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Academy City's silo-type mass driver being fired

A Mass Driver (マスドライバー Masudoraibā?) is an electromagnetic catapult which is used to accelerate and launch payloads at high speeds.


Mass Driver

A linear track type mass driver in an Academy City cooperative institution in Australia.

A mass driver is a catapult launch system, primarily consisting of a path which payloads travel down, powerful electromagnets positioned down along that path and a magnetizable holder containing a payload. The rows of electromagnets are used to accelerate the payload down the path, which then continues travelling after leaving the path on the momentum it has acquired.

Aside from the linear track types, there are also silo-type mass drivers, such as the one in School District 23, which fire payloads from a cylindrical space (in the case of the District 23 driver, about 20m across and over 300m deep)[1] with an accelerated plasma flow. These mass drivers can be fired just for the cost of the electricity needed to power its low-temperature superconductor electrodes and to generate the plasma flow from catalysts.[2][3][4] At least in the case of Parasatellite 01, the mass driver launch is single-stage and doesn't require any complex trajectory management, with the payload leaving the atmosphere and being placed into the desired orbit less than ten minutes after being fired.[3] The mass driver launch can achieve a payload velocity of over Mach 20.[5] After the mass driver is fired, excess electricity remains in the 'barrel', preventing people from entering the space immediately afterwards, with the risk of losing an arm, a leg or more.[6]


Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no EnsembleEdit

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A mass driver in an Academy City cooperative institution in Australia is used to send a biopod to Academy City, with the city attempting to shoot it down using Debris Storm.[7]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Magic God Invasion ArcEdit

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An underground silo-type mass driver in School District 23 was intended to be used to launch Parasatellite 01 to investigate the Arrowhead Comet. It was used by Kamijou Touma and Misaka Mikoto to launch the High Priest into space.[3][4]

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