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  • Starting new thread. Just letting you know that SD93 has been assigned to gathering Agnese SS stuff (interesting, isn't it?).

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  • Sorry for the inconvenience, Lord Reader, but given the circumstances, I thought I should probably continue my overdue explanation regarding the external matter I mentioned in January separately from our primary discussion thread.

    First off, a quick recap/review of what we talked about before:

    Part 1

    Inept Wiki User wrote: Sorry to bother you Lord Reader, but would it be OK to discuss a certain problem I have at the moment, which concerns something near where you've recently been editing? There is something which I'm uncertain about and have been delayed with, and I'm worried that mistakes in conveyance might make things worse, so I thought it might be an idea to talk it over beforehand, even though time might be running out.

    It concerns problems and worries in conveying certain thoughts in discussion concerning perceived folly in plans for handling the Lostbelts.

    The Lord Reader wrote: Alright, message me on the TM wiki

    Inept Wiki USer wrote: Thing is, I'm a bit worried about certain parties there barging in or looking at our talk before the thoughts and words are properly sorted out, and that things might be sent in a bad direction as a result. What do you think would be the best way I should go about discussing this with you? (e.g. here, AS-PM, TM Wiki discrete/in-code?)

    The Lord Reader wrote: In this case yeah, discussing it here is a better idea.

    Inept Wiki User wrote: Sorry to keep you waiting, Lord Reader.

    I haven't completely got everything together, but I would rather not keep you waiting further and although things are somewhat quiet at the moment over there, I'm still feeling uneasy and not sure how long it will be before the matter comes up.

    First of all, are you aware of the circumstances at the moment concerning page Grand Order?

    The Lord Reader wrote: I am not aware, no. Is there an edit war?

    Inept Wiki User wrote: There is not an edit war at the moment, though there may be a bit of potential for one. Basically, the page had become too large, due to bloated summaries and large coverage (as it covers the Singularities, Lostbelts and other destinations/events covered in the story of FGO). As such, bits of it are being split off into sub-pages. So far, it has mainly been the Singularities and certain events, and for the most part, there haven't been many problems. The Lostbelts have not been tackled yet as they have not been expanded as much, however there have been a number of signs relating to considered future choices and actions for them, which come across as folly - those are what concern me.

    The Lord Reader wrote: Yeah, the page is really just cluttered. Redirecting to a main articles and only leaving brief summaries is the smart move. What is your issue?

    Part 2

    Inept Wiki User wrote: Are you familiar with the names for the Lostbelt story chapters and the ones for the Lostbelts themselves, as well as the differences in naming schemes from the Singularities?

    Edit (19/01/2020): Sorry for the delay, more computer problems.

    This might be repeating what you already know and I'm sorry if that is the case, but I'll go through the basic naming stuff again just to be sure it is clear on both ends before I get onto the main bit of the problem.

    As you probably know, FGO story chapters are typically named using the following format - in full, [Destination Designation], [Subtitle]: [Title] (or [Title]: [Subtitle]), [Alternative Subtitle]. The alternative subtitle isn't particularly relevant in these circumstances. The designation for the Singularities was usually the #th Singularity or Subspecific/Pseudo Singularity #. Usually the chapter is just referred to in the form of [Subtitle]: [Title] (or vice versa), or just [Title].

    For the Singularity story chapters, the [Title] and [Subtitle] have been to do with the destination itself - the location of the Singularity, and thus the [Title] is connected to the or the name of the Singularity. As such the chapter title (in short or long form) has often used to refer to the Singularity itself.

    However, while the Lostbelt story chapters have the same title format, they have deviated from the aforementioned naming pattern - the [Title] is typically not the (whole) destination, but rather an element present at the destination (e.g. for Chapter 1, Anastasia is the name of a princess faced in the Lostbelt rather than the name of the Lostbelt itself). Additionally, the fifth Lostbelt is split over two story chapters, with the chapters being set in different regions of that single Lostbelt.

    In the actual story itself, the Lostbelts themselves have been referred to according to the area they cover (the X Lostbelt) and by their operational code (Lostbelt No.#)(which is also included in the full chapter title as the [Destination Designation]):

    1. Lostbelt No. 1 - Russian Lostbelt
    2. Lostbelt No. 2 - Scandinavian Lostbelt (also called the Norse Lostbelt, due to its nature)
    3. Lostbelt No. 3 - Chinese Lostbelt
    4. Lostbelt No. 4 - Indian Lostbelt
    5. Lostbelt No. 5 - Atlantic Lostbelt (sometimes also called the Greek Lostbelt, due to its nature)
    6. Lostbelt No. 6 - British/English Lostbelt
    7. Lostbelt No. 7 - South American Lostbelt

    Is this all OK so far?

    The Lord Reader wrote: Ah, so the confusion is over what to name the articles. I would personally prioritize the in-universe names since the articles are about the locations as a whole, not just their story. Russian Lostbelt for the location and article, "Anastasia" for the chapter it appears in.

    Inept Wiki User wrote: Well, a bit of confusion but also a bit of foolishness - I'll elaborate shortly (hopefully).

    All seem OK so far?

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    • Excellent

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    • Sorry for the delay, Lord Reader. I will continue the explanation now, and it would appear at the time of writing that the time has almost run out.

      I've explained the rough situation regarding the Lostbelts above. However, certain members of the English-speaking fandom have been referring to them in the distorted-metonym form "[Chapter Title] Lostbelt" (e.g. Anastasia Lostbelt, Atlantis Lostbelt) - this is not a term used in-universe or officially out-universe in Japanese (I've carried out an extensive search through both of these and have not found any instances). The terms are somewhat inaccurate (looking to be outside of the margin), but also liable to breed misconceptions. I've seen them used on the English FGO Wiki (possibly arising from their altered release page naming patterns), TvTropes, and a few cases on the Type-Moon Wiki.

      However, although there are people on the Type-Moon Wiki using the accurate terms and planning for it to be used if the Lostbelts are split off into their own articles, one of the people using the inaccurate terms is one of the admins, User:EGGS, and by the looks of things, they are planning to push for it should the Lostbelts be split off (possibly overriding the others - they seem to be a bit stubborn and perhaps might be difficult to convince otherwise). Furthermore, looking at their words in the discussion linked previously seemed to trigger some alarm bells in my head - by the way things were written, subjective folly aside, it seemed as though there was a disconnect in the conversation (two worrying possibilities came to mind - that the users involved were misunderstanding one another or that there was pretence involved).

      Given my own problems regarding communication and indications regarding EGGS, as well as the possibilities mentioned above (stubbornness, disconnects, misunderstanding, pretence etc), I've been uncertain and worried about if/how I should try to convey my thoughts on the matter, as mistakes will likely make things worse. The delay caused by my workload here and a major external issue (not the COVID-19 stuff) has only added to the problem (and this is in part what delayed my explanation to you).

      Side note (Rough): I've lost track of quite a few of the notes I've made regarding the matter over the past couple of months but one of the rough notes I relocated involved three possible approaches from the last point of the discussion linked above, the rough gist of the three being; one, to point out the deviation from the naming pattern (and that Singularities/Lostbelts though similar are different) and that consistency is retained within the respective groups, two, to point out that consistency is maintained in the form of [Area] [Type], three, to request that if insisting proceeding with this folly to at least include notes to mitigate misconceptions.

      Sorry if I'm making a hash of this, Lord Reader.

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  • Happy New Year, Lord Reader.

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    • Sure.

      And sorry for not having done what I've set out to do, I have to work on and send schoolwork this week and the next, and I'm poor at multitasking.

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    • That's alright, Lord Reader. I haven't managed to do much of what I've set out to do recently either. You focus on what you need to.

      Edit: New thread

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  • Hey man,I talked with you about the Accel speak in "Language of Angels",and I made a comparison with the "Strange Languages" spoken in Acts 2:4 in the bible.And you said it was different things. But...May not be different things,Because in the 1 Corinthians 13:1,It is stated that the "Strange Language" It's the "Language of Angels". So, Indeed Accelerator has a relation with the Christianity.

    Sorry for my bad english bro

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    • You misread the passage: If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels. The "or" separates the two and indicates Paul is talking of two different languages here, not that both are the same.

      Again, my claim is not that Accelerator has no link to Christianity, but that you're confusing speaking in tongues and speaking the language of the angels to be the same thing. Your reference to Acts even point it out, as "every man heard them speak in his own language", which clearly shows the strange tongues of the apostles wasn't angelic, but actual human languages.

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    • Thanks for explanation bro. So...anyway,Accel(and probably Kakine?) has a ralation with Christianity.

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  • Hi. I'm Ollerus. I found interesting stuff while re-reading OT volume 4.

    From Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 04 Afterword:

    The readers who read this volume should have discovered that the main topic is 'summoning spells'. Actually, there are all sorts of 'summoning spells'. There are those necromancers that can spirit dead souls into their bodies to those talismans that can input the power of Mercury. There are all sorts of summoning methods.

    Those necromancers that can spirit dead souls into their bodies seems like foreshadowing of Esther Rosenthal.

    Those talismans that can input the power of Mercury seems like foreshadowing of Lady of the Masquerade Ball. She can summon Taphthartharath, the Planetary Spirit of Mercury.

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    • There are no other side story promos except LAC, Kanzaki SS, and Agnese SS.

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    • That's a shame.

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  • How are things going on your end at the moment, Lord Reader?

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    • If it is OK, Lord Reader, could you give the sections of the recap (besides the sections with 'Currently Writing' in their header) a quick once-over to see if I've missed anything important?

      It's taken me a bit too long to get it sorted out to an adequate level and I'm a bit frazzled after trying to properly go through six months worth of logs...

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    • I'm not completely satisfied with the recap and accompanying stuff, but I'm declaring them done. If not, I'll be there until 2021.

      Can you see anything important missing from it, Lord Reader?

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  • I think there's a textless version of the image you wanted on the Toaru Project site, on the page for Episode 11.

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  • Hello All fictions

    Good to see you here again. Sorry for proceeding forward on several of the subjects you had drafts for. Are there any NT18-related subjects which you have your eye on?

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