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  • Would you be interested in affiliating with Okami-san and Her Seven Companions? Here is wiki-wordmark of Okami-san and Her Seven Companions.

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  • This is a thread, separated from the other brainstorming and planning thread, specifically for plans and progress connected to Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T during the anime's airing.

    The image log for Railgun T is on Template:Shared Draft 50. The shared tasklist on SD28 has been placed below for convenience. The image-related tasks are on Template:Shared Draft 25.

    Shared Draft 28: Railgun T Shared Tasklist
    Return Links: Inept • (R2|U2) • (R3|U3) Controls: EditClear cache

    Preliminary General Tasklist


    • Episode/BD Lists
    • Pre-Release Poll
    • Episode Article groundwork
    • Image Log preparations
    • Toaru Project, Railgun T, information extraction/processing


    • Weekly episode updates (article/images/other)
    • Index SS release updates
    • Image addition caption checks


    Unsorted Notes

    • New Featured Article (related supplementary subject or more deeply connected?)

    Subject List

    Subject Type Possibilities (incomplete):

    • Arcs
    • Media
    • Characters
    • Abilities/Magic
    • Locations
    • Events
    • Technology/Vehicles etc
    • Terminology

    Daihaseisai Arc


    Manga Chapters:




    Dream Ranker Arc





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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Greetings, I'm an admin for the Gate Wiki, wonder is there any chance we can affiliate with each other? Looking forward to your response. Thanks in advance.

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    • You might wanna check up on this. This wiki is severely understaffed, and the admins are swamped with work. They talked about this in another thread before but the topic eventually shifted to content revisions.

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    • I don't see any problems with affiliating with the Gate Wiki. If you are still OK with it, Sztama927, we can proceed with the wiki affiliation. With regards to our wordmark, I recommend the version of File:Wiki-wordmark.png from September 16th 2019.

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  • Following on from the previous thread, this thread is for discussion, brainstorming and joint-planning on the wiki from the start of 2020 onwards. With Railgun T beginning on January 10th and Souyaku beginning on February 10th, we still have much to do...

    See here for the joint recap from two weeks ago covering the previous six months.

    Edit: Have just updated and transferred the overview table for the Shared Drafts to its own template.

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    • High Priest, Nephthys and Niang-Niang voiced in NT10Ep section in Toaru IF.

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    • Just so people know for future operation planning, the TrackTags don't interfere with field and link operations if they end up inside them.

      Examples of use could include checking for long volume links and infobox fields in a full sweep.

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  • Apparently, I am unable to add videos on this page. Is this happening to others or is it only me?

    I would like you and the other admins to look into this matter. Thank you

    Edit: This is the only Special page that work for adding videos.

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  • The user has apparently made unnecassary changes to the recent pages, I would like you to take a look into the following matter. Thank you

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    • Ok, what are the edits that are causing concern? The edit conflict in Othinus' story arc seems unnecessary given that the template actually exists. (Unless he added the link to the template before making the template itself.)

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    • That particular pair of templates was made and placed by anon A125 a few years ago. I have to say, I'm not particularly keen on it.

      There are multiple edits within the list, however I don't have a fully isolated log at hand as I was focusing on finishing that recap (speaking of which, have you read the thing Herald?). I have made a temporary list of all of the articles which they've made edits to so far, but the individual edits haven't been isolated.

      Edit: Darkmonger's just done another one of those questionable image edits, Herald - this one for Kihara Kagun. It's late and my computer is acting up again, so if it isn't too much trouble, I'll leave this one to you.

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  • Hey there! I just thought to introduce myself; I’m Alex, the new Wiki Manager assigned to Toaru Majutsu no Index Wiki. A Wiki Manager is a contractor tasked with looking after specific Wikis, helping them grow & assisting their Admins. If you ever need code help, moderation or content assistance, or just have questions, I’m happy to assist you :) Occasionally I’ll drop in to see how things are going, but otherwise you can contact me on my Wall anytime you like. Have a good day!

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    • How are things on your end, Ursuul?

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    • We're reaching out to far more Wikis recently, so have been rather bogged down. If there's anything you need however, feel free to let me know whenever :)

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  • Seeing as there are a number of people in need of a recap as to what's been happening on the wiki over the past few months, I'm going to be compiling a joint recap here.

    There is a lot to cover so this might take a little while.

    Previous Discussion Thread: Discussion, Brainstorming & Plans (22/10/19-)

    Series Three Overhaul Project (June-December 2019)
    Wiki General Progress Logs
    Image Logs and Tasklists
    • Notes:
    Plans and Progress Threads


    User Status

    So far as I know, OH&S is due back today after their trip overseas. Herald is planning to help with Railgun T episodes. Ollerus and The Lord Reader have been busy with end of year exam work but that may have passed now. As for me, I'm currently attempting post-stall recovery (not for the first time).

    Active Tasks

    The following tasks are currently ongoing (bear in mind that these might not be all of them):

    • New Release Updates (very gradual progress)
      • NT22R
      • Railgun SS3
      • Biohacker Arc
      • Index III/Accelerator Anime (Series Three Overhaul Project)
      • Monthly Manga
    • Pre-Railgun T work (Series Three Overhaul Project)
    • Image Information Survey (stalled)
    • Operation Leaf Sweep (stalled)
    • Overhaul Plans (multiple subjects)
    • Multiple joint projects (Shared Drafts)
    • Manual Upgrade

    Recent Past

    Recent Wiki Activity

    General Updates

    With the release of NT22R and the Accelerator anime within the past six months, there have been updates for new and existing material corresponding to the two. The Series Three Overhaul Project (STOP) has continued, but progress has been quite slow. Basic general updates have been carried out for both of them. For areas requiring in-depth updates and overhauling, some have been carried out but there are still a fair few which are still incomplete. While most of the low-level updates have been completed, there are a few temporary summary placeholders yet to be placed. Images were uploaded during the anime airing period (many by Kaysuami) in anticipation for the associated work and gathered in a temporary log, though there are still a few things still to be done on that end.

    The basic updates for monthly manga updates have continued, though as with the other updates, much of the in-depth stuff is still to be done. The situation is similar for the BD bonus stories, Railgun SS3 and the Biohacker Arc. Catchup from previous batches has also been occurring.


    Aside from the general updates, three other major projects are covered in their own sub-sections below; the Shared Drafts, the Image Information Survey and the Wiki's 10th Anniversary. There are several dozen large-scale overhauls in the planning and draft stages on sandboxes.

    As you know, we've also had updates to the Slider and the introduction of the Quick Link templates by OH&S. A few minor updates were made to the 'Did you know' template in November with items for the works released/continued since the May Overhaul.

    In late August, there were updates following the first chapter of Toaru Kagaku no Dark Matter and the Toaru Magazine (which revealed the full names for Scavenger's members and the name of the Nectar Arc). Lord Reader added various Accel/Idol debuts and manga images (including a fair number from Idol) to character infoboxes in October, as well as tackling infobox spacing and debut outliers, and added numerous YP terms to Nihongo usages in November. Aside from the monthly manga updates and sought images, Ollerus has carried out work on Pseudepigrapha, anthologies, parodies, side-stories and other similar works, updated various chapter pages to the modern format, added Localized Releases (on that note, the possibility of separating some of these into subpages was being considered) to various volume pages, and tackled redlinks, among others. Auric Drake was gradually revising Kamijou Touma's Chronology subpage (I intended to wait until that was largely done before fine-tuning).

    In November, there was also a fair amount of expansion for the Chronologies of Telesma, Magic Cabal and Magic Circle (over the past few months, we've looked into the symbolic meanings for their some of magic circle components - including the ones surrounding the repeatedly featured pentagram). The Russian Shopping Center was also de-directed for article work. There have been a few small expansions of the Toaru IF page (aggregation of information is now occurring on SD4) - the possibility of a new wiki for it was being considered by Herald, but this idea is currently on hold.

    Recent User Actions/Observation

    There are a few things I should probably bring up regarding certain user actions during the past six months. A number of users have been under observation at various points for various reasons.

    While few of them might be deliberate troublemakers, a considerable number of them are of the well-intentioned but slightly problematic sort. The latter are ones to keep an eye on, not to reprimand but to assist and guide when needed. At present, for most of them, I've largely kept watch and not spoken to them, in part due to having doubts and trouble in deciding the right words to use to properly convey things in a tactful manner. Some of the introduced problems have been resolved, others remain.


    As I mentioned before, most of the observed users seem to mean well, but have a tendency for problematic, misguided or flawed edits, perhaps in part due to inexperience or misinformation. As such, an eye is being kept on their work so that problems can be tracked and rectified, and support can be provided where needed. Some have made loads of edits, others have made few. Some of the changes or additions have required minor supplementary edits, while others have needed a major rewrite.

    The nature of the problems from some of the article edits are varied; some just have grammatical errors, others are rather messy and sloppily written. Some are bloated, some have inaccuracies and assumptions buried within them, and quite a few lack references. Some deviate from standard procedures and formats, some perpetuate outdated formats, bad tendencies and old mistakes.

    There have also been various cases involving images, which might be due to protocols not be conveyed or made clear. They have included image additions or replacements, to infoboxes and main text, of questionable, unsuitable, excessive or unnecessary natures. Also, most have been uploaded without categories or details (a common problem), and have occasionally deviated from standard naming formats.

    Users which have been watched during the past six months include Darkmonger (recently joined), Bourbon7 (primarily Index III episode edits), a notable one whose name I've lost track of and forgotten, Anon 175.158.225.XX, Rei Furuya (primarily Jailbreaker Arc characters), Wannabebadboy89, Anti-Mage 29‎ (edit to A Certain Iron Railway Bridge), Bellic58 (July/August), EasOwned (a Gunhamaniac, main problems were earlier in the year but at least a few recently), Craytherlay, DestinyDude0, and several others whose usernames/IPs elude me at the moment.

    One minor thing of note, AriesX4 made a brief return and tried to repeat their unwanted/superfluous edit from a few years back. This was swiftly dealt with and they haven't shown themselves again.

    Comments & Threads

    Aside from article edits, there have been a number of cases of rapid comment posting and a few cases of disinformation/assumption being spread. Some of these are likely in a similar case to the above. Users under observation in this area have included several anons, Craytherlay (formerly, (Quartzviel (formerly Quartzmaser), behind previous rewording issues), DestinyDude0, EasOwned, and others.

    There have also been several cases of the usual conflicts concerning characters and few comments which have added to the cleaning load.

    One notable incident occurred in late October 20th-24th - after dealing with some inappropriate comments, I spotted signs which made me suspect that someone might be using multiple accounts as sock-puppets (in the comments of Accelerator, Misaka Misuzu, Misaka Worst and Misaka Tabigake). Ollerus concurred and I located some evidence on another wiki (though I wasn't sure how much I could use it), so we kept them under observation while we dealt with other more urgent matters. The accounts in question have made no further action since then.

    In terms of discussion threads, Joseph yamoah jr has carried out a number of borderline spam edits and has been warned about it but ignored them. I don't intend to give them another warning. In the summer, Proroach was somewhat excessive in thread creation but this was a case similar to the above and they stopped doing so after being told about it.

    Shared Drafts

    In the past, we have tried to carry out simultaneous joint work on certain subjects, with mixed success in the draft phase. I've previously considered the idea of having an open sandbox for such work (though there were a number of problems with this idea), but a month or so ago, I realized that there was another possibility and began an experiment to test it.

    The result of this was the creation of the Shared Draft templates. As the name suggests, these are templates containing a draft which can be worked on by multiple contributors. The contributors can place them anywhere on their sandboxes, wherever is convenient. The template has a top-nav bar on top containing links to the sandboxes it is located on as well as an edit link and refresh button - that way the users can easily edit the template and then easily return back to where they came.

    First impressions seem good, so I intend to continue with them. I have to admit, I did get a bit overenthusiastic and carried away in the early test stages so I created a large number earlier than I probably should have done. There are currently 50 of them, 47 of which have been assigned tasks, though only a few of them have been positioned on multiple user sandboxes.

    Given the nature of the Shared Draft templates and subsequent discussion, I've decided to discontinue the Image Tasklist posts that I had previously been doing in favour of a regularly updated one on one of the Shared Draft templates (with something similar for Odd Jobs). Other tasks which have been assigned so far include monitoring, aggregation and brainstorming tasks.

    Shared Draft Tasks (20/12/2019)
    Shared Draft Subject
    SD1 Individual Translation Analysis
    SD2 Multiple Translator Translations (English)
    SD3 Multiple Language Translations
    SD4 Toaru IF Information Gathering and Processing
    SD5 Back Cover Illustration Items
    SD6 List of Spiritual Items
    SD7 Previously Unnamed Characters
    SD8 Search Terms (All Instances)
    SD9 Brainstorming - Academy City
    SD10 Brainstorming - Magic
    SD11 Magic Circle Images
    SD12 Idol Theory - List of Symbols and Associations
    SD13 Previously Used Infobox & Navbox Images
    SD14 Close/Near-Duplicate Images
    SD15 Toaru Project Merchandise (Index III/Accelerator/Railgun T)
    SD16 Crossovers and Collaborations
    SD17 Crosses
    SD18 Character Personality, Trait and Relationships - Notes and Analysis
    SD19 Rainbow Spectrum - Wiki Image Collection
    SD20 Light Novel Illustration Collection
    SD21 Alternative Cover Images
    SD22 Anime Character Design Collection
    SD23 Toaru Radio Information Collection
    SD24 Bot Operation Tasklist
    SD25 Shared Image Tasklist and Temporary Image Collection
    (Alternative Link: Template:Image Tasklist)
    SD26 Experimental Shared Tasklist
    SD27 Odd Jobs (Alternative Link: Template:Odd Jobs)
    SD28 Shared Recap Experiment
    SD29 Comments and Discussion for Checking and Cleaning
    SD30 Residual Thoughts and Residual Information
    SD31 Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index - Pre-Release Work
    SD32 Assorted Minor Characters
    SD33 Novel Chapter Section Status Tracking
    SD34 Manga Chapter Section Status Tracking
    SD35 Episode Section Status Tracking
    SD36 Image Information Survey - Revised Procedure
    SD37 Nichijou Chapter Plan
    SD38 Odds and Ends
    SD39 Referencing Guide
    SD40 Layout Guide Drafts
    SD41 Accelerator Temporary Tasklist
    SD42 Railgun SS3 Temporary Tasklist
    SD43 NT22(R) Temporary Tasklist
    SD44 Biohacker Arc Notes
    SD45 Manga Volume Bonus Content Notes
    SD46 Articles needing citation
    SD47 Notarikon
    SD48 Unassigned
    SD49 Unassigned
    SD50 Unassigned

    Image Information Survey

    One of the major undertakings within the past few months is an effort to catalogue the many images which are lacking proper information and add it to them (which will be necessary for certain other plans which are in the works - such as a link to episode images from an episode infobox, which would depend on the images listing the source episode so they can be listed via Special:WhatLinksHere). Given that there are over 9000 files on the wiki, I decided to carry out the initial phase (going over and recording all of the images lacking info) via sweeps carried out with my recently activated Bot.

    In order to carry out this project, which has been called the 'Image Information Survey', I copied a list from Special:AllPages (File:) of all files on the wiki at a particular point - separated into 28 batches, created a tag (which can be used to produce a convenient list via Special:WhatLinksHere) and category (to indicate the files currently being processed), and drew up a plan of sweeps to be carried out in a specific order to accomplish the objectives.

    I carried out the first lot of sweeps on the first batch at the start of November, logging the results as I did so. I ran into a few unforeseen problems while carrying them out, which I intended to tackle and record so the procedure could be amended. However, being the nitwit that I am, I did not record them in the clearest of manners, missed a few key details, and I was interrupted by other matters, such that when I returned, I had forgotten many of the details and couldn't easily remember them. This led to other stuff, and coupled with other matters demanding simultaneous attention, resulted in the project stalling.

    I hope to get it going again as soon as possible. I've tried to review and recover all of the details, but the messy recording and other matters interfering has meant I've kept losing my place (I'm somewhat tempted to start over with the second batch and amend/recall as I reencounter things).

    One other thing - I've been manually adding tags/framework/details to images added since the list of files was extracted.

    Wiki 10th Anniversary

    As you know, it was the wiki's 10th birthday in September and as such, I thought that it would be an idea to do a few things to commemorate it. We discussed the matter and go a number of items together in the short time we had. Aside from a commemorative message (similar to the one done for our 8th anniversary), Herald made a great 10th anniversary wordmark, the Featured Article page was updated (to the recently overhauled Coffin page - tying in with the Accelerator anime), and I made a couple of megapoll posts. There was also a countdown to the anniversary itself - although it malfunctioned a bit due to an oversight on my part. There was an idea for a banner but it hasn't gone anywhere yet (just a few tweaks to one of the front page's navbars). Two other ideas were an advent calendar and an 'on this day...' template on the front page similar to the 'Did you know?' template (which incidentally was overhauled earlier in the year and recently had a few more items added) - obviously it is too late for the first one and there has been no work on the second.

    Given that it is our tenth year and what happened when it was Toaru Majutsu no Index and Kamachi Kazuma's 10th anniversary, I was hoping to get at least 10 commemorative items ready. However, as Ollerus pointed out, we don't have to hurry it - after all, the 10 announcements for Kamachi's 10th anniversary were spread out over 2014. As such, work on other anniversary items is on hold for now, as we have more pressing matters.

    Overhaul Brainstorming

    There are a fair number of pages on the wiki which are in need of an overhaul. However, some of them have a very wide scope, with a lot of subtopics and overlap between them - as such, those articles will require extensive and careful work. For these, I was thinking that it would be an idea to do some collective brainstorming on the subjects, putting everything we can think of on the table, considering all of the various possibilities for them, and figuring out how best to approach the reworking. For example, in the case of Academy City, there are many scientific disciplines, technological fields, state elements, societal and cultural factors, and other aspects which are complexly intertwined and intersect in many places.

    The main two subjects which I had in mind were Academy City and Magic, and two Shared Drafts have been assigned for brainstorming them. However, my attempts at initiating collective brainstorming have so far fizzled out, owing to various individual circumstances on all sides.

    Progress Log

    I have continued to record the activity and progress on the wiki and usually posted log posts fortnightly. The idea behind this was to keep track of what is being done on the wiki and to help manage and coordinate work. However there have been numerous problems in doing so. For one thing, it is difficult to verify and organize it into a more presentable and processible form (even then it is still a handful), and updating the log requires considerable effort, even as other work is being done. As a result, many of the logs have been unfinished by the time they were to be posted, and by the time the previously posted and unfinished one is sorted out, the next one is suffering close to posting, and so on. There is a considerable risk of it becoming a serious time sink.

    I've previously made regular image tasklists, with possible images to look out for in new releases, particularly while the anime has been airing. However, with the introduction of the Shared Drafts, I've decided to discontinue them in favour of using one of the SD templates for a regular updated shared tasklist.

    Log Entries and Related (June-December 2019, STOP)
    Wiki General Progress Logs
    Image Logs and Tasklists
    • Notes:

    Personal Ramblings

    Before anything else, I must note my gratitude for those who have sincerely and properly helped out on the wiki. With the huge amount of stuff to be done on the wiki, it is greatly appreciated.

    What follows is a bit of weary rambling. If you are reading rather than skipping this section, apologies for subjecting you to this, and for not writing and conveying things very well.

    Warning: Rambling

    With the massive amount of work which has needed to be done on and off the wiki, I've been feeling overwhelmed and overstretched. I've often wondered if I may have bitten off a bit more than I could chew with the scope of the Series Three Overhaul Project and the other endeavours. While progress has been made over the past year, with the ongoing Toaru Project, the apparent time limits for various tasks have been substantially shortened and things seem to be piling up quicker than they can be sorted out.

    It has been difficult to organize and keep track of the massive number of tasks and measures to make it easier have been failing. With frequent interruptions, both on and off-wiki, I've repeatedly found myself losing my place during large-scale work. On a side note, for attempted coordination, I've often been wondering if I've dropped a clanger somewhere (though this might well be me being a worrier - this worrying tends to happen for communications in general, among various things).

    With all this going on over an extended period of time, my mind has gradually been worn out. When I have needed it, my creative engine has often stalled and refused to restart, regardless of my wishes and efforts. I've found it difficult to focus at times and going offline has only helped some of the time.

    The state of my sandboxes (much like my room) hasn't been helping matters, so I tried to reorganize them into a less messy form. I hoped that this long-overdue cleanup (now more of a leaf sweep than a spring clean) would help to make things easier, but along with nearly everything else, it has stalled part-way as well - leaving the contents in a similar state but spread further.

    As a result of the problems mentioned above, on the whole, I've been fairly depressed and frustrated for a considerable number of weeks, which has in turn affected my ability to progress and contributed to a growing negative feedback cycle. At some points, I've felt like crying or exploding, and have had a couple of nightmares. The actions and comments of certain others (including at least one remarking on the lack of progress while at the same time adding some more bits to the workload), though often unintentional, have not been helping, along with difficulty in conveying things properly (I've been somewhat reluctant to attempt to fully divulge things or seek help because I've felt that I'd likely muck it up and make things worse).

    While there is the option of taking a break from the wiki and attempting to lift the gloom for a short time, judging from the overall circumstances, I don't think it would help all that much and things may well be even worse afterwards, on both ends. It has felt like the only option is to press onwards, regardless of despondency and exhaustion.

    With this on my end, I have often wondered and worried about how things might be for some of the other primary contributors, who have also borne the brunt of all this.


    Upcoming Media

    As most of you know, aside from the monthly manga chapter releases, Railgun T, the 3rd season of the Railgun anime and 3rd of the three anime announced for this stage of the Toaru Project, is starting in January and Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index, the 3rd series of the Index light novels, is starting in February. Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Biohacker Arc is also continuing with the release of the Accelerator anime BDs, with the next in late December. It seems likely that Railgun T will have a side-story included with its BD releases as well, but they won't be out for several months yet. Imaginary Fest is also ongoing. No sign of Toaru Kagaku no Dark Matter chapter 2 yet.

    It goes without saying that we will need to update as these are released and processed. We will also need to do some updates ahead of time, as we have tried to do before for Index III and the Accelerator anime (with mixed success).

    Community Central

    There are a few things which have been brought up on Community Central, some of which might need to be looked at in a bit more detail. One of the plans on there is a system change (for the UCP - Unified Community Platform) which means the retirement of the Forums and Talk. Certain other discussion-related parts of the wiki, such as the Message Walls and Article Comments, are on the same system and may be affected by the switch-over.

    I'm not completely sure about some of the details, but just in case, I updated the wiki's database dump file in October and might do so again soon, so people can take up-to-date backups if they wish.

    The wiki has also been assigned a Wiki Manager, Ursuul, to support us.


    Good grief, this took a week to get together and it's still not quite right...

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    • I'm not completely satisfied with the recap and accompanying stuff, but I'm going to have to declare it done. If not, we'll be here until 2021.

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    • Just reassigned SD28 for a Railgun T Shared Tasklist. These are the tasks currently assigned to the Shared Drafts (12:03, 27/12/2019).

      Shared Draft Subject Type
      SD01 Individual Translation Analysis Information Collection
      SD02 Multiple Translator Translations (English) Information Collection
      SD03 Multiple Language Translations Information Collection
      SD04 Toaru IF Information Gathering and Processing Information Collection
      SD05 Back Cover Illustration Items Image Collection
      SD06 List of Spiritual Items Information Collection
      SD07 Previously Unnamed Characters Monitoring
      Information Collection
      SD08 Search Terms (All Instances) Tasklist
      SD09 Brainstorming - Academy City Brainstorming
      SD10 Brainstorming - Magic Brainstorming
      SD11 Magic Circle Images Image Collection
      SD12 Idol Theory - List of Symbols and Associations Information Collection
      SD13 Previously Used Infobox & Navbox Images Image Collection
      SD14 Close/Near-Duplicate Images Image Collection
      SD15 Toaru Project Merchandise (Index III/Accelerator/Railgun T) Information Collection
      SD16 Crossovers and Collaborations Information Collection
      SD17 Crosses Information Collection
      SD18 Character Personality, Trait and Relationships - Notes and Analysis Brainstorming
      Information Collection
      SD19 Rainbow Spectrum - Wiki Image Collection Image Collection
      SD20 Light Novel Illustration Collection Image Collection
      SD21 Alternative Cover Images Image Collection
      SD22 Anime Character Design Collection Image Collection
      SD23 Toaru Radio Information Collection Information Collection
      SD24 Bot Operation Tasklist Tasklist
      SD25 Shared Image Tasklist and Temporary Image Collection
      (Alternative Link: Template:Image Tasklist)
      Image Collection
      SD26 Experimental Shared Tasklist Tasklist
      SD27 Odd Jobs (Alternative Link: Template:Odd Jobs) Tasklist
      SD28 Railgun T Shared Tasklist Tasklist
      SD29 Comments and Discussion for Checking and Cleaning Monitoring
      SD30 Residual Thoughts and Residual Information Information Collection
      SD31 Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index - Pre-Release Work Tasklist
      SD32 Assorted Minor Characters Information Collection
      SD33 Novel Chapter Section Status Tracking Monitoring
      SD34 Manga Chapter Section Status Tracking Monitoring
      SD35 Episode Section Status Tracking Monitoring
      SD36 Image Information Survey - Revised Procedure Draft
      SD37 Nichijou Chapter Plan Tasklist
      SD38 Odds and Ends Information Collection
      SD39 Referencing Guide Draft
      SD40 Layout Guide Drafts Draft
      SD41 Accelerator Temporary Tasklist Tasklist
      SD42 Railgun SS3 Temporary Tasklist Tasklist
      SD43 NT22(R) Temporary Tasklist Tasklist
      SD44 Biohacker Arc Notes Information Collection
      SD45 Manga Volume Bonus Content Notes Information Collection
      SD46 Articles needing citations Tasklist
      SD47 Notarikon Information Collection
      SD48 Othinus - Self-Referenced Myths Information Collection
      SD49 Temporary Observation & Adjustments Monitoring
      SD50 Railgun T Image Collection Image Collection
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  • Given the amount of stuff which needs to be sorted through and organized (and my despondency from not being able to get the October tasklists and logs done, and my lack of progress on my planned tasks), I thought it would be best to start a new thread for discussion and joint-planning on the wiki for late October 2019 onwards, as well as doing some brainstorming between us.

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    • The regular image tasklist posts have been discontinued and Template:Shared Draft 25 has been assigned to future image tasklist operations. A redirect has also been put in place so Template:Image Tasklist will also display the Shared Draft holding the image tasklist.

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    • Just so you people know, seeing as there are multiple people in need of a recap, I'm starting a new thread on my wall for a joint in-detail recap.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • On September 19th 2019, it will be ten years since the Toaru Majutsu no Index Wiki was launched. Although we've got quite a lot on our plate already, I thought it might be an idea for us to do a little something to commemorate the occasion. I'm not sure what form it will take (e.g. countdown and banner on the front page, special background image or logo, blog post, featured article update etc), but it is less than 2 weeks until then and it might take some time to prepare, so it'd be best if we discuss and decide soon.

    Any suggestions?

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    • That's the first.

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    • That doesn't make sense, doesn't contribute anything and is bordering the line between comment and spam. You've been warned about this before, Joseph.

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    • A FANDOM user
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