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Meigo Arisa (鳴護アリサ Meigo Arisa?) is an original character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion. She is a talented singer with a mysterious past, who dreams of getting her big break as an idol. As she performs on the streets, she meets Kamijou Touma and Index, and then finds out that she has won the audition for the image song for the opening Endymion. She later discovers that there are people after her related to her miraculous powers. She is one of the main characters in the movie, and her character arc and her coming to terms with her powers drives the story towards its climax.


Arisa's family name can be translated as sound (?) and protect (?), a match for her singing skills and her miraculous powers.


Arisa wearing glasses.

She has long pink hair, which she often ties up, and pink eyes. She wears a loose smock-like light pink shirt, and blue pants. One of her most notable traits is that she is often seen wearing what seems to be a light blue newsboy hat with a dove on the left side. She is once seen wearing glasses for reasons unknown, despite the fact that she can see just fine without them.


Arisa is a very kind selfless girl, as exemplified by the fact that she allowed Ladylee Tangleroad to use her in order for her audience to be safe. Like Index, she has a ravenous appetite.[1] She is shown to be a hard worker, as she failed to have obtained an esper ability, she used the fact that she had nothing to work hard in order to become what she is today in hopes of achieving her dreams of being a professional idol.[2]

She is a natural in the business, not camera shy at all, and not hesitant to wear the skimpy clothing required in her performances. Of her talents, she is also a talented songwriter, able to come up with new lyrics for her song after a short conversation with Index in the bath. She wants people to hear her sing to want to make them happy, but she also truly enjoys singing. Yet she is somewhat haunted by the fact her singing sometimes follows disaster, although all people in those tragedies survive calling it a 'miracle'.[1]


Arisa singing just after being "born."

Prior to the start of the series, Shutaura Sequenzia is one of the 88 passengers and crew of the Spaceplane Orion on its commemorative test flight. She is also the daughter of its pilot, Daedalus Sequenzia. She receives a novelty souvenir for the event, a blue Orion (constellation) bracelet.[3] However, when they were in space, Ladylee Tangleroad has the left wing engine catch fire in a sabotage, as another of her attempts to kill herself. Losing control, Daedalus Sequenzia and his co-pilot struggle with the spaceplane. Eventually, despair overtook his co-pilot and he runs from the cockpit. And thus, Shutaura Sequenzia made her "wish" there to have a miracle. According to Aleister Crowley Shutaura Sequenzia's "wish" for a miracle to happen on that plane, the Orion Spaceplane, changed her perception, which coincided with everyone else's wishes to be safe, inducing a distortion powerful enough to interfere with the laws of causality.[1]

It is unknown how exactly the events after the co-pilot took place. What is known is that Daedalus Sequenzia, did not give up on the plane as it re-entered the atmosphere. Most likely, he attempted to land Orion on Academy City's School District 23. The miracle that happened due to Shutaura's "wish" occurred only after the plane re-entered the atmosphere. It is unknown if the miracle allowed Daedalus a long enough time to make an emergency landing on School District 23, or it was Daedalus' efforts on saving the plane that gave Shutaura's "wish" for a miracle enough time to occur. The latter is backed up by Kamijou Touma's speech to Shutaura, referencing on how it was his father that allowed for the miracle to happen.[1] Regardless, and as if a toll for the miracle, Daedalus died a bloody death, but the spaceplane made a successful landing on School District 23. After the landing, the phenomenon split the girl into two, which is that of Meigo Arisa, and changed the fates of many, but left her unable to bear hearing music.

And thus Meigo Arisa is born, as the 88th person of the Miracle 88, naked and with the other half of the novelty Orion bracelet. She is later taken up into an institution, where she is told that she was part of an accident, though it is unknown if they specified that it was the Miracle 88, and believed that her memory loss was because of that accident. She was raised in that institution.[1] She later has her broken novelty bracelet put in a small sack, carrying it around with her as she sees it as a connection to the past that she has forgotten, and believing it at some sort of lucky charm.[3] And indeed, Arisa does think, up until the events of the movie, thought herself as lucky.[1] She later took part in the Power Curriculum Program and was scanned to be a Level 0, and though early on she was disappointed, she became grateful for it as she believes, as she states in the movie, that if she did have an ability, she would probably be relying on it instead and would probably wouldn't have even started singing, as well as believing that she could regain something that she had lost back in the accident that took her memories.[1] With this, and the fact that she had always low grades,[1] she discovered that she was only good at singing and became enamored with it. She later dreams of one day wanting to sing in a giant hall in front of lots of people.[1] Despite this, she knew that she had a power that cannot be measured or even explained by science. This power happening only when she sings. Because of this she has periodic check-ups at Kirigaoka, though even they cannot determine what she has. As a result of this mysterious power appearing only when she sings, there is an ever-growing doubt that gnaws in her mind that the only reason people listen to her music is because of her power.[1]

Regardless, Arisa continues singing for she believes that is the only thing she has, and gains a major following in the Internet, and rumors began to spread that her voice brings good luck.[1] But her mysterious nature were not unknown to those outside of Academy City. And though the City, with the assistance of Ladylee Tangleroad tried to investigate, so too did the Church of England, believing her to have the powers equivalent to that of a Saint, enough of a trigger to cause a war between magic and science sides. The Church later sends Kanzaki Kaori out to judge her if she truly is a Saint.[1]

Meanwhile, Arisa later auditions to become the performer for the opening ceremony for Endymion,[2] not knowing that Ladylee Tangleroad may have already decided to have her win in order to use her as a core for her spell.


Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble

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Meigo Arisa meets Misaka Mikoto, as seen from Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble.

Meigo chronologically first appears prior to the "Miracle of Endymion." She is observed by Kanzaki Kaori as the events of the game unfolds. On September 11, as she does a live show in the street, she is harassed by some Skill-Outs, and is saved Misaka Mikoto. There Mikoto gives her number in case Arisa is ever in trouble again.[4]

During the epilogue of the game, Kanzaki has been removed from watching Arisa because the situation has grown too delicate for a Saint like her to be there. However, Tsuchimikado Motoharu himself predicts that she and Stiyl Magnus will be back soon. As for Arisa herself, she realizes she never asked Mikoto's name and wonders if they will ever meet again.[5]

Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

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A restless Arisa talks to Touma in one of the early trailers.

Academy City's space elevator Endymion is nearing its completion. While Kamijou Touma and Index Librorum Prohibitorum are out in the town, they meet a Level 0 girl named Meigo Arisa, after hearing her busk it on the streets. They are enchanted by her singing, to which Touma assumes that she is a Telepath, while Index was surprised that she did not use any magic on it. Arisa tells Touma that being a Level 0 bothered her once, but now she is thankful for it, as because she had nothing else, that she could do whatever she could to be able to sing. She later says that she wants to sing in a large place with a lot of people. She dreams to be a songstress.[2]

Arisa's dream shines bright before Touma and Index.

Arisa later gets a message that she has passed the audition, her song has been chosen to be the campaign song for Endymion.[2] To celebrate this Index asks Touma to treat them dinner, but not before Touma gets a chance to hit some baseballs in a batting cage. And so the day ends with Touma carrying what Arisa's equipment, saying that as a Level 0 as well, he will support her dreams. Index supports as well, and in that moment Touma comments that Index too should work hard for her dreams. Assuming Touma offered her insult, a little argument breaks between the two, but they have been stayed as Arisa once again cries out with her voice. And in this fallen evening, all ears nearby turned towards her, even those who lied in the darkness.[1]

The song she cried did not have any words. She tells that she is still writing them, thanking Touma and Index for the day, and says she will let them know when she's going to have her debut concert. But the days of peace are at an end, for the waters in the darkness stir. Witches appear and the elements of water, earth, and air, are cowed by them. Touma pushes the girls back into safety as the witches combine their powers to defeat him. But it was for naught, for Touma held out his right hand. Unscratched, Touma demands to know they are and why they are here. Then Marie was taken into the waters, and it was shown that Index had used Spell Intercept. Touma frees himself from the earth shackles of Mallybath, and in an explosion, she is gone away. But then, fires burn, and Stiyl Magnus appears, demanding to know why they attacked. He is their teacher, and they are his apprentices. The witches gather towards the priest that was clad in black as they lick their wounds. Touma shouts towards him, confused with the events that have unfolded. But Stiyl doesn't listen, and calls out his magic name, and engages Touma in battle. Stiyl orders the witches to secure the target, to which Touma realizes would be Arisa. The beast known as Innocentius is summoned, and Touma charges forward with his right hand. Back with Arisa and Index, the former sees the battle take place, and sees a pillar that has piqued her interest. The fire made it fall, and Touma is caught. But Arisa cries again once more, and this time it is not a song but a cry for them to stop. With that, a miracle appears, Innocentius is dispersed and the pillar is torn in two, surprising everyone. This makes her swoon as another fight takes place between Stiyl's forces and Shutaura Sequenzia's forces, the Black Crow Unit.[1]

Afterwards she's taken back to Touma's apartment to recover. While unconscious she has a dream, she's amongst the passengers of the Orion space plane singing a tune holding a unique blue bracelet in one hand. She awakes from the shock of the dream where she is greeted by Index and Touma. Touma tries to open the conversation with who was attacking her earlier, ending with Index trying to explain magic to her, but is prevented by Touma. Arisa then speaks of powers that are not of science and tells them that is of it as well. She tells that her power appears when she sings, and laments that it is perhaps her power that draws people towards her and not her song after all. But Touma and Index dissuades her, much to Arisa's thanks. And yet, she asks why the people from before attacked her, and deems that if her singing brings pain upon others, she should stop despite the call of her heart. Touma persuades her however not to give up on it in spite of the people who attacked her, telling her that he will help her find a safe way to sing. Touma then allows Arisa to stay so long as she needs protection.[1]

Arisa mulls over Index and Touma's unique relationship.

The next night, while Touma is in school, Arisa and Index take a bath together. Arisa prods Index on what her relationship is with Touma is, though Index doesn't give her a satisfactory response. However, Index does says that Touma comes along to save her when she is in trouble, and despite what he is, he is an amazing person. Hearing this, Arisa says that their relationship is pretty unique, and that she envies it somewhat. Suddenly, Arisa rises up and leaves the bath completely naked, not even bothering to make herself look decent, for inspiration has come upon her mind. Index tries to look upon the lyrics, but Arisa tries to stop her for they are not finished yet, though she does tell her that they could sing it together. As they struggle, Touma arrives however at the worst time and predictably suffers from Index because of it. After dinner, Arisa speaks of her contract and photo shoot tomorrow, to which due to extenuating circumstances, Touma will not be able to attend and asks Arisa if she can find a reliable person.[1] Arisa apparently had Mikoto in mind, and asks her to meet her for the photo shoot.[1]

Arisa and the others meet Ladylee Tangleroad.

The next day Arisa meets up with Mikoto and her friends as they escort her to her audition. Arisa pays no mind to the vast number of people Mikoto brought along. While going to the shoot, Kazari speaks of the Orbit Portal Company as the reason for the Orion crash, as well as for the space elevator, telling of how it became bankrupt but then went back up after being bought. Gossip abound regarding her queer president, the 10 year old girl that looks like a doll. While coming upon props however, a doll stands up, revealing herself to be Ladylee Tangleroad, the president of Orbit Portal Company. She talks to Arisa of her singing, noting that she hasn't heard of such singing since Jenny Lind, quickly leaving after giving her regards. The director for photo shoot comes upon them later, and seeing the gaggle of girls, has a knowing look on her eyes. At the photo shoot, Arisa is a natural for the camera, while the other girls stand on the side, too embarrassed to move about. Unknown to her, a battle is being fought as a mysterious masked stranger has planted bombs underground, and Shutaura and Touma tries to prevent it. However, they are unable to prevent the bomber and he detonates the trigger, causing the stage above to collapse. Kuroko assumes her Judgment duties and quickly teleports Uiharu Kazari and Saten Ruiko out of harm's way while Mikoto protects Arisa and everyone else, which seems impossible at the moment. But a 'miracle' happens again leaving everyone unscathed by the fallen debris. And there Kuroko declares their close call as a miracle. Indeed, everyone celebrates the event. And yet, a strange sense of foreboding surrounds Arisa as they cry out their cheers.[1]

Arisa confides to Touma her doubts.

Later that evening, Arisa looks up on reports of the recent explosion she was in, and all she could hear is the word "miracle" being thrown around by the people. Arisa is visibly shaken, but then Touma comes along and finds her, asking if she is all right. In a small park, Arisa refers to the people speaking of miracles, saying that if it were a miracle the explosion wouldn't have occurred in the first place. Arisa then says that she used to think that she was luck, but says that she is no longer sure. She says that she was part of a major accident and that she has no memories before three years ago. Arisa confides to Touma that her name was given to her by the people in the institution she was in and she has nothing that is really of her own. However, she states that when she sings her heart grows warm, and that something grows within her. She concludes that she feels that she can regain something she lost as long as she has her songs. Touma smiles, saying that he understands her feeling of not having a past, but tells that her that she at least have something to believe in, saying that he is sure that she'll be fine and that she can regain whatever she has lost.[1]

Arisa as she performs in a live show.

And thus, Arisa continues to sing, and she eventually makes a live performance that are viewed by her friends, as the appointed day to the opening of Endymion draws closer. Later, Arisa and Index celebrate her upcoming performance at the Endymion at a local family diner, where Arisa hands Index the lyrics to the song she promised she would sing with her. Unknown to them Marie, one of the magicians serving under Stiyl, is disguised as one of the waitresses. Marie, along with her two partners kidnap Arisa and disable Index making a getaway in a car with Stiyl. Shutaura and her forces give chase. Meanwhile, Touma, with Komoe's help track Arisa and Stiyl onto the highway. Stiyl manages to fend off all of Shutaura's men until she overturns the car, causing them to crash. Touma confronts Stiyl about Arisa. Stiyl, including Kanzaki believe Arisa's a Saint or a power that is equivalent to one, and that there's something sinister behind her existence and the actions of Ladylee. But Shutaura is ordered to retrieve Arisa under Ladylee's orders and launchs a number of explosives at Stiyl and Touma. Touma is severely injured in the attack. Arisa is unconscious throughout these events. There, Stiyl tells Touma that Endymion is a magical device and will be used by Ladylee Tangleroad along with Arisa, a being that has the power of a Saint as the core.[1]

In a large room, Shutaura realizes that Arisa has a broken Orion bracelet that fits with hers. Ladylee arrives and mentions on how the both of them were fated to cross paths. She repeats the story of the Miracle of 88, but tells that there was one person who died, and that is Shutaura's father. Ladylee continues by saying that by the time anyone noticed, it was already too late -- the world rejoiced over the miracle, and the truth behind Shutaura's father was kept hidden. She looks over Arisa, and states that in the accident, a girl appeared out of nowhere in the spaceplane and performed a miracle, referring to Arisa as that girl. Hearing this, Shutaura asks why does she still claims it to be a miracle, to which Ladylee answers that it is because no one should have survived the accident. Sensing what she is implying, Ladylee interrupts her thoughts, and says that she thought that it would work in outer space, but in the end everyone except for Shutaura's father survived. However, Ladylee says that she has at least gotten an interesting by-product of the Miracle of 88. Slowly, Shutaura dawns on her that Ladylee was the one who killed his father, and in anger takes up her blade and stabs a smiling Ladylee. There, Ladylee falls as blood gushes out of her wound. However, she doesn't fall long, and after her automatons arrive, she laughs and sits up, showing to Shutaura that she is still alive. Shutaura is shocked, and is later apprehended by the automatons, one of which she recognizes from the mall that was rigged with bombs. Ladylee asks Shutaura if she is done, and comments on how that her stabbing marks the 18th time she has been stabbed. Shutaura calls her monster, and Ladylee agrees, but says Shutaura is one as well. She says to Shutaura that she will let her live, and that she will enjoy the moment that she will show her a real miracle. Shutaura proclaims that she will stop her no matter what, but Ladylee is not concerned. She orders the automatons to take her away. Now alone with Arisa, she wakes her up and gives her an offer she can't refuse. She forces her into the Endymion before its opening and orders the Black Crow Unit to seal off the space elevator as soon as all the guests have entered. Arisa is in an observation room, and calls out to Touma for a miracle. Ladylee the arrives to confronting her about her decision Arisa acquiesces to her demands, as she has threatened the lives of her audience, but states that she will sing for their sake, not for her.[1]

Arisa sings for the sake of the people inside of Endymion.

Arisa goes on with the performance to an enthusiastic crowd while Touma, Index, Motoharu, Kanzaki, Stiyl and his disciples, and Mikoto and her friends gather to prevent Ladylee's wicked plans. After Shutaura's battle with Ladylee accidentally causes part of the orbital station to blow up, resulting in the elevator being unable to distribute the stress, Arisa and her audience gets knocked out by the blast. When Arisa comes to, she discovers that everyone is slowly beginning to panic. Seeing this, Arisa stands and continues singing to force the audience to focus on her and remain calm, and thus, they are able to evacuate the Endymion. Unbeknownst to her, Shutaura, who has heard and is pained by Arisa's singing, has arrived to kill her thereby ending Ladylee's plans. She reaches the relay station and destroys the stage with her Earth Palette. Arisa falls but Touma arrives on time to catch her. As Touma flinches down due to the injuries he incurred the other night, Shutaura approaches and pulls out a gun to shoot. Seeing this, Arisa immediately step in to protect Touma, irritating Shutaura. Touma asks for Shutaura to stop, but she says that Arisa's existence is what started Ladylee's plan and the sacrifices needed for it. She says that because of Arisa's songs and miracles has led everyone astray. That is why she will kill her. As the two stare down each other, Arisa gives a genuine smile for her, irritating Shutaura to the point of striking her down with her hand. Then, after the combined efforts of Accelerator, Misaka Mikoto, and Stiyl Magnus in destroying the explosive bolts of the Endymion, to allow it to be purged into space, Shutaura and Touma notice it as well. Touma then says that there is nothing they cannot do. Shutaura despairs, and points her gun instead at Arisa. She tells Touma on how her father was the only one who died in the Miracle of 88 despite her and everybody else surviving. For that reason Shutaura can never accept a miracle, and states that she will carry on the will of his father who relied on his skills instead of a miracle. Hearing this, Touma says that her father tried his best to save her and everyone on board, even when there is little chance, as long as one pushes their limits, something is bound to happen. Touma says that Daedalus gave his all until the very end believing he could do it, and tells her that it is the reason why she and everyone else survived. Shutaura is shocked and takes a long hard look at the unconscious Arisa, as Touma says that a miracle truly happened because her father made it so. He concludes that if Shutaura denies that, she would be killing her father a second time. Shutaura is stunned by Touma's words. Shutaura curses, and says that no one can stop the Endymion from falling now, and there, begins to laugh like a lunatic, mocking him for believing in miracles, telling him if his miracles can stop the Endymion from falling and save everyone on Earth, save Arisa, save himself, and save everyone who believes in miracles and disrupt the natural order. Then, Shutaura points her gun at Touma. Unbeknownst to her, Touma took out his cellphone, and aware of her weakness, plays one of Arisa's songs. The pain of the incomprehensible sound that invades Shutaura's ears gives Touma enough time to close the distance and strike away her gun. Touma tells her that someone who denies miracles like her doesn't create order either. Angered, Shutaura binds Touma with her wires, and throws rare earth pellets at him, exploding, though in low yield. However, that is not enough to take Touma down. Touma says that risking everything on the smallest chance in order to make the slightest difference and never doubting they can achieve something that is what it means to move forward. He tells her that is what her father sought, and that is what a miracle means. Touma moves forward as Shutaura's guard is down. Here, he declares that he will destroy that illusion of hers, and gives a single strike upon her face. And thus Shutaura falls, though all of them is far from danger. Touma collapses as he says music is pretty good to hear.[1]

Shutaura Sequenzia and Meigo Arisa's duet.

As Touma writhes on the floor while the world is still in danger, he hears a singing from an unlikely source: it is Shutaura singing Arisa's very own song. Arisa comes to as well as if she is beckoned by her voice. With tears in her eyes, the broken hearted maiden once again recalls that fateful day. There, a young Shutaura prays to some higher power to take away all the things she cherishes just so they can have a miracle. And here, Shutaura admits to herself what she had wrought. She had begged for a miracle in exchange for the things she cherished and she was answered -- Arisa was born as a result. Arisa goes towards Shutaura, as the both of them continue to sing. And thus, the two of them weave a song at that high place above all of earth, and for a moment a song of miracles was born from it and all of the skies was cast alight as if the brilliance of golden dawn colored the firmament of the earth. And all those who look upon the sky were amazed, and they saw too the great tower tremble before them, but there was no fear no longer did it threaten upon the world. And thus pass the Miracle of Endymion.[1]

The Orion bracelet was left alone in the height of that tower, made whole once again. Touma sees who picks it up, it is Shutaura who is naked but is unashamed, though Arisa is nowhere to be found, it seems Touma has a guess where she has gone to. Seeing her, Touma assures to her that the entire world has heard her song. There, Shutaura smiles while being bathed in the light and as Touma once again falls into unconsciousness.[1]

The new being born from the reunion of Arisa and Shutaura.

In the world after the Miracle, Laura asks on the true nature of Arisa and Shutaura, to which Aleister relates to her his hypothesis on how Shutaura's wish during the Orion incident distorting her perception and coincided with everyone's else's wishes, thereby creating a strong enough distortion to create a power to interfere with the laws of causality. That power split a girl into two and changed the fates of many. To which Laura adds as her own hypothesis that the distortion caused by their rejoining caused yet another miracle.[1]

Then, as Touma and Index once again hang around town, Index tries to ask if Arisa wasn't real, to which Touma denies, saying that Arisa didn't disappear when he touched her with his right hand, as such she isn't an illusion. Touma refers to Arisa as someone who loves music, someone who love making people happy with her music, someone who is just a normal girl. Index agrees, but then she and Touma stop looking towards the horizon where Endymion once stood high and mighty. There, Index asks if heard something, to which Touma says he did.[1]


Her ultimate fate after Touma falls unconscious is unknown, it is later revealed in an interview with Kamachi Kazuma that Arisa became one with Shutaura, a form in which neither Aleister Crowley nor Laura Stuart could understand. He teases that Arisa might be singing somewhere in Academy City while looking like Shutaura.[6]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Magic God Othinus Arc

Main article: Magic God Othinus Arc

In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, Arisa and Shutaura had apparently already became one again by the time Othinus put Touma there. Still referred to as Arisa by Saten Ruiko, and her combining with Shutaura as a "perfect mode", Ruiko asks Kazari if she would be coming in secret. Kazari replies that she has seen Ladylee Tangleroad wandering around earlier, as such Arisa may be around.[7]


The Miracle of Endymion.

According to Aleister's hypothesis, she was born out of Shutaura and the people's wish to have a miracle during the Orion incident, distorting the laws of causality.[1] Arisa is literally born of a miracle to cause miracles. Moreover, seemingly as an effect by it she has an uncanny knack for fortuitous events to occur when there is great need is referred to as miracles or the power of miracles (奇蹟の力 Kiseki no chikara?). Things such putting out a fire and breaking it in two in order to prevent it from hurting Touma with her voice alone,[2] or preventing debris from hitting people by her mere presence.[1] She is referred to as a Level 0, implying that she has went through the Power Curriculum Program and that she has went through the System Scan. Despite this her power is apparently undetectable and unexplainable to science,[1] warranting it to be a level 0 ability. According to her, her powers happen only when she sings despite,[1] evidence that her mere presence allows for "miracles" to happen.

During the course of the movie the Church of England believed her to be a Saint or a being with power equivalent to that of a Saint, forcing them to temporarily class her as the 9th Saint. According to Kanzaki, under the belief that she truly is a Saint, if Arisa's powers awakened then she would be able to even outclass even her.[1] Since Saints are classed not just by their strength alone but also of their contributions to society,[6] it can be assumed that Arisa's fortune and ability to cause fortuitous events to occur when she is around made the Church believed that she may be a Saint. Regardless, they sent Kanzaki to give a Saint Judgment (聖人判定 Seijin Hantei?),[3] though the results seem to be inconclusive, and now that Arisa has merged with Shutaura at the end of the movie,[1] they may never be able to determine if Arisa truly is a Saint, a person who has qualities similar to those of the Son of God.

According to Kamachi Kazuma, Imagine Breaker being unable to negate Arisa was because a miracle occurred. Furthermore, her not being is a miracle in of itself.[1]

Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

Arisa's design was based around the concept of the elements. The bird motif on her hat represents a young bird watching an adult bird fly up into the sky from the ground. Her stage outfit is as showy as a bird-of-paradise or she growing wings.

Originally, her concert costume was based on real idols such as the AKB48, but because of time constraints he asked other illustrators and manga artists to aid him in the design as well as that of Ladylee's two attendants. The outfit that Arisa wears in the trailers and in the concert in the movie is the result of this collaboration.


General design

Movie costume design

Several costumes were designed by several Dengeki-related illustrator for the movie. Many of them were cut and not used by Arisa, though they are seen ads and promotional material within the movie.

IndexEndymionMovie-BD-DVD-Booklet ArisaClothes1.jpg
Left: A typical digital and futuristic costume designed by Yuugen, where the gimmick revolves around circles of sound and light that flows and links to a cat type back speaker. Right: A costume that reflects the image of angel wings and stars in the night sky. Done by Heavy Object illustrator Nagi Ryou.
IndexEndymionMovie-BD-DVD-Booklet ArisaClothes2.jpg
These 4 costumes being worn were for promotion and was projected in a large Aurora vision screen for Arisa's first live concert. Top right: The Aurora vision shows a costume that uses a flowing see-through cloth, was done by Shakugan no Shana illustrator Itou Noizi, one of the important works of Dengeki Bunko along with Index. An overflowing simple and lovely design. Top left: Illustrator of the original work, Haimura Kiyotaka, whose costume is a straight representation of Arisa's overflowing vitality, healthy, and beauty. Concept of the live costume is like "an adult bird flying towards the night sky." Take note of its contrast to everyday clothes. Bottom right: Showing off a tailcoat and tophat costume that is reminiscent of a magician in a promotional event, designed by Itou Noizi. Big hat decoration and chest ribbon, and a beautiful silhouette of the tail that extends from the waist. By the way, the costumes worn by Mikoto and company were designed by Yuugen. Bottom left: Costume worn during a live performance, the purple and gold tone of which was based off military uniform and was designed by Yuugen. The degree of exposure has been increased in order to go the sexy route, the gap with Arisa's loveliness is magic that draws out the adult one side kept secret. Coupled with danceable music, the stage has been jazzed up.
IndexEndymionMovie-BD-DVD-Booklet ArisaClothes3.jpg
Costume used in the main live, designed by Itou Noizi. The overall vividness of the scarlet, and the large black flower headdress tightens the colors of the ensemble, the skirts bursts wide open and its insides are shiny. Its appeal is its wide open front that shows the lining of the skirt, dyed with the star-filled night sky, and in summary, the design is to accentuate the contrast the beauty between the navel and legs.


  • (To Touma, from the movie): "If I had some kind of power, I would have ended up relying on it. I doubt I would even be singing. I'm no good at school either. But singing is the one thing I can do and so I will do whatever I can to sing. Someday, instead of singing on the streets... I want my song to reach lots of people in a large venue. I guess you could say that is my dream."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "I just wanted... to make everyone happy with my songs. I felt singing would make me happy too. But... if that will end hurting someone...then..."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "I want to sing! Because... That's all I have..."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "A miracle... It sounds so weird. If there really was a miracle, wouldn't there never have been an explosion in the first place?... I used to think I was lucky, but now I'm not so sure. It seems I was in a major accident once... I have no memories before three years ago. My name was given to me by the people at the insitute I have nothing that is really my own. But when I sing, my heart grows warm... and something grows within me. I feel like I can regain something I lost... as long as I have my songs."
  • (To Ladylee, ibid): "I'll sing, but not because it's my dream, or because it helps yours. I'm singing for the people who genuinely enjoy my songs. I'll sing for them. I don't know what you're planning, but I will sing a miracle song that even you won't predict."
  • (Internal monologue, ibid): "That's right. Back then, all I did was..."



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