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  • I found error in the Unified Calendar.

    The Ninja, ITEM SS2, and the two before it. All occur within a week's time, despite all being different Fridays.

    • W.Dorm SS2: 4th Friday of September (Sep. 29th in calendar)
    • Mother SS2: 5th Friday of September (Oct. 2nd in calendar)
    • Ninja/ITEM SS2: 1st Friday of October (Oct. 4th in calendar)
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    • I am aware of those 'errors' since the first iteration of the calendar 5+ years ago. SS2 in particular is impossible to allocate properly on the calendar as the calendar year that is described by the chapter titles cannot exist. Also attempting to space them out clashes with events from the novels. Hence the placement of the above 3/4 events. The light green fill for the event indicates that the date is not exact.

      So don't think too hard about SS2 events in general.

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    • I see.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, I don't know if it is right to post it here.

    I noticed yesterday, that Kuruwa had already a cameo apperance in the Railgun Manga in chapter 33 page 2 (back of head).

    I just wanted to inform somebody but don't know if it is if it is change-worthy.

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  • Happy New Year, OH&S.

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    • How are things on your end at the moment, OH&S? I'm currently OK with regards to most of the stuff connected to lockdown conditions, but a few other things have been getting to me a bit.

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    • It hasn't really hit us hard yet. We haven't needed to go shopping and might be good for another week but we are running low on meat, fresh fruit and liquid soap (and snacks for me). We'll see how we go.

      But our lockdown is only at its first stage. Its clear that the restrictions in my state are going to get more severe in coming weeks.

      Its really just the background noise of a whole bunch of shops and industries closing and a very large number of people losing their jobs and trying to get welfare assistance from the government that's been a bit unnerving.

      Also my work's actually gotten a whole lot busier due to urgent work that's tied to our government's virus response. It feels like the work I'm doing has never been more important.

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  • Hey-o-OH&S, hope you are doing well! I’m Alex, & I’ve been assigned by Fandom to look after this wiki as its Wiki Manager. Anything I can do to make life easier on Fandom for you, be it technical assistance, enabling an extension on the Wiki, or anything else, I’d be happy to help if you ask :) Sometimes I’ll pop in to see how things are doing, but mostly I’ll just be around if you need me.

    If you like you can contact me on Discord @ Ursuul#0575, have a good one!

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  • In your previous thread, the retirement of "Template: One Row Test" is noted. However, seventeen red links still exist. They are listed in Special:WantedPages. Could you remove these links in your previous threads? Only admin can do those edit.

    Edit. nvm. Inept did it.

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  • Minor question, OH&S. Do you happen to know the specifics for what fully happens when comments are disabled then re-enabled via admin controls? (I'm looking into the possible options for tackling the load of comments) If not then never mind, I'll try asking on Community Central.

    P.S. Do you reckon the episode image template idea from a few weeks back would be feasible or unfeasible?

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    • Concur regarding the Franchise Overview idea.

      With regards to the Shared Drafts, There is a list of what they are currently being used for on the overview/development template page. Some of them are currently being used for collection purposes (e.g. collecting and confirming all of the R-S/anime design images on the wiki, gathering the different term Nihongo and localizations etc), some for tracking and monitoring (e.g. the current status of the chapter/episode page sections), some for regularly updated tasklists (rather than in repeated posts, e.g. the image tasklist) and a number I'm thinking of using for a brainstorming session (Magic and Academy City being the main two in mind at the moment).

      One idea which has just come to mind is rigging some sort of mechanism so that the list updates itself automatically depending on the subject listed on the template itself, though that might require a fair amount of tinkering and is not as urgent as other tasks we have on the go.

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    • Just reassigned SD28 for a Railgun T Shared Tasklist.

      OH&S, can you think of any improvements to make to the field structure for the tables in SD33-35?

      Edit (31/12/2019): Just so you know OH&S, I'm planning to start new threads when the New Year (& Decade) starts. I'm also hoping to restart the Image Information Survey sweeps soon.

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    • Hi! Dear OH&S, I want to you all know that Toaru Majutsu No Index WIKI in ZH has changed the platform. We used our Chinese domestic Mediawiki platform. The new Url is [ 某魔法的禁书维基]
    • We are still alive and have a strong desire to build a best WIKI for fantastic Toaru Series!
    • Best wishes to main site-I mean the EN WIKI site.
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  • Inconvenience

    This franchise has gotten huge over the last 15 years with multiple different series across multiple different formats. As the franchise has grown, it has become more inconvenient to link to the various media pages on this wiki without typing the full page name:

    • [[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 01]]
    • [[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 01/Chapter 1]]
    • [[Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga Volume 01]]
    • [[Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga Chapter 001]]
    • [[Toaru Majutsu no Index Episode 01]]
    • [[Toaru Majutsu no Index II Episode 01]]
    • [[Toaru Majutsu no Index III Episode 01]]

    This is especially inconvenient when referencing source material in regular articles.


    To address this inconvenience, I have created the following new quick link templates that (after learning how to use) should make contributors life easy when referencing and linking to media pages for light novels, manga and anime:

    These templates are now available for general use and should make future links and references to source material and media pages easier, systematic and take up less space. After reading up on the documentation for these templates, you will be able to link to the above examples as follows:

    • {{qvl|Index|L|1}}
    • {{qnl|Index|L|1|1}}
    • {{qvl|Index|M|1}}
    • {{qcl|Index|1}}
    • {{qal|Index|E|1}}
    • {{qal|Index2|E|1}}
    • {{qal|Index3|E|1}}


    • These templates are easy to update when new series are added to the franchise e.g. Dark Matter manga; LN Series Part 3.
    • There shouldn't be a rush to wiki pages to replace previous wikilinks to media pages with these new templates; the templates are only for new links made from now onward.
    • A bot account will deal with previously made wikilinks.

    Syntax Highlighting

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  • hi OH&S

    i wanted to ask you this question during the events of NT22R, Touma can take the form of a dragon after losing Imagine Breaker ? the prove of this is his right hand that was replaced by a sky-blue one.

    I have added those information on Touma's page but it got erased by someone before i get it back.

    The Manifestation of his powers who take his appareance prove that he has a dragon form as he can access to it too.

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  • New thread for the new season.

    • NT22R is out; end of NT. Next Series in 2020.
    • Accel anime is airing; hopefully not sh*t like Index III.
    • Slider is now on the front page and is fully functional.
      • Revisions from Inept still need to be considered.
    • Currently testing replacement for Template:OneRow Volume
      • See demos here.
      • Looks like I'll need to do a manual replacement of all the templates like the previous infoboxes I was working on. Hopefully this time, my BOT account can give me an edge.

    EDIT: Continuing the conversation:

    Inept Wiki User wrote: I think I'll try those out. I take it the flags are for the volume boxes and that it is a new version you're currently working on with the One Row Test template.

    Just remembered something - do you know if the Wikia Visualization images are still used?

    Which images are those?

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    • That is what we were considering. If you are OK with it then I'll leave the Franchise Overview to you, OH&S.

      By the way OH&S, are you aware of the little problem involving the Ceremony of Mo Athair?

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    • Just remembered something - it is going to be the wiki's 10th anniversary on the 19th.

      Edit (03/09/19): Work delayed. Having trouble focusing due to an annoying sore throat.

      Edit (06/09/19): Feeling better. Still got a fair bit of catarrh but it no longer hurts to swallow. Going to try and catch up, and capitalize on positive state to make a bit of progress. Started 10th anniversary plan thread.

      Edit (13/09/19): Have had an idea concerning episode images which I thought might be worth noting down. I've been planning to do a systematic sweep through the images for a while now and this would include putting in the source (with a link to the source's article). In conjunction with this, what I was thinking was that we could rig up a template which produces a link leading to the Special:WhatLinksHere for the page and set to the Files, and put it in the infobox template.

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