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  • In your previous thread, the retirement of "Template: One Row Test" is noted. However, seventeen red links still exist. They are listed in Special:WantedPages. Could you remove these links in your previous threads? Only admin can do those edit.

    Edit. nvm. Inept did it.

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  • Minor question, OH&S. Do you happen to know the specifics for what fully happens when comments are disabled then re-enabled via admin controls? (I'm looking into the possible options for tackling the load of comments) If not then never mind, I'll try asking on Community Central.

    P.S. Do you reckon the episode image template idea from a few weeks back would be feasible or unfeasible?

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    • Just so you know, OH&S, I've got a plan together for a large-scale image operation ('Image Information Survey') and am planning to make a start today.

      Edit: Looks like I may have to streamline it a bit more...

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    • This reply has been removed
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    • Hi! Dear OH&S, I want to you all know that Toaru Majutsu No Index WIKI in ZH has changed the platform. We used our Chinese domestic Mediawiki platform. The new Url is [ 某魔法的禁书维基]
    • We are still alive and have a strong desire to build a best WIKI for fantastic Toaru Series!
    • Best wishes to main site-I mean the EN WIKI site.
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  • Inconvenience

    This franchise has gotten huge over the last 15 years with multiple different series across multiple different formats. As the franchise has grown, it has become more inconvenient to link to the various media pages on this wiki without typing the full page name:

    • [[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 01]]
    • [[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 01/Chapter 1]]
    • [[Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga Volume 01]]
    • [[Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga Chapter 001]]
    • [[Toaru Majutsu no Index Episode 01]]
    • [[Toaru Majutsu no Index II Episode 01]]
    • [[Toaru Majutsu no Index III Episode 01]]

    This is especially inconvenient when referencing source material in regular articles.


    To address this inconvenience, I have created the following new quick link templates that (after learning how to use) should make contributors life easy when referencing and linking to media pages for light novels, manga and anime:

    These templates are now available for general use and should make future links and references to source material and media pages easier, systematic and take up less space. After reading up on the documentation for these templates, you will be able to link to the above examples as follows:

    • {{qvl|Index|L|1}}
    • {{qnl|Index|L|1|1}}
    • {{qvl|Index|M|1}}
    • {{qcl|Index|1}}
    • {{qal|Index|E|1}}
    • {{qal|Index2|E|1}}
    • {{qal|Index3|E|1}}


    • These templates are easy to update when new series are added to the franchise e.g. Dark Matter manga; LN Series Part 3.
    • There shouldn't be a rush to wiki pages to replace previous wikilinks to media pages with these new templates; the templates are only for new links made from now onward.
    • A bot account will deal with previously made wikilinks.

    Syntax Highlighting

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  • hi OH&S

    i wanted to ask you this question during the events of NT22R, Touma can take the form of a dragon after losing Imagine Breaker ? the prove of this is his right hand that was replaced by a sky-blue one.

    I have added those information on Touma's page but it got erased by someone before i get it back.

    The Manifestation of his powers who take his appareance prove that he has a dragon form as he can access to it too.

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  • New thread for the new season.

    • NT22R is out; end of NT. Next Series in 2020.
    • Accel anime is airing; hopefully not sh*t like Index III.
    • Slider is now on the front page and is fully functional.
      • Revisions from Inept still need to be considered.
    • Currently testing replacement for Template:OneRow Volume
      • See demos here.
      • Looks like I'll need to do a manual replacement of all the templates like the previous infoboxes I was working on. Hopefully this time, my BOT account can give me an edge.

    EDIT: Continuing the conversation:

    Inept Wiki User wrote: I think I'll try those out. I take it the flags are for the volume boxes and that it is a new version you're currently working on with the One Row Test template.

    Just remembered something - do you know if the Wikia Visualization images are still used?

    Which images are those?

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    • That is what we were considering. If you are OK with it then I'll leave the Franchise Overview to you, OH&S.

      By the way OH&S, are you aware of the little problem involving the Ceremony of Mo Athair?

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    • Just remembered something - it is going to be the wiki's 10th anniversary on the 19th.

      Edit (03/09/19): Work delayed. Having trouble focusing due to an annoying sore throat.

      Edit (06/09/19): Feeling better. Still got a fair bit of catarrh but it no longer hurts to swallow. Going to try and catch up, and capitalize on positive state to make a bit of progress. Started 10th anniversary plan thread.

      Edit (13/09/19): Have had an idea concerning episode images which I thought might be worth noting down. I've been planning to do a systematic sweep through the images for a while now and this would include putting in the source (with a link to the source's article). In conjunction with this, what I was thinking was that we could rig up a template which produces a link leading to the Special:WhatLinksHere for the page and set to the Files, and put it in the infobox template.

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  • Template:One Row Test

    The new slider is almost ready! With NT22R and the Accelerator anime just around the corner, the time has come for everyone to provide feedback on the new slider I have been working on. If the above preview's dimensions look wonky, view it in its original dimensions here. EDIT: It was wonky; use the above link.

    What I'm looking for:

    1. Options for the welcome message on the home slide. Currently says "Dive into the World of Index". An alternate suggestion from me: "Welcome to Academy City" Give me suggestions!
    2. Feedback on the choice of tabs and article links included on the slides. In particular the World Slide and Characters slide deserve extra scrutiny. I need to know which article links can be cut, which should be included and whether the way I've presented it looks intimidating/difficult to navigate through for visitors to the wiki.
    3. Suggestions for slide background images. If you must; but I'm actually pretty happy with what I've come up with. But I'll be fair and consider. Images are finalized.

    Welcome message suggestions:

    • World & Setting - Current
    1. Dive into the World of Index
    2. Welcome to Academy City
    3. Dive into the Toaru World
    4. Begin your Studies Here
    5. Academy City Welcomes You

    EDIT: In addition to the slider, I'm also tweaking how Template:Introduction will look once the slider is put into action. You can find the current version and draft version in my sandbox for viewing.

    Feel free to provide feedback on this as well.

    EDIT: New slider and Introduction now active on front page!

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    • Doesn't seem to be as much of a problem on this end.

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    • That'sa good point. I hope.

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  • Still alive and well. But have had all of my attention taken away from the wiki due to life (as well as being severely bummed out by Index III's quality; or lack there of... but the NT20-22 have been some of Kamachi's best LNs).

    • Have been playing Spyro: The Reignited Trilogy for a shot of nostalgia.
    • Also saw Avengers: Endgame like half the bloody planet. Still shocked at how Marvel managed to stick the landing in a 22 movie series along with Infinity War. Thank you Russo Bros.

    As for Index updates:

    • So the next LN is NT22 Reverse(Rebirth)? What is that madman Kamachi thinking!?
    • Index manga currently in Battle Royale Arc. Much better adaptation than the anime. But I still feel like the LN version is still the best version.
    • Railgun manga has finished with those brutal fights and moving to the next phase of the arc. While the fights were fine, I don't really care much for these opponents as I find them boring. Railgun is only interesting when story leads back to the main LN plot or Kamijou Touma.
    • Accel manga still isn't going anywhere fast with the constant hiatuses. Easily the worst part of the franchise.
    • Astral Buddy is also moving to the next phase of its arc. I'm pleasantly surprised how much this ties into NT11 and Railgun's Daihaseisai Arc.
    • Virtual-On manga is concluding this month. A shame it wasn't translated; but I'm surprised this whole project lasted as long as it did.
    • Speaking of which, whatever happened to the game? Last I heard the stopped selling it for unknown reasons. But they still successfully crowdfunded the twinstick controller...
    • Railgun SS3 continues to be released part by part. Still haven't read it yet.
    • Accelerator anime in July; Railgun III anime probably in October.
    • 4 English releases between now and end of July.
    • Index:if game development still underway.
    • Blood-Sign V10 relasing in June. I thought that it would be the final volume but there still isn't any indication of that yet.

    Well, I'll still be around if you need me.

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    OH&S closed this thread because:
    New thread open.
    11:18, July 14, 2019
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    • I think I'll try those out. I take it the flags are for the volume boxes and that it is a new version you're currently working on with the One Row Test template.

      Just remembered something - do you know if the Wikia Visualization images are still used?

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  • Hi, I was told I had to talk to one of the admins to be given permission to edit Laura Stuart's article, and so I am formally asking you to be given access to edit the page.

    As for what I want to edit, it's nothing spoileriffic like what happens from NT18 on, but I want to add the reference to Laura's character design coments by Haimura from his Rainbow Spectrum blog. Some examples of how I did it for other characters like [[1]], [[2]], and [[3]] so you can see for yourself (I am not 100% satisfied with the format of my cites so it may be subject to change).

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    OH&S closed this thread because:
    08:40, May 10, 2019
    • Sorry for the late reply, All fictions.

      You've been around long enough that you are essentially one of the few trusted users here. No problems with your edits.

      In general, its not that edits to Laura's page are an issue; its just the ones that relate to to the somewhat sensitive spoilers in NT18+. And even that is because we haven't quite come to an agreement on how to deal with these revelations yet.

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    • Yeah, I figured. It's been pretty much rapid-fire revelations left and right since the start of the arc, starting with the name's translation, so I can understand not wanting to rush it and change the article every three-four months. So I assume until this is all sorted out, this will have to wait?

      Oh and thanks for the vote of confidence, it's hard to gauge if you're being annoying to other people or not.

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  • I will like to affiliate That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Wiki with the Toaru Majutsu no Index Wiki, here's our wordmark

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    OH&S closed this thread because:
    08:38, May 10, 2019
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