, Mary took part in the Kamisato Faction's attack on Useful Spider's base in School District 21,[8] and was the first to attack Touma's group as they fled down the mountain. She leapt at them to tear out Touma's throat but was knocked off by Fran.[2] She gave chase with the rest of the Kamisato Faction, easily keeping up with the cart while moving on all fours.[9] When Touma caused Deborah to lose control of her bus, Mary tried to slip past on the side, but was caught out by the bus hopping irregularly after running into one of the white sand piles, hitting her like a roundhouse kick and sending her through the window of a nearby building.[9]

Afterwards, the Kamisato Faction had trouble getting her back, but managed to find and catch her after she reacted to a Useful Spider siren by howling on a rooftop.[3]


Though being raised by wolves shouldn't have increased her senses, muscles or digestive system, Mary apparently ignores logic where that is concerned, possessing a bite which can break through bone and a sense of smell exceeding those of a dog's, which is 6000 more sensitive than that of a typical human.[1] Moving on all fours, she can easily keep up with a four-wheel cart powered by a 50cc engine.[9]


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